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Materials List TUESDAY\'s Meeting Jan 23

7-10pm Jan 23 BMHQ 16th @ 3rd St.

Howdy Comrades!
I have compiled the list of resources that everyone has been sending to me.  Please Keep these coming.  Thank you\'ll see that most of this is based off of your resource list, although I followed Camera Girl\'s suggestion as to orginization (it is roughly organized like the info list on the web already is). 

I am not sure I\'m going to make it to the meeting tonight, or even be able to confrence call in.  I have spent the last couple days in the hospital with my dad, trying to play catch up at work, and trying to do schoolwork.  I was supposed to go to bed early tonight, but it didn\'t happen.  

I suggest that the agenda for the materials meeting go something like this...
1. Review of Materials list
          a. Structural notions...does this format work?
          b. Fact Checking and expanding.  (self assignment to different sections) 
          c. What else is needed?  Areas to continue reserch?
2. Green Guide
          a. discuss length, structure, content (Brainstorm)
          b. guidelines/suggestions/behaviour modification guide
3. Scientist/Artist mixer on friday night. What level of involvement?  WHo? How do we sollicit information/resources from thsese people? 

Ok, I know there should be more, but I\'m really frazzled.  The preliminary Resource Guide is below.  Please send any modifications you feel necesscary directly to me in an email, because I\'m compiling this as a word document. 


GREENING INFORMATION (Guides and Information Sources):



*section on green burners (including both Burning Man LLC (department) efforts and participant effort

 *Calendar of events, camp page and volunteer teams

pages are being updated regularly and new information is posted on the camp and events page each week.


KARINA OCONNOR: Earth Guardians (coordinator) 

Has a great website for Earth Guardians they are building: under development - go to:



Another new item this year is the Leave No Trace Plan, which will replace the traditional cleanup plan as part of the theme camp application process. This will help camps plan better.


The 2006 model camps are each featured in Flash video on the web site and we will also incorporate some model camp information in our LNTV. The Earth Guardians would appreciate any updates or links we can add to the Earth Guardians/Burning Man web site.


Another great resource for LNT practices & training:

North & Della (trainers/ lead workshops across the country) 303-358-6359


EVOLUTIONARY CENTER: - New Theme Camp in 2006 with many  Greening the Burn members camping together and sharing resources. Hosting a Green Neighborhood and Plaza Verde for \'07. Model camp in the LNT tour \'06.


check out tool boxes on:

Project for Public Spaces:



To see alternative energy in action at Burning Man, come visit

the Alternative Energy Zone, where Burners are finding

ways to use clean and free power that are simple, practical, and

affordable. Check out our solar powered kitchen, our automated

art and our funky tunes, and learn about our fabulous tools that

can change the world.

 JOLLY ROGER- Mayor of Alternative Energy Zone



CAMP STUFF ( camping gear, tents, shade structures, and military surplus )

Power - Powering your camp, sound systems and mutant vehicles with  non-petroleum based energy sources like bio-fueled generators, solar,  wind, human etc. and considering carbon offsets are all ways to  minimize your impact. There are members of our greater community that  can help you find the resources to help your camp make the shift. - Contact Don Gray at for  Biodiesel generators for large Theme Camps, 50Kw and up. - Solar power systems designed, built and installed.



These are the people responsible for providing a solar system at the

recent Do Lab event Lightning in a Bottle. They are located in

Pomona, CA (LA). They did the solar for one of the smaller stages in center café, many camps, and this year may provide for the man base.

Jeff code ( doing energy audit


REINHOLD ZIELGLER: great resource and consultant for cities and homes, Wind tubines (looks like DNA) and solar power tools & building kits.

through Synergii –415-290-4990 /

Green Century Institute; synergy international. Wind turbines- beautiful low tech; Double helix design (beautiful& artistic.) Access to solar technology Renewable Energy develop

Disaster housing- self-reliant housing units

Wave machine in Medicino County.


ANDYMAN: EventCorp Chef de Cuisine, Manager, Commissary. 425.870.0813 mobile/direct

 Wants to green the Commissary.  Grease collection.  Compost collection & disposal.  Incinerator fume reburning… needs to connect with Reinhold Ziegler. Reducing waste.  - Portal for many great resources. A large  group of concerned BRC citizens banded together to assist all

participants to burn clean. - Alternative Energy Zone: BRC Village for many years. Visit them during the  day and see how they live off the grid without generators. Learn  about alternatives to Glow Sticks. - Cooling Man has been working to make many events  and projects carbon neutral and even carbon negative, otherwise known  as climate positive, for at least over a year now. They even worked  with the Black Rock Arts Foundation to make the installation of  Michael Christians Flock in front of City Hall in San Francisco, last  November, carbon neutral. Visit them at to learn  more. They can work with you to make your camp carbon neutral. Thank  you Cooling Man!


Taking commercial or large residential turbines and trying to use them in an extreme environment may not work.  So you find other solutions, ones that you can control the drag.


Like this


and this


If we build it from scratch then we can have different sails, with different sized and amounts of holes, creating less or more drag on site.  Or in the pico turbine model, you could drill holes and cover with tape or something to change drag.  This would allow flexibility.


And particulalry if we use the sail for mechanical pumping of grey water evaporation system, then it\'s even less of an issue.


Power could come from solar and pico turbines (great workshop topic) and pumping, sounds, music, etc be driven mechanically by something like the greenwindmill design




Bently Biofuels of Minden, NV will provide two possible solutions to fueling up en route and in Black Rock City.


First and least costly: Anyone can stop by their ranch in Minden, NV. Their facility is right off 395 by Lake Tahoe (3 hours from Gerlach.) People driving from San Francisco and points South should have no trouble stopping in on the way there or the way back. Please email Carlo Luri, the GM at Bently to let him know the approximate date and time you\'ll be stopping in, so he can coordinate with you. Bently\'s biodiesel made from locally collected WVO and then processed up to ASTM specifications, is available for $3.50/gallon pumped directly to your tank or your personal gas tote.


Second and a bit more spendy: Bently has agreed to drop off prefilled 5 gallon gas totes to the playa. You must call them and prepay over the phone.


Please do this as early as possible. They will then have them delivered no later than Sunday the 27th and most likely, much earlier. With this option, you are purchasing the gas tote itself  ($10), then paying for the fuel ($3.50/gal), which comes out to $27.50 per 5 gallon tote. This is $5.50/gal.

The totes will be available ONLY TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE PREPURCHASED THEM THROUGH BENTLY at the Burn Clean Project pod in the Evolutionary Center Camp.


Please email us at to let us know when you will be picking up your fuel on the playa so we can be there to give it to you....




Biodiesel Fueling Locator:

Ethanol Fueling Locator: - Portal for many great resources for bio  diesel and veggie oils conversion questions.



Salvage - Take the extra effort after Burning Man to bring your extra  wood and other camp building materials to re-use/salvage centers  rather than burning or taking to a dump. The burn platforms are for  public burning of art projects not left over wood you don\'t want  anymore and especially not couches, carpet and PVC.


Seek out recycling & salvage centers along your route home. Here are 2 links: enter zip code to find nearest  location. is planning to collect used building materials and other unwanted camping supplies at the end of the event. Look for them near 3 o\'clock and the Esplanade.


If all else fails: RSW Recycling
1100 East Commercial Row - 775-329-8822 - (Grand Sierra Resort - Reno Hilton)

Reno Salvage Company
301 Montello - 775-323-7109 - (Grand Sierra Resort - Reno Hilton)


PERSONAL ATTIRE (costumes, makeup, & body paint) (We need info about this)


TECHNOWIDGITS (electronics and mechanical doohickeys)

The Coalition Of Visionary Resources.

       \"The Coalition Of Visionary Resources (COVR) is a not-for-profit trade organization dedicated to supporting independent retailers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers & publishers of visionary books, music & merchandise.  This is accomplished by focused servicing on a business-to-business basis, the retailer & wholesaler community in the visionary, New Age, metaphysical, alternative healing & spiritual industries. COVR also welcomes consciousness-based individuals or companies who demonstrate an active interest in seeing our market grow, succeed & expand.

BUY STUFF (flea markets and swap meets )

 LIGHT/BRIGHT (novelties, toys, neon, and glow-in-the-dark)






LED lights-

Light God:

Color Kinetics:

rechargeable batteries


Green Working Group Internal Use List (i.e. to contact)


Steve and Marsha, Buttehill Farm by Reno. 775-721-6068.


Please address all written materials and inquiries to:
       Global Footprint Network
       1050 Warfield Avenue
       Oakland,CA 94610 USA
       Tel. +1-510-839-8879
       Fax +1-510-251-2410

Our physical office address is:
       Global Footprint Network
       384 Embarcadero West, 2nd floor
       Oakland,CA 94607 USA

ADPSR National Forum 415 974-1306
ADPSR Northern California Chapter510 845-1000
POB 9126, Berkeley, CA 94709

Organic Architect
       Eric Corey Freed - has an extensive list of how you can help in your
daily life kind of thing

 Green Fusion Design Center
              14 Greenfield Avenue, San Anselmo
              (415) 454-0174
- has all the build it green stuff and product info etc...  - this is the south bay version of Green

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