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Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 11, Issue #6
January 16, 2007

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Off we to Burning Man 2007 go on sale tomorrow (Wednesday, 
January 16) at 10 AM PST at .

A note to online ticket buyers: to use our online ticket buying system 
you will need to have your browser's cookies turned on and have 
javascript enabled. This is standard for most browsers these days, but 
if you want to double check yours prior to the big day use the "check 
your cookies and javascript here" button at the bottom of . Also, we recommend using browsers other 
than Internet Explorer 7 which has known issues with how it handles 
cookies - we wouldn't want anything to hinder your experience!

Should you find yourself with questions or in need of support while 
getting your tickets online, please visit and browse through the pull-down 
menu of topics to see if your question is answered there.

A Note from Our Tech Department about Ticket Launch

The date that Burning Man tickets go on sale is always a big day around 
here. Participants who have bought tickets on the first day of sales in 
the past may recall that things didn't go as smoothly as we all would 
have liked. Since we moved the sale of the lowest priced tickets from 
mail order lottery with a money order to the internet, a variety of 
technical challenges have been encountered. These challenges, created by 
the overwhelming initial demand, have made that day a test of our 
collective character - ticket buyers, our ticket partner, and our staff.

This past winter, as we evaluated our plans for the coming year and 
beyond, we faced a difficult decision: Do we switch to the services of 
some other vendor who may be able to handle the initial load, but may 
not be prepared to support our unique event operations and who would 
probably charge higher fees? After much deliberation, remembering that 
relationships and collaborative efforts should be valued over 
commodified transactions, and also that we have a robust community of 
highly skilled and knowledgeable technical volunteers who could be asked 
to help, we knew we had to try it one more time, Burning Man style.

Since that time, the Burning Man organization and many members of our 
technical staff and volunteer teams have been collaborating with In 
Ticketing to improve the technology supporting the ticket launch. A 
systems administration brainstorming session took place in March and the 
entire technical process, from queuing application and database design 
to the specifics of managed server solutions, was discussed. Provisions 
were put in place for sharing and review of design documentation, the 
execution of volume load test scenarios, and other important milestones. 
In addition to providing feedback and review of the newly designed 
system and architecture, this fall, members of the Burning Man 'sys 
admin' team contributed significantly to the volume load testing efforts.

As we prepare for the ticket launch, there are still some variables that 
are out of our hands. And it's also impossible to completely predict the 
buying behaviors of thousands of Burners as they eagerly participate in 
a financial transaction via computer. Should you feel it's necessary to 
get your tickets on the first day, please keep in mind that many other 
like-minded burners have been similarly inspired, and that this project 
has already been a successful collaboration which will hopefully benefit 
the community at large.

We're all looking forward to Wednesday!

Your Burning Man Tech & Ticketing Teams

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