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Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 11, Issue 11
June 14, 2007
It's the fourth annual Resource Issue!

UNSUBSCRIBERS: Please scroll to te bottom for directions on self-removal.

Here it is!

There are lots of great resources out there that can help you prepare 
for Burning Man.  Some of them are below.  Rather than mention them 
piecemeal, we gather these postings and put them all together in a 
single issue so you can refer back to it rather than going crazy 
searching for individual posts.

Our annual clarification: Lots of vendors from within the community 
contact the Rabbits asking us to let our readers know about discounts or 
playa goodies they offer that you just can't get anywhere else...well, 
some of our readers love to hear about this stuff, but some don't, and 
many don't want to get these offers with their regular JRS news. Thus, 
we created the once-a-year RESOURCE ISSUE. Those of you that want to 
hear about deals, discounts, and playa goodies, read on! Those that 
don't - hit delete, and your sensibilities shall be spared. Regular JRS 
will be back next week!

But, before we dive in: your Rabbit friends remind you that preparing 
for Burning Man doesn't have to equal a no-holds-barred consumer frenzy. 
In the year of the Green Man, our job more than ever is to encourage you 
toward thoughtfulness as you prepare, with an eye to the footprint we'll 
all leave on AND off the playa. So take the time to THINK about what 
you'll need for your playa project and your survival, and ways to get it 
while still making less of an impact. What do you already have? What can 
you repurpose? Remember: reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink, repair, 
refill...reflect on your consumption and think about the theme as you 
prepare. It matters.

We've also listed some resources below to help you consider your project 
in a greener light. Please take a moment to see if there's some way you 
can cross off some items on your preparation list WITHOUT setting foot 
in a big box store or buying unnecessary junk. And finally, remember: 
the best gift is not a plastic trinket, but a genuine piece of you that 
speaks to who you are, and you don't have to spend a dime to give of 
yourself. THINK.

Now, case you were wondering, what the resource issue ISN'T is 
a list of "Burning Man recommended" vendors, deals, or events.  We 
basically include everyone who gets us a post by the deadline (though 
it's a safe bet that all those listed are JRS subscribers, at least). WE 
can't say we've used these vendors ourselves, nor are we recommending 
one over the other -- our job is sharing information, not endorsing 
particular businesses here.  If you're curious about a vendor, ask your 
friends or post on your local list, ePlaya or on Tribe, etc.

Of course, if we're especially hot about something, we'll say so: for 
example: one burner enterpreneur that wrote to us works with an awesome 
material called GlowFur, and from it, created a very special, very 
groovy glow bracelet for your playa nighttime safety and glowlumination 
this year. It's cool-lookin' stuff, to be sure, but why are the Rabbits 
so excited about one little glowy bracelet? Because, friends, GlowFur is 
donating ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the profits from the sale of these 
bracelets to the Black Rock Art Foundation 
(!! No strings, no catch - you buy a 
bracelet and rock it on the playa (or anywhere else), and 100% of the 
profit goes to BRAF to help fund year-round interactive art in local 
communities like yours! Now that's impressive. (We're also very happy 
that David from GlowFur bothered to look around for an affordable 
battery op solution for illuminating the fur, opting away from the use 
of disposable glow sticks in this bracelet and creating playa-bling you 
can re-rock night after night! Big ups to David for taking the time for 
that search.)

But there's more here for your preparation fun. Playa wear galore (lots 
of sales for JRS readers); discount truck rental for burning 
transportation; heck, we've even got mannequin parts for you. Check it 
out, and have fun as you get ready. We're almost there!

We'll be back next week with our regularly scheduled update on our 
upcoming trip to the playa - where the Man will burn only 80 days from 
now (oh my word I have to stop staring at that number. Did I just type 
that? Whoa!)

*<>/* T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S


Body Parts for Body Art
Sustainable Essentials and Carbon Credits
Camp N' Play Safe
O'Neill Rents Trucks
Chemicals, Brother
Burner Bikes in Reno
Playatech Announces "Green Home" Furniture!
Advantage Flight to the Playa!

Wild on the Inside: Fur
Sparkle Plenty Creations Bustiers
Organic Armor
Prism Magic Clothing and Imports
Sarongs & Wings
Furr Play
Playa Coats

Bring out your Inner Glow: Light 'N Wire
Cool Neon
Glow from Nicaboyne
Extreme Glow

"Prepare for the Playa"




It's really can build your camp or project without ever 
setting foot in a big box store, and rescue objects that might otherwise 
have headed to the landfill while you do it. Ask David Best, who saw the 
beauty in scrap wood castoff from a puzzle factory and turned them into 
a true Burning Man phenomenon with the Temples: recycled materials make 
for beautiful, meaningful art.

THIS is a sampling of linked Bay Area/Regional resources for 
recycled/reused building materials; most municipalities have their own 
recycling coordinators that can direct residents to local resources like 
these. Hit up Google or your local recycling center for suggestions in 
your area, and if you know of them, share them on your local discussion 

     * The Reuse People (Oakland)
     * The Reusable Lumber Co. (Woodside)
     * Building Resources (SF)
     * Urban Ore (Berkeley)
     * Garbage Reincarnation (Santa Rosa)
     * Caldwell's (New & some used. SF)
     * Whole House Bldg Supply (E. Palo Alto)

  These local organizations sell inexpensive donated materials for art 

     * S.C.R.A.P.:
     * The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse

The Build it Green Product and Service Directory also provides some 
useful information:


Even more sources for cheap and free stuff:

     * San Mateo Recycleworks:
     * South Bayside Waste Management Authority's Rethink Waste site:

These online exchanges are FULL of people trading or selling useful used 

     * FreeCycle
     * CalMax
     * Craigslist

ALSO DON'T FORGET to watch the Environmental Section and the JRS for 
more tips on how to build a more sustainable camp/project - send us your 
tips if you have any! Enviro section:

Coming up soon: Specs for building your camp and art wood structures 
that can be easily recycled in the Burners Without Borders Wood 
Recycling Program this year...visualize your stuff having a life after 
the playa! More tips in future issues.


============== RESOURCE ISSUE: MISC BRC GEAR ===============



"If you need mannequin heads, arms, legs or complete mannequins for your 
art installations contact Mannequin Madness. This company sells recycled 
mannequins at discount prices and will extend a 15% discount on all 
items if you say Jack Rabbit at Burning Man referred you. You can buy 
online at  or visit one of their 
warehouses which are in Oakland, San Diego, Las Vegas or Queens, New York

Call 866 444 1752. The 15% discount is available until August 20."



They say: "Get all of your Green Man sustainable essentials including 
biodegradable plates, bowls, cups, cutlery and trashbags, organic snacks 
like granola bars and pretzels, organic coffee, tea and hot cocoa at We empower consumers to align values with 
action by providing a full selection of sustainable products at 
competitive prices, next day carbon neutral shipping, and free delivery 
on orders over $49. also makes it easy and cost 
effective to make your Burning Man Project carbon neutral by offering a 
state-of-the-art calculator and third-party certified, competitively 
priced offsets -- an innovative product that combines emission reduction 
and renewable energy credits measured to neutralize your unique carbon 

We say: We dig that they have a simple key that shows which products are 
third party certified, which have reduced chemical content, which are 
biodegradable, which are recycled, etc....easy and smarter solutions for 
camp essentials. WE ALSO REMIND YOU: Just because it's biodegradable 
doesn't mean you don't have to pack it out. Don't put it on the playa -- 
leave no trace! - 1.800.909.9750



"We are specializing in quality items, mostly from the professional 
safety industry, that are very applicable to extreme camping conditions 
like Burning Man. We started using some of this gear ourselves for 
Burning Man and realized other people might want easy access to this 
level of gear in 1 convenient location.  We are carrying everything from 
high end glow sticks, to quality flashlights and strobes, to first aid 
kits, welder's burn kits, stylish safety glasses, particulate 
respirators (aka DUST MASKS that breathe easier), ear plugs to give away 
or keep the music out of your head while you try to sleep,cases to keep 
the playa out of your electronics,  and  basic work gloves -- all the 
way up to welding gloves and safety hats. We can also help you get any 
high-end safety items you might be looking for, just drop us a line."

Camp n' play



Still need a truck to haul your stuff from the Bay Area? While not every 
rental house is playa friendly, this one even offers a discount to 
burners who promise to bring back the trucks CLEAN.

San Rafael - 424 Irwin Street (415) 456-3252
Oakland - Corner of 7th St. & MLK Under Freeway (510) 375-0167

20% Discount off Standard Truck Rental for all Burners (Ask for Burning 
Man Discount)

Again, you MUST say the rental is for Burning Man, and you MUST promise 
to take the vehicle to a car wash and return it clean.

(General tip about trucks: every truck that's returned dirty and dusty 
to ANY vendor is a black mark on the Burning Man community as a whole, 
and another vendor who might decide not to rent to burners any more next be conscientious...clean out your rental truck!)



Fire artists: here's a burner friendly place to find your "paints"! This 
vendor is in San Leandro so there is no Hazmat charge if you will-call 
the items. He stocks chemicals in bulk. You must call ahead one day for 
small orders, under 100#'s.  Many of the artists may remember Mark -- he 
worked at Bryant Labs in Berkeley until they went out of business. We 
are told he is very friendly to the artist community.



 From the Reno Kiwanis club: "OK it's a leap of faith, and we hope it 
doesn't bury us. The Black Rock Bikes folks donate bikes to us, and we 
(Kiwanis Bike Program) fix them up for kids. We get bikes donated from 
the Reno area all year as well.  This means we have more than a hundred 
bikes that are not good for kids, but are great for Burners. We don't 
want to worry about rental return, so we'll sell them to you for $30, 
$40 or $50 depending on how good and how cool the bike is.

If you bring them back after you're done, we'll be super-grateful, and 
we'll re-use them this year for sure, but if not, that's ok too. If you 
want to see how we use the proceeds for our bikes for kids programs, our 
web site is  Check us out and help us out. 
Bikes only -- no other items -- no bike racks or decorations.  Send us 
an email early to and we can reserve one for 
you for the price you tell us until we run out.  We plan to have more 
than a hundred bikes ready for the big day -- so let us know early!

If you want to take a chance that we still have bikes when you get to 
Reno, come by our shop at 2605 Comstock in Reno and see what we still 
have. Or stop by and say hi even if you don't need a bike and  see what 
we're doing for kids from Gerlach to Fallon and for our own Reno kids as 
well. We'll be at the shop the week before Burning Man from 10-5 daily.

Reno: If you want to share in the fun early and decorate a bike for the 
Tour de Nez Decorated Bike Contest, check out their site and enter your 
bike. We'll have prizes for best decorated and some other fun prizes on 
June 16 and your bike will be part of the parade of decorated bikes at 
the Tour.  It would be a great chance to kick off your artwork early and 
put your unique bike in our contest at the Tour.  Join the fun and help 
us let folks know that we're making biking a reality for kids in the 
Reno area."




Shareware you can sit on!

"Playatech is pleased to announce the long awaited introduction of its 
BM06 'Green Home' Furniture Line of the Future! Delayed a year by hope 
and fear, the Green Home line includes everything needed to furnish a 
home for $500, move in one minivan load, and save the planet while 
you're at it. It rocks for Burning Man too! Check it out now at

The new Playatech line features three dozen radically cool furniture and 
entertainment products anyone can fabricate entirely from standard 
plywood, and every one collapses flat for shipment. Yes, all the 
furniture for a 2 bedroom house or large bar camp will fit in one mini-van!

According to Playatech founder Sunshine, 'At BM05, Playatech launched 
the Playa Love Seat, Playa Pew, and Larry Boy Lounger to insane acclaim. 
We changed camp seating forever, but we failed to kill IKEA - so we 
huddled and muddled and redesigned every piece of furniture you need to 
live, work, and play!' The new line includes a sofa that converts to a 
queen bed, daybeds that push together into playpens, bars you can dance 
on, and a dinette that turns into a den. Even recycled 1972 designs we 
found in a book.

All Green Home products turn you into an artist, and are radically 
cheap, easy to own, and available exclusively from Playatech -- the 
world's only brand built on the 10 Burning Man Principles. And they're 
GREEN! Exterior plywood is 95-99% renewable wood, much of which now 
comes from FSC-Certified sustainable forests, and the rest is relatively 
innocuous glue. Playatech eliminates factories, packaging, end-product 
distribution, retail stores, exploited child labor, and nearly all bad 
things capitalism introduces between nature's end product and your rear end.

What's more: when your furniture has outlived its usefulness, UNLIKE a 
regular couch, the entire energy content of Green Home furniture can be 
cleanly recovered as useful heat in a proper furnace - it is food for 
giant Mechabolic slugs! If burned in an open fire, the wood puts out 
more noxious fumes than the glue.

Playatech offers great green furniture for your mobile lifestyle that 
obsoletes landfills, at an unbelievable price! And that is no Silicon 
Valley pipedream.

Playatech - The Greenest Furniture Money Can't Buy - "

**<>/**<>/**<>/**<>/**<>/**<>/**<>/***<>/**<>/**<>/**<> /**


"2007 marks the third year of Advantage Flight air service to Black Rock 
International Spaceport.  Our Reno Air Shuttle offers up to six flights 
daily between Reno-Tahoe International Airport and the playa before, 
during, and after the event in Turbo Stationair aircraft.

For 2007, in addition to the Reno Shuttle, Advantage Flight Regional 
Service offers fast, non-stop Super King Air 200 service to BRC for up 
to eight passengers and gear from most airports in the Bay Area, Los 
Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Denver, and throughout the West. 
Yes, this aircraft can carry bicycles!

Advantage Flight offers more than safe, dependable passenger service. 
In 2006, the Shuttle transported crews and construction materials as the 
City was built.  During the event, the Shuttle also accommodated supply 
requests, bringing back everything from tools to aircraft tires.  We're 
ongoing contributing participants in the event community, and we look 
forward to welcoming you aboard!

Contact information:

Advantage Flight

Advantage Flight Solutions LLC is an FAA Part 135 air service based at 
Reno-Tahoe International Airport."



"Get 25% to 35% off all PodBelts!  Plus pod gifts for early orders!

The PodBelt is a burner designed, burner built utility belt, with a 
variety of pouches and accessories that attach with quick snap clips. 
The PodBelt was born for the playa 6 years ago to carry all my survival 
needs without losing them, and without having to carry a purse or 
backpack.  I still live in it daily!   Burner prices are less than $30 
for the basic set.

** GIFTS: Early bird special-- order by Friday July 20 and choose a free 
gift!  To get your gift you must select it and add it to your cart at 
the bottom of the burner discount page.

** DEADLINE: Order by Friday August 3 to guarantee delivery in time for 
the playa and get the full discount.  Orders after August 3 will be 
subject to a reduced discount, and may or may not be shipped in time. If 
you order late, include your playa departure date in the comment box. 
We'll let you know in advance if we can't get your order out in time, 
and give you the option to cancel or to take advantage of playa pick up.

** DETAILS:  To get your burner discount just go to this page:
and click on the black rock flame at the bottom of the page.  On the 
next page enter the password:  blackrockbelt.  You'll get a page with 
the special burner prices, and you can submit your order with the PayPal 
shopping cart there.

See you on the playa!

thanks for your continued support,
isa & DEvan"


================ RESOURCE ISSUE: COSTUMES ==================



"Let Your Wild Out! Faux Fur for your Wild Streak!

Full Length Faux Fur coats, jackets, vests and fur boas. Custom fur 
selection - make it the way you want it! See me at the Prepare for the 
Playa Events happening at Mighty June 10, July 22, and August 12th 
12-7pm or online

Nikki Doran
Wild on the Inside
Faux Fur for your Wild Streak!"




"Show up in style at Burning Man and other hot summer events and 
festivals! Let them enjoy the heat - all of it. Adorn them in ribbons, 
beads, jewels, appliques, metallic charms, chains, sequins, fuzzies, and 
repurposed embellishments. These are one-of-a-kind, handmade, sexy, 
glamorous, and outrageous bustiers by Santa Cruz burner, Sparkle Plenty. 
All materials are securely fastened and will leave no trace on the 
playa.  You and the girls will be sure to enjoy all the attention. Take 
a look at the bustiers on our website to see what thrills you. Ready to 
ship today!

Some of our new styles this year: 'Go Green Collection', 'Pride 
Collection', 'Lil Lady', 'Cha Cha Cha', 'The Mermaid';, 'Chantilly 
Lace', 'Copper Chocolate Love', and 'The Purple Heart'. If you don't see 
your size in a style you like, we can make it for you.  In-stock 
products, from petite to plus sizes:

Do you want something made especially for you? Want to match a skirt, 
scarf or special headdress? We can bring your images to life:

Mention this ad for $10 off all orders and free Priority Mail shipping.

Santa Cruz, CA boutique, by appointment only.

Sparkle Plenty (jude marks) 831-464-8622



"Organic Armor is handmade with love, inspired by ancient cultures and 
futuristic dream worlds. We have horns, cowboy hats, top hats, bustiers, 
circlets and more.

The pieces look like distressed metal, leather or bone, but are actually 
soft, light, reinforced rubber - durable, flexible, comfortable. They 
can be worn for many hours through active movement, making them well 
suited for performance, clubwear, festivals, rituals, life. Paul Hersey, 
the artist behind Organic Armor, was first inspired to make costumes at 
Burning Man 13 years ago. He strives to create pieces that reveal the 
divine within us all.

Buy online at or from our Los Angeles studio.



"Welcome to Prism Magic Clothing & Imports!!
2161 Pyramid Way, Sparks, NV 89431  (775)-356-5577.

Yup!  We're on the way to the big ole Burn on Pyramid Way.

We specialize in tie-dye but have all sorts of fun 'Playa Wear'. 
Crinolines, sarongs, hats, vintage clothing and other unique items.

Stop on by & have some fun.

Lauren & Steve Gifford & Crew"



"Planning an Uber Glowing Fur Costume for Green Man?

Colorado Burner and 2006 burn inspired GlowFurnatic is offering 
outrageous, sexy, warm, and most of all, LIGHTED GlowFur Playa-wear.  If 
you've actually seen it, you know it's delicious to the eyes!

 From the sexy legwarmers to the full length 'Playa Grande' or, if your 
imagination can think it we will try and make it!
Be forewarned late orders won't make it to the playa  because they are 
all handmade right here in Colorado. Procrastination is not your 
friend...  Go to

Remember our GlowFur team is DONATING 100% of the net proceeds from all 
sales of GlowFur Bracelets directly to Black Rock Arts Foundation 
(BRAF). No Glow sticks in these! Good for BRAF, Good for Environment, 
and good for everyone to BE SEEN on the Playa.

David L.



"FurrPlay - For When You Want To Walk On The FurrSide!
Faux Fur Clothing and Accessories

I started my faux fur clothing business last year, just before Burning 
Man and it has been growing ever since, thanks to our WONDERFUL 
community!  I have furr Shrugs/Sleeves, Hats (with EARS), Cuffs/Wrist 
Warmers, Boot Tops, Head/Hat Bands, Bracelets and 'Oh-Yeah' Mitts.  All 
purchases include a FREE furr Bracelet.  If you purchase a hat and 
sleeve together, you get a set of cuffs FREE.  My little thank yous to 
you.  Please visit my web site at or you can e-mail me 

I will be participating in the Prepare for the Playa events. If you are 
in San Francisco, I hope you will drop by, see my furs and say HI!

May you walk on the FurrSide - JustGwen (Burning since 2000)

Gwen Jester
FurrPlay - for when you want to walk on the FurrSide



"Playa Coats from ---and many more furry fashions! 
Custom orders and ready to wear accessories from the premiere provider 
of faux fur gear. Also see the new LulieVision line at Thank you for 5 years of warm fuzzies on 


================= RESOURCE ISSUE: LIGHTS ===================



"LIGHT 'N WIRE PRODUCTIONS  is an art-resource center that deals with 
Lightwire as a creative medium for desert use for bicycle, signage and 
fashion decor. We sell Lightwire and related accessories as raw stock or 
as custom designed for your special art requirements. For the 
DIY-challenged we will solder and fabricate your Lightwire components - 
you attach as desired to your art project." or



"Funhouse Productions has been lighting the Playa since 1999.  Cool Neon 
EL wire is your Green Alternative to glow sticks at this year's burn!

Cool Neon wire can be used over and over again, unlike glow sticks or 
one time use blinky novelties. In fact, many of our Playa Fish have been 
out every year since 1999. Light your costume, light your bike, light 
your art work, LIGHT EVERYTHING!!!! We are proud to be contracted, 
direct importers of Genuine Lytec
Electroluminescent Wire and are conveniently located near the base of 
the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA. Be sure to check our website, 
http://WWW.COOLNEON.COM, for free solder party times and stay tuned for 
our new Cool Neon Video Newsletter, Vol. 1 - Coming Soon!

Also -- Our 'LED Fantasia' section continues to grow. Low power 
consumption and brilliant light output equals a greener world.

Early bird special: 20% off all of JULY, and 10% off year round by 
simply typing 'JRS' in the coupon field during check out. We ship Fed-Ex 
and USPS, and most orders go out the same day.  We go to Burning Man 
every year, so please place your order by midnight on August 24th. Sorry 
: no playa deliveries!

Call us anytime with questions - Benny & Scott 510-547-5878, or

We can't wait to see you and your projects glowing on the playa!



"At, Our Glow Sticks and Glow Necklaces have 
become a popular requirement for Burning Man! Now, our Glow Sticks and 
Necklaces are made of recyclable plastics! Additionally, we are a green 
company: all of our employees drive hybrids, the office is outfitted 
with compact fluorescent bulbs, and we have purchased heavily forested 
land to offset our carbon created.

Call to order at 866-442-9100, or visit us at 
Call, and mention Burning Man, and we'll give you a 10% discount - plus 
we'll throw in one of our special Green Glow Pens created with 'Burning 
Man 2007' imprint as a free gift with your order.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to call. Thank you!


Jim Busby
Nicaboyne, Inc."



"Light up your bike, tent, or person with 
 From now until the flame is extinguished use our coupon code BMNEG07 to 
get 10% automatically deducted from your product total at

We've got all of the fun, lighted items from last year as well as a few 
new things that are sure to be useful and entertaining."


================== RESOURCE ISSUE: EVENTS ==================



Sundays, July 22 and August 12, 2007
Noon : 7:00 p.m.
@ MIGHTY, 119 Utah Street, @ 16th, San Francisco
ATM on premises

 From the organizers: "Prepare for the Playa is a 3 Sundays event (first 
was held June 10) that connects you to burner owned businesses, products 
and services to help you prepare for the desert.   We will also have 
Performing Artists, Informational Booths, How-To Demonstrations and even 
a Fashion Show.  The Bar will be open and they are featuring a special 
Bloody Mary for the day. (YUMMY)  And, you can enter to win a ticket to 
BM 07.  The proceeds of the raffle will be going to BRAF.

If you would like to be one of our Vendors, Performing Artists or How-To 
Demonstrators let us know.  This event is to help promote YOU or your 
camp, too.

For more information, please visit our web site at
Or you can e-mail us at"

-Gwen Jester and
Nikki Doran


{Soundtrack to the JRS: Cocteau Twins, "Heaven or Las Vegas". Suddenly 
I'm back in high school, dressed in black and dying of ennui. Sigh.)

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