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Hey Ecotribe,

It's been way too long!  So, I'm planning an Ecotribe Picnic Movie Reunion from 7-11pm Thursday July 12th for Dolores Park Movie Night -- The Karate Kid!!!  It'll be so saweeeet!!!!

Mark your calendars, & be sure to get there right at 7pm!  Last month 3,000 people showed up to "House of Wax" & only the early arrivals got good seats.  Imagine what Karate Kid will be like!  

WHO:  All Ecotribe Alumnae & Friends!! 

WHAT:  Ecotribe Reunion -- Veggi Potluck Picnic & Karate Kid Movienight in the Park!

WHEN:  Thursday July 12 7pm Sharp.  If you arrive late, unfortunately expect to sit alone as we won't be able to hold you a seat.  For the last Dolores Park Movie Night there were perhaps 3,000 people crunched together, and only the first 500 could really see or hear the movie.  Do come on time!!  If you arrive as late as 8pm, it'll be incredibly hard to find us among the thousands of people, and likely other revelers will have crowded our space by then.

WHERE:  The Southeast corner of Dolores Park (near Dolores & 20th Streets), front & center of the movie screen!!

BRING:  Large blanket to share with others, vegetarian picnic fare or drinks to share, warm hats, scarves, sweaters & fuzzy blankets to snuggle in, a lawn chair for back support, and your sweet community spirit to flavor the Ecotribe vibe. 

ECO-CONTRIBUTIONS:  It would be great if we could all stay for 15 minutes after the movie to help the Movie Night organizers clean up trash & recycling.  3,000 movie-goers seem to trash the park, & I would love us to be the guardians who leave the park spotless!!  Please contribute!! 

I will send out another reminder, and may even put together an Evite so y'all can see RSVPs & the like.  I hope to see you all there!!

Ecolove & Hugs to all...


Matthew "HItch" McDermid
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.