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Here's the next set of exciting happenings to fill your schedule. Make sure you check out these fantastic events coming your way!

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Upcoming Events:

*** Fresh – Friday, April 6th ***

*** Be Nice – Wednesday, April 11th ***

*** Coyote Tales - Friday, April 13th ***

*** BM Open House, Green House, & Beach House – Sat, Apr 14th *** 

*** Alchemy - Saturday, April 14th ***


Call for Participation:

*** Crucible – Fire Arts Festival ***

*** RoboGames 2007 - Maker's Faire *** 

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Friday, April 6th – FRESH a Space Cowboys affiliated monthly presented by Cheeks

Half of the door to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Expect a night of ass-shaking house from: 

Brad Robinson (Space Cowboys), Moody Eva (GoodBeats, Big Popsicle), evan james (

Shine (1337 Mission St btw 9th & 10th)

9pm – 2am – $5

Safari or jungle attire highly encouraged

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Hi Everybody!


It's the first Be Nice Party this Spring and you are cordially invited

to come down and create the essence of playa energy with us.  Remember

that this is our venue to enjoy Burning Man community throughout the 

year, and the more people, the better.


(Also, the rumour is that there are going to be a couple of birthdays



On a small side note, we have experienced a temporary obstacle 

regarding the late night follow-up party that has usually gone from 11

PM to 2 AM .  So for the next few months, the Be Nice Party will only

go its usual time slot from 6 PM to 11 PM .  We will keep you posted 

when we can start doing the second half event again.


If you are reading this for the first time, here is the skinny:



The Be Nice Party.  An early evening in a quiet club atmosphere where 

you can drop in after work, order dinner, sip a drink and have a chat

with new friends.  A Burner-rich event, this is about bringing Burning

Man home: come meet your Bay Area neighbors in a setting where there 

are no expectations, just smile if you want and enjoy the vibe. This

is our part of bringing Black Rock City Sensibilities Home.



Catalyst Cocktails

312 Harriet (@ Bryant & 6th in SOMA) -- [Easy Bus Access on the 47 MUNI] 

San Francisco



Wednesday, April 11, 2007, 6pm to 11pm



No cover.  21 and over.




Todd and Janaya


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Coyote Tales!

As a way of showing our love and support for Coyote during his time of
surgery and recovery, a group of us are planning a storytelling night
in his honor.  This will be a forum where we can all get together and 
tell our favorite story, anecdote, interaction and rumor about the
guest of honor--Tony Perez.  We'll also be taking up a collection to
help with Tony's medical bills.

We're doing this the Friday night of the Open House weekend, so we're 
hoping to get a pretty good turnout since a lot of folks will be in

WHAT: Coyote Tales!  Your favorite story, interaction, anecdote or even

WHEN: Friday, April 13th, 7:00 - 9:30 PM.

WHERE: Burning Man Headquarters (upstairs in the Zocalo), 1900 3rd St.,
SF, CA 94158.

WHY: To show our support and raise some funds for everyone's favorite
City Manager of Black Rock City.

RSVP: Please contact if you'd like to tell a story.


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Burning Man Open House, Green House & Beach House

Three Burnerific Events in One Radically Fun Day!
Open House: Learn How To Help Create Black Rock City
Green House: Find Out How to Green the Burn and the World 
Beach House: Inaugurate the New Ocean Beach Burn Platforms

Saturday April 14, 11AM to 3PM – Revised Time
Burning Man Headquarters – 1900 3rd St. @ 16th, SF
Then off to Ocean Beach for the 7PM Fire    
(Artists' fire pits to be dedicated at stairwells 15-21. Meet at Stairwell 18 to start)
Free, of course! Leave no trace.
In celebration of this year's theme "the Green Man", our annual Burning Man Open House and Volunteer Recruitment Day will feature a major Green House theme to help you green your burn! 
As in prior years, this is your chance to meet the coordinators of our City, and learn how you can become one of the 3,000+ volunteers that create it. This year, we're adding a complete green fair, with eco-fashion show, alternative energy demonstrations and presentations, a trashion workshop, solar cooking, green art, and a whole lot more! Even our annual pot luck and BBQ social will be earth-friendly. It all began at the beach, so after the event, we'll all head to Ocean Beach to fire up the new burn platforms!! 
Plan to spend the entire day at BMHQ, because like the playa, there will be a lot going on! Here's just a sampling:

    * How to be a green burner - eco-workshops, presentations, and demonstrations on the solar powered stage plus green vehicles, eco-carnival, solar ovens, biodiesel distillation, grey water works, green art and the Solar Death Ray 2000! 


    * Volunteer resource tables open – meet the volunteer coordinators from over 20 departments that organize our creative chaos into our city. Ask them anything, like how their department is going green. From Greeters to Artery to DPW to Rangers to Playa Info to DMV to the Geek Squad, we fuel our city on participation. WE need YOU to be part of WE to make the dream real! You'll never be the same… 


    * Solar Stage - Biofuels presentations, Green Man Puppet Performance, Inconvenient Truth Talk, the Tri-clops Monstrosity Band, and more! 


    * Green pot luck – eat lunch earth-friendly: BYO reusable or composting cups, plates, and utensils, along with organic food to share. 


    * Ongoing green demonstrations indoors and out until 2PM - Check out the Trashion Bee, the Friends of Black Rock, green lighting and videos, displays on how to be green, the National LNT traveling trainers – even a hydrogen-fueled rocket! Bring old sheets, socks, pants, sweaters, shirts and swatches to create a MOOP bag or playa outfit at the Bee. 


    * Eco-fashion show – get your trashion on the stage, or be trashy playarazzi!!! 


    * Leave no trace at BMHQ, consider meeting at the Beach Chalet back patio for cocktails and a bite to eat, then cruise over to the 7PM burn platform inauguration @ Ocean Beach! We've been trusted with this beach so treat it like the playa. Since the Park Service is not requiring permits for this large gathering, there will be Park Rangers present so please leave alcohol/glass behind, bring some wood and enjoy the fire! 

April 14th is a day of climate change events across the country, so don't be a spectator - become a participant! It's a great way to meet everyone, become more connected to the Burning Man community, and preserve the planet. Why not start by leaving your car at home: BMHQ is served by the NEW SF Muni T-THIRD streetcar service, Mariposa Street stop. (scheduled to open April 7 th - see
To help with green RVs, trashion, eco-performances, demonstrations, other Green House resources or staging/logistics, please contact . To volunteer for the Man, sign up now at .
See you at BMHQ!!!

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Saturday April 14th, 2007
Outpost23 presents:

An Outpost23 FUNdraiser

Greetings from across the universe fellow off-worlders and psy-gazers. 
We at planet Outpost23 are embarking on our monthly mission of 
raising funds for Burningman, stampeding through your mind and 
of course- burning up in your atmosphere!

Our pilots for this journey:

Michael Liu (Illumination Records, Secret Psychedelica) 
Dutch (Thump Radio, Opulent Temple)
Officer Bunch (Saturated Mind, Ooze System)
Triton vs. Sparkle (Outpost23)

So don't forget your towel, your dancing shoes and of course your smiles.
Come join us and be with family, at Alchemy! 

Alchemy @ Julies Supper Club
1123 Folsom st @ 7th
10PM - 2AM
$5   21+

*As always Outpost23 is dedicated to bringing you the best in cutting
edge psytrance and  more importantly- an extremely positive dance 


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Crucible – Call for Artists and Performers

The Crucible has just issued a call for artists, inviting artists and
performers to submit installation or performance applications to
participate in The Crucible's 2007 Fire Arts Festival, which will be 
held Wednesday through Saturday, July 11-14, 2007. This year's festival
will have large outdoor shows on all four nights. The centerpiece of
the show will be The Fire Odyssey, The Crucible's interpretation of 
Homer's epic poem—a theatrical production that blends opera, ballet,
dance, aerial, and fire performance. Individual performers and groups
will take the stage before and after the show. You'll find all the 
details at

Priority deadline for applications is May 18.


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RoboGames needs you back!

RoboGames has now been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's Largest Robot Competition - but we still have a long way to go. We need you back!

Wired magazine called RoboGames one of "The Best Ten North American Geek Fests." ESPN put last year's event in Sportscenter' s Top Ten

This year will be the biggest RoboGames ever, with all 54,000 sq ft (5000 sq m) being filled with 80 different competitions. 

There still slots open for sumo robots, robo-one androids, legos, Robomagellan bots, fire-fighters, hexapods, line-followers, BEAM bots and combat robots (1-340 lbs.)  This year will be the second year of the Servo magazine-sponsored Tetsujin (Japanese for "Iron Man" .) Tetsujin involves humans wearing metallic exo-skeletons which radically increases human strength and potential. Think of the forklift suit from Alien, only live and in person! 

RoboGames is also host for the 2007 FIRA (Federation of International Robot-soccer Association) 12th annual Robot World Cup! We've already got 63 entries from18 countries! 

We really want you back! You've still got three months before the event (June 15-17th, at Ft. Mason center) but only two months to register. This year we've already got teams registered from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Slovenia, Taiwan, UK and the USA. 
Register today: http://buildersdb. com/eventdetail. asp?eventid= 196

This year there will be several special events, but most importantly - On Friday night, Wired Magazine will be sponsoring a party for all the competitors. Free food, beer, wine, and cocktails - and you won't even have to go anywhere - it will be at the venue! This isn't open to the public, and we're shutting down all the competitions early Friday - so you'll have lots of free time to meet people, including many VIP's. 

CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, ESPN, The New York Times, Wired, USA Today, and many more news agencies have covered RoboGames. Check out how we've been described around the world!

ComBots Cup and Maker Faire Robot Show 

For those who can't wait for RoboGames, on May 19-20th, we'll be hosting a preview! Fire-fighting robots, sumos, robo-ones, and many other bots will fill a full building of fun at Maker Faire. This is a great show, and by registering you get access to the whole fairgrounds and get to meet all sorts of amazing people. There are 27 different events for you to display your robot in (including best of show, so if you've got a bot - bring it!) 

But for those entering the 2nd annual ComBots Cup at Maker Faire, there's $10,000 on the line. 1, 3, 120, 220, and 340 pound robots should all register for the event. The ComBots Cup is our 220 pound challenge, to get more people into building robots. Last year, Matt and Wendy Maxham of Team PlumbCrazy went undefeated through all five rounds to take the $10,000 and 3 foot tall trophy. Who will it be this year? You can't win if you don't compete - so sign up and see the show, whether it's to show off your art bots or compete for the $10,000 championship. This year's purse will be split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 

Register For Maker Faire Now: http://buildersdb. com/eventdetail. asp?eventID= 205

Maker Faire & ComBots Cup
Date:     Sati-Sun, May 19-20, 2007
Time:     Noon - 10pm 
Where:     San Mateo Fairgrounds
Map & directions
                    RoboGames 2007
Date:     Fri-Sun, Jun 15-17, 2007
Time:     Noon - 10pm
Where:     Ft. Mason, Festival Pavilion
Map & directions 

RoboGames in the News

Games Across America

CBS Evening Magazine

Monster Nation

NBC News
    O'Reilly - "Robotics Community Descends on San Francisco"

Servo - "The West Coast's Largest Robotic Convention" 

EE Times - "RoboGames"

Wired - "Robots Are Ready to Rumble "

Sponsorship Opportunities for the Upcoming Show
Thousands of people were at RoboGames last spring, and press coverage has gone to millions all over the world. By becoming an event sponsor, you can help us put on a better competition next time and help yourself with tremendous publicity! Become an event sponsor!

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