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SF events 1.12 Burning Man TIX on sale Wed Jan 13, 10am PST

Tickets for Burning Man 2010 go on sale on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010, at 10am PST. Aug 30 - Sep 6 Burning Man 2010 to download eye candy

A guy on a bike...Incredible just keeps getting more and more insane!


Red Alert, Possible False Flag at 2010 Olympics?

Peace Of The Action: OCCUPY Washington DC March 2010 
Peace of the Action aims to boldly clog the wheels of the Empire in DC
every day. beginning March 22 until our demands are met.


Beverages obtained from soda fountain machines in the U.S. contain
microorganisms, including coliform bacteria.

Protection of food supply faces problems. every year 25 percent of people in the U.S. get sick from what they eat.

Phthalates may play a role in ADHD symptoms Jan 12, 2009 Synopsis by Paul Eubig, DVM

Should dolphins be treated as 'non-human' people?

Faked Pandemics -- a threat for health (Council of Europe)

Obama received $20 million from healthcare industry in 2008 campaign

ECONOMY A history of the Illuminati and the Rothschilds in relation to the US/War/Economics

The Military-Industrial Complex is Ruining the Economy

Wall Street Throws Big "Recovery" Party but General Public Is Not Invited
"We've Never Seen this Before – Such a Huge Rally, and the Little Guy Is Out"

Tactics that would make a mafia loan shark blush video:

Obama Executive Order Stokes Martial Law Fears

Obama's War - FRONTLINE video


The Israel Lobby's 1962 Blueprint for Taking over America

I cite because he is highly accurate about predicting what happens. FOR A DECADE! Take a look.
No one is so accurate and resourceful. And FYI I offer evidence on both sides. Peak oil and Lindsey Williams.
Yes I agree there is a schism between Peak Oil and Lindsey Williams. Why then was Lindsey Williams DEAD ON when he predicted 2 years ago that Oil would rise to 140 and drop to 70?
Lindsey Williams says in 2 years they will collapse the US DOLLAR.
Lindsey Williams was a Chaplain in the Arctic Oil Industry and as such is privy to inside info from a key player's deathbed confessions.

I invite everyone to goto and etc.

I might not agree with Alex Jones on religion or immigration. I hear he drinks and smokes too. I don't smoke but maybe if I were in his position I would. I would be scared.

No one is perfect. But Alex Jones is the only one I know who takes us 95% of the way to the truth.
I am so sorry that he does not attack the Vatican, and the Jesuits. What do you expect? No one is perfect. 
Anyone who is perfect gets assassinated very quickly. So I don't want anyone to be perfect.

Doug Valentine: CIA Killings Spell Defeat In Afghanistan

Did Abdulmutallab Board Flight 253 Without a Passport?

Zionist Dominance in the Obama Presidency 

Brasscheck TV:  Simple brainwashing. People will deny what they see and submit to group pressure.

Brasscheck TV:  A visit to the Axis of Evil
Obama Establishes Council of Governors to Advise DoD, DHS on 'Civil Support Missions' 
Blackwater/Xe mercs arrive in Somalia, Al-Shabab says

VIDEO Executive Order 12425: U.S. Placed under International Police State by impostor-in-chief “Slick Barry” Soetoro

Intelligence Sources: Plane Incident a False Flag Involving Trinity of CIA, Mossad, and RAW

Flight 77 Cockpit Door Never Opened During 9/11 “Hijack"

911 inside job. DEMAND INVESTIGATION why did World Trade Center 7 fall down at 5:20pm on 9/11? 
It was not hit by any airplane and had no significant structural damage.
(although WTC 7 did hold some very important evidence SEC / FBI / insider trading) for more links... for events in SF and Bay area.

Pentagon Tests Technology for New Stun Gun

MissRosie Masters OH MY GODDESS...I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!
Bank Thieves Foiled by GPS-Spiked Cash

Obama Executive Order Stokes Martial Law Fears
Some warn order could lead to "end of United States as a Republic"
An Obama executive order that creates a council of state governors who will work with the feds to expand military involvement in domestic security has stoked fears that the administration is stepping up preparations for martial law.

- - - -

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know...

http// Very interesting info that reveals the truth about the authority of the County Sheriffs.

Crash Course Chapter 3: Exponential Growth Chapter 4: Compounding Is The
Problem are you prepared?
If you only watch one chapter, start with chapter 16: fuzzy numbers
He'll be speaking on "The Peak: Oil, Water and Climate" at the SF
Commonwealth Club Office on 1/22
5:30 p.m. networking reception, 6 p.m. program
Cost: $8 members, $15 non-members



Tue Jan 12

Lose 5000 pounds... of carbon, that is. Free workshop series Tuesday January 12 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Ecology Center: 2530 San Pablo (at Dwight), Berkeley 510-548-2220 x240
2530 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley CA 94702
The Ecology Center invites you to go on a Low Carbon Diet with us. Participate in a free four-session workshop series and receive the support, information and motivation to reduce your carbon footprint and make significant changes in your community.
WHAT: 4-session Climate Change Action workshop series
WHEN: Tuesdays from 6-8pm, 1/12, 1/19, 1/26, and 2/2
WHERE: Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo Ave (at Dwight), Berkeley
COST: Participation is free (a $10 fee will be charged for the Low Carbon Diet workbook; no one turned away for lack of funds)
HOW DO I SIGN UP?: Write to debra [at] and invite your friends and colleagues. For more information, visit
Background on the Ecology Center
The Ecology Center provides the public with reliable information, tools, hands-on training, referrals, strategies, infrastructure, and models for sustainable living. Our programs enable people to adopt practices that are environmentally and socially responsible. We run Berkeley's residential curbside recycling program, the Berkeley Farmers' Markets, Farm Fresh Choice food justice program, Terrain magazine, EcoHouse demonstration home and garden, the Ecology Center Store, and a variety of Information and Climate Change Action programs.
We hope you can join us!

Tue Jan 12 Community input sought on the future of Stow Lake Boathouse Tuesday at 2pm and 6pm
at the Hall of Flowers (off 9th Ave. and Lincoln). Two articles from the December 31, 2009 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle provide additional information:
Public-private pairing envisioned for S.F. parks:
Stow Lake boathouse needs upgrade to stay afloat:

Deviants Online--TONIGHT!!! hosted by Sarah Dopp with special guest Meitar "maymay" Moscovitz 
Center for Sex and Culture  1519 Mission St. (btwn 11th and So. VanNess)
Tuesday, January 12th, 6 – 8pm $10-20 sliding scale, notaflof

Tue Jan 12 7pm-10pm Sprouting for Life $25 Corte Madera, CA Marin $25/$30 Pre-Reg: Required. 415-924-5483

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
4:30 pm  Want to work for a non-profit?: The Board Match | Moscone Center  FREE8:00 pm  Win Tickets: Cambodian Surf Rock Band “Dengue Fever” | The Independent  FREE

Wed Jan 13

Tickets for Burning Man 2010 go on sale on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010, at 10am PST.  All the info you
need to know to prepare yourselves for that auspicious day of glory can be found on our ticketing page: Aug 30 - Sep 6 Burning Man 2010 to download eye candy

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
12:00 pm  Getting Comfortable with Global Warming | Presidio  FREE7:00 pm  Discussion: Huey Newton’s To Die for the People | North Beach  FREE7:00 pm  Documentary Screening: ‘When Medicine Got It Wrong’ | Piedmont  FREE7:15 pm  The Water Film Series: Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea | SOMA  FREE7:30 pm  Prohibition: Then and Now | SOMA  FREE8:00 pm  Surf Films, Free Pizza & DJs “Wet Wednesday” | Outer Sunset  FREE

Thu Jan 14

1pm PST Doomsday Clock announcement is to be  broadcast live January 14th, 2010
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (B.A.S.) will  move the minute hand of its famous "Doomsday 
Clock" at 10 a.m. E.S.T./1500 G.M.T. on January  14, 2010 in New York City. For the first time ever, 
the event will be opened up to the general public  via a live Web feed at Turn Back The Clock

Thu, Jan 14, 2010      6:00 PM - 8:00 PM [view]Art Reception- ReVisions: New Creations from Scrap
reMake Lounge & GreenZebra Environmental Action Center 50 Post St. (in the Crocker Galleria) San Francisco

Group Show RECEPTION THURSDAY JANUARY 14, 6 to 9pm 291 Geary, Union Square

Those Limey Ticks! Thursday, 14 January, 2010 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM FREE
Dr. Bob Lane, a professor of medical entomology at UC Berkeley, will discuss ticks and their relationship to Lyme disease. Tick-borne Lyme disease poses a significant problem in the Bay Area, especially in wooded areas in the summer months.
The Bone Room Presents 1573 Solano Ave berkeley, CA 94707


Fri Jan 15

Fri Jan 15 NEW MOON 07:11 GMT

"Come Prepared for the Move-ment” Dance Party A benefit for Ethical Traveler & Reality Tours
Friday, January 15, 2010 at 8:00pm 2973 16th street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco
Featuring DJ’s Betsy-La (Koinonea) and Jocelyn (Get Freaky)
This is the last in a series of four events called "Come Prepared for the Move-Ment." Our goal is to bring together the empowered communities we know and love at gatherings of music, dance and the celebration of our culture.
The event is a fundraiser for nonprofit socially responsible travel organizations Ethical Traveler & Reality Tours.
8pm: Beer, wine & presentations by Ethical Traveler and Reality Tours
9pm: Peyton-Chi (GDI)    "music for mingling"
10pm: Betsy-La (Koinonea)    "lush global beats"
11:30 pm Jocelyn (Get Freaky)    "...steamy-hot-sexy-guttural-grinding-liquid-lithe glitch/breakbeat/hiphop/dupstep mixes..."
Hours 8 pm – 2 am    2973 16th street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco
Right across from the 16th Street BART station, next to the Victoria theatre – directly across from the Burger King on 16th Street
$10 & up advance ( paypal to michael ) $20 & up at the door. For details please call Malia at 510-290-0573.
Parking for this event can be found on the neighboring streets after 6 pm for free or in the parking garage found one block away at 16th and Hoff Street ($2 per hour).

Fri Jan 15 10pm-afterhours Prismatic, System SF, Eventvibe, SFHouseMusic, Kollol + supperclub present:
Pete Moss (recline, straightshot, slideslope, apt - Philadelphia)   Bo (deep blue)   Andrew Phelan (prismatic)   Jimmy B (green gorilla lounge)
La Salle Prive hosted by Purple Onion Muzik:   DJ Mes    Sharon Buck   Joey Alaniz   Brian Jameson   Brent Vassar 
10PM - Afterhours $5 before 11, $10 after with RSVP, email or visit: Supperclub 657 harrison St. @ 3rd

Fri Jan 15 10pm-4am Mark Grant & Ben Tom @ Temple Fridays 540 Howard SF @ 1st / 2nd St.
Free before 12 midnight, $10 after with RSVP to

Fri Jan 15  10pm-3am "RADIO SLAVE (Rekid, UK)"  Mighty / 119 Utah St / SF / 21+ / $12 Ltd Advance

Sat Jan 16

Saturday, 16 January, 6-8pm free art reception 130 8th St @ Mission, SF Another Short History of Decay also Katherine Westerhout Rust Belt

The Show @ Endup 401 6th St @ Harrison SF w/ SPACE COWBOYS! Sat Jan 16 10pm $10 RSVP guestlist

Ask a Scientist [Jan 19]: Brain-Computer Interface @ NEW LOCATION
SPEAKER: Brett Wingeier, Principal Biomedical Engineer, NeuroPace Tuesday, January 19th, 7:00 pm
WHERE: Horatius, 350 Kansas (btw. 16th & 17th) SF
COST: Admission is free, but please support our generous hosts at Horatius by bringing your appetite and enjoying dinner during the talk.

NEW! Mommy's Playdate Tue, January 19, 2010, 7pm – 9pm Good Vibrations Polk Street Gallery (map)
Mommies need play time too! Attend this after-hours mixer with like-minded moms who want to learn how to put the spice back in their sex lives. Leave the kids at home, enjoy a "Mommi-tini", get a personalized store tour and one-on-one consultation with our staff sexologist and renowned author/expert, Dr. Carol Queen. Enter to win a Good Vibrations "Sexy Starter Kit"! Where: Good Vibrations Polk Street Gallery 1620 Polk Street (at Sacramento Street) San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 345-0400

1/20/2010 Left and Right need to come together to overthrow their opressor.
It's Time For a Second Declaration of Independence! 
The U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.Calling all red blooded, Patriotic Americans! 3:00pm - 7:00pm
It’s time for another march on Washington DC.  On the date of the State of the Reich address, January 20, 2010. 

Jan 20 -- protests Obama is promising to send 30,000 MORE troops to Afghanistan , tripling the number of U.S. soldiers there since Jan 20, 2009.
Such actions (already planned) include: •dropping large banners •protest at the SF Federal Building
•grandmothers saying ‘take us, not our grandchildren’ at recruiting stations
•office visits to the Bay Area Congress people who recently voted for war including George Miller, John Garamendi, Barbara Boxer.
In this past year, war has not only tragically continued but has unconscionably escalated.
We now have more U.S. soldiers occupying other countries than ever under Bush. We have more drone attacks against Pakistan than during the entire reign of Bush. We have a 2010 military budget that is larger than ANY one year under Bush.

Jan 22 Crash Course Chapter 3: Exponential Growth    Chapter 4: Compounding Is The Problem are you prepared?
If you can only do one chapter make it  (16) Fuzzy Numbers
The Crash Course is the world's most concise video seminar on how our economy, energy systems, and
environment interact, and how they will impact the future.
He'll be speaking on "The Peak: Oil, Water and Climate" at the SF Commonwealth Club Office on 1/22
5:30 p.m. networking reception, 6 p.m. program Cost: $8 members, $15 non-members

Edwardian Ball is coming up jan.22-23,

"Beats-Beds-Bounce" on Sunday, January 24 at 10:00pm-2am $5adv $10 door "Liam Shy's Bday Party!!!!" 18+ @ supperclub 657 Harrison st SF, CA
Heyheyhey!!!!! We are rocking out supperclub with massive beats, birthday's, bouncy castle's and beds!!!! Don't miss this epic night of mayhem as we bring in Liam Shy's birthday with great friends and great music!! 
We are STOKED to blast with the supperclub again, it's been a while since the BEAT UNIVERSITY parties and we are ecstatic to be back in this epic venue!!
18+ and going from 10 till 2am presale

CQ hosts: “Expressions of Eros” Art Opening and Reception with Sadie Lune, Apaulo Hart, and Ana Bedolla
Thu, January 28, 6pm – 8pm Good Vibrations 1620  Polk Street Gallery  at Sacramento Street. SF
Good Vibrations is proud to present an exhibition of multimedia visual works by three remarkable erotic artists. Meet the artists and enjoy wine and nibbles at this opening reception. Exhibit runs through March 15th. 1620 Polk Street (at Sacramento Street) San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 345-0400

Body Heat - 2 Bay Area Fundraisers in January!! Sizzlin' Fierce Fiery Femme Porn - 2 Nights, 2 Different Shows
     Friday, January 29th, 2010 @ Center for Sex & Culture 8pm - Cost $10.00 - $15.00 you pick :)
Performers:   Shar Rednour   Carol Queen   Kathleen Delaney
Jen Cross   Madison Young    Amelia Mae Paradise from Diamond Daggers
     Saturday, January 30th, 2010 @ Center for Sex & Culture 8pm - Cost $10.00 - $15.00 you pick :)
Performers:   Daphne Gottlieb   Kathleen Delaney   Jen Cross
Vixen Noir / Veronica Combs   Alex Cafarelli   Lady Fantastique
Center for Sex and Culture  1519 Mission St. (btwn 11th and So. VanNess)

Sat Jan 30 FULL MOON 06:18 GMT

)'(Algae Lab Workshop Sunday, January 31st, 11am-6pm Hello fellow algae-philes!
The last time we announced these workshops there was a lot of excitement -- but then we had to postpone.  Finally, we are truly ON, and we have something special to share with you: the chance to become an algae farmer right away in your own home...
It's the Personal PhotoBioReactor!  We have built the first one and are testing it out.  In the next workshop series, I'll teach about algae and algae farming in general, then about my experiences growing particular species, including spirulina in my home.  You can go home with everything you need to start growing live, fresh spirulina, harvesting it, and significantly supplement your diet with this superfood.  
If you want to grow other species in your PPBRs, or if you have more room & want to grow on a larger scale for food or fuel, we'll support that as well. Everyone will be encouraged to share their experiences, advice, and questions on the ALGAELAB.ORG site.  
For those who live far from the Bay Area, there will be How-To's and instructional materials so you can build your own...
The first workshop will be Sunday, January 31st, 11am-6pm, in Berkeley, CA.  $150, or $250 to take home your own personal PBR.  Hope to see you there!
For more info, visit  To sign up, email
In green glory, Dr. Aaron Baum P.S. I am working at NASA these days, on a project extending the OMEGA concept:

1/31:: THE ART OF YOGA :: esctatic dance, film, visionary art show, after the SF Yoga Journal Conf.
Sunday, Jan. 31 after the Yoga Journal Conference:
Free day of workshops/classes happening at the Yoga Journal Conference all day...come into the city and stay on to unwind at:
::THE ART OF YOGA:: 1231 Folsom Street @ 9th SF, CA 6 pm - 12 am
- Ecstatic dance to Eastern grooves with DJs Ron Tofanelli, Chlorophill, more TBA.
- Film premiere of "Birth of a New Dawn" by Davin Infinity and video chill space with "Return to the Source" featuring music by Rara Avis
- 20 visionary artists express the mystic union of yoga & spirit - Chakratron kinetic light buddah by Gaspo
- Sound healing ceremony with Bradford Tilden - Free healthy food & organic beverages
- Aerial yoga performance - Yoga fashion show - Full moon roof garden
TICKETS: $10 advance, $15 @ door, free with art purchase:
To volunteer, show art/sculpture, sponsor, perform, show fashion, sample food or otherwise add your magnificence, email:
Ecoartopia The visionary art source Coming soon!

February 2010

Mon Feb 1 first monday of the month EVERYthing is l/2 off 
proceeds go to many non profit causes Community Thrift Store 
623 Valencia St SF, CA 94110 between 17th and 18th (415) 861-4910 open Everyday from 10:00am – 6:30pm ... 

Feb 3-7 2010 San Francisco Ocean Film Festival

Be A Resource for Your Community A BayNVC Workshop with Miki Kashtan Friday, February 5, 2010 4:30pm-6:30pm
Location: Oakland, CA, First Congregational Church 2501 Harrison St, Oakland  @ 27th St  BayNVC
Ph. (510) 433-0700 Email or go to:
After registering you will receive a confirmation email with driving and public transit directions.

Feb 5 9pm -6am Raindance and an-ten-nae present Chinese New Year Celebration $20 adv 103 Harriet / 1015 Folsom, SF
Ooah - 16Bit - Jazzsteppa - Krazy Baldhead - Kraddy ++ Lots more

Come to Macworld Expo February 9-13 for free? or $10 - register now with promo code JL31706

Emissary Presentation Saturday, February 27th  12-4pm - SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA
Location: Sera Phi 1117 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Cost: $20-30 suggested contribution (no one turned away for lack of funds)
Venue Website:
Facebook Invite:
The Resonance Project Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the unification of all sciences and philosophies emerging from a complete and applied view of the physics underlying the wheelworks of nature.
Our team of scientists study the principles of the Unified Field Theory and its applications. We share the knowledge and implications of our findings through education, scientific publications, and multimedia presentations.

STOMPY + SUNSET: Valentines Day w/MOODYMANN Sunday, February 14th, 3pm  - 2am at Cafe Cocomo 650 Indiana, SF

Sun Feb 14 7pm-12:55am LoveSick 3 @ Mighty 119 Utah $25 adv.

"Lightning in a Bottle 2010" on Friday, May 28 at 12:00pm- May 31 at 2:00am Oak Canyon Ranch - Beautiful Southern California! June 11-13 2010 Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
Michael Franti & Spearhead   India.Arie   Matisyahu   CAKE   Dead Kennedys   Bad Brains   Pepper   Rebelution   Kitaro   The Orb   Balkan Beat Box   K’Naan   Gaudi   Shpongle   ALO   Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars   Steve Kimock Crazy Engine w/ Melvin Seals   Shabaz   The Duhks   Legba’s Light "Spirit of Miles Davis" w/ Airto Moreira, Mike Clark, Mike Stern, Charnett Moffett, Brian Jackson, Kentyah Fraser, Vince Wilburn, & Killah Priest  
Key Speakers:
Michael Beckwith & Rickie Byars Beckwith   Caroline Casey   Julia Butterfly Hill   George Noory   Daniel Pinchbeck   Joanna Macy   Starhawk   Richard Heinberg  
Abai   American Drag   Blane Lyon   Bourgeois Gypsies   Coyote Grace   Cipes & The People   David Starfire   Dreaming Dead   Egypt Central   HighTower   Liquid Fire Mantra   LoCura   Luminesque   LYNX & Janover   Medicine Drum w/ Wisdom    NANDA   Natasha James   Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers   Nina Lakshmi   Pha-Droid   RadioActive   Random Rab   Rocker T   Shimshai   SkySirens   Tall Black Girls   Tina Malia   Wassabi Collective   Whiskey Thieves   Women Rock feat. Valerie Orth, Pamela Parker & *bernadette*   Zepparella  
Scroll Down on the WebSite, listen to the beautiful music. Harmony Fest Decompression: only drink the water from the PIPE that flows into the COLD plunge and the Drinking fountain at the warm pool. 
THOSE 2 springs are fresh. ALL other taps and faucets are CHLORINATED by cancer causing toxic health dept. Kitchen is OK because that is filtered. 
you can also take home water from MILE MARKER 48 between MiddleTOWN and CALISTOGA, across the street from the CALISTOGA bottling plant. 1.5 Minutes per Gallon Slow...

Aug 30 - Sep 6 Burning Man 2010 Tickets on Sale Wed Jan 13 at 10am PST: to download eye candy

SEPT 17/18/19 Earthdance Laytonville, CA

Aug 30 - Sept 6 2010 Art Theme: Metropolis

Sep 21 International Peace Day

2010 Oct 22/23/24 ?

Every 1st Tues SF Moma + DeYoung + Palace of Legion of Honor free ART/ museum days. 

Every 1st Wednesday: FREE! 3601 Lyon between Lombard and Crissy Field. 

Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30pm art PARTY! 
30 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm. 

Every 1st Sunday is FREE DAY at The OAKLAND MUSEUM of CALIFORNIA, 
Wed-Fri 10am-5pm, 1st Fri open 'til 9pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12-6pm; 
1000 Oak St; 510-238-2200; South end of Lake Merrit. 

Video Combo by Max Igan: The Calling & The Awakening 
Ron Click the Image to Download the PDF Shopper's Guide. or Click the Image to Download the iPhone app. 

Dr. Greger's newsletter Archive 
see also 

Three Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products 
1. Parabens 2. Fragrance 3. Phthalates 
Learn more: Environmental Working Group 

Tips from The Cancer Project - The Nutrition Rainbow - rainbow.gif 

Download Nutrition Rainbow Poster (PDF) (find under shopping)(FREE) read the archives for great food tips or click on "selected writings" then click on "Dr. Greger's newsletter Archive" 

Dr. Ornish study finds healthy lifestyle triggers genetic changes SFVeg-subscribe [at] 

Eating Meat Causes Global Warming 

Avoid Genetically Modified Foods 

Vitamin D, A Gene-Regulating Super Nutrient 
Global_Police_State-subscribe [at] 

Vitamin B3 better than sunscreen in preventing skin cancer 

Can mushrooms save the planet? 

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know...

Crash Course Chapter 3: Exponential Growth Chapter 4: Compounding Is The Problem are you prepared?
If you only watch one chapter, start with chapter 16: fuzzy numbers
He'll be speaking on "The Peak: Oil, Water and Climate" at the SF
Commonwealth Club Office on 1/22
5:30 p.m. networking reception, 6 p.m. program
Cost: $8 members, $15 non-members

Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily. No more freedom of speech. Anyone who said something against the government was taken away. We knew many people who were arrested, not only Jews, but also priests and ministers who spoke up.

GUN CONTROL WORKS ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-Tung, Idi Amin, Kim Jong-il, Qaddafi The 2nd Amendment 
Washington didn't use his right to free speech to defeat the British, he shot them. 
Most often when a government takes a peoples guns, it then takes their land or their lives. 

fun events: Rich DDT’s SF Events Sift 
more events: 
eco events: 
important events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center 
Fellowship of Humanity Events 390 27th St Oakland @ Telegraph/Broadway events, art receptions, music, film, etc. Monthly Raw Food Potlucks (san rafael) Barefoot Boogie and DanceJams 

2010 Previous Calendars: 
SF events 1.12 Occupy DC Mar 22
SF events 1.9 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True
SF events 1.5 America: you are a JUNKIE!
2009 Previous Calendars: 
SF evenst 12.29 Sea of Dreams NYE
SF events 12.22 Crippled by GMAIL?
SF events 12.17 The Crash Course
SF events 12.15
SF events 12.11 EU has NAZI roots. Global tax means an end to civil liberties.
SF events 12.8 CLIMATEGATE 
SF events 12.4 stuff 
SF events 12.1 
SF events 11.25 
SF events 11.20 Fri:MissionControl.EcstaticDanceMillValley.BordelloDubOakland Sat:ArtUndressd.LoveTech Sun:AncestorsWisdom 
SF events 11.17 THIS WEDNESDAY 11/18 - Luv Up the Heartbeat RED PARTY at Supper Club 
SF events 11.12 GREEN FESTIVAL Fri/Sat/Sun SF 8th @ Brannan Concourse Exhibition Center 
SF events 11.10 TueLowCarbonDietEcologyCtr ThuCoolCatClothesSwapCellSpace WkndGreenFestival 
SF events 11.6 NEXUS MAZE PARTY Saturday 
SF events 11.3 Sat Nov 7 Nexus Haymaze, HalfMoon Bay, Ca 
SF events 10.27 US Census GPS tagging your front door for round up or extermination 
SF events 10.22 RollerDiscoAndHookahDomeFri WestFestWoodStockAnnivSun 
SF events 10.20 EcoAwardsFREETues RollerDiscoandHookahDomeFri. WestFestSun 
SF events 10.15 Protest oBOMBa's "Peace Prize" 4:30PM Union Square St. Francis Hotel SF CodePINK 
SF events 10.13 RAIN and WIND 
SF events 10.8 )'( DECOMPRESSION SUNDAY! Noon - 2am = 14 hours of fun! 
SF events 10.6 Every 1st Tues SF Moma + DeYoung + Palace of Legion of Honor free ART/ museum days. 
SF events 10.1 LOVEOLUTION Sat Oct 3 SF Civic Center 
SF events 9.23 EARTHDANCE 
SF events 9.15 SYMBIOSIS this weekend. EARTHDANCE next weekend. Baker Beach North this week HEAT WAVE. 
SF events 9.11 PowerToThePeacefulMichaelFrantiSatGoldenGateParkSpeedwayMeadows9am-5pm 
SF events 9.9 WorldHoopDayToday PowerToThePeacefulMichaelFrantiSat 
SF events 8.29 Baker Beach Critical-Mass then BURNINGMAN 
SF events 8.26 Do you have space for a Garage Sale this weekend? 
SF events 8.21 TempleMightyFri AnonWhiteOutSaturday PrepareForPlayaSatSun 
SF events 8.18 Heartbeat Amplifier Fundraiser Wednesday Supperclub 657 Harrison @ 2nd/ 3rd St. $10 if you wear RED 9pm-Midnight 
SF events 8.14 Fundraiser for )'( Heartbeat Amplifier Corner of Virginia and Winfield,SF. Sat Aug 15 9-4 
SF events 8.11 Fundraiser for )'( Heartbeat Amplifier Corner of Virginia and Winfield,SF. Bring stuff to donate! Sat Aug 15 9-4 
SF events 8.6 Black Rock Roller Disco Fri Cellspace. HayBailMaze Fri and Sat Half Moon Bay. 
SF events 8.4 Black Rock Roller Disco Fri Cellspace. HayBailMaze Fri and Sat Half Moon Bay. 
SF events 7.23 NoPantsPartyThu. TeaHouse BoHoCarnival SubCell Fri. SuperHeroStFairSat. 
SF events 7.21 RevBillyTue. EcstaticDanceBenChunWed. NoPantsPartyThu. BoHoCarnivalFri. SuperHeroStreetParty Sat. 
SF events 7.18 Burningman street names 
SF events 7.14 94 Degrees: GOTO Baker Beach North end by the VolleyBall Court, Presidio, SF 
SF events 7.10 OpelAdamFreelandFri. SandByTheTonOaklandSat. 
Sf Events 7.3 America sleeps 
SF events 6.24 DYKEMARCH saturday. PRIDE sunday. 
SF events 6.19 Solstice 
SF events 6.11 Harmony Festival Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend 
SF events 6.09 Harmony Festival Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend 
SF events 6.06 SF Burning Man Precompression June 6th June Flambe Lounge... 
SF events 6.02 Peak Oil Police State 
SF events 5.30 No on 8 
SF events 5.26 No on 8 
SF events 5.22 CARNAVAL wknd, Parade Sun SF Harrison between 16th and 24th ST, Mission Dist 
SF events 5.19 TueIntroToPersonalEvolution WedATTwireTapping 
SF events 5.13 BAY to BREAKERS this SUNDAY 
SF events 5.7 HowWeird Festival SUNDAY 
SF events 5.5 Cinco De Mayo 
SF events 4.30 beltane rain 1 inch Fri aftn/eve. Light rain Sat / Sun. 
SF events 4.22 EARTHDAY 
SF events 4.17 twitter 
SF events 4.14 
SF events 4.9 ThuYuri'sNightAcadOfSci FriFree@TempleSF SatBunnyJamNimby EasterSunSistersDoloresPark 
SF events 4.3 The Obama Deception 
SF events Tue Mar 24 7:30-PM FREE Evening with Craig Newmark of 
SF events 3.20 SatPeaceRallyJustinHermanToCivicCtr Spring Equinox 6th Anniversary of Iraq War 
SF events 3.17 EWG.orgTues IraqMoratoriumThurs 
SF events 3.11 FOOD 
Sf Events 3.4 Prop8hearingThurs CarlCoxMASSIVfri PlayaPaintingChillinGrooveGardenSat 
SF events 2.27 Three Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products 
SF events 2.24 Visual depiction of size of stimulus PORK 
SF events 2.20 There are no secrets, only information you don't yet have. 
SF events 2.17 TueAppleStoreDaveGibbons ThuPrepare your own disaster kit 
SF events 2.13 ThuTweedRide FriFireandGlowNightAnonNineLucky13 
SF events 2.10 TuTuTues BawdyStorytellingWineDownWeds ThuTweedRideDoloresPark LuckyLove13Fri 
SF events 2.3 TueFreeSFmoma WedFREEexploratorium ThuFreeART 
SF events 1.31 Water: California's New Gold Saturday Oakland 
SF events 1.27 eat whole foods - to avoid risk of exposure to chemicals 
SF events 1.24 john lennon speaks truth 
SF events 1.21 reproductive rights tonight and Saturday 
SF events 1.15 store water in case of earthquake 
SF events 1.13 BURNING MAN TIX on sale TOMORROW 
SF events 1.9 Sat 11 AM Israel out of Gaza 
Sf events 1.6 The Secret Rulers of the World 

2008 Previous Calendars: 
SF events 12.30 Store food and water in case of earthquake 
SF events 12.24 happy holidays 
SF events 12.19 NO! on Prop8 Sat 3-6pm Union Square 
SF events 12.17 
SF events 12.12 safe pet food 
SF events 12.10 
SF events 12.2 water 
SF events 11.28 Buy Nothing Day 
SF events 11.21 NO TAX NO IRS see Nov 23 for this event: 
Fremont Nov 23 Attorney Tom Cryer What The Government Doesnt Want You To Know About The I R S 
SF events 11.18 NO TAX NO IRS see Nov 23 for this event: 
Fremont Nov 23 Attorney Tom Cryer What The Government Doesnt Want You To Know About The I R S 
SF events 11.13 GreenFest this Weekend! 
SF events 11.11 Greeen Festival this weekend! 
SF events 11.7 PROP 8 protest march FRI Nov 7 5:30pm SF CIVIC CENTER 7th and Market 
SF events 11.3 Vote Tuesday. Revolt Wednesday. 
SF events 10.29 INFERNO Friday 9p-4a Regency Center: 1270 Sutter Street @ Van Ness 
SF events 10.23 who wants stuff? 
SF events 10.16 AliceInWonderlandFri. DoloresParkSoapBoxDerbySat. 
SF events 10.14 
SF events 10.10 )'( MoonTowerMarinSat. DeCompression Sun Oct 12 Noon-2am 
just $10 in Costume! BYO picnic lunch, party on the grass in Esprit Park! 
plus four city blocks On Indiana Street between Mariposa and 22nd, SF 
SF events 10.7 )'( DeCompression Sun Oct 12 Noon-2am just $10 in Costume! BYO picnic lunch, party on the grass in Esprit Park! 
plus four city blocks On Indiana Street between Mariposa and 22nd, SF 
SF events 10.3 LoveFest Saturday rain or shine. Sat/Sun GG Park VegFest and BlueGrass 
SF events 9.26 FriCritMass SatReallyFreeMktDolPark SunFolsomStFair 

By clicking on previous SF events, you can Look back at articles I used to post, 

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SF events 8.19 Desert requires Bike this year, with BIG tires. Camp is Bigger! 
SF events 8.15 Duck and Cover 
SF events 8.12 Tutu Tues. Wed Prostitution. Fri1015Folsom. SatNakedBeachDay. 
SF events 8.7 FirstThuArt. FriHoopDay+SoulRevival+REVOLUTION. SatBootieCoda 
SF events 8.5 Wed5-6pmFreezeActPowell/Market. Thu SFBG best of Bay. Fri 8/8/8 HulaHoopDay + ANON285-9th@Folsom 
SF events 8.1 GUN CONTROL WORKS ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot 
SF events 7.30 I will not comply 
SF events 7.25 Nuzzle Tonight. Monterey beach burn Sat. )'( Participarade Sunday! 
SF events 7.22 Webster Tarpley Historical changes in false flag terrorism 
SF events 7.17 Burningman Desert Arts Preview Tonight 6:30pm! 
SF events 7.15 Burningman Desert Arts Preview Thurs 7pm! 
SF events 7.12 COSMIC DRIVER free tonight. Burning Man Desert Art Preview 7pm Thu 7/17 
SF events 7.9 REVOLT because congress is criminal 
SF events 7.2 REVOLT for Independence. study the laws of sovereignty 
Sf Events 6.26 FriTransMarch. SatDykeMarch. SunPride. FREE STUFF in Dolores Park b4 Trans Fri + b4 Dyke Sat. 
Sf Events 6.24 
SF events 6.20 )'( Precompression Fri. Sat Solstice San Geronimo. Sun Sunset + )'( PrepareForPlaya 
SF events 6.17 UCBoaksNOW. SaveTheBayToday. )'(PreComFri. Raindance,BigOneWknd. )'(PrepForPlayaSun. 
SF events 6.13 )'(OpulentTempleFri )'(BBQ-A-NoobieVolunteerPic-i-nicSat YogaTaiChiSat NorthBeachFestSun 
SF events 6.11 SagradaTempleFundraiserThu OpulentTempleFri BBQnewbieSat YogaTaiChiSat 
SF events 6.5 Harmony Festival Weekend Santa Rosa 
SF events 6.3 FreeMuseumWeek June5BankHoliday HarmonyFestWknd SunStopTheSprayLiveConcert 
SF events 5.27 ChevWrong BAD OIL. NoSpray aerial pesticides GGbridge walk Sat. 
SF events 5.21 Lightning in a Bottle Thu-Mon plus CARNAVAL green zone Sat/Sun 
SF events 5.15 Bay to Breakers is SUNDAY May 18 
SF events 5.13 Bay to Breakers Sunday 5.18 
SF events 5.6 FREE MUSEUMS + Stop Aerial Pesticide Spray of SF BAY 
SF events 5.1 MAYDAY! SF + Thu Art + Sun HOWWEIRD St. FAIRE 
SF events 4.29 GENERAL STRIKE MAY DAY. HOWWEIRD st. Faire Sun May 4! 
SF events 4.24 Th NoSpraySF. Fri Digital Be-In. Sat BEACH IMPEACH. Sun People's Park Anniv. 
SF events 4.22 EARTH WEEK Save Earth. Get Off The Grid. protect your water and food 
SF events 4.15 NOSPRAY Wed SACTO. Save the internet Thursday. 
SF events 4.10 
SF events 4.8 FREE TIBET 
SF events 4.3 Th hula hoop +art. F artHaight. Sat Anon Gallery. Su Climate,,Tibet. Mon LBAM 
SF events 4.1 Fossil Fools Day Bike Parade Berkeley Bart at 5pm 
SF events 3.26 Fri. CellSpace Sat. St Stupid's Day Parade Tuesday! 
SF events 3.20 Th Bike Safety. F Full Moon. Sa Bunny Jam. Su Sisters in Dolores Park 
SF events 3.18 5 years of current war on Iraq 
Sf events 3.14 3.15 Chevron Richmond 3.19 SF, San Rafael, Walnut Creek Direct Action to Stop War 
SF events 3.11 non-violent direct action at the Chevron refinery in Richmond Mar 15 
SF events 3.7 No Aerial Spray Sat SF 10am-Noon 253 Hyde Street at corner of Eddy 
Sf events 3.4 FREE MUSEUM day 
Sf events 2.29 see ENDGAME and 
SF events 2.25 ENDGAME 
SF events 2.19 Wed Feb 20 Full Moon! + LUNAR eclipse 7pm 
SF events 2.14 PILLOW FIGHT 6-7:30pm Justin Herman Plaza Market @ Embarcadero 
SF events 2.12 Laura Flanders tonight @ Global Exchange 
SF events 2.8 Chinese New Year 
SF events 2.5 Vote / REVOLT / Fat Tuesday 
SF events 2.1 Fri: GeminiDiscoMighty, DepthCharge. Super Hero Party Saturday! 
SF events 1.29 
SF events 1.23 CELLSPACE FRI + SAT + 
SF events 1.15 MacWorld Sat Roe V Wade Anniversary 
Sf Events 1.9 Fri Capricorns. Sat Burnlesque. Mon MacWorld 
SF events 1.3 
SF events 12.27 Lakota Sioux - The Bravest Americans 
SF events 12.20 Fri Dec 21 1-4pm Near Macy's at Union Square 
SF events 12.18 Financial planning for the Endless Depression Wednesday Eve Oakland. 
SF events 12.14 Fri UAS + AnonSalon. Sat Santarchy. Sun SelfDefense. 
SF events 12.11 Santarchy Sat + Self Defence Sun 
SF events 12.7 
SF events 12.5 
SF events 11.30 Fri critical-mass 6pm. Disco 10pm. Sat/Sun Fungus Fair Oakland Museum. 
SF events 11.27 SF Post Carbon Tonight. Oakland Peak Oil Wed. SF Boobie party Thu. SF Disco Fri. Oakland Fungus Fair Sat/Sun. 
SF events 11.24 live free or die 
SF events 11.20 Plastic Bag Ban Bash 6-9pm TONIGHT @ Minna 
SF events 11.16 Buy Gold Today! Goodbye Dollar. 
SF events 11.14 tonight half dozen events about OIL, Parks, and Emergencies. 
SF events 11.8 Green Festival Wknd
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.