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This list has:
1) Must See
2) Stuff about me (brief)
3) SF (Bay Area) Event listing
4) Good Folks playing other places
5) Art thing & artist I liked -this week
6) Place to send your art (calls for submission)
MUST SEE: Also come see:

February 1-"Getting it done ... Getting it in" a film maker workshop-Amnesia
-853 Valencia St, SF-6PM- 8:30PM - free
With Sandy Clark, Daniel Plotnick, Alicia Renee


I did the last performances of "Duck Soup", which was great; and I hosted an
amazing radio show on BDSM. Thans very much to the cast and crew of "Duck
Soup", and the people that were on the Pirate Cat show - xoxo.

More about my week at:
SF EVENTS: now- Feb 13 -more at


January 31- February 24- annual erotic art-City Art Cooperative Gallery- 828
Valencia S., SF
Gallery Hours: Wed to Sun, Noon to 9 pm show promises a lavish display of
erotic art expressing a wide range of yearnings, cravings, fantasies, and

Jan 19- April 1(Fri & Sat -8PM & Sun -3PM)- Emperor Norton- Shelton-533
Sutter St, SF

February 1-"Getting it done ... Getting it in" a film maker workshop-Amnesia
-853 Valencia St, SF-6PM- 8:30PM - free
With Sandy Clark, Daniel Plotnick, Alicia Renee

February 1-The Jesus Roast. A celebrity Roast of Our Lord and Savior Jesus
H. Christ- The Comedy Station- 244 Taylor ST , SF-8PM-
We here at Comedy Noir have always loved the format of the roast. One is
basically given cart blanche to be as irreverently cruel and crass as one
can, all in the pretext of honoring and celebrating the roastees
accomplishments. Featuring the comedic talents of: Will Franken, Drennon
Davis, Kurt Weitzmann, Ronn Vigh, Howard Stone, Candy Churilla, Connor
Kelicut and more.

February 1-Medical Marijuana Benefit Show -Cobb's Comedy Club- 15 North
Columbus Ave.SF -8PM-$18

February 1-(thurs) - Shorts Program-Henry Miller Library Highway One, Big

February 1-"Free at Last"-111 Minna Gallery, SF-5PM
opening reception for , Micah LeBrun^(1)s third solo exhibit at the gallery,
which will feature live music by The Hermann Hayte Quartet in the early
evening followed by guest dj's .

February 1-(thurs) -(every thurs)-Tourettes--METRO- 201 Broadway,
Oakland-8PM - $7

February 2-A Night of Voices - The Stork Club, Oakland -9pm - midnight-free
This show will feature the trombonic assault of The Associated, tales of
near death told rhythmicly by Special Patrol Group, the sultry sounds of
Isabellas, the heart breaking melodies of KC Jiang, country dance punk
provided by The Sweet Nothings and the rapping debut of Jason Shiga!

February 2- release party for Instant City #4- Adobe books, SF- 7-11pm
Raina Bird and Jennifer Blowdryer read

February 2 - 10 - San Francisco Bluegrass Old-Time Festival -

February 2- April 1(Fri & Sat -8PM & Sun -3PM)- Emperor Norton- Shelton-533
Sutter St, SF

February 2 & 3 -Emergenza Festival - Rockit Room- 406 Clement St., SF-7:30
pm- $15
2/2- Rising Sound - Hip Hop Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands - Alternative
Rock Raja - Jazz United - Hard Rock Xymphoni - Blues Trust - Heavy Rock
Pettibone Mercury - Hard Rock Emma Ray - 2/3-, 2/3-Mouth to Mouth - Rock A
Place to Call Home - Alternative Rock Amaya - Spanish Rock Grace Woods Trio
- Jazz Pop The Humans - Rock Hell 69 - Hard Rock

February 2-North Mississippi Allstars plus Eric McFadden Trio- Independent ,
SF-8:30- $22

February 2-Erotic Art Show & Discuession Panel- Femina Potens -465 S. Van
Ness, SF-7 ? 10pm
Featuring the work and dazzling, insightful words by Barbara Nitke, Michele
Serchuk, Midori, Paige White, Chanta Rose, Twincest, and Trouble Royale
Art Show - February 2- 27

February 3-Pandora's Trunk- 916 Natoma, SF -1-7pm -free
A bi-monthly eclectic arts showcase & designer sample sale - featuring works
from recycled and reclaimed materials -live music - free drinks

February 3- Soap Box Lecture-Bernal Bubbles- 397 Cortland Ave.
Art Cars and Burning Man: Art Outside The Institution-
March 3: Glen Helfand, critic and curator, April 7: Ray Beldner: "It's Who
You Know: A Personal Genealogy of the Artists of Bernal Heights", July 7:
Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker, founder of the Webby Awards and Ken Goldberg, new
media artist, professor, UC Berkeley: "What Can Spaghetti Teach Us About The
Human Condition?" ,Sept 1: Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, new media and
performance artists:"The Love Art Laboratory Project", Dec 1: Leonard
Shlain, surgeon and author of "Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space,
Time, and Light"

February 3(1st Sat) - Junk/chez badunkadun- Cat Club-1190 Folsom SF-10PM-$6
Burlesque, drag kings, and Strippers, Lap Dancing, Fan Dancing and Pole
Upstairs: Fan Dancing, Pole Dancing and Lap Dancing at Chez Badunkdunk

February 3- STRIP-O-RAMA & BANG FOR THE BUCK!- CITADEL- 1277 Mission St.,
SF-6:30 FREE LESSON, 8:00 STRIP-O-RAMA, 10:00- 2:00 PARTY$15 - Play Party
ONLY, $20
-- Special Women's Event and Fundraiser for AIDS/LifeCycle For the third
year in a row, globe trotting sexpert Midori hosts a hot and steamy night
for all Bay Area Women with proceeds benefiting AIDS/Lifecycle.

February 3-'The Mind is a Liar and a Whore' -Artists Television Access 992
Valencia, SF-8PM
a S.F. film premiere An all SF Bay area cast and crew present their SF
premiere of Antero Alli's new film, "The Mind is a Liar and a Whore", a
story about how the routines of four roommates and their landlord are
unexpectedly joltted by the news of an alleged bioterrorist attack in their
city. Ona, a webcast diva with her own show, thinks the feds are staging
this attack to shift into a fullblown police state. Her roomies think she's
paranoid. They are all forced to come to their own conclusions about what is
happening during their current state of escalating uncertainty while trapped
indoors together.

Feb 3-Blue Bone Express w/ Hot Pink Feathers-Café Van Kleef-1621 Telegraph
Ave., Oakland. 9pm- $8

February 3 (Sat)-Dirty Little Secret-Empire Plush Room's, SF-11PM-$25
Part Camp, Part Burlesque, All Vaudeville baby

February 3-Center Stage Divas - Bench & Bar -2111 Franklin St., Oakland -
6pm - $10
Come on out to Oakland, see some fantastic drag, and support people living
with HIV/AIDS!

Feb 4- Betsy Salkind & Aundre the Wonderwoman -Throckmorton Theatre, Mill
Valley-7pm- $20
with musical guest Kitty Rose

February 4-Bad Movie Night-Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF-8PM- $5 w/
2/4 -"Doom", 2/11- "Dune", 2/18 - "He-Man &Masters.."

February 4-K'Vech- Sadie's Flying Elephant- 491 Portero, SF- 7:30PM
One hell of an open mic. This month Jennifer Blowdryer's mother reads

February 5-The Last Word Poetry Series- Pegasus Bookstore- 2349 Shattuck
Ave, Berkeley -7PM
presents Julia Vinograd -preceded by an open reading

Feb 6-Radical Relationship Workshop -1 Taste Urban Retreat Center- 1074
Folsom St., SF -7:45PM - $20
Wendy-O Matik is the author of Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for
Responsible Open Relationships. As an educator, role model, and spokesperson
for the polyamory community, Wendy has become a revolutionary activist of
the heart

February 6-( tuesday night)-Poetry & Jazz Jam- Club Deluxe -1511 Haight
Street, SF-8:30- 11:30pm

February 6-(tues) - Speech Therapy- Anu-43 6th St., SF- 8:30PM- free

February 6- (tuesday night)- Soul Fo' Real- Club 6 -60 Sixth Street, SF-
Music and open mic

February 6-Fluff Grrl - Thee Parkside- 1600 17th St., SF

February 6- Radar reading-SFPublic Library - Main Branch- Basement Level,
SF- 6pm-free
underground + emerging writers + artists plus the occasional superstar with
sona avakian, betsy salkind, lisa jervis and andi zielser, and laura love
hosted by michelle tea

February 6-Dattner-an Francisco Hillel House- 33 Banbury Drive, SF -8PM

February 7-High Contrast Comedy-SF Comedy Club- 50 Mason, SF- 8pm- $7
w/ Dattner

February 7-(wed)-BERZERKELEY SLAM -Starry Plough- 3101 Shattuck.
Berkeley-8:30-11pm. $7

February 7-(wednes)- Open Mic- Canvas Gallery - 9th Ave & Lincoln, SF -

February 7-(wednesdays)- Laugh Dammit! - SF Comedy Club -50 Mason, SF- 8PM-
February 7-(wednesdays)"ASK DR. HAL!"-12 Galaxies, SF-10PM
He knows everything and the show will be loads of laughs

February 7- RETOOL & GRIND-Eros, SF- 7:30PM
an open mic with men in towels walking through

February 9,10,16,17- Crisis Hopkins- Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF-8PM-

Feb 9 & 10 - ^(3)Love Bites the Hand that Feeds It^(2)- Theatre Rhino- 2926
16th St., SF- 8PM-$15
Love takes its usual beating when the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco
presents  its annual anti-Valentine^(1)s Day cabaret,

February 9- Dattner with W. Kamau Bell-Sonoma State University- 450
Broadway, SF- 8pm

February 9-The Heather Gold Show -Jewish Community Center- 3200 California
St., SF-8PM-$12
This American Life in real-time. Heather gathers people from very diverse
backgrounds and connects them around a passion so that the discussion has
many routes of curious inquiry connecting everyone to something of universal

February 9-Works in Progress - Garden Room-1300 Grand Street, Alamda-
Women's Open Mic: Singer/songwriter Stephanie Reif featured; hosted by Linda

February 9-Comedy Showcase!-Usual Suspects Cafe- 450 Broadway Street, SF-
with Danny Dechi

February 10-NPR Monthly Broadcast RC04: Indecency- SoEx,- 2901 Mission St.,
SF-1pm - 5pm
Neighborhood Public Radio Radio presents Scarlot Harlot and a host of
artists and activists for sex workers and indecent minds throughout the Bay
Area will talk about all the things the FCC thinks you shouldn't be talking
about in public. For more information visit

February 10- Prose & Poetry Reading Open mic-The Frank Bette Center for the
Arts- 1601 Paru St., Alameda- 7-9 PM.
Selene Steese and Jan Steckel hosted by Patricia Edith.

February 11-TAUGSHOW-Exploratorium- Marina Blvd & Lyon Sts, SF-7:30 PM -$10
What should be a great, fun, and educational event by ReSearch Publications
The flat hierarchies of talk shows are about as subversive as NYC Democrats
smoking dope.

February 13- Gun & Doll Show- Bottom of the Hill, SF- 9PM
with jackscrew 
LA Shows

Regulay film showcase- 7 DUDLEY CINEMA shows the following films at SPONTO
Gallery, 7 Dudley Ave, Venice, 310-306-7330, free admission, 8:00pm, Come early - seating is limited & 7pm


Eric McFadden-

Terese Taylor

a great documentart about the famous 4 letter word

" **AMS, the mega-corporation who owns RE/Search's distributor PGW (who also
distributes Soft Skull, Henry Rollins' 2.13.61, etc) declared bankruptcy,
thus throwing dozens of independent presses into financial chaos. To help us
weather this period of no money, please order a RE/Search book or two - give
a book as a gift, or use your imagination ... We recommend the recent J.G.
Ballard Conversations & J.G. Ballard Quotes, Punk '77 3rd Edition, and
especially PRANKS 2 - funniest book RE/Search has published in awhile..."
SUBMIT HERE: (Places to show your art)

1) Want to bring your indie project to the stage in six shows in seven days?
Sign up here:

To check out the touring cities, January's pay phone tour diaries and more

Feel free to spread the word to folks you think would enjoy hitting the

Jim Munroe

2) Reminder: ScrapEden SF Proposals Due Weds, 1/31

Just a few days left to submit proposals for the ScrapEdenSF project!
The Black Rock Arts Foundation has launched a public art project for
the environment: ScrapEdenSF. Neighborhood groups will each
collaborate with an artist in the creation of temporary public
sculptures made from reclaimed and recycled materials. BRAF is now
accepting applications for artist's proposals. Artist's proposals are
due Wednesday, January 31, 2007. Learn how you can participate!  We
plan to award grants to artists ranging from $5,000-$12,000 per
project. Grant info and application:

Working with the Neighborhood Parks Council, BRAF has identified
three community groups associated with SF neighborhood parks to
participate in the pilot phase of ScrapEden SF. Congratulations to
the community groups assosciated with the following parks: Juri
Commons (Mission neighborhood), Parque Ninos Unidos (Mission
neighborhood), and Panhandle Park (NOPA/ Panhandle/ Upper Haight).
For more information about the groups and their parks: http://

Contact info:

Black Rock Arts Foundation
Attn: ScrapEden SF Applications
1900 3rd Street, 1st Floor
San Francisco, CA, 94158

If you have questions, or have trouble downloading the application
form, please send an email to:

Or call the BRAF office at 415.626.1248.


XOXO - have a beautiful and creative day
   Melinda, lilycat, Ms Kittywhore, Boom Boom
"Building community, helping good people, and promoting great art."

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.