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February 5, 2010 - February 21, 2010

Welcome to another list of events, classes, actions, films, conferences, grant deadlines, and more. Our searchable website edition of the calendar contains events further into the future. Please continue to send event listings to .

The Ecology Center's events are listed first, followed by additional community event listings.

2/9/2010	Learn How to Facilitate Your Own Climate Change Action Group		Class
2/22/2010	Climate Change Action Workshop Series (Mon)		Special Event
2/25/2010	Reduce Your Footprint in 2010: A Free Community Workshop		Special Event
2/26/2010	Bay Area Seed Interchange Library (BASIL) 11th Annual Seed Swap		BASIL Event
3/6/2010	Free Worm Composting Workshop		EcoHouse Event


2/5/2010 - 5/7/2010	Workshop: How to Integrate Sustainability Into Your Organization Development Practice	San Francisco
2/5/2010	Art Exhibit Opening: Photography by Christopher Hall -- "Getting There..."	East Bay
2/5/2010	Workshop: Nonviolent Communication	East Bay
2/5/2010	fearless Meditation I: practice of the body	East Bay
2/5/2010	Fuel Economy or Fool Economy: Cash For Clunkers in Context of Important Global Trends in New Car and On-Road Fuel Economy	East Bay
2/5/2010	Workshop: Create Your Own Valentine's Day Notecards	San Francisco
2/5/2010	Volunteer: Berkeley Youth Alternative Gardens	East Bay
2/5/2010 - 2/7/2010	San Francisco Bay Flyway Festival	East Bay
2/6/2010 - 2/7/2010	Workshop: Volunteer Watershed Monitoring	East Bay
2/6/2010	Class: Pruning Deciduous Fruit Trees	East Bay
2/6/2010	Social Justice Symposium	East Bay
2/6/2010	Lecture and Panel: Visualizing the Future of Environmental Design	East Bay
2/6/2010	Plant Trees at Alemany Farm	San Francisco
2/6/2010	Speakers: Predicting the Future of San Francisco Bay--NEW LOCATION	East Bay
2/6/2010 - 7/10/2010	Green Building Professional Certificate Program	North Bay
2/6/2010	Sarah's Saturday Science	East Bay
2/6/2010	Volunteer: Creekside Habitat Restoration with SPAWN	North Bay
2/6/2010	Class: Solar Power Basics	San Francisco
2/6/2010	Hands-on Greywater Workshop	San Francisco
2/6/2010	Volunteer: Trail Crew at Lagunitas Creek	North Bay
2/6/2010	The Bikery Craft Faire	East Bay
2/6/2010	Open House: The Future of Berkeley's Downtown Streets	East Bay
2/6/2010	Workshop: Introduction to Organic Garden Design	San Francisco
2/6/2010 - 2/7/2010	Workshop: Introduction to Natural Plasters and Paints	East Bay
2/6/2010	Crissy Field Center's Grand Green Opening	San Francisco
2/6/2010	Class: Sprouts are Good	Peninsula
2/6/2010	Volunteer: Remove Invasive Plants at Point Isabel	East Bay
2/6/2010	Class: Growing Tomato Transplants from Seed	Santa Cruz County
2/6/2010	Workshop: Urban Composting	San Francisco
2/6/2010	Class: Xeriscaping	East Bay
2/6/2010	Class: Growing Pepper Transplants From Seed	Santa Cruz County
2/6/2010	Class: Edible Perennials	North Bay
2/6/2010	Grafting Class	East Bay
2/6/2010	Restore Wetlands at the Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline	East Bay
2/6/2010	Volunteer Appreciation Day at Bothin Marsh	North Bay
2/7/2010	Class: Beginning Beekeeping	San Francisco
2/7/2010	Caring for Your Urban Orchard: A Hands-on Class on Fruit Tree Management	East Bay
2/7/2010	War Tax Resistance Workshop	East Bay
2/7/2010	Search for Coho Salmon and Steelhead Trout in a Winter Wonderland	Marin County
2/7/2010	Course: Medicinal Plants of the Bay Area: A Bioregional Exploration	East Bay
2/7/2010	Class: City Chickens and Ducks	East Bay
2/7/2010	Art Opening: Sixties Photographs by William Haigwood	East Bay
2/7/2010	Short Class: Keep Green With Untapped Water	East Bay
2/8/2010	Panel: Three Strategies for East Bay Creeks	East Bay
2/8/2010 - 2/10/2010	Seminar: Sustainability Education -- Connecting Art, Science, and Design	East Bay
2/9/2010	Talk: Facing Scarcity: The Water Crisis in California	Peninsula
2/9/2010	Cooking Class: Thai -- Curry and More	East Bay
2/9/2010	Lunchtime Forum: Our Better Nature	San Francisco
2/9/2010 - 2/10/2010	Certified Green Building Professional Training (San Rafael)	North Bay
2/9/2010 - 2/11/2010	Conference: Pre- and Post-Wildfire Forest Management for Ecological Restoration and Fire Resiliency	Sacramento County
2/9/2010	California Colloquium on Water: The Future of Irrigated Agriculture: Where's the Water?	East Bay
2/9/2010	Learn How to Facilitate Your Own Climate Change Action Group	East Bay
2/9/2010	Panel: Referendum on the Jewish Deli Menu (and sustainability)--NEW VENUE	East Bay
2/9/2010 - 4/27/2010	Volunteer Training: Lead Children's Walks at the SF Botanical Garden	San Francisco
2/9/2010	Solar Webinar for California Public School Districts	
2/10/2010	North Bay Green Building Professionals Guild Meeting: The Other Solar: Hot Water for Domestic and Space Heating Uses	North Bay
2/10/2010	Art Exhibition Opening: The Lake Project by David Maisel	East Bay
2/10/2010	Public Meeting: Bus Rapid Transit in Berkeley	East Bay
2/10/2010	Wild Cat Open House	Marin County
2/10/2010 - 2/11/2010	Regional Conference: "Clean Power, Healthy Communities"	East Bay
2/10/2010	Workshop: Composting and Vermicompost	East Bay
2/10/2010	Native Plant Nursery Workday	Peninsula
2/10/2010	Discussion: Historical Perspective of Breast Cancer in African American Women	East Bay
2/11/2010	San Francisco Garter Snake and Red-Legged Frog Habitat Restoration	Peninsula
2/11/2010 - 2/12/2010	Green Retrofitting and Remodeling (San Rafael)	North Bay
2/11/2010	Rock Parks Loop for Walkers 50+	East Bay
2/11/2010	Berkeley Path Wanderers: Winter Power Walk	East Bay
2/11/2010	Presentation: Great White Sharks!	San Francisco
2/11/2010	CA Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Workshop on Surface Water	Sacramento County
2/11/2010	Talk: What's New in the Super-Builder's Tool Belt	Peninsula
2/12/2010	The Fire Retardant Dilemma: New Research on Human Health Impacts	East Bay
2/12/2010 - 12/15/2010	Great Backyard Bird Count	
2/12/2010	Workshop: What Can Be Sweeter Than An Edible Card?	San Francisco
2/12/2010	Screening: "FRESH"	East Bay
2/12/2010	Vegan Valentine's Day Dance	East Bay
2/12/2010	Soul Food for Thought / The Real Roots of Liberation	San Francisco
2/12/2010	Green Friday Potluck: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Better Nutrition	East Bay
2/12/2010	Workshop: Solar Careers and Industry Opportunities	North Bay
2/12/2010	Volunteer: Berkeley Youth Alternative Gardens	East Bay
2/13/2010	A History of Gardens - Part 1: Ancient and Medieval Gardens	East Bay
2/13/2010	Friends of Five Creeks Restoration and Art Making at Muir Beach	Marin County
2/13/2010	Sea Watch for Endangered Sea Creatures	San Francisco
2/13/2010	Author Event: Golden Gate Gardening by Pam Peirce	East Bay
2/13/2010	Workshop: Restoring Older Fruit Trees	SF Bay Area
2/13/2010	Lecture: Got Deer? Questions About Pests, Plants, and Your Garden	East Bay
2/13/2010	Volunteer: Creekside Habitat Restoration with SPAWN	North Bay
2/13/2010	SCRAP Workshop: Altered Altoid Tin Workshop	San Francisco
2/13/2010	Lecture: Choosing Supplements Wisely	San Francisco
2/13/2010	Volunteer: New Moon Planting at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve	South Bay
2/13/2010	Class: Composting	Peninsula
2/13/2010	Winter Greens Feral Forage	East Bay
2/13/2010	Workshop: Introduction to Organic Garden Care	San Francisco
2/13/2010	Class: Compost - How to Make It and Use It	East Bay
2/13/2010	Planting at San Francisquito Creek	Peninsula
2/13/2010	Class: Early Spring Vegetable Gardening	Santa Cruz County
2/13/2010	Environmental Justice for Oakland, San Francisco & Richmond	East Bay
2/14/2010	Northern Spotted Owl Walk and Sounds of Muir Woods after Dark	Marin County
2/14/2010	Joanna Macy: Introduction to The Work That Reconnects	East Bay
2/14/2010	Volunteer: Habitat Restoration at Point Reyes National Seashore	North Bay
2/14/2010	Class: Valentine's Day Ginger Beer and Kraut Making	East Bay
2/14/2010	Meeting: Passive Buildings California Group	East Bay
2/15/2010	Cooking Class: The Magic of Fermentation	East Bay
2/16/2010	Green Stimulus/ Green Jobs: Ramping Up Community Wide - Energy/ Water Retrofits	San Francisco
2/16/2010	Cooking Class: Indian -- Tasty Dals	East Bay
2/16/2010	Talk: Learning About Bay Area Pumas	North Bay
2/16/2010	TransForum: Is a Ballot Initiative the Right Way to Protect State Transit Funds?	East Bay
2/16/2010 - 2/19/2010	Monkey Business February Break Camp	East Bay
2/16/2010	Class: Drip Irrigation for Landscape Professionals (Richmond)	East Bay
2/16/2010 - 3/7/2010	North American Owls Class	SF Bay Area
2/17/2010	San Francisco Green Building Professionals Guild Meeting: Overview of Mechanical Ventilation	San Francisco
2/17/2010	Cooking Club: Sea Vegetables	East Bay
2/17/2010	Fundraiser: Sierra Club's Inaugural David Brower Dinner	San Francisco
2/17/2010	Class: Drip Irrigation for Landscape Professionals (SF)	San Francisco
2/18/2010	Peace Corps Information Session	East Bay
2/18/2010	Human Right in Chiapas and Possibilities for Political Change in Mexico	East Bay
2/18/2010	Meeting: Gulf of the Farallones and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries	Peninsula
2/18/2010	Berkeley Path Wanderers: Winter Meeting	East Bay
2/18/2010	Class: Spring Vegetable Gardening	Peninsula
2/18/2010	Looking Up With Ease with Jane Graly	East Bay
2/18/2010	Class: Drip Irrigation for Landscape Professionals (Mill Valley)	North Bay
2/18/2010	Lecture: Are We in the Midst of the Sixth Mass Extinction?	San Francisco
2/19/2010	Volunteer: Berkeley Youth Alternative Gardens	East Bay
2/20/2010 - 5/1/2010	Docent Training: Lead Walks at the SF Botanical Garden	San Francisco
2/20/2010	Workshop: Growing Your Own Vegetables From Seed	East Bay
2/20/2010	Mushroom Foray: Salt Point State Park	North Bay
2/20/2010	Pooches On The Paths	East Bay
2/20/2010	California Coastal Ecosystem Restoration at Lands End	San Francisco
2/20/2010	Volunteer: Habitat Restoration at Pine Point	Marin County
2/20/2010	A History of Gardens - Part 2: Landscape Design, Renaissance to Early Modern	East Bay
2/20/2010	Volunteer: Creekside Habitat Restoration with SPAWN	North Bay
2/20/2010	Volunteer: Work Party at Strawberry Creek Lodge	East Bay
2/20/2010	Plant-a-thon at Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline	East Bay
2/20/2010	Seminar: Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows -- Improving Your Home Comfort	East Bay
2/20/2010	Class: Fruit Tree Varieties	Peninsula
2/20/2010	Sustainable Landscape Program: Site Assessment and Development	North Bay
2/20/2010	Workshop: Introduction to Organic Garden Watering	San Francisco
2/20/2010	Workshop: Diesel Car Maintenance	East Bay
2/21/2010	Talk: Evolutionary Biology Today	East Bay
2/21/2010	Workshop: Fruit Tree Basics	Peninsula
2/21/2010	Lecture: Making the Journey to a Healthier Diet	Peninsula
2/21/2010	Performance and Food: Food Justice Series	East Bay
2/21/2010	Class: Backyard Beekeeping	East Bay
2/21/2010	Class: Herb Growing	Santa Cruz County
Carrie Bennett
Ecology Center

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