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Getting warmed up for the Playa? So's the rest of San Francisco! Here's some events to make you feel at home!

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Upcoming events:

*** Dividend: An Examination of the 'More' Impulse - Thursday, June 28th ***

*** Audible from Space - Saturday, June 30th ***

*** Crucible Fire Arts Festival - July 11th-14th *** 

*** Dusty Dreams - Saturday, July 22nd ***

Call for Participation:


*** DeMaTerial has dance hall, seeks dance teachers and musicians *** 

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Dividend: An Examination of the 'More' Impulse 

San Francisco , CA - False Profit, LLC is joining forces with Cyphertown to bring you a night of unmistakably broken beats and challenging economic theories - plan to collect extensive Dividends this Thursday at the Poleng Lounge. Amping up for FP's nth year in BRC, the night will feature some of the talent that will be contributing to one of False Profit, LLC's signature marks on the playa - The Tuesday Night Party.  Cyphertown, will be collaborating with False Profit this month and will be showcasing some of the talent they will be bringing this year to the first official hip hop camp at Burning Man. 
False Profit, LLC has invited everyone to participate in their continuing study of the 'More' impulse at the Poleng Lounge, this coming Thursday, June 28th. There is no placebo group.
False Profit Back Room: 
Kitty-D & Ana Sia (Glitch Mob)
Lux (aka Rodman)
Cyphertown Front Room:
Abai & Albert Joseph (Bounce Reflex)
Dakini (Goddess Alchemy)
Goodfelllow (Cyphertown)
DJ Soulz (Cyphertown)
Fati Beloved
Lynn Mandziuk - prints
Marc Scheff ( and Vibrata - live digital art
Poleng Lounge
1751 Fulton @ Masonic 
$5-$15 sliding scale donation
Partial proceeds to benefit Cyphertown - Hiphop Theme Camp at BM07

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AUdible from Space

2 Announcements for the SF BM community from the Opulent Temple.

1.) If you enjoy what we do and would like to make a contribution, we're putting the call out to anyone that might want to show up and work a little on our projects.  Neither require special skills, but if you know how to weld that would be extra valuable!  One project is being built in West Oakland, and one in SF.  Write if you're curious.

2.) This Saturday, June 30th

Opulent Temple presents

'Audible from Space'

This party theme matches the range of our playa sound system this year, as we gather again to raise needed funds to help raise 2 brand new ambitious projects from the loco boyz and girls of the Opulent Temple. We're leaving the house music to our friends at the Deep End that night, for this we're going to hit it harder than usual with more in your face progressive, techno, trance and even some psy to close the night in the main. Upstairs will be kick your booty break beats. 

Thanks for your wonderful support so far, we promise you will see the tangible results on the playa. (And our line up this year at BM? It's already full, has something for everyone, and will probably never be topped, not even by us....) 

Spesh (Looq / Qool)
Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple)
Smoove (  / Opulent Temple)
Ethan Miller (F n' F)
Murphstar (Seismic)
Dutch (Thump / Opulent Temple) 
Eric Sharp (Rockit Science / Minx)
Sentient (Thump / Opulent Temple)
Billy Casazza (Nutbass / Opulent Temple)
Cosmic Selector (Opulent Temple)
Dex Stakker (Deckade / Opulent Temple)
Atum (Thump / Opulent Temple) 

$10 playafied, $15 street clothes

DNA Lounge
375 11th @ Harrison St.

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Crucible Fire Arts Festival

The Crucible's 7th Fire Arts Festival is going to be amazing.  In addition to the usual exhibition of fire sculpture and interactive fire art, this year's festival will include a theatrical production: The Fire Odyssey, a modernized interpretation of Homer's epic poem. 

The show is a blend of industrial fire theatre with ballet, opera, hip hop, aerial dance, and fire performance, with live music provided by Mark Growden and a hand-picked ensemble. Opera singer Aimee Puentes sings the role of Penelope, and Easton Smith, who played Romeo in The Crucible's production of Romeo & Juliet—A Fire Ballet, returns as Odysseus. Mongolian contortionist Byamba Serchmaa plays Circe; members of the renowned hip-hop troupe Flavor Group play Odysseus' men. The acrobatic team of Realis, made up of gold medalists and world champion gymnasts Shenea Booth and Arthur Davis, performs the production's amazing finale. 

The stage will include Greek gods, personified as 35-foot-tall welded sculptures created by Dan Das Mann & Karen Cusolito. These giant figures are part of the stage and part of the show.  Poseidon, connected to an Oakland Fire Department pumper truck, sends sea storms across the 8,000 gallons of water in the moat that surrounds the stage; Aeolius controls the winds, sending steam-filled gales to bedevil Odysseus and his men; Zeus shoots white hot lightning bolts from his tesla coil, while Athena has fire at her command. The stage is equipped with 2,000 gallons of propane fire effects. 

It's going to be an amazing show and it's for a good cause: Proceeds from the Festival support The Crucible's arts education program. The Fire Arts Festival will be on July 11 to July 14, from 8 PM to 12:30 AM at The Crucible's Fire Arts Arena at Kirkham St. and 7th St. in West Oakland. The Fire Odyssey begins each night at 10PM. 

You get a $5 discount on tickets if you buy them before July 1.  After July 1, tickets for the Fire Arts Festival (and The Fire Odyssey) will be $40 on July 11 & 12 and $45 on July 13 & 14. (For Crucible members, tickets are $30 on July 11 & 12 and $35 on July 13 & 14.) To buy tickets or find out more about the event, visit or call 510.444.0919 Monday through Thursday, 10AM to 7PM; Friday, 10AM to 2PM.

The Crucible is also looking for volunteers to help out with the event. 
To volunteer, fill out the form at

In the meantime, if you are riding BART past the West Oakland station, 
look east and you'll see a thirty-five-foot tall sculpture of Athena,
raising her hands to the sky!

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Dusty Dreams

A Playa Fantasy Fashion Show

Featuring the designers of Prepare for the Playa - a series of Burning Man Preparation events continuing on July 22nd at Mighty 119 Utah Street in San Francisco. 
The theatrical fashion show will begin at 4pm as we follow of heroine 'Dusty Dreams' into her Playa Dream sequence. As she fades off to sleep, she dreams of being at Burning Man 2007.
The Master of Ceremonies is the irreverent, white trash, redneck southern belle with snaggle tooth charm 'Kiki'! She will guide us through this adventure with her particular brand of insight that is sure to entertain and delight! 
The designers of Prepare for the Playa will be showing their specially made 'playa products and fashions' built for the desert. From day wear to those cold playa nights - the fashions show will guide us through what's hot and what's very, very HOT! 
Faux Fur coats, hats, shrugs, fashions from the outrageous to the sublime and everything in between!
Come join us as the Preparation continues...onward to the BURN 2007!
Prepare for the Playa - a series of events connecting you to everything you need for Burning Man 2007 brought to you exclusively by your fellow burner businesses! 
Buy Local, BUY BURNER!
Dusty Dreams
A Playa Fantasy Fashion Show
At Prepare for the Playa
July 22nd at 4pm
Mighty – 119 Utah Street in San Francisco
Free Entry, Free Parking! 

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The Café is a venue that bursts with a universe of art and unusual entertainment. A musical stage features participants playing world and instrumental music during the day with thematic performances in the evening. A spoken word stage features poetry readings, comedy, and theatrical productions. 

1) Are you a live music performer performing original music (no covers
please), magician, juggler, comedian, aerialist or a performance artist in
search of a stage?

We have wonderful volunteers to help get your performance scheduled and 

  a. For your spoken word/comedy stylings:
  b. For musical performances:
  c. For other all other types of performances: 

2) Are you an expert on a subject and want to share your BRAIN?

We will have two one hour spots daily for speakers in the Café this year for
our "Brain Buffet Speaker Series." Time slots are 11am-noon daily AND 5-6 
daily, but NOT 11-noon Monday or 5-6 Saturday. It is also possible to just
do a half hour or share the hour with one or more other speakers.

Special priority given to subjects relating to this year's Green Man theme 
or to subjects of particular interest to a broad spectrum of Burning Man

If interested, contact cafe-performers(at)burningman(dot)com.

Note that these talks should be educational without endorsing a product or 
specific group. Whether you speak or not, stop by and FEED YOUR BRAIN!

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DeMaTerial has dance hall, seeks dance teachers and musicians.

DeMaTerial is bringing a 40 foot diameter dome to burning man and we would like it to be available as an old fashioned dance hall.  Have you been wishing there was some place on the playa to do you favorite dance and can you teach others?   Hula dancing? Bulgarian line dances?  West Coast Swing?  etc.  We will have a sound system and the floor will probably be a smooth surface of carpet or carpet padding.  We especially would like to have a country music hoedown where people can come to listen or dance as they please.   

Those who want to help with a dance class should contact

Country music musicians should contact 

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