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Upcoming Events:

*** Onkel Woland and the Black Forest Menagerie - Friday, Feb. 8th ***

*** Eternal Spring - Saturday, Feb. 9th ***

*** The Beatboxer's Mixtape - Saturday, Feb. 9th ***

*** Anon Salon - Queen of Arts - Friday, Feb. 15th ***

Call for Participation:

*** Help keep Sol Flor in The Park - TOMORROW Thursday, Feb. 7th ***

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Onkel Woland and the Black Forest Menagerie at Accordion Apocalypse Music Night

Friday, February 8, 2008 8:00 PM

Accordion Apocalypse
2626 Jennings St.
San Francisco, CA 94124 view map

More Info:

Join your sweet, creepy German Onkel for tales of dismemberment and
delight, naughty forest animals and infernal bargains all to the
accompaniment of character musicians. The Menagerie for the show
includes two Accordions, Cello, Violin, and Singing Saw. Cat's Tongues
and cookies made from the souls of little children will be served for
your enjoyment.


Aaron Seeman's onslaught of solo accordion and vocals has astounded
audiences of all shapes and sizes. Maximum Rock 'n Roll, the premier
punk magazine, pronounced him "over the top!" for his note-for-note
renditions of the entire first Dead Kennedys album, Fresh Fruit for
Rotting Vegetables. His repertoire also includes, but is not limited
to, 70's rock, Broadway, klezmer, classical, country, Sousa marches,
punk rock, and even a polka or two.

The Accordion Apocalypse:
Music Night & Rock out!
True Minstrel Madness. Bring your instruments!

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Eternal Spring

Come join us in a celebration of art, magic, and creation on Feb 9,
2008 in the "ETERNAL SPRING 08" Fashion Show and Performance Bazaar at
SOMARTS Bay Gallery. This is a non-profit event to support and help
promote local artists, designers, and performers. The event will run
on Saturday from 2pm to 10pm, and the party is from 10pm until late.
In the daytime, find gifts, listen to great music and join free yoga,
martial arts, hoop, and poi classes from 2 to 5pm. Performances start
at 6, culminating with a fashion show at 7:30. Come, share, meet cool
people, and have fun! This is also a great chance to buy a special
gift for your special someone the weekend before Valentines and share
with them the magic of local culture and art.

Details and full schedule can be found at$5) are available in advance at

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February at The Climate
285 9th St (at Folsom)

"The mixtape is a post-modern art, a collage of intent showing what
you've got in order to get something you want. This artful agenda
perseveres even if it's on CD. Or, in the case of EDT's Mixtape,
-East Bay Express

Come check out the best in Bay Area beatboxing talent in an electric
and eclectic mix of hip-hop theatre and vocal percussion offerings
throughout February. From Barsky's Over 9 Waves to the Felonious MCs
to the mind-bending skills of the Vowel Movement, this promises to be
an amazing month. We do so hope you'll join us.

Saturdays, February 9, 16, 23 and March 1
8pm, $15
Acclaimed flute-beatboxer and performer-playwright Tim Barsky returns
to the stage, setting fairy tales against the backdrop of the urban
sprawls where he's worked as an oral historian for the past decade.
Drawing from communities stretching from Oakland's murder 20's to
Dublin Ireland's Liberties slums, Barsky conjures an inspiringly
unique mix of hip-hop theatre, beatboxing, traditional Jewish folklore
and the circus arts.

Saturday, February 9th
10pm, $15 ($10 if combined with Over 9 Waves)
The ultimate showcase of the best beatboxers anywhere!  Our last one
absolutely blew the roof off, and it's guaranteed to go again.  On the
lineup so far, we've got Icebox, Eachbox, Tim Barsky, The Genie,
Jessie Seaver, Monkstilo, Syzygy, Many Elements, Constant Change, One
Mouth Band, Gracie and Apollo.  And you can surely expect some special

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gives its hearts to the

Queen of ARTS


@ Sssshh...!
535 Florida St (@ 17th St.) in SF

$10 before 10:00 /$15 devoted/ $20 ambivalent


Full House
~ MANCUB (SpaceCowboys, Sleevin' Records) - [link]
~ MOZAIC (13 Moontribe, Nexus) [link]
~ MOTION POTION (Fringe, Sunset Prods) - [link]
~ JOCELYN (Get Freaky)
~ KITTY-D (Kittyology, Pussy Posse Mob) [link]
~ DELACHAUX (Dark Kabaret) - [link]
~ PurEvil (Space Cowboys)
~ NEIGHBOUR (Homebreakin - Calgary, CN) - [link]
~ J-FI (SisterSF, Mayo) - [link]
~ LAZY $LAVE (Flowbotics/Anon) - [link]

Royal Flush
~ MERKLEY (Nudes with a 111 Views) [link]
~ FOU FOU HA! (Crowns of the Clowns) [link]
~ INFLATABLE heARTS (Blow Up Bill) [link]

& More TBA!!

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Help keep Sol Flor in The Park

Hey Folks,

I can really use your help and support right now. Next Thursday,
February 7th, the San Francisco Rec n' Park Commission is meeting and
will be deciding whether or not to extend the permit for the artwork,
Sol Flor, that I installed this summer. The residents who live in the
community would like to keep the work there and would like to have
some additional time on the permit to acquire funding to purchase the
work. We recognize that there will need to be adjustments made to make
the work permanent and we have are working on a plan for that. The
gardeners who work in the park are supportive of keeping the work
there, the SF Arts Commission is also behind us in extending the time
of the installation, we just need to convince the Rec n' Park
Commissioners of the importance of extending the installation. To do
this, we need letters of support from the community, San Francisco
residents in particular, and if you live in area directly adjacent to
the park, Juri Commons (the Mission, Bernal Heights or Noe Valley)
even better. The artworks were made of materials diverted from the
landfill and the imagery is suns/flowers. The community around there
has reported an overall improvement of their park since their
installation. There is less trash and more people using the park.
Keeping the work there is not going to create any cost for Rec n'
Park, and it adds value for all of the people who live around there
and use the park on a regular basis.

What I need is people who care about having art made by local artists
(and the community) in the city to write letters of support to keep
the work and extend the permit, and/or to show up on February 7th to
City Hall (Room 416, 4pm) to speak in favor of the project. If you are
interested supporting us in this effort. Please send me a letter of
support with your address at the bottom to

You can see some pictures here:

Here's a map that shows where Juri Commons is:

In gratitude, hope to see you there.


"To create a little flower is the labour of ages." - William Blake

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