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This was a letter I just sent to Keith Olbermann, at Countdown MSNBC, a lone voice in the wilderness, and I also blind-copied it to major media.  I'm about to call the military liaison numbers the author lists, and will continue to call, frequently, widely, over next few days.  Our recommendation is to alert all military channels, and PR outlets within military, that we are aware of this credible threat to our security and world peace, and to pass this awareness on through family members, especially those in the military, and friends and neighbors in general, exercising due caution.  Activists are enjoined to publicize this along more formal channels.

This is not "fear-mongering," you will read.   What Fear is left? that can be mongered, once the market has been cornered by the Bush Cabal ??  

~~~JE ~~ Peace, and Prayer.....  (Please forward this as widely as possible)


I was on radio in Vermont recently, and our focus was mock drills ( even Giuliani now has a security company that specializes, as did Visor Consultants and a force of 1000 strong in London on 7.7, in "mock drills" that went terribly live, and of course Rudy was there on that day, as on 9.11 ) and the possibility, and well-established precedents, of them going "live."  We sincerely hope that a mock nuke drill does not go live, but one of last week's radio guests ( he was on last Friday, I was on 7.15 on the same show ) Leland Lehrman spoke, along with Greg Szymanski ( another guest  Wayne Madsen, is referenced below, for these same reports ) about the grave threat over the next month, of mock nuclear drills going live, in America, as a pretext for an attack on Iran.  Lehrman, on last week's show, along with Greg, asked for any information of unusual military activity you may see or hear about, to be forwarded to them, and Lehrman has written the alarming article below, just five days
 later, following up on those leads.  This is not left wing fringe stuff, but similar threats have been leaked at "American Conservative" recently, where Buchanan blogs, titled "Deep Background" in their August 1 edition.  We have been carefully following these developments in the last two to three weeks, and continue.  These are credible threats, as reported below, and we are doing our patriotic duty to inform you, Keith, especially, and all Media, about the rumours of a coup going on within our military, with it being almost evenly divided now among top brass, as discussed below, in efforts to save us from these, ah, characters -- and global war....  Many, many reports have been coming in, from all over the country, about military leaves being cancelled, commencing September 7.  We, once again, most strongly suspect our own government, specifically the Bush Regime, of organizing these attacks on American populations, as False Flag Ops, and we wish to put all Media (and U.S.
 military forces) on notice, that we may inform and prevent, if possible.   Let us  hope so...........

In Prayer, and in Peace, in the Power of Re-membering Democracy:  John Ervin 

Nuclear Terror Drill to Go Live?
by R. Leland Lehrman, 505.982.3609

August 15, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Mother Media) - On June 29th, the
United States Northern Command (NORTHCOM) posted news of a nuclear terrorism
drill on its website: "Here's the scenario.A seafaring vessel transporting a
10-kiloton nuclear warhead makes its way into a port off the coast of
Charleston, S.C. Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead
off the ship to detonate it...Sudden Response 05 will take place this August
on Fort Monroe and will be carried out as an internal command post exercise.
The exercise is intended to train the JTF-CS (Joint Task Force - Civilian
Support) staff to plan and execute Consequence Management operations in
support of Federal Emergency Management Agency Region IV's response to a
nuclear detonation."
As Alex Jones of and others have pointed out, terror "drills"
are now known to be part of the cover stories for real terrorist operations,
as evidenced by the eerily synchronous terrorism drills happening on both
9/11 and 7/7.

Recently, former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi has informed us that
"Vice-President Cheney has tasked STRATCOM with "drawing up a contingency
plan to be employed in response to another 9/11- type terrorist attack on
the United States" and that "the plan includes a large-scale air assault on
Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons."
Investigators and counter-intelligence specialists are concerned that this
upcoming August nuclear terror "drill" or another to follow might become the
cover story and pretext for tactical nuclear war against Iran.

Mother Media contacted NORTHCOM and JTF-CS Public Affairs and learned that
the Fort Monroe drill will take place August 15-19. We are waiting on the
press release which should also be posted at the Joint Task Force Civilian
Support (JTF-CS) website. Fort Monroe internal communications indicate that
antiterrorism exercises are slated for August 17th. Concerned parties can
contact JTF-CS Public Affairs Officers Michael Eck or Kevin McNamara at
757.788.6259 or Michael Kucharek of Northcom Public Affairs at 719.554.6889
ext. 2. Mother Media hopes that mass awareness and citizen communication
with legislators, law enforcement and the military could prevent such
attacks, whether tomorrow, next week or next year.

Separately, Mother Media also learned that CNN recently launched their
military operations news special "Situation Room" from inside the NORTHCOM
situation room in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Wolf Blitzer is the show's
hawkish host. Imagine that - a new CNN "Situation Room" military focus news
program debuts in NORTHCOM headquarters days prior to a nuclear terror
drill. Where's the separation between the press and the government? CNN
makes it painfully obvious that they are a propaganda mouthpiece.

Adding to the drama, the four-star commander of the Army's Training and
Doctrine Command (TRADOC) at the Fort Monroe base where the nuclear terror
drill is to occur, Kevin P. Byrnes was just relieved of his command amidst
allegations of sexual misconduct. Veteran investigator Greg Szymanski has
uncovered another plausible motive:

"Sources close to the military who remain anonymous said Byrnes was part
of a U.S. military faction discontented with the Bush administration war
policies in Iraq and the potential for a nuclear disaster in Iran.

In an effort to stop the Bush administration in its tracks, sources say
Byrnes was about to lead a coup against the hawks in the military and
executive branch determined to lead America into a global conflict, leading
to devastating ramifications for the country, as well as financial and
social chaos.

Rumors inside the military say that a growing faction of discontented
high-ranking officers are attempting internally to try and stop the Bush
administration's imminent plans for war with Iran in an effort to avert
global war.

Although the exact number of high-ranking military involved is
undetermined, sources have disclosed it appears to be evenly split between
pro Bush and anti Bush factions.

Even though speculation abounds about an attempted coup relating to the
Byrnes firing, no one would question the strange rumblings of war against
Iran and warnings of terrorist threats on the homeland that are beginning to
circulate from administration officials and media talking heads almost on a
daily basis.

Further, ominous reports are even coming from the Washington Post this
week that the Pentagon has developed its first ever war plans for operations
within the United States, plans justifying and making necessary preparations
for martial law in case of a homeland terrorist attack...

"The new plans provide for what several senior officers acknowledged is
the likelihood that the military will have to take charge in some
situations, especially when dealing with mass-casualty attacks that could
quickly overwhelm civilian resources...The war plans represent a historic
shift for the Pentagon, which has been reluctant to become involved in
domestic operations and is legally constrained from engaging in law

If you look at NORTHCOM's website, you will find a discussion of the
situations under which Posse Comitatus, the restriction against military
policing in America, can legally be suspended. One of those conditions is an
attack by a nuclear or other weapon of mass destruction. Another is

Former Naval Officer now journalist Wayne Madsen backs up Szymanski's
sources on the Byrnes case and provides more detail on the war plans against

"Another U.S. Army General Rebuked... After further top-level military
confirmation... that four-star General Kevin Byrnes was relieved of his
command as commander of TRADOC for disagreeing with the neo-con cabal in the
Pentagon (not for an extra-marital affair as reported by the mainstream
media), now comes word that General George Casey, the commander of all U.S.
ground forces in Iraq, has been admonished by the Pentagon and the White
House for suggesting that U.S. forces could be drawn down by 30,000 troops
during 2006. The actions against two top U.S. Army generals are indicators
of widespread disgust among the flag rank officers with the Bush

Meanwhile, dissension and morale problems within the U.S. intelligence
community continue unabated. There will soon be more embarassing revelations
from within both the CIA and NSA...

...U.S. prepared to grab Iran's southwestern majority Arab and oil-rich
province after saturation bombing of Iranian nuclear, chemical, and command,
control, communications & intelligence (C3I) targets.

According to sources within the German Federal Intelligence Service
(Bundesnachrichtendienst - BND), the Bush administration has drawn up plans
to hit Iran's nuclear, other WMD, and military sites with heavy saturation
bombing using bunker buster bombs and tactical nuclear weapons. The attack
will be coordinated with urban and rural critical infrastructure sabotage
carried out by elements of the People's Mujaheddin (MEK), Pentagon Special
Operations units, and other Iranian dissident groups. The German
intelligence comes from classified briefings provided by elements within the
CIA that are concerned the neocons in the Bush administration will, in
attacking Iran, set off a chain of events that will lead to world war.
Intelligence on U.S. plans to attack Iran has also been passed by CIA agents
to counterparts in France, Britain, Canada, and Australia. The Bush war
plans for Iran also entail quickly seizing Iran's southwestern Khuzestan
Province, where most of Iran's oil reserves and refineries are located.
Khuzestan has a majority Shia Arab population that has close links with
their ethnic and religious brethren in Iraq. The Bush plans call for a U.S.
military strike across the Iraqi border and from naval forces in the Persian
Gulf in answer to an appeal for assistance from the Al Ahwaz Popular
Democratic Front and Liberation Organization rebel forces in Khuzestan,
which will declare an independent Arab state of the Democratic Republic of
Ahwaz and receive diplomatic recognition from the United States and a few
close U.S. allies. After World War I, Khuzestan was annexed by Iran, then
called Persia. There are also plans to incite rebellions among Iran's other
minorities, including Azeris and Turkmenis in the oil-rich Caspian Sea
region. Other minorities targeted by the neo-con planners are Iranian Kurds
along the Iraqi and Turkish borders and Baluchis along the border with
Pakistan. The neo-con plan seeks to separate Iran from its oil resources and
create an "Irani triangle" centered around Teheran, Isfahan, Qom, and other
historically Persian centers. In anticipation of the U.S. attack, the spy
sub USS Jimmy Carter has placed taps on undersea communications cables in
the Persian Gulf that carry Iranian commercial, diplomatic, and military
traffic. In addition, Task Force 121 covert paramilitary forces have scouted
Iran using the cover of journalists and businessmen to pinpoint military

Diabolically standing over all of these scenarios is Global Cleanse 2000
or just Global 2000, a population control methodology developed by the New
World Order which includes triggered natural disasters, wars and diseases
designed to reduce the world population by two thirds. Rene Welch, who had
access to the Global Cleanse 2000 database in the late eighties, recently
appeared on Mother Media's radio program to discuss her findings.

In response to this author's article, Israel, Iran and a Nuclear False
Flag Attack, reports have been flowing into Mother Media's office confirming
and buttressing this story. One former Air Force member writes that all
military leaves have been cancelled after September 7th and that Homeland
Security is beefing up security at local Draft Board Offices. Writing as
TeaParty2Come, this source paints an ominous picture:

"About 3 weeks ago I was surfing some of the sites I enjoy posting on,
when someone posted in all caps that they had just heard from an officer
friend in the military that all leaves had been cancelled for the month of
September. Obviously aware of the false flags our government is famous for,
this person sounded desperate, asking for help in confirming or denying this
"rumor" from anyone who had connections in the military.

I happened to ask a co-worker friend of mine whose son in-law is in the
Army (82nd) about checking out the "rumor". Well guess what, they've had to
move up their leave to this coming week to come home because his unit has to
be back by September 7th where upon all leaves are cancelled! They have seen
a steady build up of heavy materials just sitting in storage facilities. He
also commented that they were rushed through a training course on new
weapons systems they just rolled out. He thought this very odd and a first.

This sent shivers all through me.

Not to push any panic buttons I spoke with a dear woman with whom I work
whose son is in the Army in an artillery unit. She is a former Captain, her
husband is a former Colonel and Vietnam vet and successful attorney here in
our area who also happens to be dying from the effects of Agent Orange. Lo
and behold their son was told all leaves are cancelled for September and in
December they may get leave, but can travel no further than 17 kilometers
from their base.

My niece is married to a young man in the Army stationed on the East Coast
he is also 82nd, his leave has also been cancelled. Their first baby is due
in December.

...I'm not prone to fits of paranoia but I have to tell you, I have begun
stocking water and canned goods. I am ex Air Force, I was on three ring
standby most of my enlistment and was in a constant training mode. I know
how this works and it doesn't sound good.

The draft board offices are in place with staff waiting for the word to
go. I read an article from a guy who works in one of those offices, he said
Homeland Security came in there early last month and put up bullet proof
glass on the windows and iron bars, they installed blast proof glass on the
doors, and removed the mail drop box slots on the outside of the building.
When he asked what was going on they identified themselves as Homeland
Security and said don't worry about the rest and left.

It's coming no doubt about it. Sorry I can't be more positive, but this is
what I have heard with my own ears from three independent military member
sources in different parts of the country."

A source in New Mexico passed this on to Mother Media a couple weeks ago:

"A friend came by today. His relative is fairly high-level in regional
counter-terrorism. My friend says his relative told him they are preparing
for the strong possibility that there will be 7 U.S. cities attacked with
small, backpack-held nuclear devices by 'al-Qaida types.' It sounds like the
propaganda -- the cover stories for PNAC or whomever these bad guys are -- 
has begun."

Finally, insiders appear to making escape plans. A well-placed source sent
in this report regarding an underground commercial complex called the
"subtropolis" in Missouri:

"What is interesting is that for years this complex has been given minimal
maintenace and upkeep. Now, all of a sudden in the last month or so there
has been a massive effort in rejuvenating the facility. Rail spurs long
neglected and unusable are being repaired. Interior buildings long let go
are being refurbished or replaced. New lights, pavement, and other upgrades
have been put into high gear. Odd because there has been no increase in
business tenants.

This complex is huge. The developed portion by itself is massive, however
the undeveloped portion consists of 3/4 the space. Furthermore the company
has entered a business agreement with Martin Materials and is currently
digging a new incline that will lead to two deeper levels. This complex
houses the distribution warehouses of several major food vendors and several
frozen food vendors. It is an international trade zone but that has been
deminished to just one warehouse area. If government officials or the
military wanted a safe secure and supplied place to stay durring volatile
events, this looks like it would be perfect and perfectly defendable."

The Martin materials connection is disturbing because it is a Martin
Marietta company, now part of Lockheed Martin, one of the largest US defense

It even turns out that there has been a television show about a nuclear
terrorism event in Charleston. Andrew Griffin reports the following on his

"When I found this on the Internet Movie Database, I got chills!

...I was listening to "The Alex Jones Show," and a woman called in saying
that she had seen a movie in the 1980s about a movie called "Special
Reports" which had to do with a fake newscast covering an event where
terrorists have a nuclear bomb aboard a tugboat in Charleston Harbor in
Charleston, South Carolina.

Well, I started looking on the web and couldn't find anything under that
name. Later, I was talking on the phone to my friend Gene about this story
going around the Internet about the "terror drill" planned for Aug. 17 in
the Charleston, South Carolina area. Then, he said he remembered seeing a
movie like this. It was a broadcast of a nuclear explosion aboard a boat.
Gene thought it was real because it was filmed like a real news broadcast.

After some more searching, I found the movie. It was called "Special
Bulletin" and it came out in 1983. It was written and directed by those guys
behind the yuppie angst show "thirtysomething, " Edward Zwick and Marshall

This is too bizarre, considering a "terror drill" is planned for next week
in the same location!! And of course the fired, four-star general Kevin
Byrnes, stationed at Fort Monroe, Virginia, was scheduled to be part of this
"drill." For more information, go to Total Information Analysis. This
reminds me of the pilot episode of "The X-Files" spin-off "The Lone Gunmen,"
where the Gunmen have to stop a plane from crashing into the World Trade
Center. This episode appeared in March 2001, six months before the 9/11
attacks. Check it out."

The sheer number of warnings and events, subtle hints and overt threats is
now too much to ignore. More background and warning signs, especially as
regards Israel and Iran can be found in my article at
entitled Israel, Iran, Mossad and a Nuclear False Flag Attack. Americans
should alert friends and family members and active citizens should inform
their neighbors and local authorities. Mother Media has contacted FBI
counterintelligence director David Szady, who is in charge of the American
Israel Public Affairs Committee spying investigation, with some of this
information and plans to distribute it widely throughout the local, national
and international media. An FBI investigation directed by Szady caught AIPAC
using Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin to spy on America's Iran policy and
more. Given that AIPAC is committed to war with Iran, we can imagine why
they were interested in official American policy on Iran. It is certainly
odd that Israel should be running such an extensive espionage campaign
against its strongest and sometimes only ally. It is still possible to stop
this insanity, but it will require serious citizen initiative. Good Luck,
Fellow Citizens, and God Bless You. Please email or call 24/7 at
505.982.3609 with corroborating evidence or additional stories.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.