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Hurricane Rita: Will FEMA Block Aid & Take Guns? 

Will Rita mean another Laboratory test of The Martial Law Police State? 

Steve Watson / Paul Watson & Alex Jones | September 23 2005 

Hurricane Rita, a major Category 4 storm, roared toward the Texas and Louisiana coastline early today, amidst a gridlocked mass exodus northwards. 

The AP has reported that forecasters believe Houston and Galveston may avoid direct hits as Rita has veered slightly to the east, towards the Beaumont and Port Arthur area about 75 miles east of Houston. 

At 8 a.m. EDT, Rita was centered about 260 miles southeast of Galveston and was moving to the northwest at near 9 mph. Its winds were near 140 mph, down from 175 mph reached late Wednesday and early Thursday. 

Forecasters have warned of the possibility of a storm surge of 15 to 20 feet, and rain of up to 15 inches along the Texas and western Louisiana coast. Rita is expected to hit with full force on Saturday. 

Warnings are also in effect in New Orleans, where the forecast for rain is for 3 to 5 inches, close to the amount engineers said may cause fresh flooding into areas recently cleared. 

Nearly 2 million people along the Texas and Louisiana coasts have been told to evacuate their homes in what Houston Mayor Bill White called ``one of the largest mass evacuations in American history.'' . 

?Late last night traffic was still gridlocked for about 100 miles and people were beginning to run out of fuel. 

Homeland Security Scanners Holding up evacuation 

CNN has reported that the fuel shortage was just one area being overlooked in federal preparations. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Houston Democrat has criticized the dearth of federal security screeners at Houston International Airport. These scanners have created lines of passengers trying get out of the city, Lee blames Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. 

"I know we can't leave other airports exposed," Lee said. "But it's all about preparedness. We're pointing to gaping holes and getting no response from the secretary." 

Instead of bypassing the scanners, Homeland Security is sending more of them. A spokesman said 180 screeners have been shipped to Houston from four different airports, and it is expected that more will be sent today. 

Will FEMA "mess it up" again? 

We have exposed over the past weeks how FEMA has been selling the American people on the Martial Law Police State in the Katrina aftermath. Will the federal Government attempt to conduct another laboratory test scenario for total dictatorial control should Rita provide the right conditions? 

Numerous credible sources have come forward with examples of how the FEMA has been deliberately sabotaging relief efforts in New Orleans, making things worse than need be. 

Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard appeared on Meet the Press and broke down in tears as he described FEMA's criminal activities. 

Broussard stated "We had Wal-Mart deliver three trucks of water, trailer trucks of water. FEMA turned them back. They said we didn't need them. This was a week ago. FEMA--we had 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel on a Coast Guard vessel docked in my parish. The Coast Guard said, "Come get the fuel right away." When we got there with our trucks, they got a word. "FEMA says don't give you the fuel." Yesterday--yesterday--FEMA comes in and cuts all of our emergency communication lines. They cut them without notice. Our sheriff, Harry Lee, goes back in, he reconnects the line. He posts armed guards on our line and says, "No one is getting near these lines." 

The mission of FEMA has never in reality been to bring people food and water and help in times of crisis. Alex Jones has attended numerous FEMA drills where the whole point of the exercise is to round people up, break up families and institute a brutal police state crackdown. FEMA needed to create a chaotic atmosphere in New Orleans so they could legitimize this. 

?We have since posted multiple reports of police being ordered to guard key infrastructures in order to defend them from FEMA federal agents. Sheriffs in numerous different counties are guarding highways to keep FEMA out. FEMA is being treated as the enemy because they are sabotaging key facilities in an effort to intentionally worsen the already desperate scenes of horror in New Orleans. 

FEMA is sabotaging lines of communication so their activities cannot be exposed to the wider relief authorities and the media. 

Commenting on the sabotage by FEMA of communication lines, Washington insider Wayne Madsen states, 

"Jamming radio and other communications such as television signals is part of a Pentagon tactic called "information blockade" or "technology blockade." The tactic is one of a number of such operations that are part of the doctrine of "information warfare" and is one of the psychological operations (PSYOPS) methods used by the US Special Operations Command." 

Radio host Carol Baker who has been tracking the FEMA sabotage stated that Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jeff Hingle had his deputies patrol the county line under orders not to let FEMA in. 

As is discussed in the Meet the Press interview, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee also has armed guards patrolling the county line in order to prevent the FEMA sabotage. 

We have also exposed the long history of incompetence, corruption, fraud and criminality associated with FEMA, its officials and the people it employs. 

We have also exposed how funding for flood protection systems was slashed by both the Clinton and Bush Administrations, latterly to pump more more into the war on terror and the war in Iraq. 

We have also exposed evidence, backed up by overwhelming local opinion, to suggest the levees were intentionally breached by the federal government. 

We have also exposed how the federal government has illegally initiated total gun confiscation of law abiding citizens and forcibly removed them from their property in New Orleans. Federal forces have led criminal gangs of police in an America-killing gun grab. 

The bottom line on Katrina is that whether you believe it was all incompetence or part incompetence and part malevolence, the lasting pretext is the same. 

When a disaster takes place, you have no rights and the federal government can arrest you if you donít follow their every order. 

Along with forced gun grabs and evacuation, we have further exposed the intricacies of the operative federalized Police State, with the presence of foreign troops, SWAT teams, privately employed security mercenaries, the treatment of citizens as "insurgents" and evacuees as "internees" and the euthanization and inoculation of survivors. 

?Furthermore we have probed the profiteering of government darling companies such as Haliburton, and the blatant disregard of any responsibility of the inhuman Neocons in the Bush Administration who are devoid of any care at all. 

FEMA is clearly using this human catastrophe as a means of executing its decade long plans and providing the pretext for future takeover scenarios of all major American cities. 

FEMA is not an elected body, it does not involve itself in public disclosures, and it even has a quasi-secret budget in the billions of dollars. It has more power than the President of the United States or the Congress, it has the power to suspend laws, move entire populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant and hold them without trial, it can seize property, food supplies, transportation systems, and can suspend the Constitution. Not only is it the most powerful entity in the United States, but it was not even created under Constitutional law by the Congress. 

FEMA executive orders have been paving the way for the police State for many years. For a full synopsis of FEMA's executive orders in light of the hurricane, click here. 

Hurricane Rita could provide the conditions for a second wave of Police State propaganda on behalf of FEMA and the hideous Neo-con administration, and this time the whole world will be watching. Will they pull it off again? Will it be on an even grander scale this time? 

Rest assured that whatever happens we will report the developments. Watch this space. 


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