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Sat. January 26th 1:30 - 4:30PM
at City Dance in SanFrancisco
Studio C.


-We are looking for a DJ/soundtech, UP TO TWO WOMEN AND TWO MEN to join our band of rowdy blissmakers.  AHO!!
-If you want to audition, read through this email, see if you meet the prerequisites and then email the captain of the squad, Epiffany, for an audition form which you will need to bring to the audition.
-We rehearse on Thursday nights in SF from 8:30 - 10:30 regularly so you need to be able to commit to that as well as be flexible for more rehearsal times previous to performances. 
-We will most likely have a jam packed summer line up and probably start rockin it in spring so you will need to have availablity to perform or travel, often on the weekends.
-Only serious applicants at this time.  If you would like to come and play with us but can't commit to performance obligations, come to one of our upcoming Shamanic Cheerleader Workshops in SF this spring!  Let us know you are interested and we'll put you on the list. 

Our Mission Statement:
The Shamanic Cheerleaders are a performance group dedicated to bringing spirit wherever we go.  Our intention is to deliver a powerful message of all-inclusive consciousness, through levity and playfulness, synergizing large groups into joyous action.  We aim to blur the lines between the conscious/eco-friendly  community and mainstream society through the familiar medium of cheerleading and pop culture. We perform at festivals, concerts, conventions, expos, fundraisers, private parties and paradigm shifts, as well as collaborate with other artists and musicians for a rockin' good time. Our resources include dance, rhythmic step routines, affirmational cheers, cheer-tahn (call and response), improvisation and shamani-quasi healings.  All current members of the Cheerleaders work in the healing arts, and have a particular gift for inspiring others in a unique way. Our high-energy performances are one-of-a-kind, individually tailored to suit the particular crowd and event theme. 

Audition Prerequisites for both Men and Women (the bare minimums):
*Sense of Humor
*Can Do Attitude!
*Dance or cheerleading training and/or performance background
*Ability to vocalize 
*Light acrobatic skills. 
*In strong physical and cardiovascular condition
*Good Communication skills

Bonus Skills! (not required but awesome)
*Choreography creation

What you will experience in this 3-hour Audition:
� Empowered vocal expression
� Learning cheers, segments of dances and step routines
� Embodied joyful spiritual expression
� Creating pyramids
� Laughing A LOT!

If you would like to forward this to an awesome woman or man who you think would like to audition, please feel free. 

Again, coming in the spring, we are going to do a Shamanic Cheerleader workshop in SF!! So it's a great option for you if you are not able to commit to performance obligations but want to come and play with us.  Let us know and we will keep you on the list for a workshop!  

Wage Wow Now! __._,_.___   
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.