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Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 11, Issue 18
August 12, 2007


You guys are prolific!!

There's a lot of news this week so we're sending it on the weekend - 
there was some list burping at the end of the week (those on regional 
lists might have noticed) so we wanted to make sure it was going to go 
out without wreaking havoc. The geeks seem to have worked their magic, 
so off we go.

We are going to try to do one or maybe even two more full JRS's before 
the event. We get LOTS of mail this time of year and some emails will 
take us a while to respond to. Post requests go missing and the cycle 
usually takes more than a week to get into a JRS is a time 
to use ALL your resources and not just us, because we're one foot in the 
desert and communication is about to go bonkers.

Please also rely on the other means we have to share events, news, and 
playa happenings:

Playa Calendar: keep adding and keep checking right up until you leave 
for great BRC events from Monday to Monday!

Regional lists: fundraisers, work parties, last minute requests for 
help, etc? Your local lists are the place:

ePlaya: Use the BBS to tell the world about your playa project and 
invite them to participate, look for a stage on which to perform your 
puppet show, to talk about bike repair, or ask others for their input 
about your final days of preparation:

For now, couple random tips:

The JRS reminds you as you start to plan your drive that PASSING on the 
small 2 lane highways that lead to Burning Man can be a highly dangerous 
activity, as can swerving or attempting to drive on the shoulders, which 
are very soft. Please drive with extreme caution and obey the speed 
limits on your way to BRC. We always say this a few times on the way 
in...and we're saying it now since we already know some of you are 
hitting the road soon to make your way across the country or the 
world...BE CAREFUL. Slow to a safe 25 (NOT 26, or 27, or 30 - you will 
be ticketed!) where required in local townships. Get to BRC in one piece!

Rich Labate also reminded us of this good tip: "I've been a burner since 
1998 (every year).  It is a great idea to take a new air (filter) for 
your car to replace the one full of playa dust as soon as you get off 
the playa and can stop somewhere safe. It could add lots of miles to 
your engine and probably lots of miles per gallon."

MORE GOOD TIPS? Some hot reminders for you - breaking it down to some 
basics for newcomers and jaded old-timers alike! -  are freshly posted 
on the new "Timmmii's Tips" page, a guide to preparing for Burning Man 

We invited longtime Burner Timmmii to come up with a few of the most 
basic things we wish someone had pointed out to us one last time on the 
way to our first Burning Man...we hope you all take a look at what he 
came up with. He's also got a preparation blog for more:

There's SO MUCH MORE to say because there's so much going on...the fence 
went in on Friday (woo hoo!). We haven't heard whether they beat last 
year's record, but beating last year's record time seems to be a habit 
up there. Heard the crews are ready steady go right now, with tight 
pre-playa teams getting 'er done already. Ladies and gentlemens, BRC has 
been spotted and it's taking shape! We're almost there! (Marnee is 
blogging about the building of BRC at if 
you'd like to hear more.)

It is not without a bit of a red face that I admit that mine was one of 
the late reports that has held up the processing of our MAMMOTH 
Afterburn report for 2006...with so many reports and so many incredible 
changes around here this year we have just about broken ourselves in 
half getting this one together. BUT having just spent two days helping 
the web team to hammer at some more of the final pieces, little birds 
are telling us you you will see it before we get to the event. Maybe 
seeing how much work 2006 took and what we learned from it will give you 
some idea what we've been eagerly throwing ourselves into for 2007 and 
help get you excited.

Another tip? How about this: "Bike Repair Camp"? What "Bike Repair 
Camp"? Most of the time unless you run into a playa saint with 
particular skills, you're going to have to fix your OWN bike if it 
starts to have trouble. Bring at least a basic bike tool kit and an 
extra tube.

OK now read.

*<>/* T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

================= BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS ===================

==================== GETTING TO BRC =======================
====================== PARTICIPATE! ========================

================= ADMIN ON AND OFF====================

================== BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS ====================



Every year we seem to get more art, and the art gets bigger! This year 
is no exception, with several large-scale installations the likes of 
which we've never seen on the playa before, as well as more registered 
art than ever before.

Want to see what's going to be on the playa? We've compiled listings of 
all the different types of art in our website.

To see the honorarium projects, go to .
Feel free to contact artists if you want to help out, and do check out 
their websites!!

The theme art is listed here:

And here's the playa art:

Our Green Man Pavilion features two kinds of art:

The Mangrove, with dozens of trees of all stripes:

Pavilion Art, with a green theme:

Also featured are Exhibits demonstrating sustatinable technology or 
drawing attention to global ecological concerns....finalized at last, 
the list is being coded as we speak and will be posted shortly in the 
same section you see above.

Fasten your seatbelts! Get ready to see more art on the playa than ever 

SPEAKING OF many huge incredible thanks to those who have made 
donations of time, resource, and money (large and small!) to the 
projects we posted the other day. Looks like things are well on their 
way to getting back on track. We love this community for jumping in to 
help co-create this year's ambitious Green Man art. Now if you're not 
already going crazy with your own, go find a local project and help them 
load their truck!



Fine folks at several area agencies and public offices saw fit to let us 
know so we'd be sure to reach all of you who cross the Bay Bridge to San 
Francisco and points south on your way home from the playa.

When you leave the Playa for home, and start thinking about 
readjustment, you may think to yourself, "I'll cross that bridge when I 
come to it." For Burners heading toward the San Francisco-Oakland Bay 
Bridge, that won't be possible!

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge will be closed in both directions 
over Labor Day weekend, from 8:00 p.m. Friday, August 31, until 5:00 
a.m. Tuesday, September 4.

Plan ahead and use alternate bridges: Golden Gate Bridge, Richmond-San 
Rafael Bridge, San Mateo-Hayward Bridge, Dumbarton Bridge. Expect 
congestion on these other Bay Area bridges.

BART will be running overnight service to select stations, and there 
will also be expanded ferry service on select routes. For traffic 
information and trip planning, call 511 within the Bay Area or visit

The closure will allow crews to perform crucial seismic safety work on a 
section of the bridge east of the Yerba Buena Island Tunnel.



That's right. As part of our effort to bring you MORE information from 
inside the Project and all around the community, not one not two not 
three but FOUR new blogs have appeared on this year, and 
now they're all yours from one location:

What you'll find:

Follow along with the day-to-day efforts of the DPW, working hard to 
build Black Rock City 2007. Building Black Rock City 2007:

Think you know what it takes to prepare for the Burn? You'd be surprised 
what you'll learn in our preparation blog. Soak up the advice! We're 
counting down...
Prepare to Burn!:

Our environmental blog tracks the ongoing greening of Burning Man, and 
doles out tips on how to green your burn and beyond! The Enviroblog:

As we visit our far-flung community, we keep you up to date with the 
inspiring activities of our regional network. Regionals Blog:

So much up to the minute blogtastic goodness for your final approach 
into BRC....



Odwally has the mic:

"You may have noticed that go-ped type vehicles are allowed at Burning 
Man and think, 'That is a great way to get around Black Rock City!' You 
may want to think more on that. There are lot of thoughts and feelings 
on this topic, so we thought we would address the issue.

Black Rock City is built as a pedestrian and bicycle oriented city. It 
is densely crowded, and motorized vehicles can cause hazards and 
difficulties for those traversing our terrain. By necessity, we limit 
the number of motorized vehicles moving around. This is for reasons of 
safety as well as to encourage interaction and immediacy within our 
civic-minded community. This year especially, and as we evolve as an 
event, we also encourage pedal and foot power as the ultimate Green 
alternatives to any motor powered or manufactured conveyance. And hey, 
exercise is good for you!

We have, thus far, allowed small, stand-up (no seat attached), 
two-wheeled, low-powered, single passenger, go-ped type "scooters" under 
the driving rules of Black Rock City, even though they are motorized and 
unlicensed by DMV. These vehicles, however, are generally frowned upon 
by the organization -- as well as the masses. They are one of the least 
creative or aesthetically pleasing methods of transportation available 
in Black Rock City. They have historically been allowed mostly because, 
by a measure of mass, it is generally felt that they do not pose a 
physical hazard much beyond that of a bicycle. However, they do create a 
number of other issues.


The first issue is  speed. These scooters ARE expected to observe the 
same 5MPH speed limit as all other motorized vehicles for reasons of 
safety. Too often this is ignored, creating a hazard and a nuisance. It 
is much easier to go fast on a go-ped vehicle than it is on a bicycle, 
and go-ped drivers frequently get carried away. Be mindful of your speed 
and its effect on others, not to mention the population as a whole.


The second issue is noise. Many of these little petroleum-powered 
laziness machines are basically two-stroke, non-muffled, "weed-eaters 
with wheels." They are loud and annoying to others when they buzz by, 
and especially to those trying to sleep. For this reason, the electric, 
battery-powered versions are usually preferred over the gas-powered.

If you do have a gas-powered go-ped, *please* get one with a muffler or 
add a muffler to the one you have. Also, do your best to decorate your 
ride or mutate it to the point that you are actually adding to the 
quality of visual experience out there instead of detracting from it.

In a tightly packed community with tens of thousands of people, we all 
need to be individually responsible in how we behave, as it does impact 
the whole, especially when some are engaging in behavior that can 
negatively affect the whole community.


The Gate crew will be helping out toward this goal as you enter Black 
Rock City. Any vehicle differing from the description above, or that 
appears to be more dangerous than the kind listed above, must either be 
taken off site or handed off at the gate outside Black Rock City until 
after the event. Once inside the city, the Rangers keep a close eye on 
the movement of vehicles, and will work to protect all of us by removing 
any vehicle that violates either the written, implied, or common sense 
rules of operating them.

Please take these thoughts into consideration when planning your trip to 
your city, your home for a week in the desert. We hope your freedom to 
use these will be balanced with your consideration for your fellow 
citizens and sense of responsibility. We're confident that you can be 
more creative than just 'buying a scooter' anyway.

Dept. of Mutant Vehicles Manager"



Matthew writes; "Snow Koan Solar Camp, (located on D near 7:30) will 
have a solar powered charging station available for use.

The solar electric charging station is a place where community
members can recharge their electric vehicles, scooters, batteries and
small electronics. The point is to eliminate carbon footprints by
providing power from the sun and encouraging participants to use modes of
transportation that are electric, which in conjunction with the solar
charging station, can be operated with zero emissions for the duration of
the festival. At the charging station you will find 120 vac standard 
'Edison' plugs like the ones in your house, as well as 12 vdc car power 
BYO chargers for specific devices and batteries.

Participants will be able to charge day and night... however we would love
to see daytime charging taking place because of the direct connection to
the sun. Hopefully the community can take this experiment into their 
world and realize that electric vehicles can be a viable and rewarding 
way to get around.

And if you stop by in late afternoon... join us for a snow cone cocktail."



Last year Burners Without Borders organized the first ever playa-wide 
lumber-recycling project, and it was a HUGE success! 42 units of lumber, 
filling SIX semi trucks and worth upwards of $50,000, were saved from 
the burn pyre and delivered to Habitat For Humanity in Reno, the single 
largest donation they've ever received.  Then, in February, BWB 
volunteers showed up on Super Bowl Sunday to help turn all that wood 
into new homes for needy families. Talk about gifting!

Naturally, we're doing it again!  We'll be accepting usable lumber (full 
2x4s, 4x4s, sheets of plywood and the like ) and hand tools at recycling 
stations on the playa, starting 8am Sunday morning, through Monday. 
They'll be at 3, 6, and 9 on the Esplanade-just look for the "lumber 
lifeguard" towers.

And we need your help.  We need dozens of people to help direct 
participants on where to drop their lumber and building supplies.  We'll 
need help sorting and banding. We'll also need help with set-up and 
clean up.  If you'd like to get involved please send us an email and 
we'll fill you in on the details:

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you all in the desert!

Burners Without Borders



2 cool astronomical events for you at Black Rock City this year.  Bring 

Full moon:  Monday night- Tuesday morn August 28 at 2:35 a.m.  So the 
sky will be bright in Black Rock City, except for the therefore even 
more spectacular...

Monday night- Tuesday, August 28, 2007:
TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in Black Rock City.  1:51 am-5:24 am PDT, with 3:37 
am = mid-eclipse.  BRC just makes it into the 'All Eclipse Visible' zone...
August's lunar eclipse is well-placed for North and South America as 
well as the Pacific, eastern Asia and Australia. All of North America 
will witness some portion of the eclipse, but western observers are 
favored. The early umbral phases will be in progress at moonset for 
observers in Maritime Canada. From the eastern USA, the Great Lakes 
region and Ontario, the Moon sets in total eclipse. Only observers to 
the west of the Rockies (including Alaska) will be treated to the entire 
event. All phases of the eclipse are also visible from islands of the 
Pacific Ocean, New Zealand and eastern Australia.

Late Friday night-Early Sat morning Aug 31- Sep. 1:
Aurigids, a rare and spectacular meteor shower will be peaking at 4:36 
a.m. in the east- north eastern skies.  Visible from Nevada.  It will 
last about 1.5 hours.   Best to watch between 4 and 5 am, with up to 160 
Aurigids meteors per hour.
This very rare shower will occur again on 1 September 2007. A brief 
shower of tens of meteors will radiate from the constellation of Auriga, 
many as bright as the brighter stars in the sky. The Earth will be in 
the thick of it during the one hour centered on 04:36 a.m. PDT. The 
shower will be visible by the naked eye from locations in the western 
United States.
Best viewing: Keep Moon out of field of view (best to block behind 
obstruction such as telephone pole, then watch whole sky), avoid city 
haze that scatters moonlight
Best direction: East and Northeast
Best time: Start one hour before peak, then see the rate of meteors 
increase and decrease while Earth travels through the shower



"Burning Book: A Visual History of Burning Man," is a narrative 
non-fiction, photo-illustrated, [sunburned and somewhat] delirious 
account of the annual migration to Black Rock City.  Portland-based 
journalist Jessica Bruder weaves together interviews with scores of 
participants -- from desert virgins to Cacophony Society veterans; from 
La Contessa's sailors to the Gerlach fuel guy; from the Flaming Lotus 
Girls to Larry Harvey, and many more -- to tell the tale.  Brimming with 
images dozens of festival artifacts by more than 30 photographers, 
Burning Book brings a fresh look at BRC to newbies and playa-crusted 
oldsters alike.

"Burning Book" Readings:

8/13: Seattle, WA / Elliot Bay Book Co. / 101 South Main Street / 7:30 p.m.
8/17: New York City, NY / Barnes & Noble / 4 Astor Place / 7 p.m.

"Burning Book" hits bookstores in early August.  It will soon be 
available in our Marketplace:

Updates are available at:



Bill Kozitsky: "Don't know if you have already put the word out but The 
current issue of Nevada Magazine has a nice cover story featuring the 
Man and the event with a lot of great photos.
Check it out at"

* * *

The Burning Man Art Department in collaboration with Leonardo is happy 
to announce the release of a special section of Leonardo titled "The 
Fire Arts of Burning Man." The section contains an introduction by 
co-guest editor Louis M. Brill, a historic overview of Burning Man Fire 
Art by co-guest editor and art curator LadyBee and a series of Fire Art 
essays by participating Burning Man fire artists.

The special issue is profusely illustrated, showing off many of the 
amazing Burning Man fire art creations that have appeared on the playa.

An electronic version with the Brill introduction, LadyBee's Fire Art 
overview and 18 essays is also available on the Leonardo website:

Copies of this issue of Leonardo are available for sale at the Burning 
Man Marketplace. This issue is also included in the 2007 annual 
subscription to Leonardo subscribers.

in Marketplace:


This one was a fun "a little light reading before bed" discovery at our 
house: Detail in a New Yorker story last week, on what a bonobo ape 
brought into the jungle: :...his equipment included a fur hat, a 
leather-bound photo album, an  inflatable sofa, and goggles decorated 
with glitter. Matthews is a  devotee of the annual Burning Man festival, 
in the Nevada desert, and
this, apparently, had informed his African preparations."

and then

Here's a funny one: two participants got together and created a 
presentation (complete with power point slides) and presented it to 
their co-workers during the "Tech Talks" series at their work. Check out 
"Cooking for Burning Man 101" by these two chefs from the Google campus 
that we heard about through the Regional list - a full on how-to video 
for cooking on the playa!



Sunshine sent us these awesome graphic Trash Center Sorting Signs for 
you to print and use in your camp! Good lookin' and ready to use!

He also reminds us that "wise burners would use battery devices rather 
than glowsticks which can't be recycled.  I'm guessing you've already 
punched in the paper cups over plastic." We've said our piece about glow 
sticks a time or two, we hope.

See what you can do to generate the least junk this year!



Our Survival Guide reminds you that Burning Man's remoteness doesn't 
give us a free pass to live outside the law. Burning Man supports all 
local and federal laws, and expects you to uphold them during your time 
in Black Rock City. There are representatives from five Law Enforcement 
agencies in our fair town, and you should be aware of their presence and 
how to interact with them when you meet.

We consider Black Rock City a peaceful community...and we love to see it 
stay that way.

Here's the Survival Guide page on the matter:

A participant shared this video with us to share with you. It's called: 
"Busted: the Citizen's Guide to Surviving a Police Encounter (US)".  The 
former head of the ACLU narrates.

A brief sample:

"In the scene you just watched, Darrell and his friends waived their 
rights repeatedly, without even knowing it."

It gives practical strategies for handling three typical situations (1) 
if you're pulled over while driving; (2) if you're approached on the 
street; (3) if you're at home -- (or, presumably, in your tent or RV). 
Knowing your rights is smart no matter where you go.

We hope you have a safe and happy experience at the event.



Gar writes: "I've had this stake puller for several years.
I bought mine at Amazon.  It's been an awesome playa
friend. We were using concrete form stakes to hold
down the Costco carports at Gate Camp, and trying to
get those things out with vice-grips was back
breaking. With the stake puller, it's a 30 second job,
and no strain at all. And it does pull out rebar too.
It will bend the really thin stuff, but it will still
pull it out of the playa. "


===================== GETTING TO BRC =======================


Twin City Surplus (1675 E. 4th St., Reno, is again allowing us to use their 
facility as the Reno to Playa ride share rendezvous location. If you 
need a ride to the playa during the week of the event, Twin City is the 
place to go. Or if you're traveling to the playa and have extra room, 
please swing by to pick up somebody who may be in need of a lift. It is 
easy freeway access between the Wells Ave. and 4th Street exits on I-80. 
And who knows? You may make a new friend.

Remember, please don't call Twin City Surplus to inquire about rides. 
They don't know anything about the ride share program other than it 
brings in business to their Burner friendly establishment.



Burn Clean Project is proud to present...

BIOBUS (space) SHUTTLE 2007
with your lovely pilot Peter, The German Guy

Meet new lifelong friends on the BIOBUS (space) SHUTTLE to Black Rock 
City. You will be scooped up at Reno International Airport, whisked to 
Wild Oats for a quick grocery run and then on to the playa! This is the 
first in a pilot program to lessen our cumulative impact of travel to 
the greatest city on Mama Earth. If you still haven't bought your BM 
ticket and plan to ride the BIOBUS, then please get your tickets shipped 
to you and carry them by hand, to help the BIOBUS avoid long waits at 
Will Call.

A $55-$65 donation to Burn Clean Project will reserve a One Way ride to 
or from the playa, helping you to avoid burning petroleum, the cost of a 
car rental, and the worst part of all -- scrubbing the rental car 
thoroughly enough so they don't charge you a playa-sized cleaning fee!

Check out for further details and 



Wherein we share with you a little local intel about the small towns on 
the way to the burn...

Cedarville, California:

Cedarville Station:
Stop by and say hi to Marianne & Dan Warner on the corner of Main Street 
and Hwy 299. Cedarville Station will be open 24 hours a day from August 
24 through September 5 for all your gas and repair needs. They are also 
serving up BBQ chicken, prime rib and Mexican food, as well as a special 
menu for vegetarians. There will be a supply of cold drinks and drinking 
water on hand. For a small donation you can fill up on water. Showers 
available for exodus.

The Corner Store:
At Hwy. 299 and Main Street, The Corner Store is open from 6:30 a.m. to 
7:30 p.m daily. During exodus on Sunday, September 2 and Monday, 
September 3, The Corner Store is open until 10 p.m. and will be selling 
BBQ Tri Tips.

Page's Market:
On Main Street, Page's is a full service market with a vast selection of 
goods. Page's will maintain its normal store hours from 7:30 a.m. to 7 
p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sundays.

Eagleville, Calif.

Jack's General Store & Cafe:
Located at 13705 Main St. in Eagleville, Jack's General Store & Cafe 
offers up burgers, snacks and authentic Mexican food on alternate 
Saturdays.  Hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., extended hours on Sunday.


VFW Ladies Auxiliary
On August 25-26, the VFW Ladies Auxiliary will be holding its Annual 
Yard Sale at the Gerlach Community Center, 401 Cottonwood. There will 
also be a raffle and bake sale. Hours are Saturday, August 25, from 8:30 
a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Sunday, August 26 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 
Come pick up some great costumes and homemade goodies.


====================== PARTICIPATE! ========================



Participate! Help the  BLACK ROCK ARTS FOUNDATION populate its garden on 
the playa

Scrap: n. Discarded waste material, often metal suitable for reprocessing.
Eden: n. A delightful place, a garden, a paradise.

  ScrapEden: n.

1. A delightful garden made of re-claimed discarded waste material, 
primarily plastic containers, or other plastic objects typically 
discarded or recycled
2. The 2nd playa incarnation of Scrap Eden- A Participant-Based 
Community Garden, created by the community for the community
3. A project of the Black Rock Arts Foundation
For the Playa, reclaim those detergent, shampoo, food containers and 
soda bottles, etc., and transform them into organisms from any of the 
five kingdoms of life (or into any chimera or creature of your 
imagination that suits your fertile fancy).

For the second year in a row, we are inviting participants to create 
sculptures from salvaged  (inorganic) materials (again, not living 
plants) for temporary installation in ScRap Eden during the Burning Man 
2007 event. We'll provide both peripheral lighting, and a centrally 
located garden (at Evolution and Esplanade, just off the Promenade).

Sculptures can be installed from 10 am - 6pm beginning the first day of 
the event, Monday, August 27th. All artworks must be removed from the 
site by 4 pm on Sunday, September 2nd. Artists are required to take full 
responsibility for their project, including transportation and 
installation - though we'll always have a few hands on deck to help out!



We are looking for you, my fine classical musician friend, to join us at 
Automatic Subconscious to let your music sing and soar while coffee is 
served up hot, and the sun is beginning to peek across the Playa.


Who:  Hosted By Automatic Subconscious, Enjoyed By You!
What: Classical Coffee Cafe
Where:  [TBD!] and Esplanade
When:  Early Morning 'Til Late Morning, (8 a.m.-11 p.m.)  Wed.-Sat.

"Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of classical music and the 
aromatic whisper of freshly brewed coffee, served with love by a 
beautiful barista as you watch the playa come to life on the Esplanade. 
This is no mirage, come to Automatic Subconscious every morning at 8 to 
awaken your senses and soothe your mind.

There will be much caffeination, and much love."



Glitz. Cheese. Kitsch. Schwag.  It's "Leopardy!"  Everything a quiz show 
should be -- only much, much better!  Even the prizes.  The television 
version, which shall go unnamed here (hint: rhymes with "Leopardy") 
awards mere money.  Our show means to do way better.  And that's where 
YOU come in ...

Donate a prize and experience the thrill as some lucky "Leopardy!" 
participant wins it!   "Leopardy!" rewards both luck and skill, and all 
will receive prizes -- even the audience. Anything we give away comes 
from fellow burners, so the more you give, the more to win!

All contributions are welcome -- anything gifty but not overtly 
commercial in nature.  Some suggestions:

- Services: massage; body/face painting; tarot reading; airplane playa 
tour; portraiture; pedicure; sponge bath; rickshaw/pedicab ride; 
houseboy/maid duty; tea ceremony.

- One-on-one instruction, e.g.: hula hoop; poi spinning; fire eating; 
stilt walking; yoga; drumming; glassblowing; origami; acrobatics; 
juggling; unicycle riding; rope bondage.

- Homemade & hand-made items (especially edibles, potables and wearables).

- ANY item with a leopard or leopard-esque print.

- Other ideas encouraged!  Contact the e-mail address below if you have 

Even if you can't attend Burning Man in person this year, you can 
participate in this project!  Contact me via e-mail and I will send you 
an address where prize donations of a material nature can be mailed.

And don't forget the folks at Strip "Jeopardy!" -- they, too, need your 
love (and more!).

See you (and your schwag) on the Playa!!

  -- your humble "Leopardy!" host, Red Otterpop:



Are you an expert on a subject and want to share your BRAIN? We still 
have a few speaker slots left if interested.

We have reserved two one-hour spots daily for speakers in the Cafe this 
year for our "Brain Buffet Speaker Series." Time slots are 11 a.m. to 
noon and 2 p.m.-3 p.m. daily, except for Monday [which Monday?]. It is 
also possible to do a half hour or share the hour with one or more speakers.

Special priority given to subjects relating to this year's Green Man 
theme and to subjects of particular interest to a broad spectrum of 
Burning Man participants.

If you'd like to speak or lead a workshop, contact

Note: these talks should be educational without endorsing a product or 
specific group. Whether you speak or not, stop by and FEED YOUR BRAIN!



The Paddy Mirage will again cross the Atlantic to find its way home. 
With tales and songs from the Old Country (Ireland), we invite you all 
to come visit and share a toast. You bring the whiskey and we'll bring 
the Guinness.
If there are any musicians out there who would like to share some music 
with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at or check out
Feel free to bring some trinkets for the bar!
The green men are coming home.
Until then..

(The JRS fondly remembers a particular evening at the Paddy Mirage in 
'03, and two fellas named Liam and Fiachna whose voices I can still hear 
in my ears.... Swoon. Welcome back, Paddy Mirage!)



"For the past few years, the psychedelic surf band Insect Surfers has 
performed at various places around the playa. For 2007, Insect Surfer 
Dave is looking for drummers and bass players, as well as guitarists, to 
strengthen its sound. We've got the stage space and we just need you to 
fill it.
Contact Dave at:

-Insect Surfer Dave"



Why do you do what you do?

100 B&W portraits from the playa in 2006 are now posted on the web, 
along with galleries from 2004 & 2005 featuring more than 400 burners.

What is the wdydwyd? It's a project started at Burning Man that has 
inspired people around world to upload their own images answering this 
simple, yet challenging question. Answers include: "Because otherwise 
I'd be punished;" "To be stirred awake;" "Because everyone has 
aspirations;" "For sex and for chocolate;" and "To save us all."

Get your portrait made this year too - look out for Tony Deifell and 
Mardie Oakes roaming the playa with their old-fashioned camera.



The Black Rock Census team will have data to share and research to 
conduct. This year at Burning Man the Census team is going mobile. Each 
afternoon around 4 p.m. at Media Mecca, when the tea party winds down, 
the Census Mobile revs up. Hop on board as we explore the playa and 
display Black Rock Census 2006 results for all to see. Feel free to join 
us on these data-sharing, data-foraging expeditions. Census forms and 
drop-boxes will be available at: Playa Info, Center Camp Cafe and Ranger 
Stations (3 and 9  plazas). The following camps are also hosting Census 
Kiosks: Astral Headwash, Borrachos y Bicicletas, Camp Hookup, Costco 
Soul Trading, Fig Mint, Heebeegeebee Healers, Kidsville, Pickled Eggs 
and Venus Eye Trap. For more info about the Census 2007 email .

During Burning Man, the Census will be hosting daily tea parties with 
different themes, Monday through Friday at 2 p.m. in the Confidentiality 
Room behind Media Mecca. Bring your mug and check out the statistics 
from the 2006 Census. On Monday, come to the Tea-Punch-In, a gathering 
for our volunteers. Tuesday is our annual AcadeMixer, a tea party for 
all you mad social scientists and data junkies. On Wednesday, we're 
hosting a special green event, an Open Space discussion on "Integrating 
the Arts Across the Sustainability Movement" (more information below). 
Thursday is Lipstick Barb's 70th Birthday Bonanza, in honor of the tea 
mistress herself. Friday is the Tea-Punch-Out, a celebration for all of 
the keypunchers who helped make the 2006 Black Rock Census project a 
great success. If you're interested in helping with the tea parties -- 
which can include providing music or entertainment, bringing snacks or 
serving tea -- please contact Gwendelyn (

A special project hosted by the Black Rock Census seeks participants...

Is this your first, second or third time attending Burning Man? We're 
looking for participants willing to share their experiences with us for 
our research on Burning Man by keeping a journal during this year's 
event. Come find out about our project in the Confidentiality Room 
behind Media Mecca between 9 a.m. and noon on Monday, Tuesday and 
Wednesday. For more info, email

A special event hosted by the Black Rock Census...
Come to another Mad Social Scientist Tea Party, our annual networking 
event for researchers and those with an interest in quantitative and 
qualitative data. Ethnographers, demographers, anthropologists, 
sociologists, neurobiologists, psychologists and other people people. 
Exhilarating conversation and FUN FUN. Come join us during this year's 
event on Tuesday 2 p.m.- 4 p.m. For more info, email

A special discussion hosted by the Black Rock Census and Arts at the 
Heart ...
OPEN SPACE TEA PARTY: Integrating the Arts Across the Sustainability 

People worldwide are now using a new problem solving and discussion 
format called Open Space Technology (OST) that results in action steps 
for a particular issue. Come to the Census Project behind Media Mecca to 
participate in this exciting discussion group.  We will use the standard 
Open Space workshop format to develop ways to integrate the arts across 
the sustainability movement. This event is brought to you by Arts at the 
Heart of a Sustainable World - an initiative that promotes the idea that 
creativity sustains the spirit, and therefore better sustains the 
community and the world as a whole. Arts at the Heart loves you! Bring 
your mug to the Confidentiality Room, behind Media Mecca on Wednesday 2 
p.m.-6 p.m. For more info, contact Gwendelyn at



"Have you ever left Black Rock City with a hankering to bring back more 
than leathery feet, jpgs, and that infernal dust?

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could beam some of that playa magic 
directly to the folks back home, especially those who want to make the 
trek but can't?

Ever wanted to take Burning Man on the road?

If your answer to any and all of these questions is something like 'F**K 
YEAH!!!' -- or even a cool 'you bet; -- then we want to introduce 
ourselves. We are a group of devoted and experienced Burners who want to 
take the survival skills and strategies we have honed in the desert to 
the next level. And that next level is a traveling performance event 
called 'How to Survive the Apocalypse: A Burning Roadshow'.

"The Burning Roadshow" is a combination of an old-time populist rally, a 
post-rock opera, a carnival midway, and a freaky cult ritual. The heart 
of the Roadshow will be a ferociously entertaining stage show -- a 
mutant musical called "How to Survive the Apocalypse." It's about some 
friends and lovers who visit an art festival in the desert for the first 
time, crash and burn, and then rise from the ashes transformed. Imagine 
a "Hair" for burners, with an electronically damaged live brass band and 
major audience interaction, and you've got a sense of the beast we've 
got in our sights.

The show will take place in a circus-like environment we'll create on 
the edge of the towns and cities across the country. We call it the TAZ, 
and it will envelop visitors in an esplanade-like carnival seething with 
Tantalizing groups and individuals, including artbus creators, Burners 
Without Borders, green-solution gurus, and other artists, performers and 
sexy maniacs.

Following the performance, we will offer a "curtain call to action," an 
invitation to join us in a community-based Burners Without Borders 
project on the last day we are in the area. This senseless act of 
collective kindness will give audience members a taste of Burner-style 
participatory community in their own town, and will give the Roadshow 
participants something other to do than travel, perform, and party like 
barbarians at the gates of Rome.

Look for us on the playa this year at the Burning Roadshow camp, 
co-located with Burners Without Borders. We want to meet musicians, 
performers, artists, artbuses, and folks who want the Roadshow to come 
to their towns and who have ideas for local projects. Check the 
What/Where/When for timing and details about our daily meet-and-greets, 
cocktail auditions, and opportunities to record stories of your peak 
playa moments for possible use in the project. So keep an eye out for 
the Burning Roadshow in BRC, and come visit us and share your tales, 
energy, and ideas.

We also hope to be showered with the donations we need to allow us to 
move forward on this ambitious and timely project. The Burning Roadshow 
is a fiscally sponsored project of the Black Rock Arts Foundation, so 
all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Checks 
may be made out to BRAF with 'Burning Roadshow' noted in the Memo line, 
and mailed to:
Burning Roadshow c/o Black Rock Arts Foundation, 1900 3rd Street, SF, CA 

For more information, or if you have specific questions that just CANNOT 
wait 'til Black Rock City, email us at"



Taking beauty out of the hands of corporate America

MISSBRC is proud to announce two playa events for 2007


Wednesday, 3:30 p.m.-5:30pm

Disorient (8:30 + esplanade)

If you are thinking of participating in the Miss Black Rock City Pageant 
on Thursday afternoon, or if you just want a funky tiara/headpiece/crown 
to match that special costume, stop by and make something super fancy 
from fuzzy chenille stems. Like all our events, all men and women (and 
any combination thereof!) are welcome - even the little misses and 
misters can do it! You'll be amazed at what you can create. StacycatS of 
the MBRC Project will also be on hand to answer any questions about the 
pageant, so come say hello! Look for us at the Hut of the Glam Tech 
Warrior within Disorient.

Thursday, 5 p.m.-6 p.m.
Boogie Universal ARTS Collective (9 + esplanade)

Represent your village, your camp, your art, your tent, or just yourself!

Participants (open to all men + women) will reveal their unique inner 
beauty in these three categories:
1) Style
2) Two-Minute Talent Competition: No rules! Everyone has a talent, be it 
a stupid party trick or a fine art!
3) Interview: Do participants do it for world peace, the children, or 
for the puppies?
All finalists are beautiful and everyone wins by participating. Fabulous 
gifts include custom handmade tiaras and the Miss Black Rock City sash. 
Hosted by StacycatS.

NOTE: No Beauty pageant is fair. Bribes are encouraged. Participate for 
fun rather than playing to win!




Kris writes, "Greetings from Reno,

I'm looking for anyone who's experimenting with eco-friendly 
architecture on the playa this year, especially if you are hoping to 
learn something about how your architectural design can apply to 
real-life, off-playa housing or building solutions.

I'm an arts and culture writer for the Reno News & Review, and if you're 
planning to experiment with your eco-friendly building design on the 
playa, I'd like to talk with you about it. Please contact me by Mon., 
Aug 13, at (775) 830-4682 or

BTW, does anyone know who made those great cardboard yurts last year? I 
would like to talk with them too.

Thanks and cheers,
Kris Vagner"


speaking of Reno...

OK, not directly BRC relatred, but we figure you are Burners and one of 
you might actually be interested to help this one on your way through 
town to leave your mark on Reno.

 From Mama Marie: "Shade the children - and those adults playing with them!

Do you have an expertise in the long term viability of large scale 
wind/sun shade structures?  If so, and you're traveling through Reno 
this year, would you consider gifting about 4 hours of your time to our 
wonderful little park across the street?

We need is someone to stand at the site and deduce the best 
design/materials option for this specific location. The playground 
equipment is being replaced next month and IF its at all possible to 
provide a couple of options for a low cost, easy maintenance long term 
shade structures the Parks guy is open to going the political distance 
to put it in.

Any day/time before Aug. 27th is acceptable.  If the timing throws off 
your lodging plans, you are welcome to stay our place

Many thanks from small children across the land.
Mama Marie - or call 775-337-8564"



Echelon is looking for skilled folks to help out. We take care of the 
Rangers, so they can take care of Black Rock City. We keep track of 
Rangers' shifts in a computer database and make sure they receive 
laminates, radios, uniforms, and anything else they need to do their 
jobs. It's low-key and fun, and you get to hang out with Rangers. Your 
time commitment on playa doesn't have to be huge -- a two-hour radio 
runner shift is a great way to try it out and see if you like it. If 
this sounds like fun, or you have questions, email:

Echelon Field Support is also seeking energetic volunteers to help with 
the logistics behind Ranger operations. We provide background support 
and facilitation to Rangers throughout Black Rock City. Our primary task 
is to pick up and deliver supplies including water, ice, and fuel on a 
scheduled basis. We also provide on-call transport for materials and 
people as needed for Ranger Dept. activities. Additionally, we use our 
skills and creativity as called upon to enhance the Rangers' service to 
our city. As a volunteer in the field, you will have an opportunity to 
perform varied support tasks and interact with other departments. 
Volunteers should be prepared to work a mentored training shift. Those 
that are driving will need to provide documentation of a valid drivers 
license and demonstrate safe driving skills. If you are interested in 
working with Echelon Field Support or if you have questions about it 
please email Boiler at:



All you burners working on your illuminated outfits finally have a place 
to meet and socialize the night of the burn.

Illuminated People Unite! Join us for the First Annual Illuminati Parade 
around the Man on burn night. All people in lit costumes and their 
enlightened friends are invited to meet at Mohammeds Mini Martini and 
Erotica Camp at 8 o'clock [time or location? we're not sure - you'll 
have to find them and ask them] for glowing cocktails before parading 
out to the Man. Once we arrive at the Man, we'll make the paseo between 
the crowd and the mutant vehicles, basking in the glow.
After the Man burns, the Illuminati are invited to continue the party 
with a lit dance party at the Shiva Vista stage.



Madi writes: "Ever wanted to sing in a choir in the most amazing place 
in the world~Burning Man? Here is your chance!

I'm Madi, I am a singer and choir director, you may have seen and heard 
me in Acaplaya if we came and sang for you sometime over the last 4 
years. Anyway, I have been putting together a choir for the last 3 
years. On Sunday morning, we give that music in a non-denominational 
service for our friends, guests, passer-bys. this year, we are blessed 
to have our sunday service at the Philly Experiment at 7:30 and Esplanade!

If this interests you, here is what you need to do:
come to camp Acaplaya at around 7:30 and Desert on Wednesday at 4pm. 
We'll meet, greet and sing. For thurs, fri and saturday, we'll prepare 
the gift of music (rehearse) at 10:30 am (playa time), same place

Singing is the beginning of music, it's been around as long as humans 
have been alive, it's a form of communication, spirituality, healing, 
love, and joy...I'll bet it's older than the playa...(this is debatable, 
I am sure...) The spirit is always present for this experience, so bring 
your voice to be a conduit!

No reading necessary, although I will provide music if you are a total 
choir dork like me and need the notes. If you can learn by ear, you will 
be fine. There are some solo opportunities as well, and as always, if 
you play an instrument, we REALLY welcome you! (drums, tabla, bass, 
guitar, whatever..)

You can email me for more information...this is surely going to be a 
lovely musical experience and send out the vibe for all you voices to 
come and sing with me. AND you can bet the theme will permeate the songs 
and lyrics of our music!

more about me at:

reach me at:  or"



The lovely Amani writes: "please send me email to playadipity at - I'm compiling a book, and already we have some really 
amazing moments of playadipity recorded!

You know Playadipity, aka Playa Magic- e.g.. when you think 'hey it 
would be nice to have some bacon with this bailey's and coffee' and 
someone comes strolling down the street with a platter of bacon and a 
half-full cup of coffee wishing for bailey's. There's a lot more magic 
out there, and it rocks my world on a regular basis.

send them along with any instructions (change name, year, whatever you 
want included, permission to publish) please! It's going to be a really 
amazing tome of work when it's finished.

thank you so much!"


  ========================  ERRATA ===========================


2007 Newsletter errata:

On page 2 of our newsletter is a photo of the Temple of Hope, without an 
artist's credit. Apologies to Mark Grieve and the Temple crew for the 
omission, and many thanks to them for their hard work and beautiful 

Also, we heard from Ben regarding RC frequencies at Burning Man:

"hi andie. i have a slight correction to the section about high powered 
radios. that section states that the RC (remote control) spectrum is not 
coordinated, but it is, by me. i am an RC hobbist, and i have been 
coordinating RC spectrum usage at BM for the last several years. this is 
important for public safety, since frequency conflicts can result in 
accidents and injuries. it is usually published in the survival guide 
that RC hobbyists can contact me at to 
coordinate frequency usage.



 From the Environment JRS:

The REAL Alternative Energy Zone address is


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Paraissent Plus Belles' (Lakme)}

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