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 From Global Justice Ecology Project

Anti-war and global justice mobilizations are being organized for
Washington DC, September 23-26.  Actions, marches and rallies have
been called to confront the unjust and illegal war in Iraq and
economic policies pushed by the World Bank that kill thousands
everyday while destroying the Earth's life support systems.  In
addition, U.S. military policy in Iraq and "war for oil" mentality,
and the World Bank's pro-fossil fuel practices are exacerbating the
global warming crisis.  Climate change and anti-war activists have
the opportunity to come together at these protests to show the
connections between war and climate change, and advance the U.S.
movement against global warming and global war.

How Will Global Warming Lead to Global War?

According to the United Nations, over the past decade climate change
has been responsible for nearly 500,000 people killed, over 2.5
billion impacted and economic losses of over $690 billion.
Ninety-five percent of climate change casualties belonged to
countries of middle to low-level income.  Rising sea levels will soon
displace over 100 million people living in low-lying areas, including
entire islands in the South Pacific.

The United States, as the world's largest polluter producing 25% of
annual global carbon emissions, refuses to sign on to any
international climate change treaties.  Instead the U.S. is waging
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to monopolize some of the
world's largest remaining oil and natural gas supplies, ensuring U.S.
hegemony over these resources, and furthering its agenda for global

The Sustainable Energy and Economy Network (SEEN) writes that the
World Bank, entrusted in 1992 by the Rio Earth Summit to promote
sustainable energy development, has instead spent $28 billion on
fossil fuel projects. (Seventeen times more than they spent on
renewable energy.)

The U.S., with defacto veto power over the World Bank in June of 2005
appointed Iraq War architect Paul Wolfowitz as the Bank's new
president.  Following the July, 2005 G-8 meeting, Wolfowitz announced
that the G-8 had put the World Bank in charge of financing a "new
framework for mobilizing investment in clean energy and development."
Ken Newcombe, the Bank's Carbon Finance Business Manager stated that
proposals for this "new framework" would be discussed at the fall
meetings of the World Bank this September in Washington, DC.   SEEN
points out that over 80% of the World Bank's fossil fuel projects
exported oil to G-8 countries.

As long as neoliberalism and oil fuel the world's economies, global
warming and resource wars will continue to intensify, leading to
widespread instability and violence. "In a world already riven with
imperialist war, and by economic and military tensions, the potential
for [global warming induced] upheaval to spark armed conflict,
including the ultimate spectre of nuclear annihilation, is not a
morbid fantasy, but all too likely," stated Paul McGarr in his
article "Capitalism and Climate Change."

A 2003 report by the U.S. Pentagon agrees, stating, "abrupt climate
change could bring the planet to the edge of anarchy as countries
develop a nuclear threat to defend and secure dwindling food, water
and energy supplies. The threat to global stability vastly eclipses
that of terrorism? Disruption and conflict will be endemic features
of life.  Once again, warfare would define human life."

Governments, corporations and international bodies like
the World Bank, entrenched in the neoliberal model,
cannot and will not move toward real solutions to the
on-coming climate crisis. The solution will come in the
form of a global grassroots movement that unites to
take real action to stop global warming and its
catastrophic impacts.  Join us in DC September 23-26.

For further information: 
Global Justice Ecology Project
P.O. Box  412
Hinesburg, VT  05461  U.S.
+1.802.482.2689 ph/fax

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Global Justice Ecology Project Mission Statement

Global Justice Ecology Project advances global justice and ecological
awareness by identifying issues, creating strategies, organizing
campaigns, building alliances and disseminating photographic images
that demonstrate the interconnections between the social and the
ecological, promoting a crucial holistic analysis to unify and
strengthen movements.


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