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So many things coming up, we couldn't fit them all in the last Announce! So here's a special edition with even more exciting events just around the corner. Get out and get involved!

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Call for Participation:

*** Burning Man's Center Camp Cafe Craft Day – Saturday, March 24th ***

 Upcoming Events:

*** Beats for Peace/ Beats for life,  A How Weird Benefit – Friday, March 23rd ***

*** Anon Salon Prest-O Change-O – Saturday, March 24th ***



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Burning Man's Center Camp Cafe Craft Day

Can you believe the Man burns in 175 days???
I am pleased to announce the FIRST Cafe Craft Party of 2007!!!
That's right…
It's time again to run with scissors, eat glue, roll around in shiny fabric and CREATE our beautiful Community Cafe! Please join us for the making of our famous Crown Flags that sit atop our illustrious community gathering place, the Center Camp Cafe.  We will be measuring, cutting and sewing fabric. No sewing experience needed! Bring a sewing machine if you don't mind carrying it and would like to sew with your own, otherwise we have a few to use.

Let me hip you to the happenins':

WHO: your rockin' self and all your rockin' playa peeps
WHEN: Saturday, March 24 1-6pm
WHERE: Burning Man WORLD Headquarters

Future Craft Parties are as follows (sometimes subject to change
so stay posted):
Sunday May 6th   1- 6pm
Sunday June 3rd  1- 6pm 
Sunday July 1st  1- 6pm
Thursday July 26th evening 6 - 10pm
Thursday Aug. 2nd  evening 6 - 10pm

Yummy snacks, drinks and lunch will be provided to fully
energize your ability to run with those scissors. Please feel
free to BYOB
Questions? please email


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A How Weird Benefit at 1015 on March 23rd

Date & Time: 2007-03-23 10:00 PM
Location: 1015 Folsom

Copy and paste this URL into your browser to see the event:

You are invited to a benefit of epic proportions for two worthy causes as San Francisco's largest club will be transformed into a gathering of 
communities in the name of peace. 100% of the proceeds will go to the 
production of the 8th annual How Weird Street Faire and to the Baby Hazel Fund. Hazel is a sweet 11-month old girl who was recently diagnosed with cancer and needs help immediately. For more information on Hazel, and to donate, please visit

The How Weird Street Faire is an experiment in creating peace, uniting the 
diverse art and music communities of the Bay Area. It is also a benefit and 
celebration for the non-profit World Peace Through Technology Organization 

We've assembled an awesome collection of music and art representing some of 
the best the world has to offer. This is going to be a massive event, so 
please arrive early. Thanks to 1015 for their help and support for this 

 -  Five rooms of cutting edge music representing every stage from this year's How Weird Street Faire; hosted by CCC, Sunset, Tantra, Symbiosis, Earthdance, Lowpro Lounge, Dub Beautiful, False Profit, Music Without Borders, Get Freaky, Muti Music, and Raindance!
 -  Two very worthwhile causes!
 -  One amazing time!

The 8th annual How Weird Street Faire will take place on Sunday May 6, 2007. This will be the last faire on Howard Street. We hope to see you there! For more information, check out the website - The entire faire squeezed into a building, how weird is that?

In the Front Room - Beats for Life (by Raindance)

Liberation Movement (featuring Resurrector of Heavyweight Dub Champion, 
Jillian Ann + special guests)
Subal (Raindance/13 Moon Tribe)
Kraddy (Glitch Mob)
Boreta (Glitch Mob/Raindance)
Adam Ohana (Get Freaky/
Little John (Raindance/13 Moon Tribe)
Mozaic (Raindance/Nexus)

In the Bassment - A House & Breaks Mix (by Sunset + Music Without Borders + Raindance)

Jeno (Wicked)
Galen (Pacific Sound/Sunset)
Solar (Pacific Sound/Sunset)
Mochi (Waffle Beats)
Hypnotech (Addictech)
Friction (Yellow #5)

In the Main Room - A Trance Mix (by CCC + Tantra)

Penta (AuraQuake Music, Russia/SF) - Presenting his new album "Horn Please"!
KJ (CCC/Tantra)
Liam (Tantra)
Kode IV (Ceiba)
Cyril (Vaporvent)
Cybert (CCC)

In the Back Upstairs - A Downtempo Mix (by Dub Beautiful + False Profit)

Sariah Storm (Terpsichore Group)
pureEvil (Space Cowboys/Glitch Mob)
maer (Dub Beautiful/Psyphy Machine)
DJJD (False Profit)
obi-J (False Profit)
funktion (ill)

In the Front Upstairs - An Eclectic Mix (by Lowpro Lounge + Symbiosis)

B.I.G Crew (featuring Subtek, Enzyme, Jamin Creed, DJ Munk)
Danny  (Moontribe/Symbiosis)
Majitope (Lowpro)
James Christopher (Lowpro)
MC Child (B.I.G. Crew/Grime City)
Axiom MC (Beatropolis/Lowpro)
Goddess Alchemy Project
Absynth  (Live Electronic Band)
Audette Sophia  (Poet/Singer)
Ribotto  (Symbiosis)
Taylor Maiden  (Linguistic Seamstress)

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ANON SALON  goes all








285 9th Street (@ Folsom) in SF



Suggestive Donations:

$10 before 10:30 / $15 enchanted/ $20 dis-spirited




Merrie Melodies!

~ SOL ( Sol Sound Music) [ link ] 

~ JOCELYN (Get Freaky) [ link ] 

~ LAZY $LAVE (Anon Salon, Dustfish) 

vs. RUFFHAUSER (Digitizm, MSR) [ link] 

~ Plus Special Guest TBA


~ Mondo-Masks by SCOTT SEIDMAN [ link ] 

(See yourself projected large!)


Sleights of Hand-Some Minds!




~ NOME , SHRIMP, LEO (Dustfish) [ link] 


Creature Features!

~ Reality-Plasms by ANDREW JONES [ link ]

~  Bunnyjam Lightboxes by KAREN LEWIS [ link] 

~ Professor Whaqeau's Cartoon Wall w/ DR. HAL ROBINS [ link] 

~ DIY Bugs Bunny Birthday Tweak-A-Toon  by DR. FRIENDLY [ link] 

~ Photo Tableaus by FAITH ALLEN [ link]

~ FantaMannequins in the MuseYum by LAEL, ROBIN & PAMELA


~ Prest-O Vide-O / Cartoon Bunny Video by RADIA

~ Karmic Karaoke/ 409 CREW

~ BLISS LIGHTS! from LASERS & LIGHTS [ link ] 

~ Cast your own Magikal Spell

~ Sparkle Zone / DEE DEE RUSSELL [ link ]

~ Aphrodesial Truffles / ZoECACAo [ link ]

~ Miracufaces / OCEANA

~ Guardian @ the Gate - ISSAC of Sumeria!

~ LIGHTN' WIRE [ link ]


& More!

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