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Eye Gazing Party
Tuesday, December 3, 7:00 PM
AuthenticSF Headquarters (SOMA, SF)
For single women and men in their 20s and 30s
*Note--Media will be at this event--see below*

"New York's hottest dating trend." -- Elle Magazine

Destin Gerek invites you to San Francisco's second Eye Gazing Party.
This party is limited to 30 special people so act fast as it WILL fill
up quickly.

The first Eye-Gazing Party for the Bay Area was a huge success.
We maxed out the number of people that the space could hold and we
even had a waiting list. The San Francisco Chronicle covered the event
and wrote a great article that you can read here:

*What is an Eye Gazing Party?*

The eyes are the window into the soul, so it's a lot easier to have a
mesmerizing conversation with someone new after you've spent two
minutes looking into his or her eyes. That is the simple idea behind
Eye Gazing Parties. Banal chit-chat about employment status, the
location of your apartment, or where you're from is not a great way to
spark a captivating connection with an alluring new person. Eye
contact is.

Here's how it works: An even number of singles meet in an attractive
space over drinks and world beats. After a fun mini-lesson in the art
of eye contact, the group splits into pairs, and each pair spends two
minutes looking into each other's eyes, no talking, with inviting
beats in the background. The pairs switch up every two minutes, for a
total of around half an hour. Then there is a party afterwards, with
drinks flowing and luscious beats vibing. The eye gazing has an
electrifying effect on the party; simply put, two minutes of eye
contact is the Cadillac of ice-breakers. Come try out the exciting new
way to meet single souls!

Eye Gazing Parties were founded by Michael Ellsberg in NYC in 2005,
and have been covered by the New York Times, CNN, Good Morning
America, and major media around the world. People who attend them
report having profound experiences with many new and exciting people
at each event.

The party on December 3rd is hosted by Destin Gerek

A NOTE ON MEDIA: Nationally-known television and print media will be
covering this event, and we'll also be snapping photos for our new
website--you know you're sexy, so show it off to the world! If you are
uncomfortable with being photographed or filmed at this event, please
come to our next event.
Thank you!

This is an RSVP-only event. If you would like to attend, please RSVP
to Destin at (no need to follow the
invite instructions on the Eye Gazing Parties website). Destin will send
you the address. Please only RSVP if you are set on attending, as the
success of these parties depends on maintaining an even balance
between men and women, and cancellations or no-shows throw this
balance off.

Feel free to invite your friends--have them RSVP directly to Destin
( and have them mention your name.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.