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Dear Friends,

This crazy and delightful and stressful time in my life, a time which I will
someday look back upon with a sense of utter disbelief, has somehow left me with
four separate email lists. Many of you appear on more than one list, so If these
words sound familiar you should probably stop reading right now... But if
they're new to you, please read on...

1. SOME BACKGROUND: As you know, in January, just two days after Nancy Pelosi
became Speaker of the US House of Representatives, I organized an event at Ocean
Beach in San Francisco. That morning, 1,000 people laid their bodies down in the
sand inside the outlines of 100-foot lettering that spelled out "IMPEACH!" Two
helicopters hovered overhead -- phenomenal photos and some incredible video went
worldwide (see 

In late February in New York City, 25 impeachment groups from across the US held
a summit and decided upon a common course of action. They named this joint
effort "Impeach 07" ( ) and identified Saturday, April 28 as a
"Nationwide Day of Protest Demanding Impeachment." Groups in several cities are
now organizing impeachment events  for that day (see ), and it looks
like the biggest event will be the one I'm organizing, right back at Ocean Beach

2. OCEAN BEACH: This time we're shooting for 2,000 people (the Park Service has
all-but-sworn that they'll issue the permit, but it is not yet in my hand). This
time we'll probably spell out "IMPEACH..." in 100-foot letters followed by
"NOW!" in slightly larger letters:  "IMPEACH... NOW!"

Our exact message will depend on how big a crowd we've got registered. In
January, 90% of the attendees registered during the ten days prior to the event.
So, am I worried that right now, three weeks ahead of the event, we've only got
278 people registered? No, I'm not worried -- half the time I'm absolutely
terrified. I've got a helicopter reserved, a photographer lined up, volunteers
willing to help outline the letters that morning (this thing's going to stretch
600-700 feet across the beach!), and I spend every night dreaming my old
wrestling-an-octopus-underwater dream. In my better moments, however, I do feel
surrendered to whatever outcome transpires...

But no matter how many people turn out that day, I intend a PEACEFUL event!
While the first Beach Impeach was indeed a powerful statement, most of the
attendees (including me) felt that it was the most peaceful and gentle protest
they'd ever attended -- in fact, it was one of the more peaceful and enjoyable
days of many of our lives. No speeches, no harangues (no one needs convincing
any more), just 1,000 citizens (and dogs) quietly lying down together to draw a
line in the sand and send a message to the world. And I intend that April 28 be
the same way. I've received numerous suggestions that this time around we have
speakers, or that we spell out a stronger statement (several votes for the
f-word), but that's not the deal. Expect laughter, camaraderie, the woosh of the
ocean, and for a while the chatter of a helicopter or two or three...? (The
weather in January was perfect -- windless, cloudless, sixty-five degrees -- and
while we of course must take whatever weather we get this time around, it sure
would be nice to have a repeat.)

To register please visit:

3. CODEPINK REINFORCEMENTS GALLOP IN: This feisty, fun, committed, intelligent,
media-savvy group of women (their full name is "Codepink: Women For Peace") was
formed after Homeland Security inaugurated color-coded terror alerts. These
women know a good thing when they see one -- many came to Beach Impeach in
January and are coming back with reinforcements on April 28. They are --
godblessem -- organizing a post-event march/caravan from Ocean Beach to Nancy
Pelosi's house, with a stop along the way at Senator Dianne Feinstein's home. An
eye-catching 10-foot tall Gandhi puppet will travel the route in a pink golf
cart. I believe this march/caravan, and the advance attention it's sure to get,
will be a big shot in the arm for the beach event. (See

4. APRIL 28 EVENTS ELSEWHERE -- If you have friends in the Bay Area or
Washington DC or New York City or San Diego or Minneapolis or Rome, Italy, or
any of the other places where April 28 impeachment events are being organized, I
-- and probably your friends too -- will really appreciate your forwarding this
email to them. If you want your friends to have an experience of the potential
power of these events, I suggest Jamie Cavenaugh's rocking, four-minute,
YouTube-banned video
Every time I see
it I am renewed.

All the very best,

newsham at

PS -- On Saturday, April 14, at 9 a.m. in Oakland, I'm going to be assembling
boxed "kits" to send to organizers in two or perhaps three other venues. The
kits, made of rope and string and connectors, will open up into the outline of
100-foot "IMPEACH!" messages. I've got a few volunteers to help out, could use a
few more. Anyone?

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