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Happy Default World New Year everyone! If the rest of the world had Burning Man to celebrate their New Year, instead of a ball on a stick, the world might be a better place.

Here are some events to start off 2010 right in our fair city!

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Upcoming Events:

*** Cubatron L4 at the Exploratorium - Thursday, Jan 7th ***

*** The Bright River @ The Brava Theater Center - January 8 through February 20th ***

*** Gardening Party at Esprit Park - Saturday, Jan 9th ***

*** Burning Man Special Events Team Call for Participation Meeting & Silly Hat Mixer - Monday, Jan 11th ***

*** Explorer Wade Davis in SF - Wednesday, Jan 13th ***

*** The Edwardian Ball 2010 - Friday & Saturday, Jan 22nd & 23rd ***

*** Algae Lab Workshop - Sunday, Jan 31st ***

*** Dust & Illusions, BM film at SF DOCFEST - Thursday, Feb 11th ***

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Cubatron L4 at the Exploratorium

The Cubatron L4 will be at the San Francisco Exploratorium the evening of
Thursday, January 7, for the After Dark series of events.

It will feature many new effects, including some never before seen!

Also, you can lie under it without getting covered in playa dust! and click on Jan 7.

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The Bright River

Climate Theater, Anon Events & 37 North present:

The return engagement of 2005's critically acclaimed hit

A mass transit tour of the afterlife

Brava Theater Center
2781 24th Street @ York, between Bryant & Potrero, San Francisco, 94110

January 8 through February 20th
Thursday through Saturday @ 8pm; Sunday @ 7pm
Doors open one hour before showtime

Tickets $17-35

Written and performed by Tim Barsky
Kevin Carnes (Broun Fellinis) – drum set and samples
Alex Kelly (Mark Growden band) – cello and electronics
Carlos Aguirre (Felonious) – beatbox and live looping

Directed by: Jessica Heidt
Set Design: Mellie Katakalos
Lighting Design: Heather Basarab
Costume Design: Rachel Hospodar/Medium Reality
Music Director: Jessica Ivry
General Manager: David Gluck

"Hop a subway to a restless hip-hop underworld.... A curious and often
transfixing amalgam of Jewish, Greek and other folklore, film noir
narrative, adventures in mass transit and riveting, beatbox-driven
rhythms." - Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

Experience the Bright River's San Francisco noir underworld
environment before and after the show with unique decor, djs, live
music, refreshments and light fare. Socialize early and stay after the
show for unique live culture in the heart of the city.

Easy Parking located 2 blocks away, right next to SF General Hospital
2500 24th St., San Francisco, CA, 94110
(415) 206-8770
open 24 hours
$1.50/hr, max. $12

More info:
Ticketing:, 1-800-838-3006

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Gardening Party at Esprit Park
Saturday, Jan 9th
10am to 1pm
Please join us for a GARDENING PARTY at Esprit Park THIS Saturday.
Meet at the South end (near 20th St) of Esprit Park (between Indiana Street and Minnesota in the Dogpatch neighborhood) at the picnic tables. Or just look for Dept of Rec & Park people, neighbors and Burners doing various tasks and join right in!

Why? Well, every year about this time Burning Man helps organize a Gardening Day at Esprit Park. End of 2009, Burning Man funded a seeding after our annual Decompression event and this time of year we help Rec & Park with an annual park servicing. This is one way to give back to the neighborhood, to be caretakers of our beloved Esprit Park, participate in an all-ages community gathering, meet one another and have a little fun! Rec & Park confirmed they can use our help again--most likely for weeding and to spread wood chips. So we are jumping in rake first!

COME ON DOWN, little park buddy!!! The Dirt is Right!
If you can join us for even a little while, email now to RSVP. Invite friends, neighbors, family and gardening buffs to show up. Everyone is welcome. If you know you can make it, please RSVP back so we can plan for enough coffee and supplies.

1) wear long pants, closed toe comfy shoes/work boots; and a fun garden hat or garden-inspired costume of some kind always wins bonus points! Dress in layers for the usual SF outdoor weather. This event is rain or shine.

2) bring work gloves if you got 'em, but we'll have extra
3) feel free to bring potluck food to share, tea for a madhatter tea party, hula hoops or games to share after and during breaks.

WHAT WILL WE BE DOING? Most likely just some really easy pruning, mulch-spreading, weeding and removing trash from the park. All physical abilities welcome--from light lifting to operating a rake to using a manly man shovel while singing pirate panties…oops, I mean...shanties! We will be working with the nice people at the Department of Rec & Park and following their lead on whatever needs to be done. Please lend a hand and pass this call for participation along to others. The more the merrier; we might finish sooner!

Thanks and see(d) you Sat(dirt)day! ; )
$teven Ra$pa
Arts Advocate,Special Events Team Manager…Dirt Man
Burning Man

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Burning Man Special Events Team Call for Participation Meeting & Silly Hat Mixer
Monday, Jan 11, 2010
7pm - 9:30pm

3450 Third St #2A –(that’s in Bldg #2) between Cargo Way and
Evans Ave, SF


Want to get involved and help shape Burning Man events in SF?
We are seeking ultra-fresh new volunteers to add to our amazing team and get involved with the March 6th Burnal Equinox Flambe Lounge coming up as well as other events.   If you are curious about what we do and/or know you'd like to be part of year-round Burning Man events, come on by!

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Explorer Wade Davis in SF

The Long Now Foundation's monthly series Seminars About Long-Term Thinking

Wade Davis presents:
The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World

Anthropologist Wade Davis is one of the world's great storytellers, with personal adventures to match. An Explorer-in-Residence at National Geographic, he specializes in hanging out with traditional peoples and exploring their religious practices.

He first came to public notice with his discovery of the reality of zombies in Haitian voodoo and the substance used to poison them---chronicled in his 1985 book, The Serpent and the Rainbow. He is the author of 13 books, including One River and Shadows in the Suns, and has hosted, written, and starred in numerous television specials, including "Earthguide," "Light at the Edge of the World," "Spirit of the Mask," and "Forests Forever." This talk is based on the prestigious Massey Lectures that Davis gave in Canada in 2009.

The Seminars About Long-term Thinking were started in 2003 to build a coherent, compelling body of ideas about long-term thinking, to help nudge civilization toward Long Now's goal of making long-term thinking automatic and common instead of difficult and rare.

Seminar hosted by Stewart Brand.

Wednesday January 13, 2010
Doors open 7:00pm, talk at 7:30pm lasting ~1.5 hours

Advance Tickets Recommended
Tickets are $10

Long Now Members can reserve 2 complimentary seats.

The Cowell Theater at
Fort Mason Center, Pier 2
San Francisco, CA 94123
Fort Mason Center is a destination for thought provoking programs, events and organizations which support and reflect the evolving cultural fabric of San Francisco.

There will be a reception at The Long Now Museum & Store following the Seminar.

For more information contact:
Danielle Engelman
Community Development Director
415.561.6582 x1

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“The Edwardian Gardens,” or, Our 10th Anniversary Celebration!

The award-winning Edwardian Ball transforms the historic Regency Ballroom into a garden of delights, Friday and Saturday January 22nd and 23rd, 2010.  Join a magical indoor/outdoor symphony of music, theatre, dance, art, storytelling, circus arts, fashion, technology, and, of course, the art & stories of Edward Gorey.  The festivities feature a dizzying assortment of artists and performers including Vau de Vire Society, Rosin Coven, Agent Ribbons, City Circus, Dark Garden, Vima Dance, Miz Margo, Smoove, Delachaux and much more.  High-flying trapezes and steam-powered machines paint an elegant backdrop for costumed ballgoers reveling through the night. Here, the old world meets the world-to-be with an unforgettable tip of the top hat, cinch of the corset, and a splash of absinthe poured over a silver spoon.

Friday, January 22nd – The Edwardian World's Faire
Featuring Vagabond Opera, Agent Ribbons, Kinetic Steam Works, Dark Garden Corsetry, Fou Fou HA!, City Circus, Vima Dance Expo, Shovelman, Delachaux, Smoove, Rachel Brice of The Indigo, and Emcee Kingfish of the Hubba Hubba Revue.

Saturday, January 23rd – The 10th Annual Edwardian Ball featuring “The Evil Garden”
Gorey tales brought to life on stage by co-hosts and creators Rosin Coven and Vau de Vire Society, plus “Belle of the Ball” Jill Tracy, Miz Margo, Vima Vice Squad, Fou Fou HA!, Delachaux, Kitten On The Keys, ballroom dancing, Edwardian portrait studio and surprise guests.

Both Days:
Hall of Fine Arts & Cabinets of Wonder curated by Will Chase Arts, Exposition of Technology by KSW, and The Edwardian Vendor Bazaar & Croquet Gardens, also open for the first time this year on Saturday Jan 23rd from NOON-7:00PM for shopping & leisure (free!)

Doors and show both nights at 8pm til 2am, all ages welcome.
To purchase tickets & get details visit
GA and reserved seating available but going fast!
Questions?  Write

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Algae Lab Workshop
Sunday, January 31st, 11am-6pm

Hello fellow algae-philes!

The last time we announced these workshops there was a lot of excitement -- but then we had to postpone.  Finally, we are truly ON, and we have something special to share with you: the chance to become an algae farmer right away in your own home...

It's the Personal PhotoBioReactor!  We have built the first one and are testing it out.  In the next workshop series, I'll teach about algae and algae farming in general, then about my experiences growing particular species, including spirulina in my home.  You can go home with everything you need to start growing live, fresh spirulina, harvesting it, and significantly supplement your diet with this superfood. 

If you want to grow other species in your PPBRs, or if you have more room & want to grow on a larger scale for food or fuel, we'll support that as well. Everyone will be encouraged to share their experiences, advice, and questions on the ALGAELAB.ORG site. 

For those who live far from the Bay Area, there will be How-To's and instructional materials so you can build your own...

The first workshop will be Sunday, January 31st, 11am-6pm, in Berkeley, CA.  $150, or $250 to take home your own personal PBR.  Hope to see you there!

For more info, visit  To sign up, email

In green glory,
Dr. Aaron Baum

P.S. I am working at NASA these days, on a project extending the OMEGA concept:

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Thursday, February 11th

After 9 months of sold out screenings through the states, and a success at San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, here is the 1st of a series of screenings in San Francisco & Bay Area. DIRECTOR will be in attendance for Q&A.


ABOUT THE FILM:  From a group of friends organizing underground activities in San Francisco in the 70s, Burning Man has become the largest countercultural event in North America. But is it still counter-cultural? Has the larger world caught up with the event and slowly erased the original ideals?

Dust & Illusions, Olivier Bonin’s fascinating documentary takes a privileged glimpse at the history and future of Burning Man, one of the most important (if not the most important) counter-cultural movements of the last 3 decades.

Bonin provides a thoughtful and critical overview of the event’s transformation from a humble guerilla art project on San Francisco’s Baker Beach to a major corporation that funds artists, fosters a year-round virtual community, and builds Black Rock City in the middle of nowhere on a yearly basis. If you’ve never been to the playa, DUST & ILLUSIONS will give you an excellent idea of exactly what you’re missing, and veteran burners will see the direction the event is headed (for better or for worse). Don’t miss it.

TRAILERS, info @
Invite 200+ friends at this facebook event and get a FREE ticket:

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