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Replacement Tree Planting
February 2
Heidi Lakics x110

Pruning Class Featuring Bernie Corace
February 9
Nancy Strahan x108
Cole Valley Tree Planting
February 16
Naomi LeBeau x100

Weekday Volunteer Opportunities:
Canvassing - Reed Milnes x103

1. Proposition A - Fix our Parks
2. The New Year's Storm Impact
3. Fight Junk Mail with 41

1. Proposition A - Fix our Parks

Yes on A - Fix Our Parks!

On February 5th, San Franciscans will vote on Proposition A, a $185 million bond to repair and rebuild neighborhood parks and playgrounds, plant trees, replace restrooms, reinforce recreation centers and restore open space across the City. Just as important, Prop. A fixes our parks while holding property taxes steady.

Come get Yes on A window signs at the Nature in the City office! Call us at 415-564-4107 or email if you would like to stop by!
Join the phone bank brigade! Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the Yes on A campaign will be calling San Francisco voters to encourage them to vote Yes! Sign up by calling 415-240-4150.
Join a Rally and Precinct Walk! The next one will be at 10 am on January 19, at 28th and Lawton.  Raise awareness about Prop. A with Supervisor Sean Elsbernd then walk the Sunset and talk to voters about how Prop A will fix their parks! To find other walks in your neighborhood go to the Fix our Parks volunteer page.
Prop A. gives $5 million to Nature Trail Restoration! The 2004 Recreation Assessment identified walking and biking trails as the #1  most needed and most important recreational amenity desired by San Francisco residents. Similarly, walking, running and visiting nature were also cited as the activities respondents would participate in more often, if such amenities and programming were more available. However, nature trails in San Francisco’s parks are in poor shape – frequently in need of erosion control and other improvements to the condition of the surrounding landscape. These funds will improve access and opportunities to walk and hike, allowing residents to better enjoy and experience nature in San Francisco parks. 

This is a very important, and most needed yes!
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2. The New Year's Storm Impact

Wind thrashed, rain splashed and trees crashed city wide with the recent storm delivered to by Old Man Winter. The first serious storm of the season left San Francisco littered with debris, limbs and fallen trees, and many residents without power or with their streets flooded. Friends of the Urban Forest with their die-hard emergency tree care volunteers waded in to tackle the mounting disaster.

High winds and rain created conditions that led to the damage or loss of over 500 trees city-wide. FUF received over 250 calls reporting troubled trees and dispatched our dedicated team of emergency tree care volunteers into the gale force winds to try to mitigate the damage. Even in the down pour FUF volunteers staked, braced and tied trees ensuring their strength through the storm and giving them a chance to continue to green our city. Those that couldn't be saved are now being replaced by our dedicated planting managers and tree planting volunteers.

Friends of the Urban Forest would like to thank all those who pitched in to help lessen the impact of the New Year's Storm. It is your hard work and dedication that help keep our city streets green. If you are interested in joining our team to help after the next storm or helping us plant and maintain more trees to continue to green our streets please contact Reed Milnes at to explore the many volunteer opportunities available at Friends of the Urban Forest.

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3. Fight Junk Mail with 41

Did you know that more than 100 million trees are destroyed each year for junk mail? Plus 28 billion gallons of water and enough energy to power 2.8 million cars?! When we stop junk mail, we keep trees in the forests doing what they do best - absorbing C02 to keep our planet cool and healthy.

That's why we're partnering with to stop junk mail and raise money for Friends of the Urban Forest. For $41, the service does all the leg-work to reduce your junk mail by 80-95% for five years -- and donates $15 to Friends of the Urban Forest.

When you sign up, will contact 20-35 direct mail companies to remove your name from their distribution lists. This includes almost all credit card applications, coupon mailers and magazine offers, as well as any catalogs you specify.

Click below and get started. It takes only a few minutes to sign up - and the service lasts for 5 years!

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