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Holy Moly! Look at all the great things coming up. Get out, make a scene, and support these great events!

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Upcoming Events: 

*** Be Nice - Wednesday, May 9th ***

*** Spring Open Studios in the Mission - Sat, May 12th and Sun, May 13th ***

*** Deathguild-Thunderdome Fundraiser - Saturday, May 19th ***

*** Burning Man Precompression- Flambe Lounge - Saturday, June 2nd*** 

Call for Participation:

*** Prepare for the Playa ***

*** Exhibit at the Green Man Pavilion ***

Job Posting:

*** Opening for BRAF Program and Development Assistant ***

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Be Nice

Have a warmup before you run off to Lightning in a Bottle!

We love the diversity that occurs every time we throw the event. 
Someone came up to us last time and said that they wish there was even
more mingling among strangers.  A hearty thumbs up to that!  No
requirements of course, especially if you are shy, but if you wonder
about that person sitting on the stool next to you, what they are 
about, why do they come to the Be Nice Party in the first place, and
all the interesting things that are fun to talk about with new people,
then talk to them!  Be brave!  This is the perfect place to do it.
And how fun it is to be welcomed into conversation by someone whom you 
have never talked to before.  See the website for more details.  :)

If you are reading this for the first time, here is the skinny:

The Be Nice Party. An early evening in a quiet club atmosphere where 
you can drop in after work, order dinner, sip a drink and have a chat
with new friends. A Burner-rich event, this is about bringing Burning
Man home: come meet your Bay Area neighbors in a setting where there
are no expectations, just smile if you want and enjoy the vibe. This
is our part of bringing Black Rock City Sensibilities Home.

Catalyst Cocktails
312 Harriet (@ Bryant & 6th in SOMA) -- [Easy Bus Access on the 47 
San Francisco

Wednesday, May 9, 2007, 6pm to 11pm

No cover. 21 and over.


Todd and Janaya 

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Spring Open Studios in the Mission District

This Weekend is the Spring Open Studios in the Mission District,
with over 300 participating artists opening their doors to a fresh audience.

Opening Receptions are Simultaneous at all Venues Friday Night from 7 - 11. 

During both days, Saturday and Sunday, the Studios will be open from 11 - 6 for your viewing pleasure.

Participating Spaces include Mission 17/ Blue Studios, Project Artaud, Root Division and Developing Environments, along with many more... 

You can pick up a postcard with all the information at any of the studios, or visit to find out specifics.

I would especially invite you to visit 

Elisa Harms
The New Work
at the Blue Studio #3
2111 Mission Street at 17th, 4th Floor

Light Refreshments and Drinks will be Served.

This is a chance to see what has been going on behind all the closed doors. 
Come check out some amazing things and support your local community makers.
I hope to see you there...

xoxo, Elisa

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DeathGuild-Thunderdome Fundraiser
Saturday, May 19th 

The crazy kids in the DeathGuild-Thunderdome 
gang are at it again.  We are bringing the 
ultimate experience of the playa home to the 
SF Bay area for one night on Saturday, 
May the 19th. We are going to fill an 
old aircraft hanger with the amazing sights 
and sounds of our Burning Man Theme Camp.   

The ThunderDome will be set up and running 
in all of its savage glory.  The crazy mad 
max styled art cars will be there.  We will 
have all of our fire and metal art on display 
along with Therms pieces and their Tesla Coil.   
The amazing industro-noise-fire band F-space 
will make your ear drums cry out for mercy.  
The beautiful living dead girls will entertain 
you with their zombie-burlesque.  Core will be 
performing their amazing human suspension-fire 
act.  Ariellah and Lapsus will make you go all 
a twitter with their sensual belly dancing.   
Purchase some one of a kind artful jewelry 
from Rhiannon.  Last but not least, Diva Marisa 
will bring a tear to your eye with her amazing 
voice singing techno-opera.  

18 and over full bar.

9pm till 3am

Area 51 Alameda CA  

For all the nitty-gritty details please check out our website. 

We hope to see you all there,

Daniel Neumansky aka 'The MadScientist'

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Burning Man presents...  


A Flambé Like You've Never Imagined!

Saturday June 2nd, 2PM to 4AM
@ MIGHTY - 119 Utah St. @ Alameda, San Francisco
Check after May 11 for an update regarding our
pending street closure request


This special Flambé will be powered more by the creative energy of
participants than by massive generators and sound systems! Inside Mighty you
can dance it up as usual till 4am. On the street--pending final permit 
approval--you'll help us pull the plug, go off grid, be green, and challenge
our creativity with an acoustic street celebration! Imagine interactive
theme camp games and art, a light saber dance, improvisational sock puppet 
performances, playafied theatrics, green-themed surprises and YOU! Wear
recycled materials for the TRASHion Show, or illuminated finery to join the
Green Light Glow Parade at 9. Come early to enjoy the art, theme camps, 
performances, and info tables; then stay late inside Mighty to shake your
booty well into the emerald depths of won't leave


This Flambé is especially geared to showcase YOUR art, theme camp, costume, 
and performance ideas for Burning Man 2007. Special emphasis on Green Man
theme, Earth-friendly art, interactive game camps, alternative energy
inventions, and radically interactive performance art! Try out your Green 
Man plan here, find out how to participate in Burning Man 2007, and meet
collaborators and fellow art instigators!

This will be a "no fire" event with a festival of light at night – we're
seeking light performers, art projects incorporating light (especially 
solar-powered), and visual projection art for indoors and out. If you have
lights, or art projects highlighting the use of light and color, or you spin
glow balls, light sticks, or LED staffs, we encourage you to join us in 
making the street glow. Contact us!

This is your chance to prepare for the playa!


Bookmark for more info on this and other Burning
Man sponsored events, and stay tuned on this list for more info soon! 

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Prepare for the Playa

Call for (Burner) Vendors, Performing Artists and How-To Demonstrators
to participate in  
"Prepare for the Playa"
Sundays, June 10, July 22 and August 12, 2007
Noon – 7:00 p.m.
119 Utah Street, @ 16th, San Francisco
This is a By Burners, For Burners Event.  
Our Mission is to help you get ready for the Playa!
We will even be raffling off a ticket to Burning Man.   
The proceeds will go to BRAF.  
Want more information?  Please visit our web site at  
Or you can e-mail us at

Just Gwen
aka Gwen Jester
Nikki Doran
Wild on the Inside

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Artists and Inventors Invited to Exhibit at the Green Man Pavilion

Environmental Solutions to be On Display at Burning Man 2007
Artists and Inventors Invited to Showcase Emerging Technologies

This summer, Burning Man will hold its twenty-second annual event in the vast 
and remote Black Rock Desert of Nevada.  Forty thousand participants from
around the world, including more than 100 journalists, will attend this
celebration of creativity. The year's theme, "The Green Man", explores the 
human relationship to nature, in particular our collective response to global
warming, and sets the stage for an unprecedented informational exchange.

In recognition of this unique opportunity, Burning Man is inviting artists, 
manufacturers, developers, scientists, and  inventors, to showcase their
emerging environmental technologies at this year's eight day event, Aug. 27th
-Sept 3rd.

At the center of Black Rock City, home to Burning Man, will be the Green Man 
Pavilion, 30,000 square feet of shaded exhibition space for the display of
interactive artistic, scientific and educational models, a "World's Fair" of
cutting edge technologies. Director of Burning Man, Larry Harvey said "Our goal 
is to create a space where breakthrough ideas and proven technologies
addressing environmental issues such as energy production, solid waste
management, and remediation of toxic substances, can be displayed and
interacted with, against the backdrop of the world's largest
participant-created event.  In fact, we believe this exposition may well be the
only place in the world where such a wide range of technologies and solutions 
will be on display in an interactive environment."

Burning Man has long been recognized as a nexus of ideas, information, and
culture, a physical collection of human nodes for interactivity and information
exchange.  It is a place where artists, innovators, and the media share ideas
and network like nowhere else on Earth.

In addition to directly reaching participants and through extensive media
coverage, Burning Man will be opened to the world through a unique 
collaboration with Google, in a virtual 3D version of event called "Burning Man
Earth", which will allow a global audience to experience the Green Man

View full invite at:

For information on how to propose a contribution to the Green Man Pavilion,
please email: 

Deadline for proposals – July 1, 2007

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Program and Development Assistant

SUMMARY: This position reports to the Executive Director and provides
program and administrative support for a growing arts and community 
foundation. The PDA has administrative oversight and serves as
liaison for the organization, for the ED, the Board, its members,
artists and community groups. The PDA implements programmatic
activities on behalf of the foundation at the direction of the ED. 
This individual is responsible for tracking correspondence and
contacts and for maintaining the history and records of the
foundation's activities.

The position requires a highly organized and inventive person with 
good communication skills and affords professional development
opportunities for the right candidate through hands-on involvement
with all aspects of this young, very successful organization.

Administrative Coordination and Communication
You are the first point of contact for anyone internally and
externally requiring information about BRAF. You contribute to the
administrative wellbeing of the foundation by drafting letters, 
producing newsletters and reports and other documents for internal
and external release, as well as copying and circulating documents,
and maintain filing, databases, regulatory scheduling, travel
arrangements and other critical tasks. 

You help BRAF the accountant facilitate budget/forecast tracking, and
support regular financial communications between Accountant, Board,
the ED and others as needed.

You serve as the foundation's scribe by attending and documenting 
Board meetings or other meetings as assigned, and by documenting or
overseeing appropriate documentation of projects supported by BRAF.

Program Management and Implementation
With direction from the ED and others as appropriate, you manage the 
Annual BRAF Grant Cycle: serve as liaison between the Grants
Committee, BRAF accounting and individual artists/collectives to
award and manage completion of all artist's grant contracts. You
assist with the administration of fiscal sponsorship activities 
performed by the foundation, create timelines and tracking documents
for programs and activities as needed.

You help build, maintain and advance sustainable relationships with
the Burning Man Project, other regional groups, and local civic 
communities and/or agencies as they evolve.

You supervise and acknowledge the work of BRAF volunteers and
contribute to the growing membership of the organization and its
other supporters through administrative activities such as processing 
donations, and member intake.

You perform special projects under the direction of the ED and others
as assigned including event planning and production.

Development Research, and Tracking
You track donor history, assist the ED and Board with research and 
cultivation of new prospects, maintain a chronicle of correspondence,
and sustain appropriate records of foundation history through
information management systems.

You assist with administrative tasks associated with long-range 
planning, assist with the implementation of planned giving programs
and with grant writing and research.

You perform other duties as assigned.

* Exceptional oral and written communication skills, diplomacy and 
good judgment
* Detail oriented, with proven ability to manage multiple cyclic
projects and responsibilities in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial or
non-profit setting while sustaining regular on-going tasks.
* Enjoys working collaboratively, accepts direction from others yet
performs well independently
* Quick learner and stand-up creative thinker with an aptitude for
setting up/maintaining administrative systems and understands their 
value in a creative enterprise.
* Solid computer skills with Word, Excel, and database programs:
experience with Plone, HTML, and Photoshop highly desirable
* Ability to work at computer for extended periods of time, utilize 
general office equipment, lift and carry up to 20 pounds short
* College Degree or equivalent, relevant experience
* 1-2 years in a similar position; Not-for-Profit experience a plus
* Willingness to make a 2-year commitment to the position 

* Enjoys working with a variety of people and across different facets
of community
* Familiarity with the Black Rock Arts Foundation mission and history
or the Burning Man community at large 
* Prior experience in grants administration, development, membership,
or finance role
* A Sense of humor and a desire to shape the role of arts in public life

Salary 35k a year plus benefits. No relocation expenses will be provided. 

To Apply: Please send cover letter and resume by JUNE 1, 2007 to: 

Or via mail to:

Program and Development Assistant Position
Black Rock Arts Foundation
1900 3rd Street, First Floor
San Francisco, CA, 94158.

No phone calls please. BRAF is committed to diversity in the 
workplace and is an Equal opportunity Employer.

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