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Brasscheck TV:  The sinking ship

After being pumped up to
ridiculous heights by cheap
dollars, stock markets around
the world are wobbling and


"Subprime" mortgages?

Actually it goes much deeper than that. 

Here's Rob Paul grilling the Fed chairman
after it became clear to everyone that the
US real estate market is in a state of collapse.

Note the Chairman's flippant and abysmally
ignorant answer to Paul's question about the
impact of a declining dollar.

I paraphrase: 

"It doesn't matter because it only effects Americans
who buy imported goods."

You mean like oil? And everything we buy that's made
in China, Japan and Taiwan?

Another reason why the US news media which is controlled
by the same people who control the Federal Reserve, do
not want Ron Paul to get air time or be taken seriously 
as a candidate.

Watch this exchange been Ron Paul and the Fed chairman:

- Brasscheck

P.S. The news is NOT getting out it.

The US news media is designed to sell nonsense
and block Americans from the information they
need to know to understand what's going on in
their own country and around the world. 

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- Brasscheck

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