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Hurricane Katrina and Climate Justice

Holding Corporations Accountable
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Hurricane Katrina and Climate Justice
Joshua Karliner
September 12th, 2005

For nearly five years George Bush has infuriated much of the world by refusing
to take action on global warming. Instead, he has called for more study. In a
way, he got what he wanted with Hurricane Katrina.


US: F.D.A. Had Report of Short Circuit in Heart Devices

HONG KONG: Yahoo, Chinese Police, and a Jailed Journalist

US: No-Bid Contracts Win Katrina Work

US: Cover-up: toxic waters 'will make New Orleans unsafe for a decade'

US: Boeing May Avoid Criminal Prosecution

US: Katrina-Hit States Turn to Private Security Firms

IRAQ: Reconstruction Falters and Running Out of Money

AFRICA: Amnesty accuses oil firms of overriding human rights


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