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Dairy producers in the USA give Hormones to cows to double their milk production.

These hormones end up in the milk, and are absorbed by the customer.

Higher production increases profits, but causes infections in the cows' udders.

Dairy producers administer antibiotics to the cows, which end up in milk.

Hormone free milk is better for you. Here are some hormone free brands:
STRAUSS FAMILY CREAMERY Petaluma, family owned and operated model organic farm!

NOTE: Horizon was caught, along with Safeway and Aurora of New York, of fraudulently claiming to be organic.

From the google search
"Samuel Epstein" rBST

European ban on bovine growth hormones should continue: expert
Barbara Sibbald

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Int J Health Serv. 1996;26(1):173-85. 	Related Articles, Links

    Unlabeled milk from cows treated with biosynthetic growth hormones: a
case of regulatory abdication.

    Epstein SS.

    School of Public Health West, University of Illinois, Chicago 60612, USA.

    Levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) are substantially
elevated and more bioactive in the milk of cows hyperstimulated with the
biosynthetic bovine growth hormones rBGH, and are further
increased by pasteurization. IGF-1 is absorbed from the
gastrointestinal tract, as evidenced by marked growth-promoting
effects even in short-term tests in mature rats, and absorption is likely
to be still higher in infants. Converging lines of evidence incriminate
IGF-1 in rBGH milk as a potential risk factor for both breast and
gastrointestinal cancers.
    Publication Types:
        * Review
    PMID: 8932606

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rBST and IGF-I and breast cancer: Samuel Epstein (milk production)
European ban on bovine growth hormones should continue: expert Barbara Sibbald CMAJ

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