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Lilycat event & art info list -Happy post 4th

Dear sweetie cat

If you were to create the prefect country - who'd be in charge and what law
would you have?

This list has:
Stuff about me (brief)
SF (Bay Area) Event listing
Good Folks playing other places
Art thing & artist I liked -this week
Place to send your art (calls for submission)

July 8-30 (thurs, Fri, Sat)-LoveSick- A Cat Allergy Musical- Dark Room -2263
Mission, SF-8PM

- All I have to say (just about) -

SF EVENTS: now-July 23rd- more at


June 6 -July 11-I Look Like an Egg, But I Identify as a Cookie -Hotel Rex
562 Sutter St., SF -8PM
Comedy, cookes, with a special guest

June 3 - September 22 (M-F)- Surviviors of Rape Art show-901 Market St, 2nd
Fl., SF -8am - 6pm

June- August on Saturdays - Midnight Mass- Bridge Theater, SF - Midnight -
Wacky moviea and drag queens -

July 6 (every Wednes) -Club Pirate Cat-Catalyst Cocktails -312 Harriet St.,
SF-9 PM - Free Cheap
Drinks, and more Electroclash, New Wave, Death Rock tunes than you can shake
your ass too

July 6 - Re-tool & Grind - Eros - 2057 Market, SF - 7Pm -10PM -free
Open Mic

July 7-Catalyst Cocktails -312 Harriet Street, SF - 7:15 pm
7/07 Rootbeer, 7/08 Terese Taylor, 7/14 Pick Pocket Ensemble

July 8-"Alektorophobia" - Eric McFadden & Wally Ingram- Great American
Music, SF -8:30PM

July 8-30 (thurs, Fri, Sat)-LoveSick- A Cat Allergy Musical- Dark Room -2263
Mission, SF-8PM
One woman^(1)s search for love is thwarted at every turn by her mangy cat
who runs off her suitors with his innate ability to disgust, torment and
charm. In her frantic quest for happiness Serenity turns to the internet,
self-help books, and plenty of over the counter allergy meds, until finally
she is forced to take more drastic measuresS(

July 8-Popcorn Anti-Theater-16th and Bryant/Potrero (bus stop), SF-8PM- $20
(SugarBunni is Tank Girl) 8pm till midnite-ish (bus leaves at 8:30 sharp)

July 8 - Meow-Burlesque-Hotel Utah 500 4th Street, SF - 9PM-$7
Kitten on the Keys and Ward Absonski (Flipper, SF Burly Orchestra,
Polkacide). Uke-thanasia Leon Redbone meets Betty Boop! Mischievous Melodies
and Spunky lowbrow Entertainment

July 8- QUEER OPEN MIC - Three Dollar Bill Cafe- 1800 Market, SF  -8pm
Come one come all for a smack down drag out good time of performance and
poetry featuring the fabulous Billie Mandel Hosted by Cindy M. Emch.

July 8, 9, 29, 30 -THE BS SHOW- Jon Slims-1519 Mission St., SF-8:30 PM-$10
BETSY SALKIND & BRIDGET SCHWARTZ with Guests: Will Franken (8,9) Nick
Leonard (9, 30); Aundre the Wonderwoman (29,30) and Brent Weinbach (29th)

July 8- Candye Kane w/ Big Burlesque- Center for Sex and Culture- 398 11th,
Candye describes her style as "Mississippi by way of Las Vegas with a quick
stopover in San Francisco." She has headlined the Monterey and San Francisco
Blues Festivals, performed with many celebrities including k.d. lang and Lea
Delaria, and appeared on Queer as Folk.

July 8-A Night of Voices -The Red Victorian -1665 Haight St., SF-7pm-9:30 pm

July 9-Writers with Drinks- The Make Out Room- 3225 22nd. St., SF - 7:30 to
9:30 PM- $3 to $5
Susie Bright, Judy Grahn, Lisa Geduldig, Renay Jackson, Jorge Argueta and
Andre the Urban Hermitt!

July 9- The Onion Newspaper hosts a social -The Canvas- 9th Ave @ Lincoln,
SF - 6pm

July 10 (Sun)-"Bad Movie Night" - At The Dark Room Theatre- Mission St. betw
18th & 19th, S.F. -8PM Remember TV's Mystery Science Theatre? The show where
they ran those awful cheesy science fiction movies and had a bunch of jokers
seen in silhouette commenting on them all through the picture?

July 11-3 Minute Film Festival- Zeitgeist-199 Valencia, SF-8pm -$5

July 11-QComedy-LGBT Community Center- 1800 Market St., SF- 7:30 pm-$8-$15
featured Scott Capurro, plus Curtis Dunn, Erin Souza, Yayne Abeba, Lea Eva,
and Bridget Schwartz.

July 11 - Futrose Magazine Release Party- Varnish Gallery, SF

July 12, 19, 26, 28, 30 & 31 - Homosapiens Today- Dark Room -2263 Mission,

July 14-Comedy w/ Dattner-*Alyis N Rose- Santa Clara- 8pm

July 14 -Overdrawn -art by Peter Foucault - CellSpace - 2050 Bryant, SF -
8PM 11PM

July 14- SEX, BISCUITS, JESUS and ME - Dark Room -2263 Mission, SF-8PM-$7
Angie Krass slams on stage with her high voltage, rambunctious, southern
styled comedy. NO MYTH, NO APOLOGIES! If you like your comedy full of
political bite and real life then candy- flip your butt down to the Dark
Room Theater and strap in!

July 14- Be a broke ass-Balazo Gallery- 2183 Mission, SF -9pm - $1
release of Broke-Ass Stuart's Guide to Living Cheaply in San Francisco Vol.

July 14 - "Good Advice for Trendy People.."- Modern Time -888 Valencia, SF -
Jennifer BlowDryer, Bucky Sinister, Sherilyn Connelly, Alvin Orloff

July 14 -Jen Kober-The Purple Onion-140 Columbus, SF-8pm-10pm- $10
w/ Nick Leonard & Mike Spiegelman

July 15-16-Attack of the Zombie Girls -Cyclone -1842, SF - 9PM- $7
Burlesque Zombies and Monsters - Cookie Mongoloid on Sat

July 16 -Dixie Revival- Carol Queen Bi-day-Center for Sex & Culture - 398
11th St.,SF-8PM - $10
Dixie Revival* & Carol Queen Birthday Party/Fundraiser *Disclaimer: This
event is not about the southern states. It's about Carol and Robert's
beloved truck, Dixie, badly smashed by a hit and run driver on June 16th.

July 16th -Day One Symphony- Last Day Saloon, SF -9 pm - $8.00

July 20-23- Lynee Breedlove's LessRock, More Hilarity- Dark Room -2263
Mission, SF-8PM

July 21 -Jen Kober Comedy Show-Ireland's 32- 3920 Geary Blvd, SF-9PM -11PM

July 22-The Broken Heart Series - 66balmy -591 Guerrero Stree, SF-7PM -Free
Exhibit: July 21 ? August 7 - with such artist as Mari Naomi

July 22 - Washington Interns Gone Bad- Red Victorian Peace Cafe- 1665
Haight, SF- 7:30PM-$5

July 23 - Jonathan Richman & Chuck D - Cafe Du Nord, SF- 9PM

July 23 - The illuminated corridor- 2nd St. at Franklin, SF- free
an installation of film and art with Sprocket Ensemble

 July 9th at Bergamot Station- 2525 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica,
At The Richard Heller Gallery, Space 5 A in Building
B,For a decadent OPENING NIGHT PARTY with Dame Darcy from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

July 9 - 50 Cent HairCut-Farmer's Market-3rd & Fairfax ~ West Patio

July 20-"What's My Line?"-"Acme Comedy Theater"- 135 N. LaBrea, Los Angeles-
  The Classic TV Game Show, without the TV Hosted by J. Keith Van Straaten
with  Danny Dechi
July 17th: Fat-Bottom Revue at New York’s legendary *Knitting Factory! *
     July 21st: *Starshine Burlesque at Rififi, NYC. *

HOT TIPS: (Cool things I have run across this week)

Play - SF Mime Tropue -
Book - "The Goat in the Tower" -
Link (Great Interview) -
Great group - Red Cross -
SUBMIT HERE: (Places to show your art)

Other Magazine Needs You!

Now reading for issue #9, our October 2005 issue.

What we want:

At Other, we print articles and art which question the
idea that your identity and tastes are as simple as
checkboxes on a questionnaire. Our editorial format
most closely resembles that of a general interest
magazine like The New Yorker, or Harpers,
with a focus on genuinely challenging concepts and
scathing social criticism.

Other seeks essays, fiction, satire, investigative
journalism, cartoons, and art which reject traditional
categories, both in style and content.

For non-fiction pieces, please send a query before
submitting. For all others, just please send it on.
We're particularly looking for:

    * Reporting or investigative journalism, with
multiple sources or interviews. 1500-4500 words.
    * Essays that consider a social or political
phenomenon in detail. 1500-4500 words.
    * Short features about an experience that defies
categories (yours or someone else's.) 300-800 words.
    * Short fiction -- genre-crossing or experimental
fiction especially welcome. 2000-5000 words.
    * Short short fiction. 300-1500 words.
    * Poetry (any length), comics (1-4 pages) and art.


For issue 9, non-fiction pitches are due July 25,
2005. Completed non-fiction pieces, and all other
content, will be due August 20, 2005.

Please send non-fiction submissions to:
Please send fiction submissions to:
Please send artwork to:
Please send poetry to:
Please send comics to

As a small start-up magazine, other cannot afford to
pay for content at this time, but we will provide
copies of the magazine to all contributors. We ask for
one-time rights to your work, and all rights revert to
you after publication.

XOXO - have a beautiful and creative day
   Melinda, lilycat, Ms Kittywhore, Boom Boom
"Building community, helping good people, and promoting great art."

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.