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Help global warming by preserving old growth forests

Dear Friends of the Earth,

  A group of California activist's have come up with a simple and do-able anti- global warming action plan (attached). Check it out and then read this letter. If you agree, cut and paste it, add your name, and send it to the Email addresses at the bottom. For Senator Feinstein, go to her site at:

  For Barbara Boxer, here:

  Thank you for standing up and being counted.

  Joey Racano, Director
  Ocean Outfall Group
  PO Box 1260, Morro Bay
  Ca 93443

Subject line: Help global warming by preserving old growth forests

Body of email:

February 4, 2007

Dear Members of Congress, the Legislature, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,

The task of saving California's old-growth forest has always been such a contentious issue, that leaders of both major parties have historically shied away.

However, in light of the recently released United Nations report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the stakes, like our seas, have risen significantly. The time has come for spirited debate to end and decisive action to begin.

We the citizens of the global community support the idea of carbon sequestration through protection of California's last remaining old-growth forests, consider it to be an excellent first step in the quest for global climate stabilization, and do hereby call upon our leaders to begin implementation of such a program.


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Joey Racano
PO Box 1260
Morro Bay, California
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