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Thu Mar 27  7:30 pm              A Year of Butterflies in San Francisco - SF
Fri Mar 28  7:30 pm               The Clarences - SF
Sat Mar 29  2 pm                   Common Agenda Regional Network - Berkeley
Fri Mar 28  8 pm                    Songwriters' Showcase - Santa Cruz
Sat Mar 29  8-10 pm              Druid Sisters Tea Party Benefit - Arcata
March 29&30                         Metamorphosis Class for Couples - Santa
Sun  Mar 30  11am-2pm         Can We  Attain Sustainable Global Peace? w.
Cindy Sheehan - SF
Sun Mar 30   12:45-2:30 pm    Daniel Ellsberg: Must America Remain an Outlaw
State? - SF
Sun Mar 30   8pm-2am           Songwriter's Nite @ Peri's Bar - Fairfax
Sat Apr 5  10:15-11:45am       TransDance Journey w. Heather Munro Pierce -
Sat Apr 5  9:30 pm                 Will Sing for Change - SF
Sun Apr 6  6-8 pm               **Improv Singing Circl- Oakland
Tue Apr 8  7:30 pm                 Sam Keen on the The Lasting Appeal of War
- Santa Rosa
Sat Apr 12  8:30-10:30 pm       TransDance Journey w. Heather Munro Pierce -
Tue Apr 15                             The Great American Strike April 15,

Wish of the Week
Please join Musicians and Artists for Peace.and get a free copy of our Make
Love Not War CD. Immerse yourselves in the spirit of the butterflies. I
personally guarantee that you will love it & your purchase or membership
will help support our mission. Please see details and membership info at

Quotation of the Week
"In a world of caterpillars, it takes balls to be a butterfly!"

Song of the Week
"When" by Nasio. It was so great it made me cry and dance at the same time.
Please listen to the song at

Music Videos of the Week
Liel Kolet's Peace Documentary -
Liel Singing Imagine with Bill Clinton - I am honored to introduce you one
of our newest members.  Liel, a 16 year old Israeli girl with a magnificent
singing Imagine with a little help from 40 Israelis, 40 Arabs and Bill
Clinton at  or
You can hear her othet music at where you can click on
videos.  I suggest listening to the live video with Scorpion to hear Send Me
an Angel after turning off the sound icon at the top right hand corner of
the page so you don't hear two soundtracks at the same time. Also see and
The Thousand Handed God of Mercy - 21 Deaf Chinese Dancers perform an
amazing thai-esque dance called "senjyukannon" (roughly the thousand handed
goddess of mercy).  The performers rely on the feel of the music, rather
than the sound itself. This performance was done for a Japanese nationwide

Link of the Week
US Government Immorality Will Lead to Bankruptcy -
Jiffy Lube Busted*, caught on tape ripping people off! Everyone you know who
owns a car might want to look at this.




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