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Here's a new batch of events for this week and lots of opportunity for participation. Get out and get involved!

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Upcoming Events:


*** Bunny Jam: HARE-itics BALL  Saturday, April 7th ***

*** Memoir Spool  Upcoming story nights ***


Call for Participation:


*** Stage Performers - Burning Man Green House  April 14th ***

*** Green Vehicles  Burning Man Green House  April 14th ***




*** ScrapEden - Arts Collective Needs Temp Warehouse Space in SF ***


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DISH Collective presents..


The 7th Annual Bunny Jam

Ye Olde Bunny Jamme VII: the HARE-itics BALL


Saturday, April 7, 2007

8pm til 4am


Art  Performances  Projections  Furiginal Bunny Music  Hopping!!!


@ The Bunny Palace (aka the Porn Palace )

415 Jessie St. (@ Mission & 5th St .)

SF - 94103 - 24 hour secure parking at Metreon Lot


$20 full-bunny; $25 sum-bunny; $30 un-bunny


Full bar  21+ with i.d., please    


Come ye Bunny HARE-itics neue and olde! The king has cracked his egg and the queen is scrambled! So we're locking them in the BUNgeon and loosening the royal corset for a night of mad-hopped deBUNNchery!


 Bunnification Station  Dr. Frankenpeep's Recombinant P(eep)NA LAB  HOPstacle Course  VagaBunny Opera  Bunny Pong  VaVa Bunny Burlesque  Simmerin' Hasenpfeffer's Electronique EARamin  The Fur Arts Collective  Bed, Basket and Beyond  Bunny Robot MKII  Chesire Rock HOPera  Circus MeHOPolus  The HARE-itical Processional Band  Annual FURshion Show  Caterpillary Therapy  Sockety Puppety Softy Lofty  Human Vivisection Section  Lynched Rabbits in the Embryonic Theater  Dr. Farmly & Friends' Billion Bangin Bunnies Barnyard Bash (hooray!)  Harebert's Hare Apparent Projectoos  Ballistic Bunny Blasters  Silver Carrot SINema  Rock'em Sock'em RABBots  Wack-a-Wabbit  FURtographer Roam-a-lot  the Adorable Antics of Mr. Bunny Chainsaw & more floppin' fun than you can shake yer carrot at!!!


Including The Incomparable Talents Of The Bay Area's Finest Bunnyflippin' Artists, Vjs, Djs And Perfurmers:


 1BunnyJoe  Bison Bunny  Black & White Bunny   Boenobo Bunny  Bunnyverser  CameraBunny  Carrot Lewis  Celestinabunny  Courtenay Bunny  Dizzy Hops  Dr. FrankenPeep  Dr. Farmly  Dr. J. Wabbitkiss  Erica Bunny Cane  Furtographer  HelgaBunny  Holcomb Bunnylite  Jackie Jackrabbit  Jovino Funnybunny  LittleRabbit  Mein HARE!  Marcia Crosbunny  Kharma Bunny  Little Bunny Zack  NeonBunny  Osama bin Bunny  RunRabbit Harebert  Rad Jackelope  RainbowBunny  Scarlet O'Hare  Shimmery Bunny   Simmerin' Hasenpfeffer  Skibit  Spoonish Bunny  Starbunny  Strawberry Bunny  Scooter "Thumper" X  SugarBunni  Universal Bunny


Volunteers: email



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Memoir Spool


Hey all you storytellers and story listeners, here's some information 
about upcoming story nights.  Send an email to if 
you've got a story to tell.

Wed. April 4th: "School Days"

Wed. May 2nd: "I Got In For Free"

Wed. June 6th: "White Trash Moments"

WHERE: Bazaar Cafe, 5927 California St. @ 21st Ave., SF CA 94121


"To be a person is to have a story to tell."--Isak Dinesen



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Eco-faire and Solar Stage - Burning Man Green House - April 14th 
Calling all eco-conscious and playa-hugging performers! 
Can you inspire people to live sustainably and hug the playa? 
Can you beat box for the earth? 
Do you have a story to share on your journey to green your burn? 
Have you integrated environmental conscious themes into your act? 
Do you want to be in the limelight at our green party? 
We have a few spots still open for musicians, speakers, spoken word artists, global drum and dance, circus and Vau Da Ville performances! 
We'd love to hear from any artists and musicians ready and willing to sharing their talents. Their performances will take place on a solar powered sound stage at the Green House on April 14th at the Burning Man Offices at 1900 3rd Street , San Francisco, from 11:00 am. - 4:00 pm. 
We're also looking for volunteers to help behind the scenes!  We will be operating a stage for four hours with workshops, musicians, speakers and a fashion show and need help keeping it all going.  Volunteers are needed for help on April 13-15 to help with setup, operation and teardown / restoration! 
Contact or for more information or to participate. 
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Green Vehicle and RV Show - Burning Man Green House - April 14th 
Calling all eco-conscious participants with a need to be behind the wheel! 
Do you have an environmentally friendly vehicle or camper? 
Does your playa movable art operate using people power, solar or wind power? 
Have you redecorated your camper with earth friendly materials? 
Do you have an electric, hybrid, biofuel or fuel cell playa vehicle? 
Does your vehicle have a veggie conversion that is easily demonstratable to other burners? 
If so, and if you can get your vehicle to San Francisco, please contact us at to participate in the Burning Man Green House Green Vehicle show on April 14th!  We'd love to show off your playa camper or playa cruiser to other burners! 
If you want to learn more about how to make your vehicle more eco-friendly, plan on coming to the Green House on April 14th at the Burning Man Offices at 1900 3rd Street, San Francisco, from 11:00 am. - 4:00 pm.  Come and learn how to lower your vehicle's Greenhouse Gas Score. 
Contact or Kathleen at for more information or to participate.


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SF Warehouse Space Needed  April to June 2007


A team of local artists, headed up by The Finch Mob Arts Collective

(, was awarded a ScrapEden grant from the Black Rock

Arts Foundation (in partnership with the SF Department of the

Environment) to construct a bandshell made entirely out of recycled and

repurposed materials, to be situated on the eastern end of San

Francisco's Panhandle Park, hosting performances throughout the summer

for the whole community to enjoy.  (More information:


We are currently seeking warehouse space in San Francisco to store our

structural materials prior to transporting them to the site for final

construction, and to complete some light pre-fabrication efforts.  We

would need access to the space from April through early June 2007.


The ideal space would be a minimum of 5,000 square feet, with an

overhead clearance of at least 20'.  It would accommodate light

industrial work, provide secure storage, be wired for electricity, and

would be on the ground floor (preferably with a roll-up door and

loading dock).


We are also looking for materials for construction, volunteers to help

with the project, and monetary donations.  See our website for more information.


As this project is fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)3 non-profit

organization, we are particularly seeking full or partial in-kind

tax-deductible donations.  Notably, this project will be garnering a

lot of local press coverage, and all contributors will be recognized in

our press releases, web site and printed materials.


For more information, questions, or to offer a space, please email or call 415-847-6382.

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