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Hello everybody!  Here's your latest SF Burning Man Announce ... check out what's going on, and get involved!

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Burn on!

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Friday 2/2: FRESH: A Benefit for Killagirl
A new RIPE event is kicking off in February at SHINE called FRESH. Each month a different members of the Space Cowboys take the reigns and rotate ownership of the event, mixing it up with different styles and flavors always keeping it "fresh". 

Fresh "Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun" 
$5 cover 
21+ up 
Shine @ 1337 Mission St (btwn 9th and 10th) 
9PM – 2AM 

Two DJ's for the price of one, tag sets all night long! 

8Ball (Space Cowboys) vs. Benchun (False Profit) 
Kapt'n Kirk (Space Cowboys) vs. J9 (Angels of Bass) 
Ernie Trevino (Space Cowboys) vs. Bam (Evil Breaks) 

The opportunity to double your drinking pleasure: two 4 one (you flip for it, you call it, before 11.) 
And if you come with your "twin" (aka your friend and you dressed alike) get in 2 for 1. 

Mark your calendar's twice! 

*all proceeds to benefit Killagirl and her family* 
Donations can also be made at

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Sweet Can Productions- San Francisco's newest circus ensemble- presents
"habitat," an intimate and spectacular circus, complete with acrobatics,
clowning, and live music.

When: Feb 2-4 and 8-11 all shows at 8pm.

Where: Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th St. @ Mission (across the street
from 24th St. BART.) 415-273-4633


Who: Under the direction of Rob Rodgers, "habitat" features Beth Clarke,
BeeJay Joyer, Kerri Kresinski, Jeremy Sheets, Daniela Steiner, Elizabeth
Strong, and Matt White with live music by Dan Cantrell, Peter Jaques, Tobias
Roberson, and Lila Sklar.
Costume and Set design by Laura Hazlett. Lighting design by Tad Shannon.

More info:

Circus acts include tissue, trapeze, juggling, slack rope, German wheel,
bellydancing and acrobatics.

Buy your tickets now, these shows will sell out! We look forward to seeing
you there.

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The Be Nice Party Anti-Valentine's Day Special :: with DJ **Sparkle**

For February's Be Nice Party we are excited to have a special two-part
Anti-Valentine's Day event.

See, during our one-year anniversary we had a great idea. We thought:
what about people who don't want the night to end at 11pm - when the
Be Nice Party has typically ended?

What if... instead of winding down after 10 PM, it started to turn
into something else? So we decided to go with that idea... each month
we plan to have an event that follows the Be Nice Party; one that is a
natural transition.

So starting this February, we have asked our friend Sparkle to take
the reins at 11pm and spin his blend of

From 6 PM to 11 PM come to the Be Nice Party, where you can spend time
with people you like; no expectations of flowers and chocolate. The
music will be low and ambient, the party early and the crowd friendly.

What better way to thumb your nose at the greeting card manufacturers
with their synthetic holiday! Bring a friend, get some dinner and
drinks and hang with people who aren't interested in posing and
posturing, but just want to have a good time.

Then, starting at 10.30 PM we will start to transition from the
ambient tones of the Be Nice Party into a more upbeat event, by slowly
raising the volume and the beat with DJ Sparkle burning the decks
until 2 AM.

For those of you who can't stand the idea of being nice, and just want
to dance, come at 11 and close the place down. For those of you who
just want to chill, come at 6 and find a reason to move on at 11.
Hey... as on the playa, the variety is the key.

The Be Nice Party.  An early evening in a quiet club atmosphere where
you can drop in after work, order dinner, sip a drink and have a chat
with new friends.  A Burner-rich event, this is about bringing Burning
Man home: come meet your Bay Area neighbors in a setting where there
are no expectations, just smile if you want and enjoy the vibe. This
is our part of bringing Black Rock City Sensibilities Home.

Catalyst Cocktails
312 Harriet (@ Bryant & 6th in SOMA) -- [Easy Bus Access on the 47 MUNI]
San Francisco

Wednesday, February 14, 2007, 6pm-11pm
DJ Sparkle from 11pm to 2 am

No cover.  21 and over.


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This Saturday, February 3rd come check out an alternative to the typical DJ club scene featuring a stellar evening of LIVE performances where DJ / Electronica culture merges with Live PA.
Event:  Sound of Mind Presents…Music Beyond Borders

Venue: Shine (Located at 1337 Mission St. between 9th and 10th) – BURNER OWNED (Deep End crew)

Kepi and Kat [Live PA] (Voted Best of The Bay – “Best Electronic Music Act”)
 with special guest
The Fingermonsters [Live PA - Monsta Music] Shazbot, Andrew Phelan, Origami & Cubik.
Music: House, Breaks, Electro, LIVE
$5 cover.         
Sat, Feb 3rd
10pm to close
FREE before 10:30
 Kettle One Drink Specials
Link to more info:

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Hey everyone-

Here's a note about this Sunday's Burners Without Borders PLUS! DPW, Recycle Camp, Earth Guardians, Greening Man and YOU ( cause we're all Burners Without Borders, right? ) clean up project on Ocean Beach in San Francisco. This is our 3rd Monthly cleanup so far and it is working folks. Great things are happening out at Ocean Beach and greatly in part to our efforts. If you haven't heard what's happening, come find out this Sunday.

Project Leaders: Blue & DA

When: First Sunday of February of course, February 4th, 2007

Time: 1:00 - Sunset ( approx 4:45 ), followed by bonfires on the beach no doubt and hanging out. Or just in time to catch the Super Bowl Halftime show over at the Beach Chalet. I hear that artist formally know as a symbol will be whooping it up.

Note: DA & I are not sponsoring a bonfire, so if you start one, you are responsible for it.

Where: Just off the bottom of the concrete steps on Ocean Beach where Fulton meets Great Highway. Turn South off Fulton onto Great Highway and enter at the first parking lot.

What to look for: tall flag with flames on it, beach chairs, peeps!

Weather: Supposed to be partly cloudy and 64 degrees Sunday. If its raining, 10% chance, then we might not be there. So far we have had amazing weather for each of the last 2 cleanup days.

What we're bringing:
MOOP Sticks
MOOP Buckets
Trash bags
Rubber Gloves
Landscaping rakes
Magnet rakes
Sifter screens
Plastic Buckets

What you should bring:
MOOP Sticks, if you got your own
Sweater/layers (could be windy, and will be cooler after dark )
Camp/beach chairs
Anything you'd like to drink
Snacks to share
Sunscreen! Even if it's partly cloudy, you can get a burn.

One other suggestion for you wonderful do-ers!  Though there will be trash bags there, may I suggest a MOOP bucket.  Bags get pretty unwieldy in the wind and even the burly ones can break with sharp objects inside.  So reach on into your recycling bin (or your neighbors) on the way out the door and grab a plastic gallon milk jug, or one of the 2 gallon water containers everyone takes to BRC, or an orange juice container. Anything plastic will work.  Then cut a hole in the top and voila!  you have a MOOP bucket.  This is what we use post event for playa restoration and it is much easier to carry around since it has a handle.  Also, sharp objects don't potrude.  We'll have some for those of you who don't have anything, but if you do, grab one.  It's in the spirit of recycling which is even better.

See ya'll Sunday

Blue & DA

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Memoir Spool: An Evening Of Storytelling

The next story night is going to be the best one yet!  The theme is going to be "Brushes with the Law," and there are going to be a bunch of great stories about being stopped by cops, arrested, or making a narrow getaway.

WHERE: The Bazaar Cafe, 5927 California Street, between 21st & 22nd Avenues, San Francisco, CA 94121. (Parking is easier
to find one block North on Lake Street.)

WHEN: Wednesday, February 7th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  We are going to start at 7:00 sharp, so please get there early so you don't miss the first story!



"If I should tell my history, ‘twould seem like lies, disdained in the reporting."~William Shakespeare

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