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September Disaster Action Items
1.Our fellow citizens are still dying and some without care and food! Tell our dysfunctional government to accept the help of over 90 countries that have offered to help!
FEMA has refused the help from most of them and certainly did nothing with that help for over a week. Start with Cuba who is closeby and offering medical help. Other countries offered their help to pump out the city in a week.
2. We cannot neglect what our government is up to as we wrap our heads around the hurricane disaster. With the untimely death of Chief Justice Rhenquist, Bush has put the Supreme Court under supreme pressure by elevating his John Roberts nomination to that of Chief Justice! And I have just found out that John Roberts is a War Profiteer!  What a disgrace and further danger we are facing. PLEASE address this issue ASAP. Demand your Senators to not buckle under the time pressure and to oppose this candidate and to continue to press for ALL documentation from the White House.
They must not allow a vote until they have had time for a complete and thorough examination of this man's background.
He will "rule" over us at Bush's pleasure for 40 years or so! Send your letter at:
Also contact as many other Senators as you can ( )  and tell them you demand a thorough review of his record- and deadlines are to be IGNORED on this very important matter. Or an automatic NO vote must be used if deadlines are enforced. Barrage them with individual bits of information from these articles, during all of September if you can. Here's one source of information. Note his penchant for favoring corporations, polluters, the executive branch (i.e. Bush torture atrocities), and of denying citizen rights:
The biggest argument may be this one- that his wife is part of a company that expects to profit from the destruction in Iraq. Please enlighten your Senators ASAP. What a disgrace for us all:
3. As early as this week, Frist intends to push to permanently repeal the estate tax- giving yet another tax cut windfall to the filthy rich. Contact your Senators and object to this massive tax cut for the rich! We are in a war and now have the Katrina disaster as well to pay for.  And the Republicans are about to give the filthy rich a tax cut. Oppose the repeal of the estate tax: 
PRESERVE the estate tax on the rich.
Here's an easy way to send a letter to your Congressman and to your local newspaper at the same time: 

Also, sign John Kerry's petition:


4. Bush's faith-based appointees are playing with women's lives. Demand that the FDA release Emergency Contraception- as already approved and agreed to:


5. Back to the Katrina Infamy: About donations and support.

Beware and stay away from donating to Operation Blessing, which is Pat Robertson's "charity". Pat Robertson just days ago publicly called for the assassination of Venezuela's popularly elected president and he calls himself a Christian. 

Which brings us to the question:  Who is the nation donating to?
Is FEMA stalling aid efforts, along with the Red Cross?
Doctors delayed by FEMA from entering and helping victims:
Airboaters stalled for 4 days by FEMA:,0,312889.story
Is the Red Cross complicit? (Sorry the link no longer works.
It was about the Red Cross getting in the way of a rescue team. )
But here's a list of logs of aid denied:
and a branch off that list:
Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross --Establishment charities have a history of withholding disaster funds By Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones 01 Sep 2005 "The Red Cross, under the Liberty Fund, collected $564 million in donations after 9/11. Months after the event, the Red Cross had distributed only $154 million. The Red Cross' explanation for keeping the majority of the money was that it would be used to help 'fight the war on terror'."
Stop donating to national charity groups!
Donate and work with clearly anti-Bush and non-corporation groups. Take your pick and make your own judgement. Please spread the word to everyone and to all blogs asap.
Planned Parenthood clinics (has on-the-ground clinics) (donate housing)
Locating the lost:,  other aid groups  (MSNBC citizen journalists post your stories, video, and pictures)
6. Demand that our National Guard be brought home from Iraq:
and demand new leadership at FEMA:
7. Compose a message to your representative to sponsor Congresswoman Barbara Lee's bill to avoid permanent bases in Iraq. Enter your zip code and then compose your message: Also ask your Congressman to co-sponsor Representative Barbara Lee's Resolution of Inquiry into the Iraq War ( Res 375). We need as many as we can get by September 15. Call, email and FAX your Congressman:
8. Read and sign the People's Petition for an Iraq Peace Process:
Then download a flyer and a copy of the petition. Make copies and gather signatures at events or at churches and supermarkets in your area. Mail these in on 9/10:
9. George Galloway on a tour! Here's the details where and when. Don't miss it! Don't know who he is? Click to watch his testimony to the lying hypocrites in the Senate who hauled him to the U.S. to rake him over the coals on the Oil for Food program. He replies to Senator Norm Coleman's innuendos.
10. Thank the media for covering the Hurricane Katrina aftermath on-the-ground and demand more reporting on-the-ground, especially still inside the flooded neighborhoods and especially on search and rescue. FEMA dragged its feet on search and rescue until people in trouble were no longer saveable. Now they have declared martial law and are forcing everyone still alive to leave- behind the veil of martial law. Demand that the media cover the forced evacuation of New Orleans on-the-ground! Here's some of their email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, InsideScoop@cbsnew,,,,,,,, ,,, 
11. Call, FAX, email your Congressmen, Senators, Governors, Mayors, etc, to demand justice and accountability from the federal government for the disgraceful, heartless, and insulting treatment of our fellow citizens. Here's the links to get to the Senate, House, Governors, Mayors.  And here's stories to make you scream:
See and witness the criminal actions of your government: People not allowed to leave and NO FOOD, NO WATER provided: Frantic reporter pleads "Let them go!"
Meanwhile, citizens anxiously trying to help their fellow citizens are not allowed to go in and help!
Doctors delayed by FEMA from entering and helping victims:
Airboaters stalled for 4 days by FEMA:,0,312889.story
Is the Red Cross complicit? (Sorry this story has been removed! But it was about the Red Cross also getting in the way of well-meaning good samaritans)
But here's a list:
This is criminal. FEMA is as of today (9/8/5) STILL getting in the way of concerned citizens, physicians, and massive international offers of help. This was on TV news. Offers of help, including the capability to remove the flood water MUCH FASTER and to do search and rescue MUCH FASTER have been ignored or refused for over a week now. I am still anxious to see no concerted effort to break into each and every roof to see if someone might still be trapped there with no food or water. And now survovors are bieng fiorced at gunpoint to leave their homes- even those which are dry. Why are they doing this? And soon there will be no one to see and report what they do with these properties.
The federal response has been abysmal and a total dereliction of duty!  King George MUST BE DEPOSED. Let's pressure government at all levels to get rid of Bush and all of his installed criminal cronies. Tell them not to allow him to continue to nominate anyone nor to exert his executive power. Demand that he be fired and removed from his job.  Reach all levels of your government:
U.S. Senate:,
State Governors:,
State Legislators: (State legislators)
Multi-level government: 

Some Katrina survivors are still desperate for food, drink, shoes, lodging, jobs. It is the fault of the government that this disaster was allowed to reach this horrific state through ineptitude and stupidity and poor maintenance by this administration. Victims should be helped, not treated like criminals. Demand that the National Guard allow any and all kinds of aid and fellow citizens into New Orleans and into all other affected areas.
Katrina- The For-Profit Disaster?
Who has died?
Who is being fleeced?
Who will profit?
The Name of the Game is: 
$$$ Transfer from Poor and Middle Class to the Filthy Rich
taxpayer money appropriation for Katrina relief,
astounding charitable monetary donations,  
skyrocketing gas prices,
Thousands left destitute, homeless, and disenfranchised
The rest of us left in massive debt for generations to come
Reconstruction will no doubt be done by Bush and Cheney cronies, starting with Haliburton, so they can gleefully collect the money.
The transfer began with taxpayer money denied for proper maintenance of the levees and diverted into the hands of Chertoff and Rumsfeld for Iraq occupation and "Homeland Security". The transfer now accelerates with Katrina "rescue and reconstruction" with former residents conveniently out of the way. We have all been witness to the "rescue" when Bush dropped the ball and the TV news media somehow and inexplicably showed the world the unvarnished truth for a scant week.
Notice that Congress is rushing once again to fill Halliburton coffers with $10.5 Billion hurricane relief, and Bush has hurriedly said we immediately  need $52 Billion more- for now. The oil companies are due for a windfall through sky-high gas prices. The Red Cross has just pulled in over  $400 million and continues to lead the national media orchestra and deluge of ads to pull in a flood of donations.
WoW. Over $62 billion transferred from the middle class and the poor to the filthy rich in just the space of one week!
Will there be any accountability?
Why yes, Resident Bush has just declared himself the head of the investigation into what went wrong...
FEMA: Doing the job intended by the Bush administration:
Swedish Katrina aid on standby:
New Orleans taken over by the federal government:
"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on."
- George W. Bush, at a Gridiron Club dinner,Washington, D.C., March 2001.

"It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them."
-- Adolf Hitler

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator,"
GW Bush
--, December 18, 2000

12. How about we start some revenge buying ? To deny Bush, Cheney, and Rice your gas dollars, start buying all your gas from CITGO stations only! Spread the word...
Venezuela's Citgo Petroleum has set up disaster relief centers in Texas and Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Venezuela's emergency management director says the company's begun providing humanitarian aid to thousands of American victims.
Don't forget the September 24-26 nationwide protests! Get ready- download, post and distribute flyers for Washington D.C. rally and for the one in your area at your favorite stores. Come and bring your friends and neighbors! Spread the word.

Click here to donate to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. 

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