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On cable, think big

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sydney Levy 
Date: Aug 5, 2005 2:05 PM
Subject: SF CABLE: Call before Tuesday's final vote

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors plans to hold their FINAL vote
on the Comcast deal this coming Tuesday, August 9.

Please CALL, FAX, or EMAIL the Board of Supervisors before Tuesday at 2 pm.
(See contact information below.)

#1 Ask them to VOTE FOR A CONTINUANCE of the cable items until AUGUST
16. Are the Supervisors voting with full knowledge? The City should
release preliminary results of the community needs assessment before
the Supervisors vote on a four-year extension.

#2 Ask them to VOTE AGAINST the Comcast settlement & franchise
extension. It is a bad deal for San Francisco.

If the City signs this deal now:

--> Will there be sufficient funds for public, educational, and
government access operations? No.

--> Will there be any enforceable costumer service standards? No.

-->Will Comcast workers be protected? No.

--> Are any digital channels guaranteed after TV digital conversion? No.

Background information

Last Wednesday the Rules Committee of the Board of Supervisors
discussed the Comcast deal--thanks to all of you who came to the
hearing and spoke up! After a lengthy public comment period, the issue
was referred to this Tuesday's Board meeting without recommendation.
In other words, the Committee did not recommend whether to accept or
reject the Comcast deal. The Supervisors  need to hear your

The Board meeting on Tuesday does not include a period for public
comments before the vote: That's why it is crucial that you contact
the Supervisors and let them know what you think.

We are opposed to the cable settlement and 4-year contract extension,
which would leave SF with 4 more years of a bad 40 year-old agreement
in exchange for a measly $3.5 million dollars from Comcast. Public
access would starve; workers and consumers would be left without any
To learn more about what's wrong with the settlement go to:

Many thanks for your help in safeguarding our communities' interests.

With questions or suggestions, please call Sydney Levy at Media Alliance:
(510) 832-9000 x303

SF Supervisors' Contact Info:

Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, District 1
(ph: 415-554-7410, fx: 415-554-7415, email:

Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier, District 2
(ph: 415-554-7752, fx: 415-554-7843, email:

Supervisor Aaron Peskin, District 3
(ph: 415-554-7450, fx: 415-554-7454, email:

Supervisor Fiona Ma, District 4
(ph: 415-554-7460, fx: 554-7432, email:

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, District 5
(ph: 415-554-7630, fx: 415-554-7634, email:

Supervisor Chris Daly, District 6
(ph: 415-554-7970, fx: 415-554-7974, email:

Supervisor Sean Elsbernd, District 7
(ph: 415-554-6516, fx: 415-554-6546, email:

Supervisor Bevan Dufty, District 8
(ph: 415-554-6968, fx: 415-554-6909, email:

Supervisor Tom Ammiano, District 9
(ph: 415-554-5144, fx: 415-554-6255, email:

Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, District 10
(Ph: 415-554-7670, fx: 415-554-7674, email:

Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, District 11
(ph: 415-554-6975, fx: 415-554-6975, email:


SF Cable: Are we being sold out?
For details and actions steps, go to

Sydney Levy
Media Alliance
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non-profit organizations, and social justice activists.

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