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Sunday, June 3rd
Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland
Noon-8p & Free

Oakland, CA - Gorgeous Joaquin Miller Park will play host to this year’s Spring Training, a free “Summer Campouts for Dummies” prep course offered to all investors of False Profit, LLC featuring...

  Adam Ohana (Get Freaky)/Laura (El Circo)
  benchun (False Profit)/Dr. Toast (False Profit)
  Alxndr (DownLow, False Profit)
  Neptune (Beatchurch)
  EPROM (Nexus)
  Obi-J (False Profit)
  Genji (Word of Mouth)

With the summer promising prolonged exposure to the elements and to wide-ranging frequencies at high volumes, we want our investors to be prepared.  Just as with any campout, you will need:

* Food and beverage provisions (to prevent starvation and/or dehydration)
* Sunscreen (to prevent sunburn and/or incineration by solar flares)
* Sunglasses (to prevent retinal damage due to UV rays and/or aging)
* Blankets (to prevent grass stains and/or allergic reactions to the plantlife)

This free offer expires on June 4th.  Remember...practice makes perfect.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.