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EFF vs. AT&T

EFF's case against AT&T is up against the wall, and we could use your 
help. It's easy, fun, and could make a big difference.

We are fighting attempts in Congress to let AT&T off the hook with 
"Telecom Immunity." Immunity would mean that AT&T could not be 
prosecuted for breaking laws when it helped the Bush administration spy 
on Americans, and it would essentially kill our case.

We're asking people to send us photos of themselves holding up signs 
opposing Telecom Immunity and telling Bush to Stop the Spying. If you 
have a few minutes and a camera handy, why not take part?

Here is the flickr stream we are assembling -- some of the photos are 

And here is the page with info on how to submit your stuff:

Congress is set to vote on this early next week! Send us a photo and 
join the fight!



Here is the back story:

As you know, we have this big case against AT&T for their participation 
in Bush's spying program. Basically, what they did was copy ALL internet 
traffic over to the NSA. That's YOUR email, phone records, skype calls, 
and web searches. It is surely the largest domestic spying operation 
that has ever existed, in any country. It is no exaggeration to say that 
it is something out of 1984.

And we have evidence -- pages and pages of it, in fact. We want this 
evidence examined in a court of law. The President, however, has other 
plans. He is insisting that Congress pass legislation that includes 
Telecom Immunity -- that is, phone carriers like AT&T would be let off 
the hook for any laws they broke. Our case would be essentially shut down.

Of course the government engages in all sorts of terrible stuff -- 
illegal spying is nothing new, and our case is just the tip of the 
iceberg. But the big difference in this case is our evidence, brought 
forward by an incredibly brave former AT&T technician named Mark Klein. 
He used to work at the Folsom Street facility here in SF, where this 
element of the spying operation is set up, and one day brought a huge 
pile of documents in to the EFF offices.

Mark Klein's evidence is a true smoking gun. It proves beyond a 
reasonable doubt that George Bush is a big league criminal. If we can 
have this evidence examined in a court of law, we can help expose this 
criminal administration, and help prevent the rise of a real 
surveillance state, where all conversation is monitored and no one can 
speak freely.

More info at:
PDF with diagram by Yours Truly:
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.