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TONS of fantastic things waiting on the horizon this week!!! Get out, check out, and participate in some of these wonderful events!

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Upcoming Events:

*** Be Nice – Wednesday, March 14th ***

*** Bohemian Carnival – Saturday, March 17th ***

*** Blood Drive, Fundraiser for Spike's Vampire Bar – Sat, March 24th ***

*** Mermen play Benefit for Bayview Artpatch - Saturday, March 24th ***

*** Alchemy - Saturday, March 24th ***

*** Spectra Ball - Saturday, March 31st ***

*** Lombard St. Big Wheel Race - Sunday, April 8th ***

Call for Participation:

*** Burning Man Green House ***

*** Pandora's Trunk ***


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Be Nice – Tonight!

Hi All,

This Wednesday the 14th marks the date for the March Be Nice Party.
And we have a couple things to say:

At 11 pm we have a special guest DJ coming to spin 80's for as long as
you want to dance it up until as late as 2 am.

Thanks to everyone who showed up at the free showing of The Secret on
Sunday night!  If  people are interested in future showings (or other
movies), let us know.

And without further ado, the event information follows:

The Be Nice Party.  An early evening in a quiet club atmosphere where
you can drop in after work, order dinner, sip a drink and have a chat
with new friends.  A Burner-rich event, this is about bringing Burning
Man home: come meet your Bay Area neighbors in a setting where there
are no expectations, just smile if you want and enjoy the vibe. This
is our part of bringing Black Rock City Sensibilities Home.

Catalyst Cocktails
312 Harriet (@ Bryant & 6th in SOMA) -- [Easy Bus Access on the 47 MUNI]
San Francisco

Wednesday, March14, 2007, 6pm to 11pm
Guest DJ spinning 80's tunes from 11pm to 2 am

No cover.  21 and over.


Todd and Janaya


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Okay, holy Lepreklowns! Hold on to your hats!
We here at Bohemian Carnival HQ simply, through agonizing effort and unwavering love for you and all we want to do for you, have created probably the best show you will have ever seen in your entire life.

(Until, that is, our show next month.)

Our Bohemian Carnival for Saturday, March 17th is going to be a doozy. A super-dooper doozy. Dig it:

Saturday, March 17, 2007 - 9pm - late 
DNA Lounge – 
375 11th St., San Francisco 
$15 advance tix (via ); $20 at the door 
21+ w/ID 

With your glorious hosts: 

Vau de Vire Society - 

And yet another dastardly collection of super freaks, not limited to: 

El Circo !- 
Random Rab !-
Mark Growden !-
El Papachango !
Xeno !- 
Luxxury !- 
Tim Barsky !- 
Andrew Jones ! 
Rachael Jablo !- 
Circus Metropolus' Klown Korps !- 

And, lo and bold, YOU!

Not to mention: 
The Bumblefumbler Feel Box 
Bop'm Sock'm Klownbots 
The Insta Klown klownification station

This month, Vau de Vire Society, Gooferman, and Circus Metropolus have pulled out ALL the stops - and yeah, while this may seem like a three day festival, it's NOT! It's all in one phenomenal night, and we've put it together just for you - because we loooooove you! 
We simply, through agonizing effort and unwavering love for you and all we want to do for you, create the best show you will have ever seen in your entire life. (Until, that is, our show next month.) 
Our Bohemian Carnival for March is going to make you jump for joy, drool with delight, and until then, squirm with anticipation! 
We keep making them better and better, with more and more deliciouser performers that will take you to Carnival Nirvana, and leave you dripping with sweat, makeup (probably not yours) and other bodily fluids. (again, probably not yours - but you won't mind, will you?) 
Come succumb to the amazing amazinness of El Circo, the phenomenal beats of Random Rab, the passion and raw, in your face music and voice of the one and only Mark Growden! Come gape at the exquisite El Pachango, the leg-wetting sexiness of the aerial workings of our beloved Xeno, and the up-and-downright disco-noir synth-pop deliciousness of Luxxury! Roar like hounds when Tim Barsky steps up to the stage with things indescribable, and just in case all the tantalizing beauties that will be walking around and appearing on the stage aren't enough to stimulate your salivary glands (and those other things that we really like to stimulate), we have LIVE ART! That's right, boyses and girlses, throughout the evening, in front of your very peepers, Andrew Jones is going to be creating something that will make you tremble with delight! 

This is a show to beat all shows, and for merely a pittance, you get bajillions returned back to you in heart-popping awe from the second you step inside! 

We're all about making your evening the best it could ever possibly be - and you have a sincere guarantee from me, kSea flux, personally - if you don't have fun, if you don't see some of the sexiest people you ever have doing things that delight you, if you don't utter at least one "ooooh!" or one "aaaaah!" or one "WHOA!) - then I will personally return your fare. Or at least, buy you a drink. 

There is nothing that compares to Bohemian Carnival - come join us - and dress like you mean it! 
(Of course, we always have the insta-klown booth for ALL of your makeup needs!) 

Pretty pictures of our past events: 

We look forward to seeing you there!


~ kSea


)'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'(



A Fundraising benefit for Spike's Vampire Bar

On Saturday, March 24th, the undead from Spike's Vampire Bar will take control of the Porn
Palace in San Francisco and celebrate as only we can! This will be one of the most amazing
nights on or off the playa and you do not want to miss it!

Join us for this fundraiser to help keep Spike's undead on the sunblighted wasteland of Black
Rock City! "Blood" will flow and you can Dance the night away.

Porn Palace
415 Jesse Street
San Francisco, CA 
$15.00 in advance at
$20.00 at the door
21+, ID required

NOTE: You can also donate to Spike's via PayPal at
Fuzztheraven (
DJ Slaveboy

Plus performances by:
Captain Erotica
Red Hot


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Benefit for the Bayview Artpatch

Saturday, March 24, 2007
@ 12 Galaxies, 9pm, $15 

The MERMEN will be headlining a benefit for the Bayview Artpatch at:

12 Galaxies
2565 Mission St
San Francisco, CA.
Phone: (415)970-9777
Purchase Tickets 

Opening Bands
Cuatro Caminos
the Extraordinares

Lightshow by VJ Pussycat

The Bayview Artpatch is an effort by artists in the SF Bay area to build a sculpture garden using reused, reclaimed and recycled materials. Come on out and support an effort to bring a little beauty to the Bayview.
Find out more info about the Artpatch, go to: 

Listen to an interview the Mermen did on KUSF 90.3 FM 
about the upcoming show.

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Saturday, March 24
8pm-2am (fashion show at 10pm by Missing Piece)
California Modern Art Gallery (1035 Market, btw 6th and 7th Streets)

Alchemy is the first Underground 2.0 offering from False Profit. This
legal and permitted event, to be held in an art gallery, will feature all
manner of creative activities. Where past events have relied on careful
design by an executive team to blow apart your senses, Alchemy features
the same careful design but relies on you, the participant, to take things
a step further once you arrive. You are invited to dress creatively,
express indulgently, and create your own interactive games for the

$10-20 sliding scale (the $20 entry come with a wearable canvas)
FP Exclusive: Be one of the first 50 at the door, and get a free Smart
Power energy drink to rev up your creative juices.

Things to do and see include...

* Video mad libs hosted by Brett Levine
* Photo booth by LEC Photo
* Fashion show hosted by Missing Piece
* Running with Scissors with Miranda Caroligne, Minerva's Antennae, Bunnie Reiss, and Medium Reality
* Verse forge poetry
* Patchwork knitting
* Screening mashup hosted by Domini
* Live painting
* Magic
* Music by Fake Science
* dance, drinkables, and more...

There will be art, wearables, and libations available for purchase.

As the most advanced company on the planet, False Profit's most valuable asset is our brand, and the return on your investment is social capital. By using their logo, slogans, and constantly evolving army of catch-phrases and taglines, they present a cohesive face to the world as it moves by along the esplanade. False Profit continues to leverage it's brand each year, on and off the playa, with new interactive art pieces that will leave you scratching your head and asking yourself how the life you enjoy could really be your own.

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4 PM



BYOBW 2007
the Bring Your Own Big Wheel race is back and curvier
than ever!*

2007 will be the SEVENTH ANNUAL BYOBW, neighbors and
police permitting, rain or shine ... there are always
prizes, one year featured tighty-whities with custom
denim iron-on Lombard Street Skid Marks and other
years have featured paintings, string art, shellac
plaques, and embroidered knit caps and t shirts, all
made by me. Lombard Street is of course not the 
crookedest street, especially compared to Vermont 
Street in Potrero Hill, but with a built-in
international audience and scenic landscaping, who
could resist? Prizes are given for all sorts of
reasons, occasionally for being first, always for
being last, and as the race is designed for plastic
children's toys which are prone to failure when
carrying over 80 pounds, winning isn't the goal here -
survival is. This is a free event!!!!

*not actually curvier


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Artsfest Presents the 4th Annual
S P E C T R A  B A L L
Saturday March 31st, 8pm-3am
Regency Center (Sutter & Van Ness)
info & links: 

Spectra Ball '07 is a dynamic creative spectacle that brings together the entire spectrum of the arts with a multi-cultural array of performances of music, theater, dance, circus, spoken word, fashion and visual art installations, all on one glorious night!  Below find the incredible list of over 50 individual and group performances that will make this an unforgettable experience.

Tickets: ($50 Standard, $100 VIP) 
Use special promo code ARTS (all CAPS) for $35 discount tickets! 

Spectra Ball '07: The Creative Spectrum Under One Roof!
Akosua (Ghanaian-American Songwriter)
Albino! (12-piece AfroBeat Extravaganza) 
Alex Theory Live! (Live Electronic Dance) 
Allison Lovejoy (Accordion/Piano Starling) 
Berkeley SLAM! Poets (Slam Poetry) 
Blane Lyon (Funk, Soul and Conscious Groove) 
Blue Bone Express (New Orleans Brass Band) 
Brass Menazeri (Balkan Brass Band) 
CaroLuna (Opera Diva) 
Chief Sonne Reyne (Native Chat) 
Circus Metropolus (Karnival Klown Show) 
Cohen (Gypsy Pop) 
Deborah Crooks (Intimate/Edgy Acoustic)
Deborah Eliezer (Grand Ballroom Emcee)
DJ Delachaux (Neo-Burlesque)
DJ Kashia (Infectious Urban Groove) 
DJ Natural Sphere (World Breaks Techno) 
El Papachango (Latin Breaks)
Eliyahu Sills & Qadim (Mystical Near-East Music) 
Elizabeth Strong & Mira Betz (Bellydance) 
Emeryville Taiko (Taiko Drum ensemble) 
Fou Fou Ha! (Cartoon Dance)
Geralyn Gendreau (Ecstatic Poetry) 
Goddess Alchemy Project (Dub Hip Hop) 
Hot Pink Feathers (Carnavale meets Cabaret)
J9 of Xeno (Trapeze) 
Jill Tracy (Sultry Piano Chanteuse) 
Kevin Ohnsman (Emcee) 
Kingfish & Eddie's Hubba-Hubba Revue (Comedy & Burlesque) 
Kwisp (Holographic Video Synthesizer)
Liberation Movement featuring Resurrector (Heavyweight Dub Champion) & Jillian Ann
Loyd Family Players (Sideways Samba Troupe) 
Mark Growden (Avante Singer Songwriter)
Miranda Caroligne (Fashion)
Miss Rosie, Jamie Luv & Vikki Friedman (super hoopers)
Mythic System (Harmonic Archtypal Metapoetic Experience)
MoRockin Project (Moroccan/Jazz/Funk)
Pele's Tears (Fusion, Poetry 'n Dance) 
Shamanic Cheerleaders (Divine Pep) 
Singing Bear (Acoustic Roots Music) 
Soulati & Infinite (Tag-Team Beatbox)
Steve "Shea" Sisgold (Inspirational Singer/Songwriter/Emcee) 
The Genie w/ Eah (Guitar Beatbox) 
The Human Revolution (Acoustic World Fusion)
The Nekyia (Sexy Sublime Dance & Music) 
The Sonanado Project (Afro-Cuban jazz)
Tim Fox (Guitarra Latinoamericana) 
Tippy Canoe & Mikie Lee Prasad (Old-Timey Pop) 
Vau de Vire Society (Avante Aerial Cabaret)
Von Stilt Family (Circus)


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Burning Man Green House April 14th 11-4

Calling all eco-fashionistas and playa hugging minimalists!

 Got a flair for fashion and a passion for the Earth?

Some original haute designs ready for the playa?

Some trashion pieces?

Or just some practical earth- friendly ways to dress on the playa?

Then please bring your favorite outfit to show at the first-ever Burning Man Eco- Fashion show. It's being held as part of the Green House event that is paired with the annual Open House and Participation Faire for volunteers on April 14th at the Burning Man Offices at 1900 3rd Street, San Francisco from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm.

 Creative use and reuse of clothing, fabric, gizmos, and found materials for playa outfits is something Burners have been doing for years. Green fashion features recycled, renewable, and responsibly produced materials that don't hurt the environment, the people who wear them, or the people that made them. So come and share examples of how we can dress with style and green our clothing and costumes choices on the playa.

Outfits can be plain or fancy, upcycled, recycled, reused, assembled, straight from the closet, or right off the thrift store rack.

We'll also have space for those who would like to set up stations for creating eco playa wear and accessories from 12:00 to 3:00.

 Everyone attending the Green House and Open House/Participation Faire is invited to live the change, dress green and come to the eco-fashion show at 3:00 pm. Designers with original creations will be showcased in a portion of the program.

We'll have a stage, an MC, and a DJ. Contact us at if you're thinking of joining the fun and want to help.


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Pandora's Trunk
Visual Vaudeville & Built Burlesque
Saturday April 28th 1-7pm


Pandora's Trunk is turning one and we couldn't be happier 
with our first year of success!  We are marking the event 
with a move from our SoMa warehouse space to a bigger venue, 
an art gallery where SoMa and the Mission meet.  With this 
move we have an even greater need for eclectic, talented, 
and innovative artists of all stripes to fill out our ranks. 
 We are issuing a call for artists on a rolling basis 
(spots are open until filled) and so encourage you to check 
out the website and fill out an application as soon as you 
can.  It is free to apply and once you are accepted a $25 
deposit will hold your space, and will be subtracted from 
the percentage of your sales that we will collect the day of 
the event.  Pandora's Trunk is a really special event, free 
to all and featuring free live music and free bottomless 
sangria.  It really doesn't get any better than this!

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