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Come hang out in Pirate Cat Radio cafe (2781 21st street @ Florida, SF)
12-2PM when I do my show and ask questions if you want.

Lilycat on Stuff- Pirate Cat - Sat - noon-2PM
Radio  - 87.9 FM & on
Amazing writers - Stephen Elliot and Raina Bird.

There are very funny and educational Podcasts-

This list has:
1) Must See
2) Stuff about me (brief)
3) SF (Bay Area) Event listing
4) Good Folks playing other places
5) Art thing & artist I liked -this week
6) Place to send your art (calls for submission)
MUST SEE: Also come see:  (these should be cool)

March 8- Fresh Dirt: Filthy New Erotica." - CSC -1519 Mission, SF- 8PM-10PM
Lilycat will be reading

March 8- Pirate Cat Radio Benefit-Slims, SF-  8PM- $15
Arnoldcorp, Gun & Doll Show & &.

March 8- Writers with Drinks- Make Out Room, SF- 7PM- $3-$5
Amazing writers and the best MC

ME UPDATES: TOP PARTS OF MY LAST WEEK (part of my Livelournal)

One day from my week:
Stephanie and I drove to Half Moon Bay and got crab cake, and chatted....
very nice. Also, I got an evil eye to put around my neck.

I was part of the live -audience for the John Miller Program with Candy
Churilla ... so cool - comic and our new friend 'Drunk' a sweet neighborhood
girl, who added a lot to the show and then I did a tarot card reading swap
with (she was very insightful for someone who could barely walk straight.)
It was so fun.

Check it out more at:
SF EVENTS: now-3/19-more at


March 5 -March 15 (thur- Sat) -"Serve By Expiration"- Exit -277 Taylor St.
SF -8PM- $15
Work.  Life.  And Minimum Rage.

March 5-March 29-Charles Gatewood Photographs-Robert Tat Gallery-49 Geary
St,# 211, SF
Vintage prints from the acclaimed WALL STREET series, -with earlier works
documenting America's Emerging Sexual Underground.
Reception and Gallery Talk with the Artist: - Saturday, February 16, 2-5

March 5- April 5 (Wed-Sat) - Luv- Actors Theater-855 Bush, SF - 8PM- $20

March 5- June 8-Sex & Sensibility-Cartoon Art Museum-655 Mission St.
SF-Tues-Sun-11- 5PM
Ten Women Examine the Lunacy of Modern Love


March 5 (1st Wednes)- Live Americana Music Show - El Rio- 3158 Mission St.,
SF-8 pm -$4
J.Byrd Hosch, Winsome Griffles, Americana music DJed by Gally99

March 5 -Birds & Batteries - the Knockout -3223 Mission St, SF -9PM

March 5 -CRAFTS AND COLLAGE- CSC-1519 Mission, SF -7PM
an evening of making stuff, gossip and quasi-intellectual discussion! All
small handicrafts are welcomed; collage, knitting, crocheting, quilting etc.
We meet at 7 pm on the first Wednesday evening of the month starting this
March 5th. Chocolate, luscious yarn and witty repertoire are all encouraged.

March 5 - Electrum: a high-voltage documentary- The Exploratorium -3601 Lyon
St., SF -6:30PM

March 5 - One Note Comedy- The Edinburgh Castle, SF- 8PM- $10
a Variety and Chat show of Stand-up Comedy, Music, and Vaudevillian Acts!

March 5 - Regina's Closet: Finding My Grandmother's Secret Journal- Laurel
Book Store -4100 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland- 7PM
Diana Raab reads from her new memoirRaab intersperses excerpts of her own
journal with that of her beloved grandmother, who committed suicide in
Raab's childhood home 30 years ago. It's a moving account of family and

March 5-(wed)-BERZERKELEY SLAM -Starry Plough- 3101 Shattuck.
Berkeley-8:30-11pm. $7

March 6 (thurs) - Shorts Program-Henry Miller Library Highway One, Big

March 6 - Mini Pop Festival - Amenisia, SF - 9PM- $8
more of the festival info -

March 6 -9 & 13-15- foolsFURY Theater -Monster in the Dark   CounterPulse,
SF   8PM (Sun -5PM)
a collaboration with novelist Doug Dorst that examines irrational fears and
the dark mythologies that forever haunt our consciousness.

March 6 - March 22-THE TEN COMMANDMENTS: Live! - Dark Room Theater -2263
Mission St, SF -8PM- $15
A Comedy of Biblical Proportions

March 7-"Open Eyes" a Queer Film - Femina Potens- 2199 Market Street,  SF
Come by at 7:30 p.m. to submit your short films or video pieces.
Pieces can be up to 5 minutes in length.

March 7-Stephen Elliot & Matthew Clark Davison- Adobe Books on 16th Street &
Valencia, SF-7PM

March 7-First Friday Follies - Stork Club - 2330 Telegraph Ave., Oakland
hosted by Oakland's own mavens of mischief, Belles du Jour with Kitten on
the Keys, our Mistress of Ceremonies

March 7-Uncle Sarah's Superhero Sideshow - Cafe Van Kleef- 1621 Telegraph,
8:30 pm- $5
w/ Diamond Daggers

March 8- SF Ghost Society Lectures -Park Branch Library -12PM-4PM

March 8- Fresh Dirt: Filthy New Erotica." - CSC -1519 Mission, SF- 8PM-10PM
Lilycat will be reading

March 8- "Pick Your Poison: Medicine and Madness "- Oddball Films- 275 Capp
St., SF -8PM
a 16mm screening of medical, psychoactive and mental hygiene films including
-Le Monde Du Schizophrenia -(The World of the Schizophrenic).  Pain and Its
Alleviation,  Addictive Sopers, One a Minute, Ulcer at Work and more.
$10.00 RSVP (Limited seating) to or 415.558.8117.

March 8- Pirate Cat Radio Benefit-Slims, SF-  8PM- $15
Arnoldcorp, Gun & Doll Show & &.

March 8- "Pick Your Poison: Medicine & Madness"- Oddball Films-275 Capp St.,
a16mm screening of medical,, psychoactive and mental hygiene films including
Le Monde Du Schizophrene (The World of the Schizophrenic).  Pain and Its
Alleviation,  Addictive Sopers,  One a Minute,  Ulcer at Work and more. --
RSVP (Limited seating) to or 415.558.8117.

March 8- Writers with Drinks- Make Out Room, SF- 7PM- $3-$5
Amazing writers and the best MC

March 8- 17-Harmon Leon - The Hypnodrome -575 10th St., SF -8PM

March 8 - Kafana Balkan (Balkan music party) - 12 Galaxies- 2565 Mission,
SF- 8PM - $12

March 8-House of Burlesque-Un-Dressed to Kill-Bender's-806 S. Van Ness Ave,
SF -10PM- $8
Performing LIVE with the KISS tribute band, DESTROYER are: Lady Monster,
Bombshell Betty, Ophelia de Couer Noir, Miss Coconuts, Trixie Treat, Bunny
Pistol, and Ariyana LeFey

March 9 - (sundays)-Bad Movie Night-Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF-8PM-
$5 w/ popcorn

March 10 (Mondays)- ASK Dr. HAL! is BACK!- 12 Galaxies, SF - 9PM

March 11- The Voodoo Cabaret- Otis Lounge - 25 Maiden Lane , SF-9PM
unique ritualistic, shamanistic musical experience is brought to you by an
underground ensemble of deep-root San Francisco artists with the promise of
an intimate evening of live exotic dancers, soulful vocals and hot West
African rhythms taking place at the sophisticated

MARCH 11 -(tues night)-WordParty- Club Deluxe -1511 Haight Street, SF-8:30-
Poetry open mic with Jazz Music

MARCH 11 -(tues) - Speech Therapy- Anu-43 6th St., SF- 8:30PM- free

March 12- Lipstick and Dipstick's Essential Guide to Lesbian Relationships-
Laurel Book Store -4100 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland- 7PM
Gina Daggett and Kathy Belge offer advice from their new book. The reading
will be followed by an event at Velvet Women's Bar.

March 12, 14,15 -The Tyrannt - Project Artaud -33 Valencia # 301, SF
With Amy X

March 13-Radical Love Workshop- AK PRESS -674 A 23rd Street, SF -7PM- $15
At a time when our nation is determined to keep us on the warpath, what
better time to raise our voices against intolerance, hatred, and violence?
At a time when our government propels us into a new dark age of fascism,
what better time to talk about radical love, or the right to love who we
want, how we want, and as many as we want?

March 13-Thrillville- The Parkway Speakeasy Theatre -1834 Park Blvd.,
Oakland-9:15 pm- $8
Hey sailor, meet me at THRILLVILLE'S GAY GO-GO SHOW   w/ Diamond Daggers

March 14 -Groovy Judy Grooves Solo -Dolores Park Cafe -501 Dolores, SF-
- fundraiser for Amy & Cindy's Yard Concerts--ALL AGES, donations

March 14 -May Garsson & Tom Odegard read - Nefeli Caffe- 1854 Euclid Ave,
Berkeley -7 pm

March 15-A night of female fronted rock!- Beale Street Bar & Grill-133 Beale
Street, SF -8PM- $5
Featuring Groovy Judy Band and special guests Lane Four, Fujiko Chan, &
Fighting the Villian

March 15 (1st & 3rd Sat)-Chez Badunkadunk-Upstairs Lounge-Cat Club-1190
Folsom, SF-10pm - $10
SF's Best Alternative Strip Club + BurlyQ -
Starring The Lusty Ladies, The Black Widows, and some new hot dancers too

March 15 -Progressive Reading   Make Out Room, SF -7PM- $5
features Amy Tan, Jerry Stahl, Justin Chin, Bucky Sinister, Peter Plate, and
Rabih Alameddine.

March 15- Sacred Prostitution & The Modern Courtesan-CSC-1519 Mission, SF
2-5 pm-$25
Is there really such a thing as Sacred Prostitution?  What about Courtesans?
What is the difference between a Courtesan and a Prostitute anyway?
Veronica Monet will answer these and many more questions about the World's
Oldest Profession.!

March 16-What's Your Answer?- 12 Galaxies -22nd and Mission, SF- 8PM- $5
You asked for it! So we're doing it again! From the creators of Urban
Golf, the $25,000 Pyramid Scheme, the Buzzed Bee and other notorious
wastes of time and talent comes What's Your Answer?!

March 17 (1st& 3rd Mon)-A Taste of Sex: Erotic Poetry Readings -OneTaste
Urban Retreat
Come share your turn-on at this Erotic Open Mic Night Center- 1074 Folsom
St, SF - 7:45pm - 10:30pm

March 17 -Funny But Mean is building a well in Africa and we need your
help!-Marine's Memorial Theatre -609 Sutter Street , SF- 8PM-$10

March 18 -Writers' Grotto-
Stephen Elliot be teaching a two hour seminar on Writing From Experience.
This is a one time seminar, $50 enrollment, and spaces are limited.

March 19-Reading by Tobi Hill-Meyer-Center for Sex & Culture-1519 Mission,
SF -7:30 pm -$5
Tobi Hill-Meyer is a genderqueer transdyke trying to squeak out a living
while making time to write about sexuality, gender identity, and all things

March 19-Almost Certainly Humorous!!! -! - Dark Room Theater -2263 Mission
St, SF   8PM -$8
"The Ed Forman Show, with ME! ED FORMAN!" is a live, 70's style, late-night,
talk show that mixes improv & sketch comedy, music, and special guest
interviews that might be with YOU, the audience!

LA Shows/ San Jose

1) Regulay film showcase- 7 DUDLEY CINEMA shows the following films at
SPONTO Gallery, 7 Dudley Ave, Venice, 310-306-7330, free admission, 8:00pm, Come early - seating is limited & 7pm


Los Angeles

50 Cent Haircut shows
3/06-8 PM - KNITTING FACTORY "ROCK N ROLL REVIEW" -7021 Hollywood Blvd.,


1) A blog of a trip to India by a local comic on a search...

2) A friend's new CD
The Seething Brunswicks' new album, Music for Your Secure Home is now
available for sale as a CD or a download and you can even listen to free
previews of every song at

3) Very cute video:


nonprofit Music4Life is asking for donations so that we can raise the $500
needed to become a 501(c)3. We will alert you when the monies have been
raised and anything beyond that will go directly to the WM3 Defense Fund.
By helping Music4Life gain a 501(c)3 we can help the WM3 by putting on
events in a more effective way. All events that Music4Life does the monies
go to the WM3 defense fund. To date I've raised over $40,000.

About Music4Life: 
Music4Life is a non-profit organization that puts together live music events
to raise funds and awareness on social justice issues such as death penalty
reform. Our unique mission uses the 'rock concert' auditorium as classroom
for powerful public education. We seek to direct attention and focus to the
inconsistencies that are standard operating procedure in many U.S.
Currently Music4Life uses the case of the WM3 as an example of this problem
and this is why we are able to give monies directly to the defense fund of
the WM3.
Please be certain to note in subject line/purpose that it's for the
Music4Life 501(c)3. Include your email so that I can send you a letter for
tax purposes. Currently we've raised $100.00. Only $400.00 to go.



XOXO - have a beautiful and creative day
  Melinda, lilycat, Ms Kittywhore, Boom Boom
"Building community, helping good people, and promoting great art."

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