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Other peace & justice events -   &
Bay Area Naturalist Events

Mar 18 - Nov 2   9am-4:30pm   The Butterfly Zone @ Conservatory of Flowers -
Thu Mar 20  6:30 pm              Art and Peace Panel @ the Commonwealth Club
- SF
Thu Mar 20  8 pm                   Venus Christ Equinox Cabaret-Benefit - SF
Thu Mar 20 9 pm                    Singing Bear & Aumnibus - Ukiah
Fri Mar 21  6:45 am                Good Friday at Livermore Lab - Livermore
Sat Mar 22  10 am                 Bay Checkerspot Butterfly Walk - San Mateo
Sat Mar 22  10:15-11:45am     TransDance Journey w. Heather Munro Pierce -
Sat Mar 22  11-4 pm              Butterflies: Visionaries of Transformation
w. Ginny Anderson - Redwood City
Sat Mar 22  12-7:30 pm          Reiki for Health, Healing & Spiritual
Enlightenment - SF
Tue Mar 25  8 pm                   Singing Bear & Aumnibus - Fairfax
Wed Mar 26  7:30-9:30 pm     An Evening with Jim Hightower - SF
Thu Mar 27  7:30 pm              A Year of Butterflies in San Francisco - SF
March 29&30                         Metamorphosis Class for Couples - Santa
Sun  Mar 30  11am-2pm         Can We  Attain Sustainable Global Peace? w.
Cindy Sheehan - SF
Tue Apr 15                             The Great American Strike April 15,

Wish of the Week
Please join Musicians and Artists for Peace.and get a free copy of our Make
Love Not War CD. Immerse yourselves in the spirit of the butterflies. I
personally guarantee that you will love it & your purchase or membership
will help support our mission. Please see details and membership info at

Room for Rent - Butterfly Looking for Roommate - I am living in a very nice
townhouse in Vallejo with my landlord, a very sweet Chinese lady. We are
less than one minute from the intersection of Route 37 and Sacramento Street
right by the bay. Several shopping malls are only three to four blocks away
at the corners of Redwood Street and Sonoma Blvd. (Rt. 29).

There is a backyard with trees, including a plum tree and a butterfly garden
that I put in myself.  The rent is $400, possibly $375 plus utilities and
since the water is included my utility bill is around $25, sometimes less a
There is also a very spacious kitchen with lots of storage. Your room wood
overlook the trees, backyard and the park that's less than a block away.

This will be available within a few weeks and I hope to find someone from my
network that is socially and consciously attunes, as my last roommate was a
nightmare and had a way of getting physically threatening and lastly broke
into my room.  He has subsequently been given a 30 day notice.

Please come in and fill this void for me as we want this to be a friendly
and loving household. Now I know you might be saying, sounds great but its
in Vallejo.
Yes, I do miss Berkeley myself, still Vallejo is only 18 minutes from
Berkeley and the bus and ferry are super. I especially love taking the very
as its comfortable, fast, scenic and even breezy if you want to sit on the
back deck. I can't believe people going to work or play in all that traffic.
The ferry takes you to the pier in SF in only 50 minutes (there is no rush
hour) and then you can pop straight onto the Bart or Muni. The nonstop bus
80 goes directly to the El Cerito Del Norte Bart station in less than 20
minutes and there's always a bus waiting for you when you return. I got
really used to the retirement of my car and switching to public transport.

As the director of Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace, I am usually
going to or involved with many events around the bay area, so I would love
to have a roommate that is socially active and likes to go to progressive
meetings, events, concerts, festivals, picnics and hikes. As my roommate you
will get free passes to many events and even an occasional backstage pass.

So this offer in Vallejo might be just the think you are looking for. Please
inquiry by calling me at 415-424-7238 or sending me an email to

Quotation of the Week
"When we begin to see the world with butterfly eyes, we see only the beauty,
love, harmony and interconnectedness of all the living things around us.  -
Alan Moore*

Song of the Week
"When" by Nasio. It was so great it made me cry and dance at the same time.
Please listen to the song at

Music Videos of the Week
Liel Singing Imagine with Bill Clinton - I am honored to introduce you one
of our newest members.  Liel, a 16 year old Israeli girl with a magnificent
singing Imagine with a little help from 40 Israelis, 40 Arabs and Bill
Clinton at  or
You can hear her othet music at where you can click on
videos.  I suggest listening to the live video with Scorpion to hear Send Me
an Angel after turning off the sound icon at the top right hand corner of
the page so you don't hear two soundtracks at the same time.

Link of the Week
Jiffy Lube Busted, caught on tape ripping people off! Everyone you know who
owns a car might want to look at this.

New Members - Please see our 2420+ member list at
Peace Full Sail EuroRock - an effort of many musicians from all over the
world and working with Musicians for Peace to tell the world we can live
together in peace. On March 8th, 2008 the Beija Flor set sail with 7
souls/musicians from off the coast of Africa and Europe to sail the world
for peace. - Zurich, Switzerland
The Clarences - Oakland, CA
Nasio  - Reggae from Dominica
Steve Bruce - Oklahoma City, OK
Nicholas Sainato - Morristown, NJ
Chalwa - Asheville, NC
Bill Cuffey - Las Vegas, NV
Lane Four - Redwood City, CA
Michel Leme - Guitarist and composer - San Pablo, Brazil
Amor Loco - Ukiah, CA
Lalla - Samothraki, Greece
Candy "Parsley" Davis - Carbondale, IL
Coddington Studios - Dunedin, FL
Evolution - Arco -Trento, Italy
Empty Hats - Gulfport, FL
Willie McManus - WI
Melina Yuros - Panama, Argentina
Tex Glitter - Halmstad, Sweden

This Week's Sponsors - Sponsors for this newsletter & memberships are
welcomed. Sponsors will also be listed on our webpage.  Please contact Alan
at  415-424-7238  or email for details.
The Wheel Company*
Cindy Pavlinac/Sacred Land Photography*
The Light Party & Artainment Media - Inspired Musical Messages at

Mar 18 - Nov 2   9am-4:30pm               The Butterfly Zone @ Conservatory
of Flowers - SF

Tuesday - Sunday, visitors must leave the Conservatory by 5pm

Fly on over to the Conservatory of Flowers this spring because the
butterflies are back, and there are more than ever. The popular exhibit "The
Butterfly Zone: Plants and Pollinators" returns with double the number of
butterflies and more nectar plants for feeding. You'll walk amongst a wide
variety of brightly colored blossoms, watching (and sometimes ducking!) as
butterflies fly from flower to flower drinking nectar and getting covered in
pollen. It's a fascinating demonstration of plant pollination in action. The
Butterfly Bungalow in the middle of the gallery also allows you to observe
the pupae in their chrysalis stage. You never know, you may be lucky enough
to catch the moment when one of these transformed, winged beauties emerges.
So, come get eye to eye with a butterfly this spring at the Conservatory of

Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, JFK Drive, San Francisco

Thu Mar 20  6:30 pm                Art and Peace Panel @ the Commonwealth
Club - SF

6 pm check-in, 6:30 pm program, 7:30 p. m. wine and hors d'oeuvres and
multimedia reception

INFORUM and the Commonwealth Club present
PANEL: Art and Peace. Musicians
for Peace member Jack Chernos will be playing at the reception starting at
7:40 pm Several of our artists members
will also be displaying, including Judy Jones and Julia Weaver.

On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war, artists will meet to talk about
the power of "Peace through Art. " These images create a vision of the peace
that we don't have and hope to inspire the hope to work toward it. The
artists will share why they believe it is important for us to change our
story to one of peace, not war, and explain how they are making that change
through their art. This program is presented in conjunction with a private,
multimedia exhibit of peace art during March. During the post-program
reception, artists will discuss inspiration and the role of art in their
search for peace.

Learn about the intersection of art and activism from a distinguished panel:

RICHARD KAMLER, Artist; Professor of Art, University of San Francisco
BILL OWENS, Photographer; Author
Additional Panelists TBA

We are also interested in having people participate during the reception
afterwards in an informative and interactive role and to help us get the
word out to a community of people who will be interested in the program and
presentation.  We have several leaders in the Bay Area art and peace
communities who will only be participating in the reception afterwards and
are looking to engage them with like-minded people in the community and
especially with new people who are curious and interested in learning more
about the art and peace communities in the Bay Area during the multi-media
art reception after the panel discussion.

Commonwealth Club, 595 Market Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco
Cost: $12 members, $20 non-members, $7 students (with valid ID)
Reservations 415/597-6705 or register online at

Thu Mar 20  8 pm                    Venus Christ Equinox Cabaret-Benefit -

Panel Discussion at 8 pm, cabaret at 9pm
1015 Folsom, San Francisco
Contact: Nicole Rodriguez

Venus Christ the Rock Opera - May 8th-11th at 1015 Folsom, San Francisco

Join necromancer and meta-physicist Dr.Andromeda on a journey thru time as
she searches for the key to restore balance in the hearts of allhumanity in
a ROCK OPERA that transcends all time. Written & Directed by Off the Hook
Collective. Venus Christ offers a new salvation.
Join us for the unfolding of book two: "The Testimony of the Immortal Dr

Thu Mar 20 9 pm         Singing Bear & Aumnibus - Ukiah

See for band info

Ukiah Brewing Company, 102 S. State Street, Ukiah

Fri Mar 21  6:45 am                   Good Friday at Livermore Lab -

Prayer service and nonviolent civil disobedience action.  Embracing the
Beloved Community-- peace, justice, hope and equality; Rejecting the
violence of empire--  torture, terror, lies and the bomb, Father Louie
Vitale preaching.

Fr. Vitale will just be returning from 5 months in Federal Prison after his
arrest at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, headquarters of the U.S. Army Intelligence
and the training place for "interrogators" at such places as Guantanamo Bay
and Abu Ghraib. Following the action, there will be a community gathering in
Livermore, to share our concerns and work.

Vasco & Patterson Pass Road, Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab
Contact: Ecumenical Peace Institute & Livermore Conversion Project.  (510) 655-1162

Sat Mar 22  10 am                 Bay Checkerspot Butterfly Walk - San Mateo

Join Liam O'Brien at Edgewood County Park in San Mateo County, off of I-280,
for a trip to see the Bay Checkerspot Butterfly.

Meet at the parking area on the east side of the I-280/Edgewood Road
Intersection at 10 am
RSVP required. Call  (415) 572-6989

Sat Mar 22  10:15-11:45am                 TransDance Journey w. Heather
Munro Pierce - Berkeley

Also April 5, 19, May 10, 17

A TransDance Journey integrates elements of tribal motion, freeform
expression, moving meditation and activated imagination into a potent,
playful and prayer-full dance experience.  We will honor the Mystery and
celebrate life!

Heather Munro Pierce is a modern day temple dancer who has led
inspirational, transformative and healing movement since 1988. In addition
to a wide range of dance exploration, she has studied Anthropology and
Religion at UC Berkeley and completed a four-year program in Spiritual and
Consciousness Studies. Her passion springs from her own experience with
dance as a path to healing, health and wholeness.

Studio Rasa, 933 Parker St at 9th, Berkeley
Drop-in: $15  Bring water

Sat Mar 22  11-4 pm                 Butterflies: Visionaries of
Transformation w. Ginny Anderson - Redwood City

At this moment in time, precious to our own lives and to all life on the
planet, we look for guides in unusual places. In the butterfly, we find one
who's been immersed in transformation since the beginning of its time on
earth. Through SoulCollage, we'll tap into the wisdom of the butterfly,
whose astonishing process of transformation offers a model for changing our
own lives.  Hear its story, and through SoulCollage, explore its parallel in
your own life.

Fundraiser for San Bruno Mountain Watch, which has some particularly
interesting butterfly challenges at the moment.

Red Morton Community Center, 1120 Roosevelt, Redwood City
Registration information: 650-780-7311, or 780-7323
Or register online
Class is listed under Arts and Crafts, Soul Collage Series
$50 general, $40 seniors
Contact: Ginny Anderson at

Sat Mar 22  12-7:30 pm           Reiki for Health, Healing & Spiritual
Enlightenment - SF

Arrival is 11:30-11:45

Welcome to our community in this one day class and join the subsequent
community gatherings for Reiki shares, healing, community building and fun.

Reiki is a gentle powerful energy that helps with physical, emotional, and
spiritual healing or change and assists one on their personal life path. It
is also a non-religious (secular) method of personal or spiritual
development.  Students of Reiki can use it to make a big change, find their
direction, assist in changing patterns or addictions, do their physical or
emotional healing, find spiritual direction or spiritual healing, take
stress out of their life, or to help someone else accomplish any of these

Chris Diaz is a Reiki master teacher, Shamanic practitioner, holistic
healer, spiritual counselor and life coach, and multi-modality Massage
therapist, practicing on the East and west coast for the last 15 years.

Reiki is a healing energy that may be used by anyone, once you are attuned
by a Reiki master. It is a tool that you can use everyday and can be used at
will for the rest of your life. It is known for its complete simplicity.

Reiki increases the health of the body, enhances happiness and fulfillment
and helps create a peaceful mind. Reiki has been found to create calmness,
restore health, increase intuition, restore clarity, and aid in rejuvenation
and recovery. Reiki speeds healing time, lowers blood pressure, reduces
stress, and helps manage pain. Reiki has been reported anecdotally to cure
illnesses. Reiki can be applied to another, to oneself or to Animals. It
works in synergy with and enhances any other healing modality, including
western medicine, and does not interfere with their workings or

Reiki requires no change in your belief system. Separate from Reiki energy,
Reiki principles help you focus, gain clarity, appreciate your life, work
toward your goals and create the life you want to live.

Some of the specific effects of this work have been decreased stress and
anxiety, increased immune function, improved intuition, physical rest and
rejuvenation, increased connection to your own source, balancing the
energies of the body, relief of pain, enhanced awareness, improved
meditation, increased positive thinking, improved creative expression, and
improvement of the effects of any healing modality you now use.

Following this Reiki I class you are invited to participate in the on going
reiki shares and healing community. You may also inquire about sessions in
"Bodywork For the Soul", Reiki, Energy Healing, shamanic healing, Chakra
Balancing, counseling/life-coaching, and apprenticing in the "Way of the

The class will take place in a comfortable small private San Francisco
studio/performance space  several blocks from the 16th street Bart Station.
(Preregistration is required).
$100 OFF THIS ONE DAY CLASS - Spaces are limited.
REGISTRATION must be PREPAID by cash, check or money order and for this
event will be $150 ($100 off the regular tuition).
Contact: Chris  510-830-5836

Tue Mar 25  8 pm                Singing Bear & Aumnibus - Fairfax

Come out and see us in our hometown - Fairfax - with Peri's as one of the
last remaining venues with integrity.

Peri's Bar, 29 Broadway in downtown Fairfax   415.459.9910

Singing Bear & Amnibus have been donating money from CD sales of "Earth
Speaks" to the great bear foundation of Montana, Canada and Alaska whose
mission is to protect large wilderness areas that are still sanctuaries for
the Black, Grizzly, Kodiak and Spirit Bears.  I am pleased to announce that
partially due to the efforts of the Great Bear Foundation, Canada has set
aside 25 MILLION ACRES as a Wildlife Preserve.  Just to give you some
now the largest contiguous and protected Bear Wilderness Area in North
America!!  YES!   For more info see


I am raising money to fund my travel around the world and bring music into
orphanages, schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, battered areas, warzones,
beaches, colleges, and everywhere that I can. We have an opportunity to
perform "All the Colors" at 5 Peace Concerts in Israel, to bring music into
hospitals and orphanages in San Francisco with Musicians for Peace's Project
Chrysalis, and to travel to the Middle and Far East to bring music, prayer
and inspiration to people of all ages. These kind of musical offerings do
not garner lots of money from the participants who are often times
struggling for their next meal. Only through your generous donations to this
effort will we be able to do this very important work. If we are able to
receive some surplus of funds, we intend to offer these impovershed
communities guitars, drums, harmonicas, and other seeds of creative
You can donate directly on our website or our myspace

Wed Mar 26  7:30-9:30 pm             An Evening with Jim Hightower - SF

Swim Against the Current: Even a Dead Fish Can Go With the Flow

"If Will Rogers and Mother Jones had a baby, Jim Hightower would be that
rambunctious child -- mad as hell, with a sense of humor." – Molly Ivins

Jim Hightower, the #1 populist in the US, has picked up some useful advice
over the years, from \"never eat at a café featuring \'bargain
kebobs\'\" to \"never hit a man with glasses; hit him with something
much heavier.\" As he and his longtime co-conspirator Susan DeMarco have
rambled through grassroots America, however, they have also come up with
more serious words of wisdom to share here, namely: question authority,
trust your values, seek alternatives, break away, stand up for your beliefs
and swim against the current!

Swim Against the Current: Even a Dead Fish Can Go With the Flow introduces
readers to people across the country who have actually done this—people in
business, politics, health care, farming, religion, and other areas who are
taking charge, living their values, doing good, and doing well. Hightower
and DeMarco show how they are doing precisely what the elites want us to
believe cannot be done: changing their lives and making a difference. In
this uplifting book, they tell the stories of these people and offer
inspiration and information that will help readers tap into their own
maverick potential in order to navigate a different, more satisfying course
of their own.

Whether they are young and just starting out or older and searching for a
different path, the common-sense folks in Swim Against the Current have
escaped the corporate tentacles to find their own way toward a richer life
and a better American future. They are creating a new, deeply democratic
model for the country, edging it back onto the long road toward
egalitarianism and the common good.

Jim Hightower (Austin, TX) is a syndicated columnist, national radio
commentator, publisher of the Hightower Lowdown newsletter, and the New York
Times bestselling author of "Thieves in
High Places".

Horace Mann Middle School, 3351 23rd St., San Francisco
$12 advance, $15 door. Available at
Contact: Global Exchange Speakers Bureau

Thu Mar 27  7:30 pm                 A Year of Butterflies in San Francisco -

After 200 days in the field, lepidopterist Liam O'Brien has sighted
thirty-two species of butterflies right here in the City!

San Francisco Natural History Series.
Randall Museum, 199 Museum Way, San Francisco
For more information, call (415) 554-9600

March 29&30                  Metamorphosis Class for Couples - Santa Rosa

Taught by Cindy & Dean Silverlock

A class devoted to understanding the principles and practice of
Metamorphosis and how to apply them in your relationship

We attribute the success of our 18 year marriage to knowing and practicing
Metamorphosis. The non-verbal approach and gentle touch works well within a

Robert St. John observed that most relationships are based on the affinity
of chaos. Our negative patterns find harmony with each other at first - and
then the typical male/female patterns set in.

You will come to understand why we exhibit the typical 'male' or 'female'
traits common to most relationships. (Sometimes they are in reverse.) You
will learn why these patterns of behavior are not personal. And the best
part - you will learn a gentle touch therapy to help let go of these
patterns. In doing this you create a more genuine and loving relationship.

Metamorphosis is extra special for couples! We all appreciate help from our
partner - without analysis. We all benefit from understanding the
relationship pattern - why men stop talking and women start nagging - and
again, why none of it is personal!

Location: Santa Rosa
Cost: $550 per couple.  Limited to 10 couples
Contact Cindy Silverlock

Sun  Mar 30  11am-2pm       Can We  Attain Sustainable Global Peace? w.
Cindy Sheehan - SF

You are invited to the Democratic World Federalists Annual Good Government
Luncheon & Talk with guest antiwar activist and Congressional candidate
Cindy Sheehan speaking on "Can We Attain  Sustainable Global Peace?"   Music
entertainment by ANNIE & the  VETS at noon.
Event cosponsored by Veterans for Peace Chapter  69, and the Bob Basker
American Legion Post 315.

$18 Program and Luncheon (or) same day at door -- $7 Program only with
dessert &  beverage (starts 12:00 noon)
Reservations by phone (415) 227-4880
Contact:  Democratic World  Federalists

Tue Apr 15               The Great American Strike April 15, 2008

See details at
Also see the video at

Make Love Not War CD is now available. Immerse yourselves in the spirit of
the butterflies. You get a copy free with a membership to the Butterfly
Gardeners or Musicians & Fine Artists for World Peace. I personally
guarantee that you will love it & your purchase or membership will help
support our mission. Please see details and membership info at

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