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~ BMIR 94.5 FM

Hello busy campers!

Welcome to Placement-Announcement #8.

Well, things have certainly revved up a notch around here -- it's 
that fun time of year!  Placement was announced and we are busy 
helping out those with special issues now. The Black Rock City map 
has gone to press and we are in the final phases of getting all the 
information you will need to know out to you. Some of us are on the 
playa already, and some of us are packing - or thinking of packing. 
Emails are flying back and forth and everyone's running around doing 
a ka-zillion things at once. Woo Hoo! It is almost here!

Most of the Early-Arrival and Weekend-Arrival issues have been sorted 
out. Thanks for your patience. The placement team will be leaving 
soon, so if you have any questions for your placer regarding your 
camp, please let us know now.

In our past Placement-Announcements, we've given you lots of
information about preparing for the playa. This one has things to do
ON the playa.



Come join the Lamplighters at 5:00 at their Center Camp workspace and 
help light Black Rock City!  Anyone can be a Lamplighter for a night. 
Or more!  It takes just a few short hours, during which you will be 
greeted and praised by your fellow citizens for your efforts. 
Participate in this time-honored tradition!

For more information, or if you'd like to sign up as a theme-camp, 
please contact:



Looking for something playful, fun, energetic, wild, crazy and yes, 
important to do at Burning Man?  Why not greet?!?!? Help us welcome 
everyone to our great city. Greeters still have open shifts that need 
to be filled!  Many theme-camps sign up as a group. Visit our 
schedule at 
<> and 
sign up now!

For any questions, please contact:



As mentioned in an earlier announcement, there's great news: ice will 
now be available in the 3:00 and 9:00 plazas.

So you can now get your ice in three flavors:
A.  Arctica, in center-camp.
B.  Ice3 (ice-cubed), in the 3:00 plaza.
C.  and Ice Nine, in the 9:00 plaza.

Monday -- Sunday 9:00am -- 6:00pm
Labor Day Monday (Arctica only) 9:00pm -- NOON



The plazas at 3:00, 4:30, 7:30 and 9:00 have grown into an important 
part of our city -- and can be thought of more like public squares -- 
places where people gather, events are held, art is placed -- 
fostering a sense of community within Black Rock City.

This year we will have community bulletin-boards installed in each of 
the 4 Plazas -- message boards where theme-camps can post notices 
about events, happy hours, classes, movies, etc. in that area of the 
city. Also can be used for lost + found, rides, items-needed, fashion 
tips, whatever. It's yours!

We're also happy to have some cool public art placed in each of the 
plazas, to enjoy and interact with:

3:00 plaza:
"Tall Grass" -- by Glen Easley
a 65 foot bamboo installation

4:30 plaza:
"Angel of the Apocalypse" Head -- by the Flaming Lotus Girls hosting a
community burn every night

7:30 plaza:
"The Horny Fireball" -- by Vamp Camp
hosting a community burn every night

9:00 plaza:
"Anesthesia" by Rob Buchholz
a 40 foot steel flower installation

If your camp is interested in adding some art to the plazas, talk to 
your placer!


BMIR 94.5 FM

BMIR 94.5 FM wants to publicize your artistic endeavors and 
theme-camp shenanigans to the entire Black Rock City community. So 
crank up that home studio, record those MP3 spots, and send them to to secure a spot in the station's rotation for 
the week.

To ensure easy airplay accommodation, hit us with your noise by 
Sunday, August 19. We'll be on-playa after that, and email 
receptivity might be inconsistent -- so beyond the 19th you'll need 
to email your spots AND drop by the station to hand-deliver them on 

As usual, we can record you at our our studios from noon to 4:00pm 
each day of the event -- but we encourage you to produce your own 
pieces if possible, since on-site production tends to be of the down 
and dusty variety.



Find your V-Spot!

Bored with your Camp Mates? Sick of pounding rebar? NO PROBLEM: 
Simply stroll on over to Playa Info in Center Camp -- just inside, 
you'll discover the V-Spot, where we help people find their "special 
place" in Black Rock City.

No need to sign up in advance, just come on by The V-Spot within 
Playa Info in Center Camp, open Monday to Sunday 10:00am -- 6:00pm



Like the last few years, there will not be a bike repair camp in 
Center Camp, so come prepared. Bring a fully functional bike AND your 
own tools AND repair-kits AND a mechanic to spare -- to help yourself 
and others.



Also, as in the past few years, there has been no locksmith services 
available in Black Rock City.  Please be mindful of this and prepare 
your camp mates as well!



One last note: you'll be glad to hear that the Placement Team has 
scheduled a Lunar Eclipse for your viewing pleasure.

Monday the 27th (actually the early morning of Tuesday, August 28th)

1:51am  partial eclipse begins
2:52am  total eclipse begins
4:22am  total eclipse ends
5:24am  partial eclipse ends

(all times Pacific Daylight Time)


More Soon! And then we're off!


Gomonk and the Placement Team

To read the past placement-announcements, go to

placement-announce mailing list
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.