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This list has:
1) Must See
2) Stuff about me (brief)
3) SF (Bay Area) Event listing
4) Good Folks playing other places
5) Art thing & artist I liked -this week
6) Place to send your art (calls for submission)

August 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, & 20-Fat bottom Burlesque Reveiw-Theater Rhinoceros
-2926 16th St., SF- 8pm

- All I have to say (just about) -
- The Rough Cut Film Festival was fun - thanks to all that came.
- Lit at the Canvas was great - thanks Red and Trina and musicians
- Vote for me to win a trip to Las Veags (details in submit section)
- Went to a couple of readings & to see a great band & finished "LoveSick"
SF EVENTS: now-August 2nd- more at


June 3 - September 22 (M-F)- Surviviors of Rape Art show-901 Market St, 2nd
Fl., SF -8am - 6pm

June- August on Saturdays - Midnight Mass- Bridge Theater, SF - Midnight -
Wacky moviea and drag queens -

August 4 & 5 -Carol Queen's Peep Show-Center for Sex & Culture -398 11th
Street, SF-8 pm-$10

August 4- Toshio Hirano -Hush Hush, SF- 10-2PM- $3

August 4-Chris Robison -SF Eagle -398 12th St. , SF- 9PM
also The Bleeder Project & Pat MacDonald

August 4-Transcendental Hayride -Hotel Utah-500 4th street.,SF - 9:30pm

August 4 - 'Thanks for Nothing' -opening reception -111 Minna Gallery, SF-

August 5-Terese Taylor-Dolores Park, SF

August 5, 6, 12 & 13- Uphill Both Ways - GRATUITOUS VIOLINS-Dark Room
Theater- 2263 Mission St., SF-10pm -$10
comedy skits about verbal high-tech kitchens, Muzak, corporate
non-harassment seminars, fruit cake, Jimmy Skateboard...and MUCH MORE!

August 5-Go-Go Freakout w/ the DevilEl-Ettes -12 Galaxies- 2565 Mission St.,
SF-8PM- $10

August 5-PORCHLIGHT: A Storytelling -Swedish American Hall, SF-8PM- $12
Topic: Eye of the Tiger: Stories of Weird Little Triumphs Show

August 5 -20 Minute Loop-The Starry Plough-3101 Shattuck, Berkeley-9PM -$6
performs with Farma & Jeffrey Luck Lucas

August 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, & 20-Fat bottom Burlesque Reveiw-Theater Rhinoceros
-2926 16th St., SF- 8-pm

August 6 & 7-Michaels Light Toys- Open House -285 9th Street, SF -12PM- 6PM

August 6- Charo & her Las Vegas Show -Herbst Theatre- 401 Van Ness Ave., SF
- 7pm- $35

August 6-pARTicipate- MonkeyFresh Studios- 530 Hampshire #401, SF-
Featured Artists: Jonathan Burstein (Painting) Stellah De Ville
(Collage/Multi-media) Ajna Lichau (Video) Karen Gerdes (Painting) Jim
Shissler... more

August 6-One-Man Show of Video/Film-Artists Television Access-992 Valencia
St., SF-. 8PM-$6
Artist Bryan Boyce (o/w known as Dangerous Squid Productions): "Man vs.TV".
20 Minute Loop video of "The Song You Hear Before You Die, etc..

August 7 -The Montclair Women's Big Band - La Pena Cultural Center - 3105
Shattuck Ave, Berkeley -4PM- 10PM- $14

August 7th (1st Sun)- K'Vech- Sadie's Flying Elephant - 491 Potero, SF -
7:30PM - sign up
One kick ass open mic

August 7(Sun)-"Bad Movie Night" - At The Dark Room Theatre- Mission St. betw
18th & 19th, S.F. -8PM Remember TV's Mystery Science Theatre? The show where
they ran those awful cheesy science fiction movies and had a bunch of jokers
seen in silhouette commenting on them all through the picture?

August 7-Garden music/dance benefit -322 45th Street, Oakland-4-10pm
for Nepal's first lgbt group

August 8-Q-Comedy -LGBT Community Center, SF-7:30PM-$8-$15
Standup comedy w/ queer & queer-friendly comedians w/ host LA based comedian
Maura Lake. sliding

August 8 - Left Coast Writers Readng series - Canvas Gallery- 9th Ave @
Lincoln, SF - 7:30PM

August 9-Dead Man Records & DJ Jerico present Dana Night!!! -Hush Hush, SF-
10-2PM- $2
*Midnight Commemorative DVD Showing

August 9- Carol Queen presents How to Please Your Lover-6:30PM- $49.99
Learning Annex class

August 9( tuesday night)-Poetry & Jazz Jam- Club Deluxe -1511 Haight Street,
SF-8:30 ? 11:30pm

August 10(every Wednes) -Club Pirate Cat-Catalyst Cocktails -312 Harriet
St., SF-9 PM - Free Cheap
Drinks, and more Electroclash, New Wave, Death Rock tunes than you can shake
your ass too

August 11 -Little Minsky's- Club Deluxe- 1511 Haight, SF-9pm-$5

August 11-'Wrong Bathroom' Screening-El Rio 3158 Mission St, SF-8PM
passionate & hilarious stories by Shawna Virago & Urban Hermit &** salsa &
lounge music by Trilce

August 12- Katastrophe-the liminal performance -1919 Market St, Oakland -
w/ Stinkmitt and Nicky Click

August 12 ? September 4-Art Show-Giorgi Gallery- 2911 Claremont Avenue,
Berkeley-6-9 PM
ARTISTS: Priscilla Birge, Joanna Katz, Mimi Koch, Audrey Wallace-Taylor,
Katherine McKay, Dorothy Nissen, Diane Rusnak, Margo Rivera-Weiss, Sarah
Whitecotton, and Lee Williams

August 12-International Pop Overthrow Festival-Red Devil Lounge- 1695 Polk
Street, SF-8PM-$10

August 13 - Gun & Doll Show w/ Arnocorp's-Bottom of the Hill, SF- 9PM

August 13 -Photography For Perverts-Center for Sex & Culture -398 11th
Street, SF-1-4 pm
By Charles Gatewood

August 13- Queer Hip-Hop Show-21 Grand - 416 25th St., Oakland-9PM- $5
Tricrotic + Juba Kalamka (DDC) + Duality + Tru Bloo

AUGUST 13-In Bed W/Fairy Butch-12 Galaxies- 2565 Mission St.SF- 8PM

August 13 & 14-Romancing the Clown -New College Theater- 777 Valencia
Street, SF-7PM-$5
Romancing the Clown^(1) is a new musical by Harvey Rabbit with original
music by Cody Giannotti and David Manning. Follow this lighthearted jaunt
down the spiral of loneliness, depression and the search for love. If we
have to be sad, we might as well sing and dance about it!

August 14-How Berkeley Can You Be?-Caffe Venezia- 1799 University Ave,
Berkeley- 10AM-1 PM to help raise money for the Parade and Festival! $20
includes a buffet with dishes ranging from Poached Eggs on Portabello
Mushrooms, Eggs Scrambled with Smoked Salmon and Chives, French Toast,
Fritatta with Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Red Bell Peppers and Ricotta. In
addition, there will be Home Fries, Fresh Fruit, Bagels and Cream Cheese,
and a variety of Breakfast Meats

August 14- FAUX QUEEN PAGEANT-Slim's- 333 11th Street, SF -7PM
For Drag Queens Trapped in Women's Bodies! --Polkacide at 7pm, Contest 8PM

August 18- The 10th Annual SF Drag King Contest - DNA Lounge -9PM
starring Fudgie Frottage and Rusty Hips as MCs and featuring The
Transformers, The Momma's Boyz, Arty Fishal, Wood and more. It's a benefit
for PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support)
6:30 - 8:30PM- Arty Fishel's Fablous Drag King & Miss Indigo Blue's
Femme-Tastic Workshops

August 19 -A Night of Voices- Red Vic-1665 Haight St, SF-7pm -9pm- FREE
Sharp Featuring The Brown Bums, KC Jiang, Corpus Callosum and Matt Holdaway

August 20-Group Spoken Word Event - 4pm to 6:30pm- Spellbinding Tales",
Bookstore -1910A Encinal Ave, Alameda
Featuring 8 (EIGHT!)“MUST HEAR” East Bay Poets! DIANA QUARTERMAINE-host//

August 21-"The Festival Of The Fans"- Stork Club - 2330 telegraph ave,
Oakland -2:30-9PM-$5
-"the Bleu Canadians", "The Trenchermen", "Lindi Wiggans", "bunny numpkins &
the kill blow up reaction" ( lou reed-ian rock with puppets), "Tara Linda"

San Jose - Pacific Art Collective  -


August 5 & 6- CIRQUE BERZERK-Abundant Suga – 618A Moulton -The Brewery Arts
Complex, Downton LA- 7:30PM

HOT TIPS: (Cool things I have run across this week)

Book - "Good Advice for Young Trendy People of All Ages" -
Musicians - Slim Cessna's Auto Club -
Funny link -
Funny link -
SUBMIT HERE: (Places to show your art)

1) Vote for me please -under stand up poet


I'd vote for you.

2) Pirate Cat radio show lookin for local bands to play on air

looking to sample some online mp3's from local bands and if it fits shows
they'd like to play you on air.

send your links to

3) Got Something to Get Off Your Chest?

Tell us about it!

Morbid Curiosity magazine is looking for TRUE 1st-person stories about your
encounters with the unsavory, the unwise, the unorthodox, or the unusual —
all the dark elements that make life truly worth living.  Bizarre magazine
described Morbid Curiosity as “fascinating frontline journalism.”   The San
Francisco Weekly called it "Fascinating, haunt-you-for-days material,
beautifully written and illustrated."  The San Francisco Bay Guardian voted
it "Best Nightmare-Inducing Local Magazine" in 2004.

We invite you to be a part of it. Stories under 2000 words preferred.
Reprints are welcome. No POETRY or FICTION will be considered.  Payment is
in copies and ad space.
Deadline for submissions: September 1, 2005

Automatism Press
Attention:  Loren Rhoads
P.O. Box 12308
San Francisco, CA  94112-0308

XOXO - have a beautiful and creative day
   Melinda, lilycat, Ms Kittywhore, Boom Boom
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