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I have not spent enough quality time with many of you all, so...
** Sat -9/22 - come at 6:30PM and meet me at Crazy Sushi (16th Street and Guerrero)for food and then to see ZOLA X A -Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF- 8PM

** Sat 9/29 - Wiener Takes All: A Dogumentary- 2:45 pm	Roxie Cinema
then to drinks at Delurium (on 16th and Valencia and Guerrero)

I will be doing a radio show on Pirate Cat - Sat - noon-2PM
Radio  - 87.9 FM & on
Writers Kirk Read and Daivid Robson

There are very funny and educational Podcasts-

This list has:
1) Must See
2) Stuff about me (brief)
3) SF (Bay Area) Event listing
4) Good Folks playing other places
5) Art thing & artist I liked -this week
6) Place to send your art (calls for submission)
MUST SEE: Also come see:  (these should be cool)

September 21~29 (Fri/Sat) - ZOLA X A -Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF- 8PM

ME UPDATES: TOP PARTS OF MY LAST WEEK (part of my Livelournal)

We did the Expo for Artist and Musicians which was great (thanks for all that helped) and other then preparing for and doing that; I rested up from that.

Check it out more at:
SF EVENTS: now-10/4 -more at

September 18- 26 - MadCat Film Festival -

September 19-Banned from the Catskills"-Rooster T. Feathers  Comedy Club- 157 W. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale-8 pm- $12    - w/ Dattner

September 19-Qcomedy Showcase-The Womens Building- 3543 18th Street, SF-8PM- $8
show includes Lisa Geduldig, Marti MacGibbon, Nick Leonard, Kenny Yun and many special surprise guests.

September 19-(wed)-BERZERKELEY SLAM -Starry Plough- 3101 Shattuck. Berkeley-8:30-11pm. $7

September 19-RADAR reading Series- SF public library / Main Branch- latino reading room, SF-6PM-free
underground + emerging writers. with a side of cookies. - JENNIFER BLOWDRYER AND LENORE WATERS, BRENT ARMENDINGER, MIRANDA MELLIS, KEMBLE SCOTT,

September 19- SMACK DAB-Magnet- 4122 18th St.,SF- 7:30 pm signup-8 pm show
an open stage hosted by Kirk Read and Larry-bob Roberts. Featured writer: Sarah Fran Wisby

September 19- Literary Death Match - Rickshaw Stop-Fell near Van Ness, SF- 8PM
Bucky Sinister vs Carol Queen

September 20-Steve Almond- Modern Times Bookstore, SF- 7PM

September 20- A Collection of First Punk Show Stories-Needles + Pens-3253 16th St., SF- 7PM
with Chris Duncan, Michelle Tea + others

September 20(thurs) - Shorts Program-Henry Miller Library Highway One, Big Sur-8PM

September 21-The Heather Gold Show -Luscious Garage-459 Clementina St, SF- 8-9:30PM afterparty till 11PM-$15
Theme: Does art change anything?  Join Heather and otherworldly beatboxer + live looper Kid Beyond (Coachella), queer writer and activist Kirk Read (How I Learned to Snap, Sex Worker's Art Tour), and ubiquitous game designer Jane McGonigal (Institute for the Future) who makes games that take place in real life as they discuss whether or not art creates tangible social change

September 21 -bicycle film festival -Victoria Theatre- 2961 16th st , SF-7PM
STREET FIGHTER CANADA 2007& MONKEY WARFARE Canada 2006 | DV 77 min. 1, 2007

September 21 - BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! -Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF-10PM
A live talk show featuring comedians, hosted by Kevin O'Shea.

September 21 - Eric MacFadden -Bottom of the Hill, SF - 9PM- $10

September 21- Hubba Hubba Revue goes Back to School!  -DNA Lounge- 375 11th St, SF- 9pm- $15
THE NEW MORTY SHOW! featuring Vice Grip & Connie Champagne.  Burlesque & Variety with Dr. Lucky, The Cock-T's, Ravenna Black, The Shanghai Pearl, RJ Owens, Gorilla X, Sparkly Devil, The Twilight Vixen Revue,

September 21-Justin Chin, Cherry Galette + others perform- Galeria de la Raza-24th Street, SF-8pm - $10

September 21~29 (Fri/Sat) - ZOLA X A -Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF- 8PM
romantic, Gangster fantasy Directed by David Robson.

September 22, & 29 - Saturday Night Funnies w/ Danny Dechi & Friends! - Comedy Station -244 Taylor St., SF- 8:30PM-$5

September 22-SF Ghost Society Free Lecture Series - Park Branch Public Library 1833 Page St., SF-12 PM -4 PM
Come learn all about ghosts and the paranormal for FREE!!!

September 22-The Most Hyperbolically Stupendous Clothing Swap Ever -CellSpace- 2050 Bryant St, SF -12 - 3 PM- $5 ($10 if you don't bring a bag of clothes
Wave after wave of free, superdope clothing for participants to shop through,  ¨ Free coffee provided by Meth Coffee,  ¨ Spontaneous fashion shows (at the whims of the audience),  ¨ Off-the-grid fashion recycling in The City's only Temporary Autonomous Clothing Store Zone,  ¨

September 22-road trip to Sacramento! -Luna's Cafe -1414 16th Street, Sacramento- 8pm - free
Tara Jepsen, Beth Lisick, Michelle Tea + others perform

September 22-Mortified -The Makeout Room- 3225 22nd St, SF- 8-9:30PM
Mortified is a comic excavation of adolescent artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, home movies, stories and more)

September 22-THE BACK ALLEY BIKE RIDE - 12 Noon - 5:00 PM.-$10
Meet at the Gandhi statue at the SF Ferry Terminal; Ends at The Eagle Tavern, 398 12th Street @ Harrison.  BENEFITS: The SF Bike Messengers Union and The Erotic Service Providers Union.

September 22- Fundraiser for the SF Bike Messengers Union and The Erotic Service Providers Union
.-Eagle Tavern-398 12th Street, SF -noon - 5PM- 3Pm-4PM enterteinament- $10
Burlesque entertainment provided by Penny Whistle and Lola la Mae of Twilight Vixen Revue.

September 22-Frameline's Best of the Fest 2007 Highlights- Roxie Film Center, 3117 16th Street, SF- 8PM

September 22-Gay boy sex toy soiree- Good Vibrations- 603 Valencia Street, SF- 7  8:30 pm

September 22 -Groovy Judy Band Grooves Newark Days Festival- THE CENTER RING STAGE  ¨ Area #10 Newark Community Center- 35501 Cedar Blvd, Newark-12:30pm  1:30pm -FREE

September 23- Dirty Trixx-Fat City-314 11th Street, SF-9pm- $10
including Mariel ala Mode, Sparkly Devil, Twilight Vixen Revue, Marie LaFaux, Trixie Treat with Gem Stone, and a special appearance by Little Nietzsche the Chihuahua.  Cherry Lix and Penny Whistle of Twilight Vixen Revue will also be solo-ing later in the evening.

September 23 (sundays)-Bad Movie Night-Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF-8PM- $5 w/ popcorn

September 23-PASSION FOOD-he Red Poppy Arthouse 2698 Folsom St., SF- 6:30pm-$10
A night of Poetry + Food celebrating the Autumnal Equinox Celebrate the harvest by tasting some treats..

September 24-The Comedy Asylum! w/ Danny Dechi- -The Gossip Lounge- 401 East 3rd Avenue, San Mateo-8PM

September 24-Krob's Film Farm-Chez Poulet- 3359 Army St, SF- 8PM
This weeks it's: SHORTS! Not short pants, short films. He's got like a dozen of 'em. Look at 'em here: It's free, it's fun. Popcorn. Good people. Dog petting. Very wholesome.

September 24-Marga's Hot Mondays-The Empire Plush Room, SF-8PM

September 24, October 1 - You Tubed - Climate Theater - 285 9th Street, SF- 8PM- $10
A Variety show of You Tubed favorites performanced live

September 25- (& every Tuesday) - Stand-up Comedy-Annie's Social Club -917 Folsom St., SF -6:30pm- Free
Happy hour begins @ 4pm

September 25-( tues night)-Poetry & Jazz Jam- Club Deluxe -1511 Haight Street, SF-8:30- 11:30pm

September 25-(tues) - Speech Therapy- Anu-43 6th St., SF- 8:30PM- free

September 25- (tuesday night)- Soul Fo' Real- Club 6 -60 Sixth Street, SF- 10PM
Music and open mic

September 25- Viz Inter-Arts, A Trans-Genre Anthology -Moe's Books-2478 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley- 7:30PM with Roxanne Power Hamilton, Gary Gach, Camille Roy + Michelle Tea

September 26-"After School Special"-Bench & Bar -2111 Franklin St, Oakland- 9PM-$7
. an evening of drag, dance and burlesque!"-performers: ButchTap, Citizen Kings, Jay Walker, CHUBB ButchBallet Thatway Tyrone, Peache, Penny Whistle,Cherry Galette & Bootsie Short Fred & Gene

September 26-"The Romane Event"-The Make Out Room- 3225 22nd St, SF- 8 pm- $7
w/ Dattner

September 27 - The New Up w/ Finest Dearest and The Don'ts- Cafe Du Nord -2174 Market St., SF-9pm- $8

September 27 -Two Tall Drinks  (that's Erik Walker and Joe Cunningham)-AMNESIA- 853 Valencia, SF. 9pm
with The Burning Embers and headliner The Billy Polgram at

September 27- Eric McFadden Trio w/ Nut Daniels and Star 69-The Uptown Oakland- 10PM

September 27- MISS AMERICAN FIDO SHOW-Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF-8PM
Another monthly installment of the contest to find SF's WORST act.

September 28- LIP: An All Grrrl MC Battle Celebrates- The House of Stormz- 1439 105th Ave.,Oakland -10PM

September 28- Putt- Putt - CellSpace, SF -8PM
Music, drinks, mini golf - openning party for DocFest

September 28- October 10 - San Francisco Documentary Festival -
Opening Night film is WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY? featuring the Reverend BIlly and the Church of Stop Shopping

September 28 & 29-"Raw & Uncut Festival" -The Garage- 975 Howard, SF-8 pm- $10
Theatre and Dance Showcase. w/ Dattner

September 29- LoveFest -

September 29- Sizzle - Femina Potens - 2199 Market, F- 8PM - $5
Carol Queen, Kirk Read

September 29-Prevert's Put Out - CounterPULSE!-1310 Mission St., SF-7:30 PM-$10-15 -benefit CSC
Performers will include Thomas Roche, Daphne Gottlieb, Jaime Cortez, Fran Varian, Jill Nagle, horehound stillpoint, and Marlo Gayle. Emcees are the fabulous Simon Sheppard and Carol Queen.

September 29-MARK ZHANG STAND UP SHOW -Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF-10PM

September 30 - Glen Meadmore at Folsom Street Fair

October 1 (1st& 3rd Mon)-A Taste of Sex: Erotic Poetry Readings -OneTaste Urban Retreat Center- 1074 Folsom St, SF - 7:45pm - 10:30pm
Come share your turn-on at this Erotic Open Mic Night

October 3-TOWARD THE LIGHT -Adobe Books- 3166 16th Street, SF- 7:30pm
by Ingrid Keir Book Release, Signing & Reading with live jazz

October 4 -(Thur, Fri & Sat)- CREEPSHOW LIVE! -Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF-8PM
celebration of comic book macabre with Impossible Productions presentation of Creepshow Live!, an anthology of hellish horror stories?from those few who have lived to tell the tale!. Each week we will have 3 new tales and a new "Master of Scaremonies" including Dr. Hal Robins, Sean Owens, Sam Shaw and special "ghost" star, Mikl Em.

LA Shows/ San Jose

1) Regulay film showcase- 7 DUDLEY CINEMA shows the following films at SPONTO Gallery, 7 Dudley Ave, Venice, 310-306-7330, free admission, 8:00pm, Come early - seating is limited & 7pm pre-shows



1) Vanilla Sex: Explicit Fine Art Photograph

2) Pirate Cat Radio - Mayor Poll

3) Best wishes to Greg and Ian on there new store and home
4) A site to help people have an affair (and the have a great advertising campaign)

5) Love Fest

6) "The K Chronicles"
2007 Harvey Award Winner for Best Comic Strip


1) Famous for getting his band (The Gun and Doll Show) loads of local press and on everyones' lips.This year at the expo, Killian will be looking for two bands to perform with him (at popular venues such as Cafe du Nord or Bottom of the Hill) and star in his new DIY short film on how to promote a local show. It will be fast and serious. The film, to be overdubbed in five languages, will include all Killian's insights on how to promote a show. The information in this film will be invaluable to any type of artist (filmmaker, painter, musician, etc.) who needs promoting. It will inspire anyone to do the hard work necessary to get the word out about their event. So show up to the expo ready to convince Killian to pick your band. Contact him if you are interested.

-- San Francisco's
The Gun and Doll Show
Killian Garnet MacGeraghty
415 971 3371 cel

2) There is no better way to prepare your mortal flesh for the kinkiest
weekend on Earth than to nourish your bones and boost your spirit with
a divine feast, "Last Supper With The Sisters," at Eureka Restaurant.
Savor each mortal morsel from a very special menu designed by Chef
Gaines. Indulge your senses and confess your indulgences with The
Sisters as if it were your last meal. No gastric craving will go
unsatisfied, no bag of silver will go unspent, and no sin will go
un-forgiven.  Eureka Restaurant will donate 10% of your bill to the
Sisters! In addition, each person at the Sisters' Last Supper table
will be entered to win a gift certificate for a dinner for two at
Eureka Restaurant and many other indulgences will be available to make
your Last Supper With The Sisters verily indulgently delicious!

So don't be a Judas! Come, eat, drink, be Mary!  Be sure to mention
the Last Supper With The Sisters when you make your reservation
through (link below) or phone Matt Walker at
415-431-6000, but hurry, limited seating is available for this event
so make your reservation now!

Hope you can join us!
Sister Bella de Ball

Eureka Restaurant & Lounge
4063 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

The Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.


XOXO - have a beautiful and creative day
   Melinda, lilycat, Ms Kittywhore, Boom Boom
"Building community, helping good people, and promoting great art."

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.