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Buy Gold today.

You can buy gold at your local coin store/ bullion store
check your phone book under coin. Check GOLD prices here 24/7: $787 today down from $840 Nov 8th. BUY TODAY.

Gold is easy to buy. 1 oz Krugerands have the lowest margins, so you can get in and get out anytime!
Maple Leafs and American Eagles have higher demand/ more expense. 
And you do not get that premium back fully when you sell them.
Silver usually has a higher commission on BOTH ends because the coinbroker has to ship the stuff.

There is no Sales tax on bullion when you buy over $1,000
When you sell under $10,000 in bullion you do not have to report it to the IRS. (Nor does the store.)

It is important to take actually physical delivery because when systems/ societies crash,
you would be a fool to believe the "bank" will be open and / or honor your contract.

GOLD is BAD for the enivronment. Mining is bad for Earth, water, people.
So while you may explore this as a hedge against inflation/ depression/ societal collapse,
you definitely want also to work to support local economies and currencies.
Oh and also, if you  expect to surrive, you must arrest the entire Bush Regime, or else!
Stop World War III quickly so that you don't have to buy Gold and hurt Earth!

PS: about Gold: it goes up when the dollar goes down.
The dollar is going down because: Afghan/Iraq/Iran + The US does not produce anything anymore.
The dollar was only maintained (as was the .com bubble) by Narco Dollars. (and by trading oil in $)
You knew that ENRON had 900 bank branches laundering $ in the Cayman Islands... well,
CitiBank, DeutcheBank, BCCI, BUSH, HP, Ford... they are all addicted to drug money.
If we bomb/strike/nuke Iran, then: Gold could reach upwards of $2000, because:
such action will A: Interupt Oil supply. B: ignite a powderkeg of tension in mideast/world. C: goodbye!

Do you want more reasons? Americans are defaulting on their mortgages, becoming homeless.
Oil is teasing $100/barrel. Our entire economy based on cheap oil is ending soon. We must change.


Richard Heinberg - The end of Oil - Powerdown - Peak Everything
Peak production in US was 1970 Peak for discovery was 1964. Saudi Arabia production peaked in 2000.
In 1998 Oil was $12 / barrel. SF, Oakland and Portland have Peak Oil groups/ meetings. for DOE hirsch report.

Oil Independent Oakland Task Force: What can the city do?
Zoning / Urban Design / Electrified Public Transportation / More robust food system: (local / organic)
David Pimental study shows an average of 10 Petrocalories input for every calorie of food produced.
Population increase multiplied by per capita consumption increase is not within the current carrying capacity of Earth.
China has 4,000 troops in the Sudan, exporting 2/3 of their oil. China is in Burma too.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.