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Re: RFID powder is nothing to sneeze about/some countermeasures  Part 1     Part 2

  All RFID products are basically passive RF devices. One of theri
ancestors was a device the Soviets put into a US state seal presented
to the U$ Embassy in Moscow. It contained a metal can with a metal
sound diaphragm and an antenna concealed inside. If and only if it was
scanned with a UHF signal of the frequenecy the metal can resonated
at, the signal would be "phase-modulated" by that diaphragm changing
the tuning. This allowed recovery of room audio by a
transmitter/receiver combination.

  The same principle is used in RFID devices, except that they are
solid state and carry digital information in memory cells no doubt
similar in principle to those in, say, an Ipod. As a result, each RFID
device works only on a fixed frequency that cannot be changed once it
is made.

  Therefore, if cops or stores use RFID to mark people, jamming
transmitters tuned to the offending frequency would make them
ineffective. Unlike that state seal, it might not even be necessary to
modulate the jamming signal if it is strong enough.  As a precaution,
I suggest simultanious frequency and amplitude modulation with white

  As for RFID tagging of shoes, clothes, etc, this is the easiest
thing to stop-pop the offending item in a microwave oven and zap it
for less than a second at full power. The solid state parts of the
chip are now as dead as a whale aboard the Nisshin Maru.

  Bills and drivers licenses, etc are more problematic. If you don't
drive, DON'T get/renew a license! You don't want to be in a police
databased giving your address. Otherwise, read on. If money is
accepted with dead RFID, microwave it. If you have a drivers license,
either keep in in the car or place it between metal plates wherever it
is kept, preferably both at once. Same for any other card that could
carry RFID any form of "smart" card. You will have to remove it to use
it, but are protected from remote scanning, as RF won't penetrate metal.

  US passports are still valid if the RFID isn't working, so some are
being taken out of the metal container and microwaved. The metal
container is provided as a defense against unauthorized remote
scanning but is ineffective while the passport is open at, say, a
hotel desk.  I do not advise this if you are crossing borders with a
need to be semi-covert as it could attract extra attention.

   Newer $20 bills are said to contain an RFID tag in the paper in
Andrew Jackson's right eye. The bills do not need to tag to be spent,
as no store has the scanner for this. There are internet reports that
in some microwave ovens the bills will catch fire beginning at that
spot when microwaved, while in other ovens no visible effect is
observed. I would imagine that in all cases the RFID is disabled.

  Due to the report of money fires, I advise observing all items that
are microwaved to kill RFID. If you hear a pop or see a tiny flash,
shut off the oven-it's done! Put it out, and your item will noIf you
don't it's still done and not "over-done."

  Here's a link to an article about RFID tags in money starting fires
in certain microwave ovens:

Note: This article has been linked all over the Internet. We want to make it clear that $20 bills will only 'pop' or 'explode' in certain microwaves. We've had E mails saying they do, they don't, 'you're all kooks' etc etc. What is confirmed is the public policy to embed US and European money with high tech tracking devices as part of the hulking surveillance society.
Euro bank notes to embed RFID chips by 2005

RFID Tags Already in Euro Notes

Steve Watson

They told us they were going to do it by 2005 and now they have. Euro bank notes have RFID radio tags in them.

If you were listening to the Alex Jones show on Monday 1st March you will have heard Paul Watson report the story that RFID tags have been found in the new US $20 bills. A letter sent to Henry Makow Ph.D. described how two citizens found alarms in shops being triggered by their wallets, curious and wise to the RFID proposals they  chose to 'microwave'  over $1000 in twenties in a stack. The right eye of Andrew Jackson on the new twenty was uniform in it's burning.
I remembered I had a couple of Euros in my wallet from my last visit to France and decided what the heck, I'll microwave them. After just three seconds the first note exploded into flame and fearing for my microwave's safety I quickly pressed the stop button. A fluke? Maybe, I tried with the second note, a five, again after precisely three seconds the same bright flash of flame.

It was obvious to see where the tags had been as two perfectly round holes could be seen in my notes. I noticed that the holes lay precisely over the metal strip within the notes. I thought to myself that maybe it was just the metal in the strip that was reacting, so i tried again. Ten, twenty, thirty seconds went by and... nothing. The strip was completely unharmed.
The fact is that my bank notes were tagged. Should I be suprised, well no, they said they were going to do this by 2005 

Of course, the official line is that these tags are there "to protect us", they stop counterfeiting and enable security agencies to track illegal money. Why would illegal money come in five or ten Euro notes? Surely your classic suitcase with wads of cash consists of 200s or 500s not fives and tens, you would need a whole truck to transport large amounts.

The truth is where ever we go are being tracked by our governments. RFID is the latest technology to be used in the ever-growing control grid that dictates the way we live our lives. Walmart has recently carried out RFID trials, even though they claim it is only to monitor possible theft of razors!

We live in a society that is now ten times worse than Orwell's 1984, everything is surveilled. Our clothes are being tagged, our money, where ever we go we are caught on CCTV numerous times a day, cameras are going up in the streets, the schools, in bathrooms. Many will say "I have nothing to hide, why should I worry?" Yes, that's the way the New World Order is training you to think, give up your liberty, know you are losing your rights and don't even care! Then when you have given everything up, when you have nothing left to give the agenda is complete and you have ever so slowly consented to be a slave to your elite masters.

Want to do something now? Go and microwave your money - it's a start.
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