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PEPIS#93 - 1988 Bilderberg participant list surfaces

The startling revelation on last week's BBC Newsnight that a Tory
think tank has been fabricating evidence of Muslim extremism is only
eclipsed by the inbalance in news coverage.
The Newsnight revelations show that reciepts for extremist literature,
supposedly procured in moderate Mosques, were forged. Godson
uncontrite, has gone into total denial, making him, for me, a neo-
Nazi.What else would one label a man whose approach to British Muslims
mirrors that of the SS to German Jews in the 1930s.
Perversely the original fabricated report by Policy Exchange's Dean
Godson has carried several times round the world wheras the discovery
that it has been falsified has hardly merited a mention in many
national news outlets.
This fakery is explosive since Godson formulates policy for the up-and-
coming Cameron government using criminal activities of inciting racial
hatred. And at a time where such lies can only pour fuel on the fire
of civil unrest in Britain.
Tory opposition leader Cameron has remained ridiculously silent on the
exposee. Indeed the Daily Telegraph are actively defending Godson who
used to be an anonymous leader writer for them.
No wonder David Cameron is keeping his mouth shut. Dean Godson is the
piper that plays the Conservative leader's tune.
Spinwatch Deep mined profile of the Policy Exchange/Godson Neo-Nazi

Poisonous and dangerousThe constant regurgitation by the media of
Muslim-baiting 'research' by right-wing think tanks misleads the
public and is driven by a neocon political agenda

Cameron must rein in these toxic neocon attack dogsThe exposure of
faked evidence for a thinktank report is a warning of the dangers of
Britain's anti-Muslim media campaign,,2230012,00.html

And finally rather than watch the diabolical tripe served up by
mainstream broadcasters why not check out some brilliant YouTube
peaces for peace and against totalitarianism.
From Webster Tarpley and Watch   WakeyMedia!

Anyway - back to this last PEPIS of 2007. And here it is - the 1988
Bilderberg list for all you collectors out there
Have a peaceful and merry Christmas which I hope you'll be spending
without the likes of MI6's little Godson creature.

 3-5 June 1988


 Lord Roll of Ipsden*
 President, S.G. Warburg Group plc

 Victor Halberstadt*
 Professor of Public Finance, Leyden University

 Theodore L. Eliot, Jr.*
 Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and
Peace, Stanford University

 Conrad J. Oort*
 Member of the Board, Algemene Bank Nederland N.V.;
 Professor of Money and Banking, University of Limburg

 ITA         Giovanni Agnelli**                 President, Fiat S.p.A.
 DEN       Tage Andersen*                       Managing Director and
Chief Exeutive, Den Danske Bank
 USA        Dwayne O. Andreas                Chairman, Archer-Daniels-
Midland Company, Inc.
 GRE        Andreas Andrianopoulos         Mayor of Piraeus; Former
Minister of Culture
 AUS        Hannes Androsch                    Former Chairman of the
Managing Board of Directors, Creditanstalt-Bankverein; Former Minister
of Finance; Former Vice Chancellor
 USA        George W. Ball**                    Former Under-Secretary
of State
 POR        Francisco Pinto Balsemao*      Director, Jornal Expresso;
Former Prime Minister
 SPA        Enrique Baron                         Vice President,
European Parliament; President, European Movement; Former Minister of
 USA        Jack F. Bennett                        Director and Senior
Vice President, Exxon Corporation; Former Under-Secretary of the
Treasury for Monetary Affairs
 NETH     Ernst H. van der Beugel**       Emeritus Proessor of
International Relations, Leyden University; Director of Companies
 TUR        Selahattin Beyazit*                  Director of Companies
 ICE         Bjorn Bjarnason                       Assistant Editor-in-
Chief, "Morgunbladid"
 CAN       Conrad M. Black*                   Chairman, Argus
Corporation Ltd.
 USA        Shirley Temple Black              Foreign Affairs Officer,
Department of State; Former Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana
 SWI        Franz Blankart                         State Secretary for
External Economic Affairs, Federal Department of Public Economy
 TUR        Ali Bozer                                 Minister of
 USA        Nicolas F. Brady                      Co-Chairman, Dillon,
Read & Co., Inc. Former U.S. Senator (Republican, New Jersey)
 NETH     Hans van den Broek                Minister for Foreign
 FRA        Francois Bujon de L'Estang     Minister Plenipotentiary;
Former Adviser for Diplomatic Affairs, Defence and Cooperation in the
Cabinet of Mr. Jacques Chirac
 SWE       Staffan Burenstam Linder        President, Stockholm School
of Ecnomics; Former Minister of Trade; Fomer Member of Parliament
 GRE        Costa Carras*                          Director of
 SPA        Jaime Carvajal Urquijo            Chairman and General
Manager, Iberfomento
 SPA        Juan Luis Cebrian                    Director and Editor-
in-Chief, "El Pais"
 CAN       Marshall A. Cohen                   President, Olympia &
York Enterprises Limited
 POR        Vitor M. R. Constancio            Leader of the Socialist
Party; Former Governor, Banco de Portugal; Former Secretary of State
for Budget and Planning
 UK          James Craig                             Director General,
The Middle East Association
 USA        Kenneth W. Dam*                   Vice President, Law and
External Relations, IBM Corporation; Former Deputy Secretary of State
 BEL        Etienne Davignon*                  Director, Societe
Generale de Belgique; Former Member of the Commission of the European
 FRA        Gerard Eskenazi                      President, Pargesa
Holding S.A.
 USA        Daniel J. Evans                        U.S. Senator
(Republican, Washington State)
 USA        Thomas S. Foley                      U.S. Representative
(Democrat, Washington State)
 FRA        Jean A. Francois-Poncet          Senator; Former Minister
for Foreign Affairs
 INT         John R. Galvin                         Supreme Allied
Commander Europe, SHAPE
 USA        Katharine Graham                   Chairman, The
Washington Post Company
 CAN       Anthony G.S. Griffin**           Director of Companies
 USA        Henry A. Grunwald                 Ambassador to Austria;
Former Editor-in-Chief, Time, Inc.
 SWE       Sten Gustafsson*                     Chairman of the Board,
 ICE         Geir Hallgrimsson*                  Governor, Central
Bank of Iceland; Former Prime Minister; Former Minister for Foreign
 AUS        Helmut H. Haschek                 Chairman of the Board,
Osterreichische Kontrollbank A.G.
 INT         Francois Heisbourg                  Director, The
International Institute for Strategic Studies
 FRG        Alfred Herrhausen*                 Managing Director,
Deutsche Bank A.G.
 AUS        Friedrich Hoess                        Ambassador to the
United States of America
 USA        Karen Elliott House                 Foreign Editor, "The
Wall Street Journal"
 USA        William G. Hyland                   Editor, "Foreign
 AUS        Hans Igler                                Partner,
Schoeller Co. Bankaktiengesellschaft
 FIN         Jaakko Iloniemi                       Member of the
Management Board, Union Bank of Finland; Former Ambassador to the
United States of America
 AUS        Peter Jankowitsch*                  Chairman of the
Foreign Policy Committee of the National Assembly; Former Minister for
Foreign Affairs
 USA        Nancy Landon Kassebaum      U.S. Senator (Republican,
 USA        David T. Kearns                      Chairman, Xerox
 UK          John Keegan                            Military
Historian; Defence Correspondent, "The Daily Telegraph"
 USA        Lane Kirkland                          President, American
Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
 USA        Henry A. Kissinger*                Former Secretary of
State; Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
 AUS        Thomas Klestil                         Secretary General,
Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs
 UK          Andrew Knight*                      Chief Executive, "The
Daily Telegraph"
 FRG        Helmut Kohl                            Federal Chancellor
 INT         Max Kohnstamm**                 Former President,
European University Institute
 USA        Pedro Pablo Kuczynski            Co-Chairman, First Boston
 FRA        Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere     Director and First
Executive Vice President, L'Oreal
 ITA         Giorgio La Malfa                     National Secretary,
PRI (Italian Republican Party)
 INT         Alexandre Lamfalussy             General Manager, Bank
for International Settlements
 USA        Drew Lewis                             Chairman, Union
Pacific Corporation
 BEL        Andre Leysen                          Chairman of the
Board, Gevaert N.V.; Vice Chairman, UNICE (Union of Industrial and
Employers Confederations of Europe)
 SWI        Franz J. Lutolf*                       General Manager and
Member of the Executive Board, Swiss Bank Corporation
 CAN       Donald S. MacDonald*           Senior Partner, McCarthy &
 NETH     Floris A. Maijers                      Chairman of the Board
of Management, Unilever N.V.
 INT         Stephen N. Marris                    Senior Fellow,
Institute for International Economics; Former Economic Adviser to the
Secretary General, OECD
 USA        Charles McC. Mathias, Jr.        Partner, Jones, Day,
Reavis & Pogue; Former U.S. Senator (Republican, Maryland)
 FRA        Thierry de Montbrial                Director, French
Institute of International Relations; Professor of Economics, Ecole
 ITA         MarioMonti                              Professor of
Economics, Bocconi University, Milan; Vice Chairman, Banca Commerciale
 USA        Rupert Murdoch                      Chairman, News America
 NETH     Her Majesty The Queen of the Netherlands
 NETH     His Royal Highness Prince Claus of the Netherlands
 AUS        Anton Osond                           Chairman of the
Board of Management, Osterreichische Investitionskredit A.G.
 GRE        Theodoros Pangalos                 Alternate Minister for
Foreign Affairs
 INT         Jean-Claude Paye                  Secretary General, OECD
 USA        Donald E. Petersen                 Chairman, Ford Motor
 POR        Francisco Lucas Pires              Member of the European
Parliament; Former Leader of the Christian Democrats
 NOR       Inger E. Prebensen                  President, A/S
 UK          Lord Prior                        Chairman, GEC plc;
Former Secretary of State for Emploment for Northern Ireland
 CAN       Grant L. Reuber                     Deputy Chairman, Bank
of Montreal
 USA        Rozanne L. Ridgway               Assistant Secretary of
State for European and Canadian Affairs
 USA        James D. Robinson III             Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer, American Express Company
 USA        David Rockefeller**               Chairman, Chase
Manhattan Bank International Advisory Committee
 FRA        Olivier Roy                              University
Professor and Researcher, CNRS (Centre National de Recherches
 USA        Charles S. Sanford, Jr.             Chariman, Bankers
Trust Company
 TUR        Rustu Saracoglu                       Governor, Central
Bank of Turkey
 AUS        Guido Schmidt-Chiari              Chairman of the Managing
Board of Directors, Creditanstalt-Bankverein
 UK          David G. Scholey                    Chairman, S.G.
Warburg Group plc
 USA        Brent Scowcroft                       Vice Chairman,
Kissinger Associates, Inc.; Former Assistant to President Ford for
National Security Affairs
 USA        Jack Sheinkman                       President,
Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, AFL-CIO, CLC
 USA        Gary G. Sick                            Visiting Scholar,
Research Institute on International Change, Columbia University
 CAN       Gordon S. Smith                      Permanent
Representative and Ambassador, Delegation of Canada to the North
Atlantic Council
 FRG        Theo Sommer*                        Editor-in-Chief, "Die
 ITA         Ugo Stille                                 Editor-in-
Chief, "Corriere della Sera"
 FIN         Ilkka Suominen                       Minister of Trade
and Industry
 FRG        Horst Teltschik                        Head of the
Directorate-General for Foreign and Intra-German Relations,
Development Policy and External Security, Federal Chancellery
 SWE       Anders Thunborg                     Ambassador to the
U.S.S.R.; Former Minister of Defence
 DEN       Niels Thygesen                      Professor of Economics,
Universit of Copenhagen
 AUS        Friedrich Verzetnitsch              President, Austrian
Trade Union
 FRG        Karsten D. Voigt                    Member of Parliament;
SPD Spokesman on Foreign Affairs; Member, SPD Party Leadership
 USA        Paul A. Volcker                       Chairman, James D.
Wolfensohn, Inc.; Former Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System
 AUS        Franz Vranitzky                       Federal Chancellor
 UK          William Waldegrave                Minister of Stte for
Housing and Planning, Departmentof the Environment
 NOR       Niels Werring, Jr.                     Chairman of the
Board, Wilh. Wilhelmsen Limited A/S
 USA        Lynn R. Williams*                   International
President, United Steel Workers of America
 USA        James D. Wolfensohn*            President, James D.
Wolfensohn, Inc.
 FRG        Otto Wolff von Amerongen** Chairman of the Supervisory
Board, Otto Wolff A.G.
 USA        Walter B. Wriston                    Former Chairman,
 SPA        Juan A. Yanez-Barnuevo         Director, Department of
International Affairs, Office of the Prime Minister
 SPA        Emilio de Ybarra y Clurruca    Vice Chairman and Managing
Director, Banco de Bilbao
 ITA         Paolo Zannoni*                       President, Fiat
Washington, Inc.
 AUS        Georg Zimmer-Lehmann         Senior Advisor to the
Managing Board of Director, Creditanstalt-Bankverein

 USA        Grant F. Winthrop                    Director, Wood,
Struthers and Winthrop Management Corporation

 SPA        Julio C. Abreu                      Director General,
Central de Congresos; Organizer 1989 Conference
 NETH     Saskia ten Asbroek                  Executive Secretary,
Bilderberg Meetings
 AUS        Diemut Kastner                        Public Relations
Department, Creditanstalt-Bankverein; Organizer 1988 Conference
 USA        Charles W. Muller                    President, Murden &

 *     Member of the Steering Committee
 **   Member of the Advisory Group

 Source: George W. Ball Papers, Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library at
Princeton University

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