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Happy (calendar) New Year, everybody!  Hope it's all going well for you.  Here's what's up in Burner-landia ... check it out, and participate!

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Burn on!

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Would you like to host a Burning Man Regional Contact during our Regional Summit in February?

There are some very exciting things brewing at Burning Man HQ in San Francisco -- not only are ticket sales *just* start for the 2007 event, but we are also on the dawn of a very exciting time for the Regional Network. Not familiar with the Regional Network? Go here to learn more!

For the first time ever, we are planning a Regional Summit - to take place in San Francisco from 2/16 - 2/19. This special summit is to bring our Regional Contacts together in San Francisco for a long weekend of information sharing, workshops, trainings, presentations and to tighten the bonds between these hard working volunteers who are spread far and wide across the US and even the world.

Quite a task you might say, and it's true. There are currently 103 Regional Contacts in 82 locations around the world. That is a LOT of people to be inviting into our fine city. Some of them are coming from very far away and are looking for ways to make this trip affordable so they can actually join us. We are looking for some assistance from YOU as local members of our community to help make this possible.

Perhaps you have an extra room or cozy couch and are able or willing to welcome a Regional Contact into your home for the weekend? This is a great opportunity to not only help out another burner but also to make some new friends and learn about the ever growing Regional Network.

Have a car? We'll also be looking for a little support with transportation that weekend.

We're looking for suitable hosts for these fine folks, who will need a place to stay Friday, Saturday, and, in some cases, Sunday night. Some will be travelling with significant others, so please let us know what your specific accommodations might be and whether you might have room for a couples traveling together. Hosts will be under absolutely no obligation to take care of these folks beyond housing, so you won't be asked to feed them, entertain them, or squire them around the city (although their Friday and Sunday nights will be open and hosts may of course choose to show their new acquaintances around SF if so inclined). Their meals will be provided from Saturday breakfast through Sunday lunch; on Friday and Sunday nights they will be free to pursue their own dinner and social plans in San Francisco.

The Regionals are very eager to come together for this summit, so we thank everyone who may be able to consider being a host to a travelling Regional Contact that weekend.

If you are interested in learning more or are able to house one of these fantastic volunteers, please drop our Regional Summit Coordinator a line and let her know: Please let us know by February 1. If you'd like to host someone from a specific area (like your old home town, for example, or a city/state/country you are particularly interested in) please indicate it in your email. Thank you for taking time to consider helping out - this Summit is only going to be made possible with the help from members of our community.


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This is a great program encouraging people to make art from trash. Many
Burning Man artists have done residencies at The Dump and this opening
should be great!

    SF Recycling and Disposal's  Artist In Residence Program presents:

   NoMe Edonna :  'SYSTEM OVERLOAD'
   Sudhu Tewari :  'AUX:  Tune for Minimum Smoke'

The show will be held in our studio at SF Recycling & Disposal at 503 Tunnel

Ave. All shows are for two days and they are :

5-9 pm on Friday 26th
1-5 pm Saturday 27th

All the info/directions:

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Pandora's Trunk
 A bi-monthly eclectic arts showcase & designer sample sale
 February 3rd featuring works from recycled and reclaimed materials

 Saturday Feb. 3rd 1-7pm
 free admission - live music - free drinks
 916 Natoma st SoMa SF
 (between Mission & Howard, 10th & 11th)

 Featured indie artist  Alicia Bainbridge Escott
 Working in expressive monochromatics recalling the kinetic landscapes of Northwestern painter James Lavadour, Alicia ‘s pocket-sized paintings are made on polystyrene, or #6 plastic.  This plastic is very common but not recyclable; the work seeks to educate people about which plastics can and cannot be  recycled.

 Fashion & Accessories designers, working in reclaimed textiles:
 Miranda Caroligne
 Medium Reality
 Bad Unkl Sista
 Miss Velvet Cream
 Homey Grown
 Siya Nara Clothing -
 Doctor Popular  (maybe if we are lucky he will yo-yo like he does on his  website.  All he has agreed to do is sell his hats made of recycled ties.  Bring your puppydog eyes and we’ll see what we can get)
 Shannon Riley  armlets and other brightly colored body warmers from recycled sweaters.

 Other creations in the key of re-thought:
 19 Moons  jewelry made with old typewriter keys and other reclaimed bits
 Recover your thoughts  blank books made of reclaimed books and publishing scraps
 Bike parts revisited  there will be too many people working in this medium to list them all.  Rest assured that the sheer number of innovative uses for old bike parts that we will find and display for you will boggle your mind, and stir even the hatin’est heart.

 Get ready for your valentine  while not technically thematic, we love our double-shot of romantic standbys too much to ever give them up.  Rest assured that you will be able to get all the decadent Edible Love ( handmade chocolates you can stand, and will be able to have your troubles soothed away afterwards by our licensed masseuse.  Experience these things while listening to the soothing strains of John Arns, who will be playing sitar at the show.  What a trifecta!

 Check our website as the date of the event approaches for additional artists and info on our DIY clothing modification station!

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The Black Rock Arts Foundation has launched a public art project for the environment: ScrapEdenSF. Three selected neighborhood park groups will each collaborate with an artist in the creation of temporary public sculptures made from reclaimed and recycled materials. BRAF is now accepting applications for artist's proposals. * * * Artist's proposals are due JANUARY 31, 2007 * * * To learn how you can participate, visit:

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 I have a call for entries for an art auction benefitting two local charities and I would like to distribute this info to the local SF burners for donations and to invite them to the event as well.

 More Information:
 call for entries 
 Deadline for submissions has been extended to: January 29, 2007
 event info

 thank you!

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