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So many things coming your way, it's hard to fit them into one Announcement!
June 9th is a day to prepare for! We have fantastic events happening in THREE major Bay Areas! For Burners in the city, check out the Burning Man Flambe Lounge Pre-Com. For those in South Bay, there's the South Bay Regional camp-out. For those in the North, there's the magnificient Harmony Festival. So many great things makes you wish you could be in three places at once!!! 

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Upcoming Events:

*** Bay Area Derby Girls Fundraiser - Thursday, May 24th ***

*** False Profit - Dividend - Thursday, May 24th *** 

*** Anon Salon - Saturday, May 26th ***

*** Dreamtime Circus - Saturday, June 2nd ***

*** The Experiment - Saturday, June 2nd ***

*** Mike Daisey at Berkeley Rep - Wed, June 6th - Sat, June 9th *** 

*** Flambe Lounge - Burning Man Pre-Compression NEW DATE & LOCATION- Saturday, June 9th ***

*** South Bay PreCompression - Fri-Sun, June 8th, 9th, & 10th ***

*** Harmony Festival - Fri-Sun, June 8th, 9th, & 10th *** 

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The Bay Area Derby Girls need your help

The Derby Girls can't compete where they've been competing any longer
because too many people have been coming to watch and the location doesn't
have the correct permits to support that many people.  It seems as if 
another location has been secured but the catch is, the Derby Girls will
need to provide their own floor surface.  And floors aren't cheap.

Therefore, the B.A.D. Girls are holding a fundraiser this Thursday, May 24th 
at DNA to raise money for a sport court.  It's a late night adventure (doors
open at 9pm, show starts at 11pm).  There will be skating by current team
members and great performances such as. Devilettes Paige's Skate Tease 
Bottoms Up Burlesque Bombshell Betty The Indra And photos with the Derby
Girls Check out the flyer 

You can also simply make a donation without attending by clicking the Make a
Donation button here (only $5/tile):

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Music, Dancing, Fashion, Art.

Thursday, May 24th 
Poleng Lounge
1751 Fulton Ave @ Masonic

Ooah (Glitch Mob, LA)
Danny Corn (Moontribe)
Dr. Toast (False Profit)

Medium Reality
Clay Chollar

San Francisco, CA- Investors of False Profit, LLC - an international consortium of brokers under close scrutiny by the US Treasury for their paradigm-challenging economic theories - plan to collect extensive Dividends this Thursday at the Poleng Lounge. Amping up for FP's nth year in BRC, the night will feature some of the talent that will be contributing to one of False Profit, LLC's signature marks on the playa - The Tuesday Night Party. 

This is the Poleng Lounge's first meeting with False Profit, LLC and the forward-thinking investor base. Officials at the Treasury reacted with a initial plan to send in one or several National Guard companies, but backed down, citing there were none left to mobilize. 

It has been rumored that Dr. Toast, holding a doctorate in Downtempo, has recently been in the lab isolating several new isotopes of Bass.

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A Memoriabilial Recycling of Amazing Moments!

SATURDAY, May 26, 2007

285 9th Street (@ Folsom) in SF

Suggestive Donations: 
$10 before 10:30/ $15 wide awake/ $20 half asleep

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The Dreamtime Circus presents ~ "Between Worlds"

The Dreamtime Circus is a troupe of fire fairies, clowns, musicians, and all types of other magical and fantastical creatures who travel far and wide to share the uplifting experience of the circus with the peoples of the world. 
From September 2007 to March 2008, the Dreamtime Circus shall bring its dreamtime creations across the globe to India, where we will dazzle and delight children and grown-ups alike.  Orphanages, refugee camps, villages, and cities, wherever a circus need be, a circus shall be. All shows will be free. We seek to use fire and circus arts as mediums for fostering cross-cultural communication and open exchanges of cultural ideas and artistic expressions. We carry with us respect and appreciation for the world's people, cultures, and land; and a positive vision for the planet's future. 
You can help make the Dreamtime Circus a reality!

"Between Worlds"
An otherworldly fire theater experience and a Dreamtime India Tour Benefit!
Saturday June 2nd
Xenodrome ~ 1320 Potrero St. ~ San Francisco ~
Tickets at

Journey through the dreaming life of a clown ~ meet enchanted dolls, abstract aerialists, financial district freaks, and an otherworldly array of acrobatic ~ juggling ~ hula-hooping ~ fire-flinging ~ fantastickal creatures. All proceeds will benefit the Dreamtime India Tour. 


Carnival Midway, Show
Midway opens @ 2pm
Show begins @ 3pm
$20 Advance / $25 Door
Kids under 13 ~ 1/2 price!

Carnival Midway, Show, After-Party
Midway opens @ 7pm
Show begins @ 8pm
After-party ~ 10pm-2am (w/ beats by Leo and others TBA)
Show & Party ~ $30 Advance / $35 Door
After Party Only ~ $10+ Donation 

These shows will sell out so buy tickets now at:

~~ Can't make the show, but want to support the Dreamtime India Tour????~~ 

All the magic, smiles, and dreams will be made possible by the spirit of our volunteer performers and the generous TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations from folks like you. Any level of support is greatly appreciated.  $10 - $50 - $100, whatever you can do will make a difference. And a $500 donation roughly covers the expenses for an entire show at a refugee camp or village.  Just think, you could treat hundreds of kids to a show beyond their wildest dreams!!! 
We will also have other exciting fundraising events, art auctions and a raffle coming in the very near future, so check our website for updates! Have an event where you could use a few extra fire fairies and circus freaks? Email us for more info! 

For more information and to donate, visit ~
or email:

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The Experiment continues!  We are very pleased to announce the most 
exciting installment of THE EXPERIMENT yet! We'll be bringing back 
the bamboo rain waterfall, and re-doing the decor in both rooms (got 
some cool fabrics on the last trip to LA, and will be doing some new 
things). As if that wasn't enough, this will be on a SATURDAY 
NIGHT!!!!! From there, we've got one of the most amazing lineups 
we've ever assembled, on or off the playa. No, really - check this 
out... 9 amazing burner artists/performers, and two who are getting 
ready to make their first trips to the playa in 2007.

JNR HACKSAW - a world-class master of electro-breaks, coming over 
from the UK to show us how it's done 
DAVID STARFIRE - he tore it up at Experiment #2 in April, and at last 
week's Lightning In A Bottle event
THE PHAT CONDUCTOR - one of the mad scientists involved with 
Bassnectar, making an ultra-rare bay area appearance 
an incredible tag-team set
FRICTION - an incredible musical force, fresh off a hot performance 
at Lightning In A Bottle
TAO JONES - first ever US appearance of THE PHAT CONDUCTOR under his 
new downtempo alter-ego
PR.INCEST - another first time appearance from this amazing downtempo 
artist from Canada
EVAN BENDER - back from the jungle of South America and ready to tear 
things up in the main room 
FLOOK - one of the unsung heroes of The Experiment, you need to get 
here early to catch this guy

Two rooms of incredible sound, multiple bars, visuals by VJ SCIENCE, 
and atmospheres by ELECTRIC THEATRE.  A portion of the proceeds will 
go to help upgrade The Purgatory Cruiser for 2007's trip to Burning 
Man, as well as help Electric Theatre build a brand new mutant 
vehicle, a 20-foot long inter-dimensional cruiser called The Great 

9:30pm til 4:00am (music starts at 10pm)
$15 before 11pm/$20 after
Experimental Attire & Playa-Wear is highly encouraged!

Fat City
314 11th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Mike Daisey @ Berkeley Rep    Wednesday June 6th-Saturday June 9th

We worked out a hefty discount for Burners for these
performances (45%-71%).

Gather together for a pre-Burn celebration when the creator / 
performer of 21 Dog Years: Doing Time at and The
Ugly American, returns to Berkeley Rep with Great Men of Genius.
Mike Daisey applies his trademark wit and unique perspective 
to four fascinating historical figures.  On consecutive nights,
Mike profiles the legendary lives of P.T. Barnum, Bertolt Brecht,
L. Ron Hubbard and Nikola Tesla, exploring the nature of genius
and the pride, insanity and chauvinism that bind these men 
together.  Meet one genius for an insightful and entertaining
evening—or meet all four for a truly epic account of triumph and

Choose from the following performances:
Brecht: Wed, Jun 6 at 8pm
Barnum: Thu, Jun 7 at 8pm
Tesla: Fri, Jun 8 at 8pm
Hubbard, Sat June 9 at 8pm

The more geniuses you see, the more money you save—and as a
Burner, you save from the very beginning!  See any of the
above performances, pay just $25 for one genius / $40 for 2 
/ $60 for all 4 — brilliant!

Want to buy just one genius? Want to read more about the show?
For multiple geniuses, call 510.647.2949 and mention Burning Man

"Like hearing a lecture by your favorite professor while drinking beer
in a comfortable lounge chair. You might even walk away smarter than
before." – Village Voice

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Burning Man presents...
Saturday June 9th, 8PM to 5AM (no entry after 4AM)
21+ with I.D.
At Space 550 -
550 Barneveld, San Francisco 94124 (bet: Oakdale & Industrial)
$10 before 10pm; after 10pm: $15 in costume; $20 no costume Check for updates!
Doors open @ 8PM - arrive early to enjoy the art, happy hour drink specials, playa variety theatrics, and Burning Man schwagabelia! Wear outrageous costumes fashioned from recycled materials for the TRASHion Shows and debut your illuminated finery for Burn Night 07! Amazing bands, performers and DJs of every shape and size. Stay late and shake your booty well into the emerald depths of won't leave unenLIGHTened! 
This Flambé is especially geared to showcase YOUR art, costume, theme camp and performance ideas for Burning Man 2007. Special emphasis on Green Man theme, Earth-friendly art and info, and radically interactive performance art! 
This will be an indoor night event and festival of light – we're seeking light performers, light art, and visual projection art. If you have green-themed décor, lights, or art projects highlighting the use of light and color, we encourage you to join us in making the night bright. Contact us immediately! 
NOTE: We originally planned to do this event June 2nd on Utah St and inside our beloved Mighty (host of many theme camp fundraisers and our Burnal Equinox). However, the street closure permit times and conditions were too restrictive for us to do this event and safely accommodate everyone wishing to attend. Knowing that many of you wish to attend this Pre-Com we were forced to move to a larger, mostly indoor venue and the June 9th date. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We love Mighty and hope to return there in the future. 

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South Bay Precompression 


Gear up for the playa, do some practice CAMPING (shake the dust out of your tent, test your air mattress, see how warm your playa coat really is!), PARTICIPATE in the creation of a playa-rific experience for everyone who attends. Want to DJ? Practice your FIRE SPINNING performance? Have a new ART project or EL WIRE creation you'd like to show off? Tune in to the 2007 Burning Man "GREEN MAN" theme with new ideas for GIFTING, INTERACTIVE ART, and RADICAL SELF-EXPRESSION! Come to give to your community and BE DELIGHTED by your fellow participants! 

Burning Man Principles: As a Burning Man Regional event, this gathering is for the entire community and participants are encouraged to embrace the 10 Principles of Burning Man

Radical Inclusion
Communal Effort
Civic Responsibility
Leave No Trace
Radical Self-Reliance
Radical Self-Expression 

Registration: As a family naturist retreat, Lupin Lodge has certain restrictions and all attendees will be required to register at the gate before admission to the campground (see

Please RSVP to so we can get a headcount prior to the event. Camping fees are collected at the gate to cover expenses for Lupin Lodge. In the interest of keeping admission prices low, the Regional will not be using this event as a fundraiser. No vending is permitted inside. 

Weekend fees (per person):
9am Friday – 8pm Sunday (3 days, 2 nights) $75
9am Saturday – 8pm Sunday (2 days, 1 night) $65
All day Sunday, beginning at 9am – 8pm $30

Above rates are for "dry camping" only, RV hookups are an additional $15 per day. There are 17 RV sites and over 100 tent sites available on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, 7 Yurts and a large cabin are available for rental. 

Facilities: Lupin offers a swimming pool, 2 hot tubs, a sauna, showers and other recreational amenities including free Wi-Fi. (Bathing suits are prohibited in the pool and hot tubs.) There are restrooms near the pool and the clubhouse; additional porta-potties will be provided based on expected attendance. 

Meals: The Lupin Clubhouse Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as beer, wine, juices, espressos and a variety of snacks. Although you may prepare your own meals, they will be preparing buffet-style meals over the weekend as well (vegan options will be available at all the buffets). 
Friday night, 6pm-9pm – Pasta dinner $10
Saturday night, 5pm-8pm – BBQ $12
Sunday morning, 8am-11am – Breakfast buffet $ 7

A community kitchen is also available with a stove, microwave, coffeemaker, sink etc. (please leave no trace!) Because of high fire danger in the mountains, no open flames or camp stoves may be used for cooking at tent sites. Cooking in enclosed RVs or vans, or use of the communal BBQ grills is permitted. 

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The 29th Annual 
Northern California's Premier Music, Camping
& Sustainable Lifestyle Festival

"Promoting Global Cooling"

June 8, 9, 10, 2007
Sonoma County Fairgrounds
Santa Rosa, California

World Class Music & Speakers on multiple stages
 for 3 Days and 3 Nights of Entertainment

Harmony Shows and Acts: See

PRE-SALE TICKETS: $32 per day / $32 Harmony After Dark late night shows. Weekend packages from $80-$149
plus special limited MAGIC PASS VIP TICKETS $500
AT THE GATE : $37 per day / $37 Harmony After Dark late night 


See Complete Email: 

A limited number of pre-sale day and night tickets ($32) are now available at all ticket outlets (see website) and at $37 tickets will be available at the gate.  Access to Harmony After Dark is included in all VIP All Weekend Magic passes ($500) and in All Weekend/Day/Night passes ($149 without camping/$169 with camping). 

Tickets, Camping, Booths, & Volunteering ONLINE
SUBSCRIBE to the Harmony Festival & Events Email List:

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For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.