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Other peace & justice events -

Thu Sep 27  7:30 pm              Public Meeting to Save the Callippe 
Silverspot on San Bruno - Brisbane 
Fri Sep 28  5:15-7:30 pm        Ferry Concert w. Clara Bellino - 
Fri Sep 28  7 pm                    The Peaceniks in Concert - SF
Sat. Sep 29 11am-6pm           Fairy Folk Festival w. Land of the Blind - 
Santa Rosa
Sat Sep 29  8:30 & 10 pm       Axis Mundi - San Rafael 
Sat Oct 6 11am-4pm              Awakening the Dreamer Symposium w. Lakshmi 
Devi Ma - San Rafael
Sat Oct 6  9:30 pm                 Hyim & the Fat Oakland Orchestra - SF
Oct 6-7  9am-5pm                  Metamorphosis Class w. Cindy Silverlock - 
Marin or Sonoma
Sun. Oct 7  11am-12:30pm  *Beach Impeach #4 w. Cindy Sheehan - Berkeley
Sun Oct 7  12pm-Midnight      Burning Man Decompression Party - SF 
Oct 20-21                              Monterey Music Summit 2007

Wish of the Week
Please join Musicians and Artists for Peace.and get a free copy of our Make 
Love Not War CD. Immerse yourselves in the spirit of the butterflies. I 
personally guarantee that you will love it & your purchase or membership will help 
support our mission. Please see details and membership info at

Quotations of the Week
There are unknown forces within Nature; when we give ourselves wholly to her, 
without reserve, she leads them to us; she shows us those forms which our 
watching eyes do not see, which our intelligence does not understand or suspect. 
- Auguste Rodin 

Links of the Week
China Bans Reincarnation* -  In one of history's more absurd acts of 
totalitarianism, China has banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without 
government permission.
The Alcatraz Conversion Project*** - An Invitation To Support An Epoch Making 

Songs of the Week
Children Of The Streets by ProtoTyp
Imagine World Peace by Belladonna

Music Video of the Week
Iraq by TIMZ

Evolving with EarthDance & the Butterfly

Author of Conscious Evolution Barbara Marx Hubbard reckons that creative 
people all over the planet are like imaginal cells of the caterpillar. Only by 
linking up and forming networks do they make the quantum leap to transformation. 
"The breakdown of the caterpillars old system is essential for the 
breakthrough of the new butterfly...When the butterfly emerges, it doesn't deny the 
caterpillar - it is the caterpillar evolved." We gratefully acknowledge the Earth's 
new electronic nervous system, which allows us to grapple with the global 
scope of our problems. Even more encouraging are the social networks of people 
beginning to realize the potential of our collective consciousness.

EarthDance is one global network making the most of these new evolutionary 
capabilities. Chris Deckker started EarthDance in 1996 with a straightforward 
mission. Bring people together to dancer and celebrate for peace, Synchronize 
these events all over the world. And invite indigenous elders from all cultures 
to tell their stories.  
From Conscious Dancer. Fall, 2007

New Members - Please see our 2200+ member list at
Peace Rock Festival - Los Angeles, CA
Meghan Joan - Indianapolis, IN
Blake Edelmann - Baton Rouge, La
Eric Scot Porter - Coos Bay, OR
Maria Papakiridou - Thessaloniki, Greece
Tamara Baxman - Boonville, CA
Angela Papillon/Tribal Echo - Dancer - Ukiah, CA
Bennie LeBeau aka Blue Thunder  - Riverton,WY
Earth Wisdom Foundation - Ft. Washakie, Wyoming, Wind River Indian 
Viisions Lifeforce  Foundation
Grateful Dread Public Radio - progressive public radio for a better world, 
Baltimore, MD
Kwame & the Kongo Kollektive - Columbus, OH   
Yanosh John Mickie - Royal Oak, MI   
Mike Stout - Homestead, PA
Rachel Lopez Emmons - San Diego, CA
Bradley Rath/iFiRecords/ Track Star Entertainment/ VIG Productions - New 
York, NY
Tom Carroll & Friends/I Survived The Bush Administration - Escondido, CA
Friends of the United Nations: GAP Miami
Tommy Maher/Vital Signs - Amityville, NY   
Me'irah & The Gan Eden Project - Jerusalem, Israel
Jeffrey Briere - North Scituate, RI  
Humanity Healing -
Alison Kain - Marshfield, WI
Kellen Bassette - Oswego NY
Eddie - Columbia, NJ  "Still 
protesting war with ass!! "
Adam Hammis/Jah Reflex - Stoughton, WI   
Ashley Lauren Lapriore - East Brookfield, MA
Dawn Hollingsworth - Poet in Baton Rouge, LA
Charlotte Suiter - Poet in N. Lewisburg, OH
Mutant Press - Long Beach   

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Steven Bernard/Heartlanguage Music
Crystal Pyramid Productions -San Diego, CA
Jessi Red Promotions
The Light Party & Artainment Media - Inspired Musical Messages at

Thu Sep 27  7:30 pm        Save the Callippe Silverspot on San Bruno - 

Brisbane needs Bay Area help in saving the Callippe Silverspot Butterfly, 
recently added to the endangered species list.

The Brisbane Planning Commission is supposed to vote TONIGHT on accepting a 
cursory addendum to a twenty year old, seriously flawed EIR by Thomas Reid and 
Associates which got us the original Habitat Conservation Plan (that is now 
wrecking so much havoc around the country), rather than order a NEW 
Environmental Impact Report, in order to push through 71 ADDITIONAL (previously 
unapproved) single family houses right smack in the middle of the most sensitive 
Callippe habitat!

Please urge butterfly lovers to come, en masse, to the meeting.

Under the library,  (across from Midtown Market on the Main St. (Visatacion 
Avenue between Monterey & Mariposa,  Brisbane 
Contact: Linda Salmon  415-468-6423

Fri Sep 28  5:15-7:30 pm          Ferry Concert w. Clara Bellino - 

Join Clara & Co. across the San Francisco Bay - on the upper deck of the Blue 
and Gold fleet - for a sunset musical cruise party. Regular commuters have a 
party every 4th Friday. You can get on board in Alameda, Oakland or San 
Francisco! There is a potluck you are welcome to contribute to. There is also a bar 
on board. We being Securiy Bob, surprise guest musicians, friends, regular and 
unsuspecting commuters, the birds and crew. 

Tickets are $5.50 and you can go around the San Francisco Bay as many times 
as you like. Tomorrow promises to be a beautiful day and may be our last Ferry 
show this year depending on the weather. See info and details at: on the Calendar page.

Blue and Gold Fleet SF/Oakland/Alameda commuter Ferry
Details on calendar at

Fri Sep 28  7 pm           The Peaceniks in Concert - SF

Fun songs of peace & social justice with TOMMI AVICOLLI MECCA and DIANA 
Don't miss it because Fox won't be covering it!
All of your favorites:
"Yuppie Yuppie stole my pad"
"Don't get sick in America"
"do wopping WOPs"
"Redistribute the wealth,"
and many more you won't hear on MTV.
The cultural revolution is coming to a venue near you.

Martin de Porres House of Hospitality, 225 Portrero (at 16th St -- buses 22, 
33 & 53 stop at corner), San Francisco
CA 94103
(415) 552-0240 • info @

Sat. Sep 29 11am-6pm          Fairy Folk Festival w. Land of the Blind - 
Santa Rosa

Storytelling, magic, juggling, puppet shows, Celtic music, hand  crafted 
vendors, food, Children's Discovery Museum, face painting, and  more.

Land of the Blind plays at 12pm

1725 Fulton St., Santa Rosa
$10   Children are free
Contact:  (707) 824-0549

This festival is a fundraiser benefiting the Intuitive Children's Learning 

Sat Sep 29  8:30 & 10 pm          Axis Mundi - San Rafael 

Join us for Trance Dancing & Dynamic Whole Body Meditation as we revive the 
Eternal Dance... the Spontaneously Arising Ecstatic Agony of Endless Bliss born 
at the dawn of Consciousness. Tantric Trance Chant, World Beat Percussion, 
the cosmic resonance of the Hang and the throaty growl of the Didjeridu seethe 
with the quantum power of primal sound erupting from the cauldron of deepest 

Open Secret, 923 C Street - between 3rd & 4th, San Rafael  415-457-4191
Doors @ 8:00pm ~ Show @ 8:30

Sat Oct 6 11am-4pm           Awakening the Dreamer Symposium w. Lakshmi Devi 
Ma - San Rafael

This is an invitation to a special event Lakshmi Devi Ma is hosting at her 
house in San Rafael.  Please consider coming.  as she will be sharing a song or 
two throughout the day....  Also, don't forget Casual Sunday Kirtan the  
following day, Sunday Oct. 7th from 4-7pm.  RSVP for address and 
directions....  Namaste, Nina Lakshmi Devi

Where on Earth are we going?
And what can we do about it?

These are two of the questions that are at the heart of the Awakening the 
Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium.

The Symposium is a profound inquiry into a bold vision: to bring forth an 
environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human 
presence on Earth.

If you are ready to explore what this vision means for you, and the 
opportunity to create an inspiring future, we invite you to attend...Come introduce 
yourself to a thriving community of like-hearted, deeply committed people for a 
day you may well remember as a turning point in your relationship with our home 
planet and all inhabitants.

For a more detailed description please view this short film, just click on

The White House, San Rafael (full address will be sent upon completion of 
$25 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds...
For info. call 415-789-8039  or to register: click on the link below and 
scroll down to the RSVP section,
or email Lakshmi directly at

Sat Oct 6  9:30 pm        Hyim & the Fat Oakland Orchestra - SF

Daniel Pearl Music Days Show
Doors @ 8:00 pm  Show @ 9:30 pm.....all night long

Bruno's, 2389 Mission Street  San Francisco  415.643.5200
$ 7  21+

The mission of the Daniel Pearl Music Days is to use the universal language 
of music to help spread a message of hope and solidarity. Inspired by the 
legacy of Daniel Pearl and held every year in October, World Music Days has united 
thousands of musicians from over 60 countries in a global network of concerts 
promoting Harmony for Humanity. Hyim will add a dedication to his show from 
the stage that affirms a commitment to tolerance and humanity and has 
registering his event with the World Music Days concert listings. The title track from 
Hyim's debut album, "Let Out A Little Peace," has been dedicated and can be 
heard on the World Music Days website.

Oct. 6-7  9am-5pm           Metamorphosis Class w. Cindy Silverlock - Marin 
or Sonoma

A gentle hands-on approach working on the spinal reflex points of the feet, 
hands and head as well as directly on the spine. Metamorphosis addresses our 
underlying, unconscious patterns of stress that create imbalance, disharmony and 
illness. The principles of intention, tuning-in, motive and the philosophy of 
Afference and Efference are presented in a way that you can apply them to 
your relationships and daily life. Understanding the dynamic of afference and 
efference gives one a simple yet profound perspective on life, healing, 
personality and the negative dynamics experienced personally and globally. The class is 
50% lecture/discussion and 50% hands-on practice.

LOCATION: Marin or Sonoma County - based on greatest interest.
$325 If you pay by September 1st - save $50 ($275)
To register online with credit card: 
Contact: Cindy Silverlock
To pay by check: Make the check out to Cindy Silverlock, PO BOX 2945, Santa 
Rosa, CA 95405

More at,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,838/year,2007/month,10/day,06/Itemid,1/

Sun. Oct 7  11am-12:30pm         Beach Impeach #4 w. Cindy Sheehan - Berkeley 

Cindy Sheehan has confirmed her attendance at this event. It will be her 
first public appearance since she announced her candidacy for the House of 
Representatives seat currently held by Nancy Pelosi. There will be no amplified 
sound, therefore, as was the case at the first three Beach Impeach events, there 
will be no speakers. Cindy has said she will wander among the crowd and greet as 
many people as she can.

Early in the morning, organizers will outline the message “IMPEACH!” on the 
park’s grass, with ropes and string, in lettering 120 feet tall (all lettering 
at past Beach Impeach events has been 100 feet tall). The message will 
stretch approx 500 feet across the park. By 11 a.m., approximately 1,500 
participants will arrive. Each should take an instructional flyer from one of the 
organizers, read it, and then choose a place to lie down inside the lettering.

At 12 pmsharp, photographers in at least two helicopters will arrive and 
capture images of the gathering, with the San Francisco skyline and the Bay’s 
bridges in the background (if fog situation allows). Within hours these photos 
will go worldwide.

Cesar Chavez Park, 200 Marina Blvd., Berkeley 
Register at
Contact: Brad Newsham  415-305-8294 work  415-305-8294 mobile

Sun Oct 7  12pm-Midnight      Burning Man Decompression Party - SF

Fontain's M.U.S.E. starts at 7ish pm on the Cafe Cocomo Stage~ inside at 650 
Indiana St., San Francisco    415-824-6910

Public Entrance: 19th & Minnesota on Indiana Street between Mariposa and 
22nd, SF 
$10 donation in Black Rock Couture/Costume; $20 in streetwear 
All ages outdoors; kids under 12 absolutely free! 

Outdoor sound ends at Mariposa Stage at 11pm; 10pm other outside areas Age 
21+ inside Cocomo (club closes 1:30am
7:ish  Fontain's M.U.S.E.
8:15  DJ Dragonfly
9:00  Zapper 
9:20  Erika Candy Cane 
9:30  Dr. Booty 
11:00  Fou Fou Ha! 
11:15  Adam Ohana 
12:00  DMT 12:45 Smoove

This event is in submission for Daniel Pearl peace day events

Oct 20-21              Monterey Music Summit 2007

Michael Franti & Spearhead, The Roots, Cake, G. Love & Special Sauce and 
Ozomatli will be headlining the first Monterey Music Summit 2007

Monterey County Fairgrounds, 2004 Fairground Road, Monterey

Make Love Not War CD is now available. Immerse yourselves in the spirit of 
the butterflies. You get a copy free with a membership to the Butterfly 
Gardeners or Musicians & Fine Artists for World Peace. I personally guarantee that you 
will love it & your purchase or membership will help support our mission. 
Please see details and membership info at

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