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Rainforest Action Network\"

Subject: RAN Action News August 2005


Huaorani Demand Oil Moratorium
Demanding Freedom From Oil
RAN Joins
Revel 2005: Celebrating 20 Years of RAN

August 2005

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   Huaorani Demand Moratorium on Oil Exploration

The Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, is moving forward with its plan 
to drill for oil 
in <>Yasuni National 
Park and the overlapping Huaorani people\'s territory in the 
Ecuadorian Amazon.

The Huaorani are demanding a 10-year moratorium on oil related 
activities in their territory and the Yasuni National Park. They are 
calling on Petrobras to immediately withdraw from an area the oil 
company calls \"Block 31\" where road construction already underway is 
carving up their pristine ancestral homelands.

        Click here to 
<>Tell Ecuador\'s 
President Alfredo Palacio to respect the ancestral rights of the 
Huaorani and protect the critical rainforest ecosystem of Yasuni 
National Park.

   Saskatchewan: The Province of Weyerhaeuser

Last week, RAN 
released <>\"Saskatchewan: 
The Province of Weyerhaeuser,\" a case study containing government 
documents that confirm Weyerhaeuser\'s illegal logging in Canada\'s 
Boreal forests.  The Weyerhaeuser mills in question make plywood and 
copy paper for US companies like Xerox. 
Our <>grassroots 
video documentary includes first-hand testimony by Saskatchewan 
residents and former Weyerhaeuser loggers who tell the real story of 
the logging giant\'s disregard of community concerns and destruction 
of public forests.

        <>Click here 
to Tell Weyerhaeuser and Xerox to adopt a strong global policy that 
protects endangered forests and respects human rights. 

   Pen Pals of the 21st Century

Back in the old days, pen pals were connected by the speed of the 
postman. Today, the speed of the internet is allowing almost instant 
connections between students all over the world. What do classrooms 
in Dayton, Ohio and the Shipibo-Konobo community of Nuevo Egipto in 
the Peruvian rainforest have in common? They are taking part in a 
new <>Rainforest Pen 
Pal Program  
on <>

In the coming weeks, the 7 to 12 year old students will 
be <>exchanging 
letters online as part of a cross-cultural effort to build 
classroom-to-classroom ties that connect and educate children around 
the world. A special feature allows students 
to <>submit 
questions, some of which will be translated and sent to 
children.<>Check out each week to read some of their questions and 

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educate, motivate and inspire a new chapter in campaigning for the 

   Join the Energy Revolution at

On July 4th, 
the <>Jumpstart Ford 
Campaign, launched <>, 
an internet initiative calling on Ford Motor Company, the American 
automaker with the lowest fuel efficiency and highest greenhouse gas 
emissions, to chart a new course and publicly commit to immediately 
improve fleet-wide fuel efficiency and eliminate tailpipe emissions 
by 2020. was launched with 
<>full-page ads in 
USA Today and The New York Times 
<>inviting Americans 
to join the energy revolution 
and <>sign the 
Declaration of Independence From Oil  work toward your goals.

   Sakhalin II: A high-risk Shell game

On July 15th, Royal 
Dutch/Shell <>announced that 
its Sakhalin-2 oil project, the largest integrated oil and gas 
project in history, would double in cost to a staggering $20 billion 
and be delayed for at least 8 more months.

The announcement follows 
grassroots <>market 
pressure calling on Credit Suisse to sever its relationship as 
financial advisor to Sakhalin II. RAN and a global coalition placed 
a <>full-page ad in 
The Financial Times to coincide with 
renewed <>demonstrations at 
Credit Suisse headquarters in New York, Moscow, and Zurich, including 
indigenous blockades on Sakhalin Island. CEO Brady Dougan also 
received over 3,000 letters from children around the world following 
a <>day-long kid\'s 
art exhibit  facing their New York City headquarters.

   Join RAN and StopGlobalWarming Campaign!

WARMING VIRTUAL MARCH ON WASHINGTON is a non-partisan, grassroots 
effort to bring all Americans together in one place, proving that 
there is a vast national consensus that global warming is a reality 
today and that we must start addressing the dangers it presents now.

With the support of leading scientists, political and religious 
leaders, prominent Americans and concerned citizens, the Virtual 
March on Washington will move across the United States via the 
Internet from one town to the next, showing evidence of global 
warming\'s alarming affects, and highlighting real people\'s concerns 
and real solutions along the way.

Through our map, you can track the progress of the March in real time 
as more people join, see the path on which we\'re traveling together, 
and read the stories from March stops across the country.

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   Revel: A Benefit So Fun It Should Be Illegal!

<>Join us on October 
7, 2005 at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria to celebrate 
RAN\'s 20th anniversary and two decades of tough love for corporate 

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Working Assets has been a longtime supporter of RAN campaigns and is 
now offering current customers the opportunity to increase support 
for RAN by voting for RAN on their website.

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Assets 2005 Donations Ballot today and cast your vote for RAN!

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