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Bin Laden, 9-11, and White House Treason
Here are two articles that make a compelling case for indicting 
Cheney first, then Bush, then Rumsfeld, for treason.  They provide, 
in association with the books I have reviewed, a compelling case that 
the Saudi's did dirty work for the US in entrapping Bin Laden into a 
confession, the Pakistani's did additional dirty work in setting the 
stage, Larry Silverstein murdered MOST of those killed on 9-11, and 
Dick Cheney and Rudi Gulliani orchestrated both a failure to respond 
so the planted demolition charges could go off as planned, and a 
massive "scoop and dump" to destroy the crime scene, an atrocity so 
grave that the New York City Fire Department rioted against Guliani 
and his NYPD enforcers.

I have heard enough.  Dick Cheney, unchecked by George Bush's ego and 
idiot self-confidence nurtured by the grinning blond bimbo 
equivalent, Condi Rice, worked with Donald Rumsfeld to murder 
Americans.  I am persuaded they must be indicted and this must be 
thoroughly investigated by a Grand Jury. 

All five of these Americans–Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George 
Bush, Rudy Guliani, and Larry Silverstein–merit, in my personal view, 
impeachment, conviction, a loss of citizenship, and immediate 
delivery to the International Tribunal. 

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