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Mystic Beat Lounge - Techno-Tribal Dance 2007 @
2007-06-09 7:30 PM
Location: Grace Pavilion - The largest indoor venue in the North Bay!


The Legendary Techno-Tribal Dance Goes Interstellar ? Again!

Once a year there comes a Saturday night like no other, when the fabulous Techno-Tribal Dance takes flight in 21st Century sound and light in the vast cathedral of Grace Pavilion. A sea of costumed, dancing people celebrate the moment to the music of top electronica artists, their eyes filled with jewels by a full spectrum laser array and vast airy beings that hang in space, painted with light and sailing in the sound field. Fire spinners dazzle the eye as daring aerialists soar through the dark reaches above the  pulsing crowd, whose bones vibrate with massive bass beats. Then gorgeous goddesses and dream beings on stilts cut a path through the happy dancers, bringing with them an element of ? what? Ritual? Magic? It?s the birth of something so novel we cannot name it, but we know we want it and it is here!

The 8th annual production of the Techno-Tribal Dance brings an international line-up of artists never and nowhere before presented together,  including:

Simon Posford is rightly known worldwide as the, 'Hallucinogenius,' an inimitable pioneer in sound experimentation. His smashing first album, 'Twisted' sold over 50,000 worldwide. After years of anticipation, Schpongle?s second album, 'Tales of the Inexpressible' a recorded capture of this live experience, will be released soon. 
In 2007 Shpongle has been selling out huge venues, in Australia, Israel, New York, Pittursburg, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Moscow, Geneva, Montreal, and Tokyo ? and now Santa Rosa?s acclaimed Techno-Tribal Dance. Experience this planetary phenomenon, the unleashing of the multiverse that is ?SHPONGLE?.

Hailed as the most original electronic group in the world, Rabbit In The Moon continually terraforms the ever-changing landscape of 21st Century music. Their eclectic tracks are used and abused by DJs across the planet, while their daring exploration of innovative live performance thrills and amazes their enormous and growing following. Ten years into their trip, Rabbit in the Moon continually adds facets of wonder to their show. They will connect with Techno-Tribalists with startling performance art, live video projections of great beauty, and live, original music that has earned them award after award as the number one live performance act in the country. Think the Grateful Dead & Pink Floyd of electronic music. Wherever they perform, believers are born.

In 2006, Stanton Warriors were the world's biggest breaks DJs. In 2007, once again they dominate virtually every breakbeat DJ poll in the world including "Best Compilation" in the globally respected BreaksPoll. Having blazed a trail throughout every corner of their universe, they bring their now legendary breaks sound to the green hills of Northern California. Prepare for some serious bass vibrations.

Ganga Giri mixes red natural elements with fat tribal beats and dirty, funky bass lines to create a unique tribal-technological-deep Earth dance experience. At times ambient and flowing, at others explosive and pulsating, Ganga Giri?s music is a pumping, percussive, multi-layered experience of complex grooves and raw, deep, natural sound. Ganga himself is a rhythmic didjeridu virtuoso and percussionist ? an inspired music creator whose passion brings people together in celebration of nowness in newness, a modern day corroberre for all! Carving a niche in the DJ-dominated world of dance music, Ganga Giri is an energetic, innovative and incredibly live act.

Deep from within the Los Angeles underground art and music scene comes Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque. Conceived in a blaze of collaborative creation this full production performance-art troupe embodies a newly awakened style of Vaudeville glamour infused with their own magical blend of circus shenanigans. The unique inter-active choreography, inspired costuming, original music, mystical face and body artwork are all brought together by the spirited performers to create mesmerizing high-concept spectacles of human light.

Malarkey is an old Irish slang word used in the 1920's as an expression equivalent to jive, gibberish, or nonsense. All guff aside; Patrick Malone (aka Malarkey) is one of the hardest working DJ's to recently emerge out of the north bay area. Take classic funk and fuse it with urban break beat drum patterns, add a dash of hip hop and you have what many are calling nu-school funk, in which this turntable jedi is pioneering on the west coast ever so relentlessly.

The Shamanic Cheerleaders are the Pep squad for the divine in everyone! These galz BRING IT with rockin' dance routines, affirmational cheers and call and reponse Cheer-tahn. These giddy goddesses have performed in Vegas with String Cheese Incident, rocked the mainstage at 2007 Spectra Ball, graced the Sacred Uproar with Rob Breszney to a standing room only audience in SF and have a jam - packed summer line up of festivals, fairs, and paradigm shifts.
You don't want to miss this ShaktiBomb of a new archetype and catalyst for joy and levity!

Pyro-A-GoGo brings a fresh and playful flavor to the captivating world of fire dancing. Ember Rouge, Holly Volatile and Cherry ║Fahrenheit blend traditional fire dancing and the art of striptease with hip hop, bellydance, Latin, African, Indian and Bollywood dance styles to bring a different kind of show to your event, large or small. A cheeky balance of spoofy and sexy, tantalizing and tough; Pyro-A-GoGo mix creativity, skill and enthusiasm to energize and inspire your crowd. Fire skills and toys include, poi, staff, double staff, snakes, devil sticks, "chucks", fingers, fans, palm torches, parasols, balance bowl, fire breathing and fire eating. But really, it's all about the way you shake it.

The Extra Credit Crew is an all-female, breaking crew centralized in the San Francisco Bay Area and an accessory to Sisterz of the Underground, the region's most prominent collective of female Hip Hop artists. Since 2001, ECC has been earning reknown as artists who represent the Hip Hop element to its fullest. When ECC and its members are not performing or competing they are enriching the community, teaching in community centers, homeless shelters, libraries, and youth emancipation enters, empowering girls and women to strive for success even in male dominated arenas,?directing youth toward positive and artistic achievements, all this through Hip Hop.

Lumanesque is a tantalizing new dance, fire, and circus performance arts ensemble. Showcasing the beauty of human movement in the feminine form we have our luscious core, executing elegant, dynamic choreography with fluid skill. We will be delighting audiences with dance styles including belly dance, traditional fire spinning, classical dance, and our own special spice. Our phenomenally talented soloists include Tristin, a blow your mind sexy fire hoop Goddess; Fire Dawg with his breathtaking poi tosses; and our very own super ninja, Ashleigh on trapeze. And if that isn't enough for you, we also come fully equipped with our own ripping Samba troupe. We can't wait to bring this show in to your life. 

Moriah (Mo) & John (Jo) Whoolilurie make up Mojow and the Vibration Army. With looping pedals attached to his waist, an amplified wagon hitched to his belt, a saxophone strapped to his chest, and a microphone in hand; Jo is a six-foot-eight-red-headed-beat-boxing-music-making-machine. With Mo?s platform shoes and funky dance moves, their matching outfits and accapella grooves, Mojow brings their funky portable show everywhere they go.

Plus: Sub 4 Breakdance Krew, Mike Stern W/ Victor Wooten & Dennis Chambers, Sukhawat Ali Khan, DJ Starfire, Green Lemon Nawal, Wingin? It, Goddess Grove Variety Show, Temple of Chill, One Love Dome, WOW Camp, Ambiotica Cafe, Casbah Tea House, Light Art Garden Food & Drinks & More & more & so much more...

Techno-Tribal brings in a state of the art sound system to fill this soaring, football-field sized space with  towering music from leading performers in electronic music. The air is splashed with full color lasers, giant, improbable inflatables, and fabulous imagery projected on multiple huge screens suspended in space. Overhead aerialists fly, fire spinners spin, stiltwalkers teeter and clown. On the floor a large Chill Zone is laid out with carpets, couches, cushions, massage tables, and visionary art, including light sculptures and cosmic altars. Around the walls over forty vendors offer their wares, ranging from organic food and drinks to light toys and event clothing. 

Expect the Unexpected!
Like: A sea of costumed, dancing people, their eyes filled with jewels by a full spectrum laser array and vast airy beings that hang in space, painted with light and sailing in the sound field. 
Like: Fire spinners that dazzle the eye as daring aerialists soar through the dark reaches above the  pulsing crowd, whose bones are vibrating with massive bass beats. 
Like: Gamelon Goddesses, and dream beings on stilts who cut a path through the happy dancers, bringing with them an element of ? what? Ritual? Magic? 
Like: The birth of something so novel we cannot name it, but we know we want it and it?s here!

As if that's not enough, your TTD ticket also gets you in to the entire "Harmony After Dark" zone ? with three other stages of chill, acoustic, world-spirit, and jam-band artists.

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.