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“There is never “forever” . . . only, the moment”  -  Marc Almond

This New Year’s Eve YOU are invited to:

         Sweet ?  Only the Moment  . . . 

                Cellspace - 2050 Bryant Street
                         SAN FRANCISCO

                                          9 pm to 6 am

Featuring the musical stylings of:
Tyler Reed - Dragn’fly - Scottino - Spesh - Jim Cyr
              and, introducing  Brian Hultin

Once upon a time, there were a very special series of ceremonial dance
events held at Cellspace in San Francisco - a singular combination of DJs, 
space, lights, visuals, intention and PARTICIPANTS came together and
created many happy, memorable evenings we called,  Sweet! The question is, 
can we share THAT kind of moment, again ? 

All of the qualities that made Cellspace so special are still there - the lofty sense
of space and safety,  the cozy chill areas, the amazingly well-ventilated INDOOR 
smoking area, and, for DANCERS - most importantly - the bouncy, wooden 
dancefloor that allows you to dance and dance and dance and . . . 
There are beautiful new bathrooms, and, for this occasion there will be both a
coat check and a well-stocked BAR.  We have hired JK Sound to recreate
the 4-corner sound system and lured Barry Reuter & Steve Freed into 
providing us with a more dazzling level of visuals than ever before !!

What always made previous Sweet! events so singular  were the people !
Most (all ?) resist easy categorization (how very San Francisco)  so, please 
make this your New Year’s Eve destination ONLY if you are prepared to be
friendly, open, generous, fun, courteous and welcoming .

Please feel encouraged to dress in such a way as to ENTERTAIN 

Thanks to Amy Welker we have modernized our ticketing process - we are now using Paypal.
Tickets, available now,  are $25. until December 21st - after which they will be $40.   
If any tickets are available after December 29th - they will be $50 at the door.  
Doors will open at 8:30 and close at 10:30 (unless prior arrangements are made).
As always, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds  but you must request 
a comp before the tickets are gone - there are only 420 tickets available for this event.

This event is primarily a benefit for Cellspace - Paypal tix are available at:  It would be helpful, if when ordering, you give us the names
of who the tickets are for. Please refer all questions, requests, concerns to Jim -

We are really hoping that this occasion will be a MOST EXCELLENT opportunity for partying with 
ALL of your friends, reconnecting with people you haven’t seen in a while, and OF COURSE meeting
and connecting with a lot of amazing people you’ve never met before !!

In short, we sincerely hope, this event will be Sweet !    
 Namaste !!  Matt & Jim
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.