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Butterfly's Bay Area Events Calendar

Dedicated to informing you of the best events in music, art, poetry, media, 
politics, spirituality & consciousness.

Upcoming Special Events
Jan. 12-14                        GrandMother Drum: Awakening the Global 
Heart - Santa Cruz

Alert - Stop the insanity. Please sign the MoveOn petition urging Congress to 
stop Bush's escalation in Iraq.

Contents    **Asterisk denotes events I plan to attend. 

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Other peace & justice events at

Jan. 12-14                         GrandMother Drum: Awakening the Global 
Heart - Santa Cruz
Jan. 12-14  8 pm               Dead Men Tell No Tales Pirate Musical - 
Sat. Jan. 13  10am-5pm     Transformational Workshop w. Steve Sisgold - Novato
Sat. Jan. 13     1-3 pm        Act Now to Shut Down Guantanamo - SF
Sat. Jan. 13  1-11 pm         Earth Roots Garden Festival - Sebastopol
Sat. Jan.13  7 pm              Working with Spirit to Create Living Democracy 
- Berkeley
Sat. Jan. 13  7 pm             A Bright Room Called Day Playreading - Berkeley
Fri. Jan. 19  7-9 pm            UNION - Art, Spirit, and Community - SF
Sat. Jan. 20  6 pm             Sandfly in San Francisco
Jan. 20-21                     **"Making It All Click!" The Workshop - SF
Sun. Jan. 21  7:30 pm      Concert for Women Victims of Violence - Berkeley
Sun. Jan. 21  7:30 pm        Telsa Duo in Concert w. Mark Deutsch & Alan 
Tower - SF
Jan. 26-29                         Full Spectrum Living Retreat -Santa Crus 
Apr. 27-29                         His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Bay Area - 

Quotation of the Week
"Even caterpillars can fly, if they just lighten up!" - Scott J. Simmerman, 

Music Video of the Century
Hun Nab Ku Music Video by Musicians for Peace - Hun Nab Ku, a powerful music 
video produced by Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace is now up on and  soon soon. The music was written and arranged by 
Santa Cruz's own millenial shamanic troubador, papadave potter aka Whitehorse 
with band members Marey Bird  and Monica McGuire. All are members of Dreamseeker 
, a musical tribal revival with joyful ancestral 
resonance. A powerful catalyst coaxing the birth of a New Age with heart wisdom 
and magic"  Hun Nab Ku contains cosmic images provided by Celestine of Golden 
Star Productions   It was first presented in public at 
thr Musicians for Peace benefit at Humanist Hall in Oakland on Saturday, 
January 6, 2007.It is dedicated to the spirit of the late Ian Lungold of Mayan 
Majix who wrote the text that inspired Whitehorse's lyrics.  
Hun Nab Ku iis said to represent all of the consciousness that has ever 
existed in this galaxy.">Hun Nab Ku Music Video   
See it at

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Anodea Judith - Author of Waking the Global Heart: Humanity’s Rite of Passage 
from the Love of Power to the Power of Love and The Illuminated Chakras
Blane Lyon and the Real

Links of the Week
Burning 'Space Junk' Lights Up the Sky*
Explains Rocket Re-entry*

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Jan. 12-14       GrandMother Drum: Awakening the Global Heart - Santa Cruz

California Here We Come. GrandMother Drum launches our 2007 "Ring of Fire" 
World Tour with Opening Ceremonies in Santa Cruz, California To Premiere our New 
Documentary Film, GrandMother Drum: Awakening the Global Heart
We are thrilled to be with our family again!

Eagle and Jaguar Tour Opening Ceremonies
(sign up for whole weekend and receive a PACKAGE PRICE: $222)
Pacific Cultural Center, 1307 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz  831-426-8893
For reservations call 907-745-5636 or 907-715-4433
For information on the Pacific Cultural Center 831-426-8893

Friday, January 12   7-10 pm
Tickets $30. Children under 16 free
GrandMother Drum Opening Prayerformance- Eagle and Jaguar Tour Come activate 
the GrandMother Drum's fourth "Ring of Fire" World Tour in a dynamic evening 
of interactive ritual, primal rhythms, dance and celebration for the whole 
family.. The largest drum of its kind in the world, the seven foot crystal inlaid 
GrandMother Drum returns to California from Alaska to open the songlines to 
Guatemala, the land of the Jaguar. The GrandMother Drum travels as the symbol of 
the Universal Heart, uniting all races and cultures of the human family. 

Saturday January 13   Gathering Medicine 11-5 pm
$95 includes all materials.
Animal Medicine Workshop with Australian Medicine Woman Morning Star. This 
workshop will help you prepare a medicine bundle to participate in Sunday's 
GrandMother Drum Portal Activation ceremony.  Go on a transformative meditative 
journey around the Medicine Wheel to feel yourself become the essence of 
different animals and their power. Build your own personal medicine bundle. Make a 
simple leather medicine pouch & receive numerous medicines gathered from nature, 
with their stories and meanings. Bring along your favorite large feather or 
wing & learn how to transform it into ceremonial art using soft leathers, beads 
and fringing.

Saturday January 13  MOVIE PREMIERE 7-10 pm
GrandMother Drum: Awakening the Global Heart

Six years in the making, this documentary tracks the journey of the large 
seven foot GrandMother Drum from a vision given in dream, to a year long building 
process to traveling the world gathering thousands in worldwide drum vigils 
for peace and dynamic multicultural prayerformances. A good news story to 
inspire you!

According to creation stories of the world's religions, creation started with 
sound, with the Word, with the Big Bang. For fifteen years White Eagle 
Medicine Woman (Suraj Holzwarth) was visited in dreams by indigenous grandmothers 
giving her spiritual guidance to build a giant healing drum. With the help of 
the Alaskan multicultural community, the large seven foot crystal inlaid 
GrandMother Drum was built in 2000 for just that, to sound a Big Bang of Love and 
create a new age of peace and illumination among humanity.

As foretold by the Otomi Elders, when the sound of 8,000 drums would be heard 
the Earth would begin her renewal. The GrandMother Drum tours the world to 
fulfill the ancient prophecy and gather thousands in worldwide drum vigils for 
peace. Journey with her across the outback of Australia, in remote northern 
villages of the Yukon to the main stage of setting the Guinness Book of World 
Records for the Largest Drum Ensemble For Peace.

Sunday, January 14  1 -7 pm
Songlines of a New Earth: Singing the Seeds Awake
Cost $111

Our indigenous grandmothers have instructed a special Portal Activation 
Ceremony be held in Santa Cruz as it is known as a crossroads of the songlines 
along the "Ring of Fire" from Alaska   to Central America. We will open ourselves 
and the land to the medicine work of the tour which will involve bringing back 
original Mayan corn and seeding it with drums from Central America back to 
Alaska. Time 1-7pm. Bring any sacred medicine items or make then in our Saturday 

More at,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,587/year,2007/month,01/day,12/Itemid,0/

Jan. 12-14  8 pm          Dead Men Tell No Tales Pirate Musical - Berkeley

Also Jan. 19-21

The Starlight Circle Players present `Dead Men Tell No Tales'  - 
Swashbuckling Pirate Musical

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, 1924 Cedar Street (at 
Bonita), Berkeley
Tickets are offered on a sliding scale of $10-25, babes-in-arms are admitted 
free (though not encouraged), and $5 is charged for children under 10
Refreshments will be available before the show and during intermission.  
Doors open at 7 p.m., the curtain rises at 8 p.m.  
For further information, see
Contact: Lezlie 510-647-5268

“Dead Men” is a riveting tale of intrigue, love, adventure on the high seas, 
hidden treasure, secret identities, ghostly encounters, time travel and more 
… all set to original acoustic rock and British-inspired folk-ballad, and all 
penned by playwright/director Lauren Renée Hotchkiss.

More at

Sat. Jan. 13  10am-5pm           Transformational Workshop w. Steve Sisgold - 

You are invited to a one day experiential journey with Steve Sisgold 
Transformational Breathwork, Movement, Guided Explorations, Designing a Plan 
and More

Held at Steve’s private countryside estate in Novato
One Dream Productions, 28 Anton Way Novato Ca  94945
$75 before Jan 1,  $100 after
Call.415 -302 5922  or email to register

Take a quantum leap and join Steve for a very powerful interactive day where 
you will explore & deepen your connection with your body, mind and spirit 
while releasing stress, increasing energy and allowing more ease and pleasure into 
your life this year.

Steve Sisgold is an author, performer and body centered therapist who holds 
an M.A. in Communications, and is certified in body-centered psychotherapy and 
relationship counseling.

Steve’s clients include Kenny Loggins, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Margot 
Anand, Alan Cohen and more.

Sat. Jan. 13  1-3 pm         Act Now to Shut Down Guantanamo - SF

January 11 marks the fifth anniversary of the first detainees brought from 
Afghanistan and Pakistan to Guantanamo in chains. There are still over 400 men 
there, most facing no charges and with no prospect of release.  Join Amnesty 
International, Act Against Torture, Presente and American Friends Service 
Committee for street theater and nonviolent action. This will be a fun, 
participatory action. 

Union Square, south side (Geary Street), San Francisco

We want to have at least one person for each detainee in Guantanamo, so WE 
Please wear as much orange as you can. Drums and other instruments welcome.

For more information contact: 

Sat. Jan. 13  1-11 pm              Earth Roots Garden Festival - Sebastopol

Endless Fun for kids, adults, and everyone in between 

Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris Street, Sebastopol
$5-20 Sliding Scale
For more information call Kyle @ 970.227.8040 or vanessa 707.332.8906 or 

Local Music: 
Madera Humana (california Tribal Gypsy funk grass), Mister December (hip, 
poppin' lyrical sweet grooves), Liam Bowler (solo guitarist), Javier Montiel 
(solo guitarist), Tule Lazule (world beat funk), Sahar Pinkham (Tablas)

Alternative fuel (Scott Mathieson) , plant medicine/ growing herb (Leslie 
Gardner), beekeeping (Eric), tai chi/chi gung (Marilynn Scott), yoga/meditation 
(Jeannine Ruskin, Pocean), breema (John Galloway/Shaggy), knitting (Michelle 
Johnson & Violet)
Kid Stuff: Hoola-hooping class, organic treasure hunt, circus & juggling 
acts, kid drumming, kid yoga, arts/crafts, & more…
Healing Temple: massage, reiki, & breema 
Plus: Lots of Food, clothing, ice cream, sustainable goods/crafts; 
eco-living, activism, ethnobotany exhibitors; a raffle, silent auction (with over $1200 
worth of local goods), veggie oil wrestling (MCed by Betty Biodiesel) 

Sat. Jan.13  7 pm           Working with Spirit to Create Living Democracy - 

Hearing each other, Hearing ourselves: Creating Global Beloved Community. 
Presentation and Dialogue with Quaker Sara Wolcott sharing her election work in 
Ohio during the 2004 electionGoing door to door in the nation’s poorest city, 
Sara confronted vast economic hardships and a level of profound despair and 
disempowerment. Her work and research revealed a despair/disempowerment that 
extends across the U.S.  It is both spiritual and political and generates an 
apathy and anomie that exact a heavy toll on the minds and souls of our people.

Berkeley Fellowship, Connie Barbour Room, through the gate, upstairs, 1606 
Bonita Avenue near Cedar, Berkeley
(NOT Wheel Chair Accessible)

Sara Apprenticed with JOANNA MACY and says:"These challenges and 
opportunities are key elements of the global movement many call the Great Turning."Let us 
engage together what it means to create global citizenship: a world where we 
can all hear and be heard.Join Sara as she prepares to journey to the World 
Social Forum in Kenya.  Help us send her off by exploring radical listening and 
authentic conversation and how they can create the possibility of practicing 
deeper democracy.

An Offering of the Life-Long Learning Program of the Berkeley Fellowship of 
Unitarian Universalists

Sat. Jan. 13  7 pm          A Bright Room Called Day Playreading - Berkeley

You are invited to join in a free playreading event, as cast or audience. If 
you’re concerned about the current political climate, or love zingy 
rejoinders, this play is for you.

We will be doing a one-time performance of  “A Bright Room Called Day” by 
Tony Kushner.  The set an apartment. In Berlin, that is. 1932.

We are still casting for two parts, and have limited seating.  This will be 
an incredible bonding experience and a chance to discuss what to do in the face 
of fascism.

See this link for details:

Private home in Berkeley near Cedar & Bonita. 
Please call or write Wendi  510-266-2069  for 

Fri. Jan. 19  7-9 pm              UNION - Art, Spirit, and Community - SF

Also February 16, March 23, April 20, May 25

UNION is an immersive, ritualized forum for activating the spirit through 
interactive, performance ritual, sacred music, visionary art, conscious spoken 
word and lucid meditation. Please join us for this extraordinary journey, this 
experiential form of worship presented by ArtSFest. (Doors open at 6:30 pm for 

Grace Cathedral, 1100 California St. @ Taylor, San Francisco
$20 - $10  (sliding scale)  Available at the door only!  415-561-7802

Music: Rhythm Matrix with Bodhi & Joyus
Harp/Vocals:  CaroLuna
Interactivation/Mask Dance: Audette Sophia

More at,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,589/year,2007/month,01/day,19/Itemid,1

Sat. Jan. 20  6 pm             Sandfly in San Francisco

12 Galaxies, 2565 Mission Street, San Francisco  415.292.9956 

Please email us at to arrange ticket drop off or 
call 415.292.9956.
First 25 tickets get signed CD's*** 

Jan. 20-21               "Making It All Click!" The Workshop - SF

This workshop is an experiential process wherein we use inner knowing and 
Divine universal principles to manifest the world we desire. In-class exercises 
through Bryan Flournoy's channeled instruction inspire our intuitive, healing 
abilities. We connect with the Akashic Record, use non-verbal communication and 
see the invisible through Divine eyes. We are posting five (5) more San 
Francisco-MIAC! dates to this site very soon! 

Click on the About MIAC! link at  to know 
more about this exciting workshop and how you may attend!  
For information on all workshops & to interact with Bryan, please contact him 
at The Clinic:

Sun. Jan. 21  7:30 pm         Concert for Women Victims of Violence - Berkeley

A Concert Dedicated to the Women Victims of Violence in Latin America with 
Meli Rivera  and  
Silvia Parra (MamaCoatl)  
Steve Taylor-Ramirez

La Peña Cultural Center,   3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley  510-849-2568
$12/$10 students w/ id 
Contact:  Stephen Taylor

Sun. Jan. 21  7:30 pm       Telsa Duo in Concert w. Mark Deutsch & Alan Tower 
- SF

Green Music Network invites you to the next in our series of '07 concerts  on 
January 20th with the Tesla Duo. Come hear the remarkable Bazantar invented 
by Mark Deutsch and the Hang and Huaca custom designed for Alan Tower. Learn 
more about Vibrational Ecology and the concept of Integral Music.

Contact host Deborah Tash  at  to reserve seats at In 
Her Image studio.   
More info at

Jan. 26-29           Full Spectrum Living Institute Retreat - Santa Crus area

"The purpose of the Full Spectrum Living Institute is to provide a relaxing 
environment of natural beauty for diverse individuals to come together as a 
community to explore their mind, body, spirit and emotions while forging new 
friendships in the hopes of transforming themselves and their world for the 

Santa Cruz Mountains 
$150, per person 3 nights/3 days (lodging, food and all retreat activities 
Contact: Brian Piergrossi  at
Please see  &

Apr. 27-29         His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Bay Area - SF

On April 27 & 28, 2007 there will be two full days of teachings on Je 
Tsongkhapa's text In Praise of Dependent Arising. 

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in downtown San Francisco
Please see

His Holiness will also give a public talk in San Francisco on Sunday 
afternoon, April 29, 2007  

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